Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2004

Registration Of Births And Marriages

Sun Myung Moon
March 10, 2003
Little Angels Performing Arts Center, Seoul, Korea

Excerpts translated from the Korean transcript of the speech

Even those who are proud of their family backgrounds or national backgrounds have the wrong origin. Your origin is wrong vertically as well as horizontally through all 360 degrees. You should feel that you want to fix it all -- burn it until there is not a single trace remaining and then blow away the ashes. Even then, you should feel that you haven't done enough. That's how sorrowful you should feel about your origin. You must understand that's your situation.

Am I right or wrong in saying that you were born into fallen families and that your births were registered in fallen nations? [You're right.] Those who think that I'm wrong, raise your hands, and I'll give you a blessing. Not a single person. Those of you who think that I'm right, raise your hands. Who didn't raise their hands? Let me see. [Laughter]

What's a congressman? What's a government minister? What's a nation's president? No one should boast about himself. Everyone should be ashamed of his family, nation and the entire world. No one can deny that mankind has a shameful origin in front of the entire universe. Are you fallen descendants or not? [Yes, we are.] If you are, then clap your hands. [Applause]

If you're over sixty or seventy, you should have grandchildren, shouldn't you? Those of you who have become grandfathers, raise your hands. A lot of you have. You may put your hands down. Has God ever held His grandsons and granddaughters to His bosom and loved them or not? [He hasn't.] Have you held your grandchildren and loved them or not? [We have.] You wretches! The Great Master of the entire universe has never even seen or held His grandchildren to His bosom. How could you ever have loved your own? Should you be proud or ashamed? You should be ashamed. Have you thought that way?

Where will you go to find you sons and daughters? You'll go to the nation where you've registered. You'll go to hell, which is under Satan's dominion. That's for certain. Those who don't believe in any religion might say, "How could you say such a thing?"

Religions like Christianity acknowledge the fall of man. What was the fall? Did Adam and Eve fall and get kicked out of Eden before or after having had children? Christians must understand this clearly.

The word "Christianity" is written as a combination of two Chinese characters, ki, meaning "foundation" or "basis" and dok, meaning "to supervise, govern." Christianity is a religion of the "basis to govern." Kyo, meaning "religion" is made of two characters, hyo, meaning "filial piety" and bu, meaning "father." So religion means to teach people to be pious children and to be one with the Father. That's what a home is. Christianity -- the church, the faith -- is teaching people the basis to be able to govern everything.

We need children of filial piety, don't we? If you have a son, wouldn't you want him to be a devoted son? [Yes.] It's all right to want it, but have you been a true father to a devoted son? Looking at your family origin, you stole the children away. You're like thieves. You must clearly see how sorrowful your position is to have been born the way you were. Your eyes, nose, mouth -- five organs and the entirety of your body -- all have their origin in the satanic lineage. You can't deny this. Do you agree with me? [Yes.]

You must understand this. When you know the truth, you'll also know what is false. When you know the truth, you'll distinguish what statements, behavior, and cultures are false. You must not brag about where you come from. Some people might be proud of being congressmen. But congressmen are not all good...

Through religion God has taught people to live single lives. What is the most valuable thing a man has? It's his sexual organ. Religion taught men and women not to use their sexual organs but to live chaste lives. Why? Sexual organs are the most dangerous things for God. The Roman Empire's destruction came about because of lasciviousness -- because they obeyed the god of lust. Do you understand?

Who is the owner of one's sexual organ? Not God but Satan, who planted the seed first. That's why sexual organs have been treated as evil. God loves the most what Satan hates the most. Therefore, God and Satan fight each other. About what? They fight over the sexual organs. What are sexual organs? They're not for making love. They're not for procreation. They're to continue the bloodline. Love and life are only for one generation. Therefore, they end in one generation. You might say, "Rev. Moon always talks about ideal families. My spouse and I have such a wonderful marriage. We've already established an ideal family!" However, I'll spit on that idea, because the roots of the ideal family I'm talking about and yours are different.

God can't plant the seeds of His sons and daughters where Satan has planted his seeds. This is the truth. Does that sound like it's true or not? [It sounds true.] Some of you men here might use your sexual organs as you please by cheating on your wives, drinking and doing all sorts of evil things. Do your sexual organs belong to you or to God? In Adam's family, were Adam and Eve's sexual organs theirs or God's?

