Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2004

Victory of Love

Sun Myung Moon
January 2, 2004
Notes by Laurent Ladouce

Dear all,

Happy True God's Day to you and your families. We had a powerful celebration this morning at 7 a.m.,for the 21st Day of the Victory of Love Many members had had a sleepless night because of ... the yut Providence! Reverend Kwak spoke for 45 minutes about the circumstances of Heung Jin Nim's ascension 20 years ago.

Then Father asked Reverend Kwak to read two messages from Heung Jin Nim, reporting about the activities in the Spirit World. After the first messages had been read, Father made a pause, asked Peter Kim to read more quickly, and Father came down from the stage to sit down on a chair very close to us (the 84 are always in the front).

Then Father walked back and forth in the main hall and shouted sometimes. He said that these messages are absolutely the Truth and we have no excuse. When Father shouted, I felt that he is really the master in Heaven and Earth, and he is urging our conscience to see the spiritual reality here on earth. Father knows our true spiritual situation and wants us to make more internal effort to be saved.

Father expects us to experience the revolution of heart through which our mind and body can finally become one. Revolution of conscience is not enough, Father said. He repeated this time several times: Revolution of heart, not Revolution of conscience"

He was very close to me and suddenly asked me: "Who are you? your mind and body are struggling, right?

- Yes.

- At least, you are honest to recognize. You have to change that."

Well, I felt that Father expects us to really practice the "no shadow" and "high-noon" attitude.

Father said: "If I had no relation with you, do you think I would hit you?"

Everybody was struck by Father's determination this morning. It seems that Father did not even want to commemorate the accident of his most beloved son. 20 years later, the work of Heung Jin Nim has taken cosmic proportions. Father wants us to know very realistically that his son is the King of the Spirit World.

I want to add one point about Hoon Sook Nim.

She is more radiant than ever. It is hard to describe the grace of this precious person. She and her little boy lit the candles, at the beginning of the ceremony. They were small and fragile on the big stage. When they made a kyungbae, I really felt the perfect filial piety of these two persons.

Throughout the whole morning, she was so active, always smiling. I shall never forget the beautiful smiles she exchanged regularly with her son. There is an incredible complicity and tender love between the little boy and his young mother, whose husband is in the Spirit World. She was dressed all in white, with a beige coat that she sometimes put on her shoulders. I wish I could have taken close pictures.

I feel that her beauty contains so many precious elements which perfectly embody the highest teachings of our true Parents: her attitude tells us about the four realms of heart constantly. I cannot express adequately how much I respect and admire her. Throughout the morning, I felt that she was giving much energy to Father.

The ceremony ended with a very powerful Mansei.

It is snowing on Chung Pyung, see

Laurent Ladouce

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