Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2002

True Parents Arrive at East Garden

Sun Myung Moon
March 5, 2002
Translation by J.P. Hong
Notes by Michael Jenkins)

Rev. Kwakís Report:

World Culture and Sports Festival: Representatives of over 185 nations attuned. NGO representatives, former presidents and the current president of Palau. Also the worlds religious leaders, Christian, Moslem, Jewish, Buddhist Confucian and many others.

First time for the President to see True Parents. How noble and dignified he is. He supported the birthday party of Rev. and Mrs. Moon.

The president realized that the official title of Father and Mother is "True Parents."

Many former presidents participated in True Parents birthday party. All leaders respect and love True Parents. More special this time than ever. Now it is time to harvest the love.

The academic leaders from all over the world was of the highest quality. The 9/11 tragedy brought such a huge conflict on the religious side. Now the UN has become much more serious about the role to bring religions together.

When people see the blessing ceremony their hearts are moved. This blessing ceremony was in Olympic stadium. 3500 Couples joined of all races, nations, religions and cultures. One of the Jewish Rabbi gave the prayer at the blessing. He was not permitted to work on Saturday. After the sun set on Friday. The Rabbiís wanted to ask to go to Olympic Stadium to a hotel near by so that he could walk to the stadium. He realized how beautiful and high in spirit was the blessing ceremony. He realized that this truly is the basis of peace for the world.

We donít need to explain all those ideas. Now the entire world is focused on True Parents. Another point is that we are now using True Family Values. People are looking for respectable teachers and exemplary parents. Now you are here for the 144,000 Clergy Blessing. Not only America but the whole world can tune to the 144,000 blessing. True Parents practice this Holy Blessing. Now we can be proud of what our True Parents have done to prepare all the foundation for the world to receive the Blessing.

At the WCSF festival an new dispensation occurred in which True Mother introduced True Father and testified to the love of True Father. All participants and leaders (around 800 leaders gathered from Korea and all the world). Now we can spread True Motherís testimony. That is a model of how True Mother has shown the way of True Love and respect for her husband.

All CARP and Youth Federation developed a very new program. Another three days. Service for Peace was introduced successfully. Hyun Jin Nim is the founder of the Service for Peace movement.

Our Family Federation members are meant to serve others. Especially in Korea. The CARP students world wide are now offering their service to move the hearts of the leaders. CARP served the handicapped and helped them to do a fundraiser to held them participate in the Handicapped Olympics. On Wednesday he went to meet those people. Hyun Jin Nim did not ask them to do media but asked them to serve the people. The media wanted to do more. They didnít do any press conference. The media was moved by what they did and gave a very positive article on the CARP activity. All family members of every organization should participate in the Service For Peace activity. True Love Actionizing is the idea that Father has added. The whole world will follow this idea. The Mr. And Ms. Universe Beauty Pageant. This time True Parents gave us a new idea. The WCSF is the end of the Seoul Olympics. This is the goal to establish the idea of World Peace. Father guided us with the central theme of WCSF (World Culture and Sports Festival). This sports activity is not just to win medals of Gold, Bronze and Silver. It is to show all the characters and talents of all of humanity. Then through this we can show the glory of God and give back to God the highest joy and love. Centered on the heartistic love relationship. True Parents will give us that kind of guidance. That way we can set up the new tradition. Soon we will start this True Love Olympic worldwide. Religious Olympics. Many items we are among the religious Olympics.

Between and around that time is the day of our True Parents. True Parents day is now clear. Next year when we do the WCSF it will be even greater than ever.

The last banquet of True Parents birthday was at the Little Angels School. It completely moves the hearts of the people. Only True Parents can do this level of embracing all the world.

Dae Mo Nim (Hoon Mo Nim):