A person is a holy temple. In 1 Corinthians 3:16, it says that our bodies are holy temples. When Adam and Eve had completely matured as a man and woman, they would have felt burning desire of love for each other. When that happens... Centering on the Father, based on the relationship of higher and lower, sons and daughters can grow up. When one side goes up, the other goes down. Growing up, people go through a phase in the womb, and then three earthly phases -- a water phase, an air phase and a sunshine phase. In this way, people grow up straight.

The five physical senses grow as well as the five spiritual senses. Those ten physical and spiritual senses get together when perfected Adam and Eve meet. They'd meet at the central point. Right there God and His children become one centering on love. Up and down become one and husband and wife become one.

Weren't Adam and Eve supposed to be a husband and wife? Going through childhood, youth and adulthood, Adam and Eve had only each other. Adam and Eve grew in the true God's womb. When they were born, they went through their childhood and youth. When they become fully mature, they were supposed to be husband and wife. Adam and Eve were to be a father and mother.

Had they had unfallen children, they'd have become true parents and then true grandparents. Finally, they would have gone up to the level of being a king and a queen of the heavenly nation. In that way, up and down and left and right become united first. Then, with their sons and daughters, front and back come into existence. Anyone who's graduated from high school should know this. When those three elements are together, three dimensions come about to make a sphere.

There should be up and down, left and right, and front and back to make a sphere. Adam and Even should have up and down, left and right relationships. Weren't Adam and Eve a son and a daughter to God? That would mean that they had a front and back relationship. When a relationship is small, it has a front and back. As it grows larger, it comes to have a right and left relationship. When it grows even larger, it makes unity.

I have tried to unite the bloodline centering on the absolute father-son relationship, absolute husband-wife relationship and absolute brother-sister relationship in the Unification Church... The most fundamental essential character of God's is absolute love. Please say it. [Absolute love!] Unique love! [Unique love!] Unchanging love! [Unchanging love!] Eternal love! [Eternal love!] The parent-child relationship should be based on absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal love. The husband-wife relationship should be based on absolute, unique, unchanging love. Brothers and sisters also should base their relationship on absolute, unique and unchanging love.

What does the character cheon of cheon ju mean? [Heaven] What does ju mean? [House] The character ju includes the character yu [meaning "freedom"]. Doesn't yu mean "one can do things freely"? So it means that the universe, according to the Chinese characters, is a house of freedom for two people. The character cheon means two people depend on each other, doesn't it? You need to know this.

The cosmos is a house for two people to live in eternal happiness and freedom. Who should live like that? The father and mother. Am I right or wrong? [Right] Because the mother and father live like that, their sons and daughters and their grandsons and granddaughters should live like that as well. That's the way God's lineage would continue forever.

The cosmos is a house for two people to rest with total freedom. That's what it is. It is the house of God. God's house, do you understand? You can understand it without any difficulty, can't you? The word "cosmos" (cheon ju) is the same as "Cheon Il Guk" in Unification Church terminology. Cheon Il Guk is a nation that exists in the cosmos. It is the nation that is one with heaven. Does God's nation exist or not? Does it exist or doesn't it? [It doesn't.]

You must pay attention! You have no nation. You have no family God can acknowledge as ideal. If there had been no fall, Adam's family would have been the eternal center of all families, tribes, nations, the world and the universe. Registering in Adam's family would have been like registering in God's nation, world and universe. But it didn't happen that way.

Can children be born before their parents register their marriage? To be a child that is registered, he or she should be born from parents whose marriage is registered. Those whose parents' marriage isn't registered can't be registered children, can they? I don't know... [They can't!] They can't! [They can't!] It's good that you know that so well. The question is whether you were born as sons and daughters of registered parents who can be the origin of the family, the heavenly nation and the nation transcending national boundaries.

Have you seen your parents register their marriages? If Adam and Eve hadn't fallen and had registered in the heavenly nation several thousand years ago, would their descendants' marriage and birth registrations have been effective or not?

That nation is an absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal nation. It is where eternal families begin. Registration of births and marriages in that nation would never change even if history were to change. The principle doesn't change. If you become members of the royal family of the heavenly palace as well as people of the heavenly nation, you will be able to receive the right of inheritance allowing dominion over the heavenly nation in heaven and earth centering on the royal family ideal. Can you deny this? ...

