Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2004

The First Four Historical Days of the Year - Summary of Father's Prayer and Words

Sun Myung Moon
January 9, 2004
Compiled by Ken Doo

The First Four Historical Days of the Year -Summary of Father's Prayer and Words

May the great love and blessings of the Cosmic Parent and Parents of Heaven and Earth be upon all missionary nations and blessed families world wide, as we usher in God's Fatherland and the era of the Peace Kingdom.

The celebration for True God's Day in the 4th year of Cheon Il Guk was successfully held at Chung Pyung Heaven and Earth Training Center under the auspices of True Parents with some 10,000 members and leaders from Korea, Japan and other nations of the world.

With the dawn of the era of a new Peace Kingdom, the 37th Anniversary of True God's Day was held from January 1 to 4, covering a period of four days. On January 1, the celebration for True God's Day was held, followed by the 21st Day of Victory of Love on the January 2, and on the January 3 there was a celebration to commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ. The date for celebration of the 3rd anniversary of the Coronation Ceremony for the Kingship of God was brought forward from January 13 to January 4, and these consecutive celebration days created a festive atmosphere.

The details of each event are as follows:

37th True God's Day Celebration

1. New Year's Day Prayer and Summary of Father's Words

The 37th True God's Day celebration was successfully held beginning with the New Year's Day prayer at midnight, January 1, 2004. followed by the 7 o'clock pledge service, 10 o'clock commemorative service and entertainment celebration held in the afternoon at four.

Father began his midnight prayer, saying "In the 4th year of Cheon Il Guk, we have now entered the age where we can proclaim God's Fatherland and the era of the Peace Kingdom." He prayed in earnest that "We now enter the 4th year of Cheon Il Guk when we can completely purify and return to You all those things on earth that should have been purified by the blessed families during the 3rd year of Cheon Il Guk. At this time we proclaim both God's Fatherland and the era of God's Kingdom of Love on this earth. Therefore, God, You who are absolute and eternal, in this age where You can freely process all things with Your authority over creation, we pray that You may become the victorious king of kings and the king of righteousness, and reign over all nations with the authority of the parent as the source of love, the teacher as the source of love, and the king of kings as the source of love on the foundation of having unified all things according to Your will."

In his prayer of report Father proclaimed, "Heavenly Father, we pray that You may reign over the world of heaven as the king of kings in the position of the subject towards the entire ideal of creation and transfer into the era of heaven within the reign of peace and liberation for all eternity."

Following the benediction Father wrote the calligraphy for this year's motto:

"Proclamation of God's Fatherland and the Era of the Peace Kingdom"

During the 7 o'clock pledge service, Father stated that through the "Proclamation of God's Fatherland and the Era of the Peace Kingdom" we have already entered that era and further emphasized that "Since the liberation of God's Fatherland and the era of the Peace Kingdom have already been proclaimed, those people living in this age must become the Soonaebo (Pure Love Champion) to complete that mission and must realm know that we are now in an era where we must create a new constitution." Father also explained about the past providential events that were held in preparation for this day; how he held the Coronation Ceremony for the Kingship of God, and had to sacrifice All Things in the Old Testament Age, the Son in the New Testament Age and the Parents in the Completed Age, held the Holy Burning Ceremony to burn away all things, and why he proclaimed the Holy Marriage Blessing of the Parents of Heaven and Earth Opening Cheon Il Guk, the Coronation Ceremony for the King of the Blessed Families, the proclamation for the Great Transition to the Realm of Dominion of the Ideal of Creation and the Nation of the Fourth Israel. On this foundation he stated that as we are in the era of God's Fatherland we must not remember but, rather, forget all the things that were prepared during the providential age of salvation through restoration by indemnity and all the things that bear the traces of Satan, and set those things up on the basis of the new dominion of Heaven.