In 1995, January 19 it started. Now 7 years have passed. Over 500 workshops have been accomplished. So many difficulties were overcome. I am so grateful for True Parents. At the beginning we didnít have absolute good spirits but through True Parents proclamations and conditions and declarations True Parents opened up the Spirit World. This not a easy way. Through victory of the True Parents the Blessing of the spirit world could occur. Because of the Blessing we are able to establish absolute good spirits. I visited the Spirit World with Heung Jin Nim. My concept at that time was that True Parents were only living on earth. However True Parents are also staying in the Spirit World. God is weeping and crying and is so sad. Father gave us an idea. All last 6000 years was a turning point for changing all of humanity. Now Iím understanding more clearly what True Parents have done for us. All the world is covered with evil. Evil is like a cloud or shadow. The Coronation of Godís Kingship was held last year. For the first time in history God could sit on the Throne. For the first time in history. Without True Parents preparation of "absolute good" spirits the foundation was set that God could be coronated king. Before almost two thirds of the angels were considered evil. Because of True Parents victory now it is reversed and two thirds of the spirits of angels are now good spirits. The four founders of religions have been brought through the workshop and now the disciples of all the religious leaders have come to realize the goodness of God. They are now working intensively on earth in their assigned area to fulfill. True Parents come here on earth, True Parents represent True Love. They represent the Kingdom of Heaven. They come to overcome so many difficulties, trials and tribulations. Those special spirits can celebrate. Those spirits are to fulfill a special ceremony. They are to come down and support us on earth. Before I was called to serve Dae Mo Nim and Heung Jin Nim I was just a common wife trying to serve my husband and give my family and take care of my family. My main job, was with Heung Jin Nim and Dae Mo Nim was to take this responsibility. At that time Heung Jin Nim and Dae Mo Nim took me to visit the SW and for the first time I saw God I was so shocked. This is the glorious God? God was crying so much. Endless crying. I asked God, "Why are you crying?" Because the original sin has caused so much suffering to all of humankind.

God told me to establish Chung Pyung as a place that could bring True Love to all people and make them into True sons and daughters of God.

I was just a common Blessed Housewife. I had no idea what to do. The whole world of people. The very small evil spirits were given. Heung Jin Nim and Dae Mo Nim gave me the vision and the ideas through which I could change the spiritual situation. I am never enough but I continue to hold on to Dae Mo Nim and Heung Jin Nim with all my heart. Everyday I wake up at 2 am and pray about what meetings will come this day. How I can fulfill and checking all plans and what we will do for the next day. Such a thing you should do for this day. This is a everyday life and schedule. This is Heung Jin Nimís and Dae Mo Nimís heart. This is a special condition to come together. This amount you can do. Now anymore I try to set up. Itís not possible. Right away True Parents come here. Now good and evil is held by our True Parents. True Parents pain and suffering is so great. Now I can see that the spiritual eye is suffering. Now I can follow the True Parents. The sinful world is such an enormous burden. The whole of humankind suffers all because of sin. All disease is connected to this sin. Now all the True Children both on earth and in the spirit world have paid such an enormous price to realize this condition. Now there is hope because of True Parents and True Family. Because of True Parents. I wake up before six each day. I wake up also at 2 am everyday to pray.

Up to today I can accomplish all of these ideas. Behind Heung Jin Nim and Dae Mo Nimís support. I am always uniting with Dae Mo Nim and Heung Jin Nim. True Parents are here on earth. We donít know how to set up the condition of indemnity. We donít know the way of Good or evil. But True Parents are here and they always pay the indemnity first for the victory that is to come. If earthly people are not ready they are not prepared to receive the blessing. You are no longer just an individual. You are the ancestors of all mankind. Now is the time for all the spirit world to come and to be with us. This has been the time that all evil power is bigger than the power of goodness. Now, because of the Coronation Ceremony of Godís Kingship, the power of good is greater if we connect our blessed family with the Blessed ancestors with Absolute Faith, Absolute Love, Absolute Obedience. We have been running to do the will of God, we now will fly to do the will of God.

Always Heung Jin Nim and Dae Mo Nim say to me donít worry. I donít know how I can find the money to build up this place. Now I can send all the spirits to help you from the spirit world. Donít worry.

Father: Now we are tearing down all the religious world from bottom to the top. We are now trying to push ourselves. We are totally going to sacrifice and move ourselves to move Christianity and then all religions. Christianity is the main stream. Christianity is the main stream. What is the main stream. It hits all the walls and goes against every obstacle as the front line. Then we head to the ocean. Now is the time for us to become the mainstream of Godís providence. Donít think about your own difficultly. Just live for the sake of the world. Just live for the others. Some are thinking about how others do. Donít compare. Just believe in Heung Jin Nimís report and go forward sacrificing for the sake of others. Time of True Parents to give the report. Itís time for humanity centering on Heung Jin Nim and Dae Mo Nim to give the report. Now all the religious saints are with you. The top leaders. The Unification movement is the top leader. Now is the time to give the blessing. That way we reap the harvest.

