37th True God's Day - Pledge Ceremony: True Parents' Prayer

Sun Myung Moon
January 1, 2004 at 7:00 a.m.

True Parents' Prayer: (Basic synopsis of some points)

...help us to have one devoted mind, one body and one mindset.

Together with representatives in the spiritual world and on earth, help us to become one in the ideal of creation, help us become balanced beings in the world representing the whole, representing Adam and Eve...

Centered on the blessing, God's absolute love, life and lineage will be focused... Going through the Old and New Testament ages, all was prolonged ... Jesus, the realm of the race of Israel...

Centered on the realms of absolute love, life and lineage, centered on the chosen people. Absolute realm will be established on earth.

We were not able to attend the Lord and thus not able to establish the second Israel.

The old, new and completed testament ages, we went through them without being able to fulfill our responsibility and Satan acted freedom. Everything was trodden upon, and blood was shed. The LSA had to go through the wilderness course again.

We are in a course of settlement on the worldwide level.

Korean history of 4300 years...

[Father prays about the meaning of the blessing groups...the progression of the blessing up to the recent ones and their significance]

Standing in the realm of the chosen people, a horizontal foundation so that all can be blessed is to be built.

Leading to the ceremony of the Holy Blessing of True Parents on Feb. 6 of 2003. Led to the opening of the gates of Cheon Il Guk. All blessed families were able to make a foundation for the Kingdom of Heaven. A new beginning for a new nation was made.

This world can become a unified world....at this time Jesus was able to hold his coronation. He had been standing in an incomplete position up to now. A unified realm was built.

The visible Adam and Eve were recreated centering on true love, substantial object of God.

All was prolonged, all the burden of history fell on the shoulders of True Parents.

Centering on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd realms of Israel, the ...

Everything in heaven and earth can be organized and we can proclaim such an age. In this 4th year of Cheon Il Guk, we have received the grace of being able to proclaim God's Fatherland and the Era of the Peace Kingdom.

True Parents are able to stand at the beginning and proclaim the age of the Peace Kingdom. Everything will be completed in this period.

All will attend God in Cheon Il Guk, based on the absolute authority of True Father. Going through the Principle course, fallen Adam had to be redeemed. Centering on the heavenly constitution we will put together the words of the Principle and build the realm of heaven in heaven and on earth,

So emissaries are mobilized.

Satan himself will conform to the principled world. Everything will be integrated and harmonized.

Centering on No. 8 of the Pledge,.. the nations of the world will unify everything and go forward....

All the sons and daughters of God who were sacrificed...

The foundation of the Family Pledge will be made absolute... Joining our devoted minds, bodies and mindsets together, we will wash away the mistakes of the original ancestors, the Peace Kingdom will be proclaimed.

Everything to come into a position of liberation....

Now we will enter an age of universal peace. We offer this pledge service to you. The Kingdom of Peace will come about, and ask that You be with us. All this I proclaim. Amen.