Father strongly stated that, "The constitution which will protect the era of God's Fatherland will be built from True Parents' words, from the words of Hoon Dok Hae. Now, since the laws of the world of man do not apply in this age, we must live in the manner of the True Parent, True Teacher and True Owner. Since Father has allowed you to inherit the position of the owners of Cheon Il Guk, you must all now live as the owners of God's Fatherland and as the citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven living a life of one [devoted] heart, one body, one mindset and one harmony until that era of total unification comes about centered on your relatives and kin who act as your nation."

2. Instructions

1) The Era of the Completion of the Family Pledge

We must become families that can proudly state the phrase, "As the owner of Cheon Il Guk, our family pledges"; Mind and body must become one and just as husband and wife are one, you need to have a foundation of love where the principles of unification can be established at the center of that relative sphere. There must be a blood lineage centered on life which in turn is centered upon love, and on the foundation of that unified lineage the gates of heaven will be opened. The reason why we sacrificed All Things of creation in the Old Testament Age, the Son in the New Testament Age and the Parents in the Completed Testament Age was all for the sake of the Family Pledge.

2) The Era of Using the Special Holy Salt and Holy Wine

Although we have been liberated by the Family Pledge, since the Cain-type world still remains we need to use the special Holy Salt and Holy Wine to do Tongban Gyeokpa. Since God can dwell in his Fatherland only when Cain and Abel unite, there must be unity between Cain and Abel for the sake of God's Fatherland. 3) The Safe Settlement of Purity, Pure Blood Lineage and Pure-love Sex and the Era of Harmony and Unification

We need to have purity not only before marriage but also after marriage. By protecting your purity you are also protecting your pure lineage. The blood lineage must be pure. Not only during the time you live as three generations but also up to the fourth generation and beyond to eternity, you have the responsibility to sanctify your purity and protect it.

4) Ceremony of Rebirth, Ceremony of Resurrection, Era of Eternal Life and Era of Purification

Even if you participate in the Ceremony of Rebirth, Ceremony of Resurrection, and Era of Eternal Life, if there is anything lacking internally you must solve it.

Father stated that, "Through the Ceremony of Rebirth we must even restore the fetus; through the Ceremony of Resurrection the childhood; and we must lead those youths who have gone through the Ceremonies of Rebirth and Resurrection to the Blessing."

5) The Era of Bequeathing Father's Speech Collection

We must inherit all 400 volumes of Father's Speeches that are to be published this year. All leaders of each nation, please have all members purchase all 400 volumes of Father's Speech Collection. Everything must begin on the basis of God's Fatherland. Do not take pride in your individual accomplishments achieved in the past. Since you all have to become the devoted sons and daughters who can serve and attend heaven and go the path of the patriot, saint and divine sons and daughters, you have to begin with suffering. Through suffering you are destined to enter heaven. Thus, do not be in debt to True Parents but become a person that can liberate all resentments. Now we must hand down the law which was built upon the words of the Kingdom of Heaven. Those who receive this must put it into practice.

6) Everything Begins on the Basis of God's Fatherland

The dividing point between the 3rd and 4th years of Cheon Il Guk is a point of great transition. We must forget and deny all the things of the past and now must go forth to build everything anew on the basis of God's Fatherland. Those values must be realized along with God's Fatherland.

7) Mind and Body Unity

All the sense organs, yes, nose, mouth, ears are on the face. Just like the five senses which are in relationship with the eyes, you must create reciprocal relationships and with that confidence that none of those things will change, you must stand confidently and boldly in front of heaven to become the heirs of praiseworthy princes and princesses. God has longed for a fatherland and mankind has longed for a peace kingdom. Therefore we must become sons and daughters who can shed tears of filial piety and loyalty, unblemished in front of creation and in gratitude to this earth without any shame. Since God's Day has begun for the first time on the foundation of God's Fatherland, from this time forth, all other Holy Days will begin anew on the foundation of God's Fatherland. The Holy Days that we have celebrated can now be adjusted centering upon God's Day. We will create a new tradition.