God couldn't resolve the bitterness of the misfortune surrounding His children's births; He couldn't register His children's births and marriages. How sorrowful do you think God must be over not having been able to register the birth of His own children and grandchildren? You should experience that sadness. Imagine if your children couldn't even go to school, or express themselves in public. Anybody could come and kick those children out, and they would have no right to say anything.

Because God's sons and daughters couldn't have parents who could register their births and marriages, wherever they went they were destroyed by the evil, satanic, political world. This is historical fact. Korea has been the same. All the governments have been against me. They said, "You, Reverend Moon, should not register your marriage before God, because all mankind is against you."

Only after God gets an individual married, transcending national and world boundaries, can He provide the foundation for the children born from that marriage to register, transcending nations, peoples and even the world. Knowing as I did that without this having been substantiated heaven and earth would fall into Satan's pit, should I have registered my birth and marriage or not? [You should have.] Christian churches and eight South Korean governments all wanted me to perish. So what is there to do after we register our marriages and births? The false olive trees should be cut, because they have a different bloodline, and grafted onto a true olive tree. The day of Heaven's liberation is waiting when I reach the final destination. God knows this, and promised that such a day as today would come which puts aside the fall and illuminates that which is good and right. In front of our people and the whole universe, you should understand that such a blessed time of new beginning has arrived.

Don't you understand deep in your heart how miserable your position is not to have had parents who could register your births and marriages? If Adam and Eve hadn't fallen, they would have been blessed by God and they would have been able to inherit everything God owns in heaven and on earth. However, because of the fall, Satan, having taken God's place, became the owner of heaven and earth. What a sorrowful reality that is!

Knowing that you were born into the satanic blood lineage, even if you have to persevere through suffering for thousands of years and even if you have to become hammers and picks, you must break through this path filled with the pain and the sorrow of thousands of years. Otherwise, there is no way for this people and this world. Are there people who are willing to go up, climb repeatedly, ignoring all sorts of hardships and privations? There aren't any in Korea. Not a single one. Except for the ugly and ambitious Rev. Moon. Do you think I alone could gather the people of power in the world, the rich of the world, the intellectuals and even Nobel Prize winners and make them listen and follow me? I could do so with God's protection.

Please say, "I'll always have God's protection if I live like Rev. Moon." There's no doubt about it. Even if the whole world is against us, if we can make it possible for couples to register their marriages, and the children born from those couples (and eventually those children's children) to register their births and marriages, the fallen world will cease to exist, forever.

God has felt sorrow and pain at not having a foundation of three generations' of the blessing with registered marriages. People who were born without the blessing foundation are Satan's offspring and can't escape hell. There's no doubt about it. You'll see when you die whether I'm right or wrong. When you go to the next world, remember what I said in the Little Angels Performing Arts Center today. You'll see whether I'm right or wrong. I'm not a liar. Do I seem like a person who is good at lying?

I have small eyes and a big nose. I'm very stubborn. There's nothing I cannot do. Recently, in the field of soccer, when the Sun Moon University Soccer Club made the final sixteen, some said, "That wretched Unification Church has done it again..." [Editor's note: the Sun Moon University team went on to win the inter-university championship]

In spite of people praying hard for my death, I've raised the flag of God's liberation and made the foundation for descendants to be able to register their births for eternity with no opposition whatsoever and with everyone welcoming it. I've made such a foundation for the liberated heavenly kingdom. I have no regrets when looking back at this. Anyone who's against me will surely decline.

Will you oppose me or not? [We won't.] Why don't you promise me that? Those who have been wishing for my death and for the destruction of the Unification Church are false, whether they believe in a religion or not. I've survived them. When I meet Jesus, Jesus is the one who greets me first, saying "Good morning, sir!" That's how it is. I don't say, "Good morning, sir!" to Jesus first. Think about how large a scale my thinking has reached, keeping in mind that I have the great saints as my disciples. Think of the depth, the breadth, the height of history behind it. Men of small caliber can't even grasp the idea. Those of you who've followed me for fifty or so years have no idea who I am. You can't ever know what I'm going to do tomorrow. Nobody knows Rev. Moon. People say this and that with their open mouths, but what I say has more authority than what is said by the founders of those four great religions. I should give those founders some strong discipline, so that they can work harder to develop the heavenly kingdom.