(To two Korean elders) The Ambassadors of Peace are very important. Now is the time for a new determination. When you go to the spirit world. All those elders of the movement. How old are you. You are younger brother to me.

Dr. Yang, You should know how the American church is moving. We need a locomotive train to lead this nation.

Rev. Peter Kim,

Summary of last two months. Time is like an arrow that is flying toward a certain goal in a straight direction. Now is the time that Godís fortune will connect. Now is the time for Godís fortune to connect. Now I feel like this is the time of our situation.

Now is the time of our True Parents situation. Now centering on True Parents. Father chastises our brothers and sisters. This is Godís way of mysterious power. For us to understand and recognize the meaning of this activity. Rev. Kwak and Dr. Yang are leading on the front line and know more clearly the details of the ideas.

True Parents arrived last year on December 31 and prepared the Ceremony of True Godís Day and the foundation of the Cheon Il Guk. Then the Day of Victory of Love and then the anniversary of the Coronation Ceremony for Godís Kingship. Now those top leaders of education should go out and receive the blessing of the Ambassadors for Peace. Actually this year we started Amb. for Peace, special education in Korea. Two times, 500 leaders were educated twice. The Amb. for Peace are high level leaders of society. Now they took off one week in the middle of January and another group in the middle of February. In Korea, January 12 is the new year celebration. Itís the biggest day of the year for Korean people. It is unthinkable that they would attend a workshop during the new year. Now 2500 attended. Many with their tribes.

Now our movement is in the complete testament age. Some were congressmen, police chief, educators and professors, some were retired. They were the elite of society. Through the workshop they really understand the value of True Parents. They did not get a nice hotel this time. This time 250 slept in sleeping bags on the floor!! We thought maybe Father was trying to save money. However, we could see from the result that it was not because of money but to bring them back to their humble condition as a child of God. At first some complained. Iím a police chief, how can I be treated like this. But after 3 days the spirit of Chung Pyung got to them and they all began to feel the roots that they had after the Korean war in a most difficult and impossible circumstances. In the early morning one day they received the blessing. They were so moved. No one left. These are the elite of Korean. Then they came to the blessing ceremony and then went to True Parents Birthday. They could see the Presidents of countries coming together and praising True Parents. From this they began to feel strong confidence in True Parents and our movement. A very famous leader thought about coming to Chung Pyung. He was thinking about it. He thought that he could attend the pledge service with old white clothes. The whole night he was moving in and out showering over and over again. I washing 3 times and then preparing my mind 6 times to meet this most special person. This person is a good singer. He prepared one song for Father. Maybe Father has prepared three songs. This is not a good atmosphere. He prepared three songs. At that time 5000 people were there. Father spoke at the second anniversary of the Coronation Ceremony about 4 hours. Then suddenly Father called him without knowing anything asked this person to stand up and sing a song. He said, "Usually Iím a good singer. But I was so nervous in front of Father. I couldnít believe he had the spiritual power to see my preparation and heart with which I desired to meet him."

The Chung Pyung floor is warm but even for Korean people can sit for four hours. He was amazed at the Unification leaders sit for so many hours. Especially Rev. Kwak. How can he sit for many hours. That person is especially prepared to go this way.

The first time you see Father Moon you receive the Amb. for Peace education. Now you see that. Now you have some opinion to reach out to the many people to receive the love of Father Moon. Father Moon is like one unit. They canít find out one weak point, one good point. He is like one unit. He gave up to evaluate Father Moon.

One Christian leader, didnít know so much about Father Moon. Father gave idea at Cham Shil and then at Chung Pyung. He sat down with his wife. He said, "Fatherís speech is like a waterfall." Rev. Peter Kim testified, "When I was in Pyong Yang North Korea, the top leaders were gathered and Father spoke, Communism must be destroyed. It is absolutely wrong!" The Communist authorities were so shocked. They couldnít believe he said it. Then some realized that the words of Father are like pearls that canít be measured.

Last year at the Coronation of Godís Kingship, then history changed. Godís Fatherland has now changed. Korea, Japan and America. Father gave the 50 state speaking tour. Father broke all the records of history. This year we are now beginning the third millennium. Now we are inviting all the top leaders and our tribes and bringing them into the lineage of God. This is how a great heavenly fortune came here.