21st Day of Victory of Love

On January 2, the Day of Victory of Love, True Father stated that "We must establish the realm of unity of mind and body centered upon the root of God's love, life and lineage. The treasure of the Unification Church will be that the facts revealing the principles and source of the spirit world were once more revealed to you so that when you enter the realm of heaven, Heung Jin Nim, as the Commander-in-Chief can show you the path to towards that victorious position. You have to create that kind of revolution of heart internally and externally, absolutely uniting mind and body. This will become the liberated sphere of this earth! The world of unification and one harmony and the safe settlement of purity, pure blood lineage and pure-love sex connected to true life and true lineage, centered on God's true love that lives for the sake of others which is the tradition of the Parents of Heaven and Earth! We must know that the era of the Peace Kingdom can be established only when this is raised to that shining pinnacle of God's Fatherland which was proclaimed the other day. Only those people who resolve to go the path of the ideal filial piety and loyalty that Father had shown in the new world, creating a family of a filial sons, patriots, saints and divine sons and daughters in front of Heaven, reaching that ideal position of the original sons and daughters and breaking down the walls of the heavenly world, can become the princes and princesses of the world of heart.

Now is the era of the law. Know that God endured thousands of years of restoration through indemnity until that time when the heavenly law could stand at the center. Know that the father who had gone this way alone, carrying the cross, is our True Father, and as the sons and daughters of that father who are directly connected to that love, life and lineage, never forget that heart of going the practical course as princes and princesses who can fulfill the responsibility that was left behind. This warning I give to you. I pray that you will become the princes of the revolution of heart. You cannot unite your mind and body with just the revolution of the conscience."

Thus, with these words, as we enter God's Fatherland and the era of the Peace Kingdom, Father has entreated and cautioned us with an earnest heart.

Commemorative Service for the Birthday of Jesus Christ

Until now Christianity had celebrated the birth of Jesus on December 25 but it has been revealed that through spiritual communication that the original date of Jesus' birth was January 3. With the coronation of Jesus having been held on December 22, 2003, True Parents offered a grand celebration to commemorate the true birthday of Jesus.

True Parents stated that "Since we have proclaimed God's Fatherland and the Era of the Peace Kingdom, the era of that Peace Kingdom is beginning from now. It took many years to officially reveal all things in spirit world through True Father. I have been making preparations for the past four years. The satanic world is Cain. You must know that centering on the heavenly side, centering on the Abel sphere, the form of the Abel-type nation, related to the eight stages beginning from hell, has been established internally after having opened the walls of paradise and heaven and going beyond all things of the satanic world."

Third Anniversary of the Coronation Ceremony for the Kingship of God

During the celebration of the 3rd Anniversary of the Coronation Ceremony of the Kingship of God, True Parents emphasized the following three points:

1) We must go beyond the age of the revolution of indemnity

Because of the fall, the body fell under the dominion of Satan and brought about the struggle between mind and body. The entire universe has been under the realm of lamentation. Therefore, we must cut off all connections that are related to Satan. Then we must create a revolution of indemnity by setting up indemnity conditions.

2) We must go beyond the age of the revolution of the conscience

The blood lineage must change. The path of love, the path of life, the path of the blood lineage must change. Since this is in the position where Adam and Eve fell and grew up, since the conscience is being dragged about by the body you all need to go beyond the stage of the revolution of heart and be able to overcome the revolutionary summit that can digest everything related to the satanic world centering on your conscience.

3) We must go beyond the age of the revolution of heart

We must purify the blood lineage on the individual, tribe, people, nation and cosmic levels. You cannot enter heaven if you do not align with the realm of heart of the blessing. Even if you unite with the revolution of the conscience, unless you bring about the safe settlement of the three great realms of the family that lost the three great kingships and four great realms of heart on this earth, the realm of heart connected to God, the parent, the child and tribe will be severed. We must create a revolution of heart, and on that foundation God's Fatherland and the era of the Peace Kingdom can be ushered in.

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