Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2004

37th True God's Day - Commemorative Service

Sun Myung Moon
January 1, 2004
Chung Pyung, Korea

Father's Speech

Brief excerpts from the simultaneous translation:

There were seven Nobel Prize winners who came to one of our meetings in England. They were curious. They wanted to meet me. The Englishman was a gentleman. They waited for more than two hours to meet me. Have you ever made anyone from the Nobel committee wait for two hours? They all came to confirm what the truth is. I said, if this is the truth then will you follow me?

If I am the parent, the master of a nation then the central figures of that country will appear. Do you believe that the Kingdom of God can be declared or not? You have to make up your mind whether you can believe this or not. If not, you have to go to the established churches.

The law of the Fatherland (Joguk Pop) will be decided.

You will have inherited as masters of Cheon Il Guk. Everything will be unified.

The first, second and third Israels must unite. If you can't unite with the kingdom ...

After we are in the pits, we will call True Parents and ask for their help.

With a parental heart, you should have more love than a prodigal son. But a stained lineage cannot be cleaned up, what can we do?

The traces of Satan are everywhere, even in the museums..

Then there is no place for the parents to go in the spirit world. There will come a dangerous time, you have to repent and be grateful; you have to bury your past and uphold the pure lineage, pure love and pure sex. Sex is concave and convex. Purity, or blood lineage, this is eternal. We thought ours was out own, and did what we liked. Then we found man was made for woman and vice versa, to live for each other.

The core of the earth is sex. Without this, everything would just be minerals. Everything is in pairs, the male and female. Without sex everything will finish, so do you know how precious sex is? Your grandfather and grandmothers, without this, in 3 or 4 generations everything will be extinct. So we have to keep the laws of love and sex. And that is how we can declare the kingdom of God, if the tradition of sex is correct.

God's kingdom was proclaimed, but if those who live in hell couldn't get past the gates of paradise, then we won't have a paradise for blessed families?

You can't live as you like. Because Adam and Eve fell they were unable to meet the True Parents. What to do with the descendants who moved to hell, think about it. That? why we have to be completely unified in God? kingdom.

So why am I badmouthed by everyone when I try to go out to work for God? Because my lineage is connected to God; that is why I am alive.

If you tried to become saints and sages and risked you life for this can you follow me to heaven? If I go to the spirit world, can I pull the blessed families out of hell? If you make a mistake and go to the spirit world then your ancestors will go to hell and they will all descend on you.

The logic of love, if you cannot follow this then you are the enemies of love. The last of Satan? lineage has to be broken down into a situation where there are no enemies ...

The Kingdom of God has been proclaimed, but because there is no nation we could not educate ... If we had a nation we could educate.

By April 10 of next year all the [peace] embassies must come together, and centering on the embassies 120 families must be blessed. You must liberate the pain of Jesus, and raise up 120, 180 or 430 families. Each nation must do this.

Don't expect an easy age, a comfortable time. During WWII, the responsibility was not fulfilled; everything was separated. How can the seven nations be united, is this a problem or not? You all have to go on the front lines and make the preparations. Embassies are to be built ...

The ancestors in the spirit world are all repenting in the spirit world for killing Jesus. We held the coronation ceremony for Jesus, so now all the Old and New Testaments can be joined, the first second and third Israels can be brought together ...

Father has to proclaim God's Fatherland and quickly restore this nation.

The most important thing is the family pledge. Cheon Il Guk. Mind and body, husband and wife must be one. Parent and child must be one. Over the generations. Build life and lineage on a foundation of love.

[More to follow ...]

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