Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2002

You May Come Up With An Idea Better Than Father's

Sun Myung Moon
September 25, 2002
Unofficial notes by Peter Nordquist

Dear All,

Recently I was able to attend four of the recent meetings at East Garden at which members listened to True Mother speak over the TV satellite connection with True Father, and then did two or so hours of Hoon Dok Hae while waiting for True Mother to return after which there was a small party celebration with a victory cake. Father indicated that whenever there is a meeting at East Garden with three or more people who require translation to understand Father speaking in Korean, then the participants should bring fm radios to listen to translation.

I went to four of these last week and this week. Before the invitation came by e-mail from the state or regional church director, I had a dream about True Father in which he said, "Maybe it was easy for you to unite with True Father, but you also have to make unity with True Mother."

A couple interesting comments from True Father during the Hoon Dok Hae, which was about "mind/body unity as the basis of world peace", were (paraphrased):

"The level of shimjung that can unite the mind and the body is when you can feel God's heart to be able to give his most beloved child to the enemy. You must solve this problem of mind/body unity in your lifetime on the earth."

"Don't worry about not having a lot of money as church members. The most important thing is to become people of true character by the time you get to the spirit world."

"There is always a balance. Maybe your ancestors had a lot of money and you are balancing that in your lifetime now by not having a lot of money."

"During Hoon Dok Hae you have to be able to feel the seriousness that Father felt when he was giving God's Words during that speech. Father remembers how serious he was during that speech even now."

"When you're little or first growing up under Father's care as church members for the first ten years or so, then Father provided all the ideas. But then Father expects you to be able to come up with your own ideas. Maybe your idea will be better than Father's idea. However, watch out for selfish-individualism."

Also Father indicated that in the era of the 4th Adam that, so far, he is the only 4th Adam, challenging us all to achieve this level ourselves.

Father's singing and dancing was quite good.

Best Regards,
Peter Nordquist

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