I felt sorry for them because they had to live single lives. That's why I blessed them. Because it was the time for me to come, the blessing was given. It's not religion that permits the blessing. Those who haven't become completely one with God, those who haven't realized complete mind-body unity through attending God and those who can't always receive an answer when they call out to God, should never open their mouths to oppose me. If they did, they'd find themselves tongue-tied and their feet stuck in place. Their ancestors and saints in the spirit world wouldn't leave them alone.

Christians may try opposing me. Their hearts will beat faster. Their ancestors won't leave them alone. Because one generation of ancestors ruined everything, one generation of ancestors will take care of things. Satan has already run away. This is the first time you have heard this, isn't it? [Yes.]...

The time has now come. You try to live your lives on your own, but the things I have said are planted in your heart and will judge you. What I've taught you won't die but will wake your consciences, based on your hearts, and cause you to proceed to the heavenly kingdom. Such a time, the spring of hope, will come. [Applause]

What all this means is that you could register your marriages with God because of me! Do you understand? [Yes.] After the establishment of God's kingship, the next step is the cosmos! With the heavenly nation in which two people live together as one, we held the "Coronation of the King of the Blessed Families of the Peace and Unity of the Cosmic True Parent and the True Parents of Heaven and Earth." Neither God nor Adam and Eve could hold the coronation ceremony. Do you understand? Since the Coronation of the King of the Blessed Families, we've reached the point where God can register your marriages centering on True Parents. Do you understand? [Yes.] You've registered marriages centered on Rev. Moon.

If you go to the spirit world now... God was invisible in the spirit world. However, if you go to the spirit world now, the faces of my wife and I will appear as brilliant lights in the position of parents in the spirit world. Our countenances will be shining too brilliantly for you to look at us with your eyes. Then, even when you go to the spirit world, would you deny True Parents even then? What I'm teaching you is crystal clear, so you'll fall into real trouble if you still deny God's existence.

You must have the level of faith to believe even what God can't believe and to do things even God can't do. That's what you need. I must do things Satan cannot do. I must believe things Satan cannot believe. "No matter how strongly you, Satan, challenge me with lies and deceit disguised as being under God's name, if I have true faith even in those lies and accomplish things accordingly, and reach beyond the standard, you have to help God. "The Parents of Heaven and Earth have registered their marriage on the foundation of God's ideal of creation. Say mansei! And clap your hands. [Mansei!] [Applause]

The Parent of your mind is God and the parents of your body are Adam and Eve... Centering on Rev. Moon, several hundred million couples have been blessed on earth and several hundred million more in the spiritual world. They should be joined together. They can't be divided.

Sixty years ago, I started to talk about church blessing, national blessing and world blessing. This is the time of the world blessing. Who can bring them all together? Because perfected Adam knows God's secrets and Satan's secrets, he can bring them together precisely as one. There will be no more walls. By breaking down all the barriers in the relationships between parent and child, husband and wife and brother and sister, the day has come for men and their wives to occupy the original position, and -- as the conditions for a couple to do so are established -- for the Parents of Heaven and Earth to register their marriage. Because God's marriage registration and the registration of the marriage of the original ancestors, Adam and Eve, were to be done at the same point, who would the children born out of that registered marriage be? God is Father in the spirit world, and Adam is Father in the physical world. You could not inherit the blood lineage of the two fathers when you were babies, so to do so you must register your births again in front of the Parents of Heaven and Earth, who have registered their marriage. That should be done after the Parents of Heaven and Earth register their marriage, right? Aren't you all already married? [Yes.] Your marriages are all false. They should be fixed. They should be grafted into true olive trees.

Centering on the Unification Church families, the Parents of Heaven and Earth came about. We now have parents on the family level, parents on the tribal level, parents on the national level and parents on the world level. There are no nations or ancestors that will oppose the Unification Church belief from now on. Because we've done everything that was needed, when you meet your grandparents, parents or other living relatives, you should ask, "Why did you oppose me for forty years, the whole time that I've followed Reverend Moon? I've walked this course to make this day of matrimony for the Parents of Heaven and Earth possible, so that all people can register their births from the original position. Have I ever created any trouble for your children, grandchildren or other relatives by doing that?" Those who attacked and did all kinds of wicked and shameful things to the little churches of ours, especially in the early years, must repent to me if they want forgiveness.