Now at this time we must keep going with absolute faith. Father gave us direction to continuously educated that Ambassadors of Peace. One congressman and eight ambassadors for peace. The role of the Ambassadors for Peace is very important. During the ceremony of True Parents birthday and January 26 and at 7 am

Age of the Victorious Autonomous Nation. True Parents give us ideas. Now we are vertical. That way we can make the foundation of a country for God. Now it is time for Father to come back. Now is the time for all Korean National Messiahs to come to Hawaii. Each National Messiah must do 40 fish of 4 different species.

Father then received a special inspiration guided by God. This 144,000 clergy blessing should be supported by National Messiahs. Also, 10 missionaries of the 43 countries. That is why Father came here.

Now we are in a different time. We donít have to hesitate. Just give the blessing. The spirit world understands this providence. All this understanding is there. Now is the time that you can witness to True Parents.

We can receive the blessing easily. One of the captains can receive the blessing on the ship while we were fishing. They donít understand anything but they were told that you must receive this blessing. And our member blessed them and then holy salted their house. Suddenly they received the blessing. Steve explained the meaning to them. Now the time is that there is no separation between religion and your family is one with our family. You are no longer like a gentile. That person was so happy.

Yesterday and today Father so sincerely educated the National Messiahs. This is a very difficult situation. You must know American leaders how much difficulty these National messiahs are difficult. They try to do and follow this way.

Now they are following True Parents without complaint. It really moves my heart. Rev. Im. His mission place is New York. Now the victory will come.

Emphasize several points. "Sa Do" is like a high priest. All of our Unification church leaders are like the high priests to give the blessing to all Christian leaders. At noon time there is no shadow. That is the way our life should be. No shadow. No darkness surrounding us. Father gave that recognition that way.

This became self recognition. Then Father said we must have total self recognition in which we are completely white pure and empty.


Godís love and ideas is coming to you when you become white and pure with total emptiness. We know each other and recognize it completely. Ever since this time. The pair system exists everywhere. This means the archangel. This means the total axis of 90 degrees. The archangel and Satan tries do interpret everything with the wrong idea.

Adam and Eve were there. Adam was studying and looking at all the creation. Eve tried to follow Adam. Then Eve couldnít keep up. Then she felt lonely. Adam and Eve had no conjugal emotion originally. No motivation of the fall. They were innocently studying the pair system discovering how to multiply. The Archangel was embracing Eve and comforting her. He looked at Eve from a Manís point of view. Archangel and eve were touching each other. Discovering the sexual organs. They were touching them and wondering what were they for. Then the archangel put his own idea there. Archangel put his idea there. Then the wrong idea came and a big mistake was made.

Thatís why we must have absolute faith, love and obedience. We must realize. I wondered if all 36 couples would overcome this temptation. We must understand that this is a principled universe. AA and Eve were not spouse. Then all of history was to bring man back to the original side of history. The AA tempted Eve and they were all naked. That way Eve was recognized. The last temptation was this way. Not free will and the fall.

Not just absolute fall and obedience. Today is more than theology. We must teach and guide the absolute faith, love and obedience when it comes to the fall. No matter what. Now the world tries to proudly show its own ideas. You must become total emptiness to realize Godís heart. Father must become empty to receive Godís love. God has a total responsibility. Heung Jin Nim is working so hard in the spirit world. Why. Because God was pushed behind because of this fall. Leaders must understand. Father did not have the quality people but he took difficult people and trained them.

Garden of Eden, they had so much. Garden of Eden they had so much important role. If they had remained a pure blank and clean then God can pour his idea into you. You must really deny yourself. Especially American Woman. So stubborn. They want to be the queen of the family over love.

You canít follow eight different stages. Man is man woman is woman, that is the way they should connect with God. President should know the heart of a slave and go the servant of servant role and then he will win their heart. All family members insist on their own way divides the family. We must go that way. This is the last things.

The fall wasnít free will. It was the assertion of an individual idea. Rev. Peter Kim:

Whatever your position or idea. You must restore your tribe. Doesnít matter your position. You can give the blessing through the telephone line. The Clergy blessing all falls into this category. Education of the purity. Very important.


Father sent the National Messiahs as Generals to each state. Now 144,000 clergy blessing. Father gave a special benediction prayer for the victory of the 144,000.

This year is 2002. This is the second growth stage. February 25, that day top Korean leader met with Father. Father gave the ideas of unification and the Unity of North and South.

National Messiahs must bring victory together with American leaders.

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