Should you call people to have them registered in the heavenly kingdom or not? [We should.] Those who think you shouldn't, raise your hands. [Laughter] Then, those who think you should, raise your hands! You are certainly ambitious. [Applause] True Parents came to this nation with the heart of sacrificing unconditionally to give and give a thousand or tens of thousands of times over and forget everything we've given.

Whenever I hear the word "Korea," it gets my blood up -- my heart pumps faster, my stomach becomes upset and my lungs begin to suffocate; yet because of the blood ties, I can't abandon these people. Koreans are sorrowful people. Throughout history, numerous Korean women and children have been violated. The angst-ridden Korean people have suffered 934 incursions. Who can resolve their bitter sorrow?

Thanks to the hard work of a people with a long history and an extensive cultural background who are closest to the God of pain and sorrow, God could come to the Korean people to resolve all historical problems and receive Reverend Moon as the seed of seeds, the seed of bone and bone marrow, the seed of flesh, the seed of skin and of form. I am, without doubt, a Korean. Centering on God's situation, while understanding the heart of history, I also stand in the sorrowful position of having to oppose families, clans, tribes and nations. Because we can, we must find ways to make God's wish and ideal come true. There is no Jewish nation. It's gone. There is only Korea in the world. People must come to Korea, inherit Reverend Moon as the seed and start a historic and heavenly revolution... Say "marriage registration." [Marriage registration!] Birth registration! [Birth registration!] You should register your births and those of your children. You should raise your children well and register their marriages. Without having three registered generations there can't be a continuation of your lineage! God was the first generation, Adam was the second and Adam's children were the third. Because Satan claimed the second and third generations, you can't have God's blood lineage without having your own three generations. Do you understand? [Yes.]

Didn't Adam lose himself? Didn't he fall into ignorance? God couldn't have three generations. Sexual organs that plant the seed that Satan likes will perish. They are like rags. What is free sex? What is homosexuality? People do things even animals wouldn't. That's how fallen humanity is. Is there any hope in that? ... In this ragged world of free sex, you must keep your sexual purity so much better than Adam and Eve did! Adam and Eve were pure until the age of sixteen. However, in the Unification Church, people keep chastity until they become sixteen, twenty or even thirty. You should be better than Adam and Eve. You must keep your lineage pure by keeping your purity! Virginal purity, pure blood, and pure-love families must you create. Have you created such families?

Ambassadors for Peace raise your hands. I didn't give you such a good name so that you could play and dance. Jesus couldn't send out Ambassadors for Peace who could digest Rome based on his 120 disciples plus the clan elders and priests. Now, we've sent out Ambassadors for Peace to the world in order to make bridges between the world and Korea. You should know that's how you can enable Korea to become the homeland of the world.

Ambassadors for Peace should do what the archangels were supposed to do. Aren't the Ambassadors for Peace fakes? They don't know the Unification Church. They must receive training. Do you understand?

I want to bequeath to you the kingship of all nations. It's really true. If you don't believe me, then go to the next world and you'll see. You'll all be brought to justice. You shouldn't have regrets then. Don't say, "Heavens, why didn't I support Reverend Moon at that time at the Little Angels Performing Arts Center? What have I done?" Whatever you say then will be useless. I can't take care of you. God let even Adam and Eve go to hell.

Those who think they are so big and those who think they can live their lives as they wish cannot join in the group of graduates. You should understand you have homework to do to get the diploma and enter the heavenly kingdom. I don't care if you choose to follow me or not. If you choose to follow me, you must pay attention. It's fine with me if you choose not to follow me. Should you choose to follow me, or shouldn't you? [We must follow you.] Those who choose to follow me, stand up! Give yourselves a big hand! [Applause] May God's blessing be with you! Where is he? [Laughter] Hey, sing a song about Tok-do Island. [Voice: Yoo Chong-gwan's the one!] Chong-gwan! [Yes!] Come out. [Rev. Yoo Chong-gwan: Let's all sing "Arirang All Alone" together. This song tells a lot about Reverend Moon's life course.] Let's hear you sing! [Everyone sings.] I don't know when I'll see you again. Please have a safe trip home. Don't forget today.

In this speech, Father uses both the word ibjeok (registering by entering ones name in a family register) and shin-go (registering, for example, a birth or marriage with the authorities).

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