Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2004

The Birthday Celebration for Jesus - Held by True Parents

Sun Myung Moon
January 3, 2004
Chung Pyung Heaven and Earth Training Center
Chung Pyung Lake, Korea

The First Birthday Celebration of Jesus Christ after the his Coronation Ceremony in Israel on December 22nd, Crowning Jesus as King of Peace and King of the Jews

The Ceremony was emceed by Rev. Sun Jo Hwang our international President. The opening prayer was given by Dr. Chang Shik Yang.

True Parents held the Birthday Celebration for Jesus on this the third day of January, 2003. (January 3rd is the actual date of Jesus Birthday). First True Parents entered at 7 am. Dr. Eric Richardson and Tirza offered congratulatory flowers to Jesus and his bride for his birthday. Then great applause broke out. Jesus, smiling, requested that we thank True Parents for it was because of them that Jesus could complete his mission in Israel on December 22nd. Then True Parents cut the birthday cake.

Rev. Kwak read Hoon Dok Hae from the Madison Square Garden speech:

Dae Mo Nim:

Dae Mo Nim (Hoon Mo Nim) was invited to read: When Chung Pyung was created it was said by True Father to be the place in which man could be perfected. When I went to the spirit world I could see every aspect of man's sin and condition. I felt such pain to see the misery of humanity. God was in such pain. God sent central figures to lead us out of the realm of hell. The spiritual world is such a painful place to be.

When you can see the liberation that humanity both on earth and in the spirit world have been through you can realize the infinite value of True Parents. For they set so many endless indemnity conditions to be able to uncover the chains that held man in bondage. When someone is completely liberated they truly come to understand the value of True Parents and they want to do everything they can to bring light to the world.

The founders of the major religions were united together as one and they are so deeply inspired by our True Parents and are now doing everything to bring their foundations to True Parents. December 22nd Father spoke about the great things that will now happen between December 22nd to December 25th. Jesus came to me at Midnight on the 23rd of December. He asked now what are you going to do. Jesus was totally liberated from his resentment. Jesus was so deeply grateful. He never imagined that he would ever see the day of his coronation. I tried to tell those who prepared the way and those who attended but they could not understand. So I came here to Chung Pyung to reveal my immense gratitude. Jesus work as we read in the Bible seemed like it just happened. But it always happened when evil spirits were removed from people. Like when the blind man received his sight, it was due to the fact that the evil spirits were liberated.

I can see Jesus this morning so happy, like never before. Jesus has always been humble and speaks gently but now since the Coronation Ceremony Jesus looks so strong and bold. He is so happy today. Now many miracles will occur. Now Blessed Couples will gave great power. If you work in your neighborhood for even a few hours many miracles will come because the spirit world will work wherever you go.

Father Spoke

What day is it today? Today is Jesus Birthday. The world thought that it was December 25th but it is really January 3rd. Now the Peace Kingdom has begun. Now you all must go forward. Now we have the Peace United Nations and the IIPC. We have created the Abel Type United Nations and the world stands in the position of Cain. Now we can embrace Cain on every level. The Abel Type United Nations was dedicated at that time. This Cain Type united nations has no owner. So father came to make the Abel Type UN, even if the Cain type UN may oppose us but we will go right over it to the Cain world.

The blessings that we have given are going to the Cain world. Our ancestors are being restored and are standing in the position of the good archangel. Now they can be restored into the position of a restored good archangel standing symbolically at the age of 16. Because man fell at the age of 16 all was placed under the dominion of the false archangel. The problem is the Blood Lineage. If God can restore this blood lineage then all could be restored. Why couldn't God just restore A & E from the beginning. The problem was blood lineage and man's portion of responsibility. Because the problem was the blood lineage, God was suffering immensely. Why did God suffer under that kind of indignation and suffering. Because of the stain blood lineage. The disease of mankind was that the true lineage was destroyed. Then from that point of view your physical body has had nothing to do with God's love, life and lineage. Because of the fall all was destroyed. The women are the problem in history. Eve was the daughter of God, but she was taken away by Lucifer a servant of God. Women who don't want to have children should cut away their breasts, bottoms and love organ because the purpose for those was first for the children. If they don't fulfill that purpose then they are not needed.

The same women tried to destroy Jesus and they tried to bring Father down. If the providential nations of America, England and Korea could have accepted Father after World War II there would been a rapid restoration. Christians have not understood the secrets of the Bible. The Americans didn't listen and they said.. " Who is this Korean man coming here telling us to repent. He comes from a low nation of Korea, how can he tell us anything about Christianity or our nation?" Now America has declined greatly and they realize that I was right. No one should be proud of their nation before God. All have fallen short of God's glory. England, America, China and Korea, no nation has the right to be proud before heaven.

Without absolute determination, we will always be in doubt, worrying and many clouds and difficulties will appear to hinder you. You must become Absolute in your heart and attitude. American women must really be careful. Homosexuality and Lesbianism has no future. Their marriage ends in one generation and leaves no lineage. This must end. Now the problem is not to get rid of Communism, the problem is now to get rid of immorality. White people of America, Father is determined to save you, but you must change America. The immorality must be ended. If the white people don't change the gates of heaven will be closed to you.

Look at Jacobs family. Why did he need two wives Leah and Rachel. Because of the Elder Son principle. The Pak family raise your hands! The Paks are now the in laws of True Parents. Why, the Pak family has been difficult in Father's path. The Pak families have a tendency to think they are the best.

Father went to America 34 years ago. Now the Christian ministers cannot deny what Father has taught. America needs Rev. Moon. Father is working to breaking down the walls and setting up the Peace United Nations. This is the era of the Peace Kingdom. The IIPC is the vehicle. Now Father is setting up the Ambassadors for Peace. We have to liberate God for the nation to prosper. Unless we do this and change the Blood Lineage there is no way for God's Peace Kingdom to come. We have to burn all the past. Our flesh and bones and all the false concepts from the past.

Father did not destroy however but went to the bottom of hell to restore the blood lineage of God. This way Father has made a highway from the bottom of hell to heaven. The Jewish people and the Christian people sent me to prison. They made me suffer so much. God endured the resentment of history for thousands of years in his heart. It's like having a mole on your bottom that marks you and stains you. Unless that mole is removed you cannot stand as a pure unmarked person. The same is with the blood lineage. All must change. You have to understand True Parents absolute value. Do you understand. Don't be proud that you are white. We need a different mindset.

The Israel nation could not purify the blood lineage. The purpose of Israel was to purify the blood lineage. Jacob had to take the blessing from his elder brother. Because Eve stained the lineage Rebecca had to assist Jacob in getting the birthright. Was Jacob a thief when he said he was Esau. She had to restore what Eve did. She had to deceive her husband and her first son. Tamar was the same, she had to deceive her Father and law. When she seduced him, she showed the Staff and seal that he gave her showing that it was his child and she was not killed. Kul Yak (is Old Testament). in which the pidgeon was not divided. Because that pigeon was not divided the Israelites had to suffer 400 years of Slavery. What is the pigeon (Jewish), what is the sheep religion (Christianity). The Jewish people of America control 3/5 of the wealth but they don't want to divide it. Then Christianity is like the lamb that has been divided. One half belongs to God. Jesus had to come them and find his mother, the pigeon, the cow and the goat and the ram (sheep). Because he could not do it 2000 years ago. That's why he had to come again.

That's why Father in the second coming had to go to Israel and restore this. Father went right into the holy land of Israel and right into the temple and reclaimed everything for God centering on Jesus. It might have cost someone's life to do this but everyone came back safely.

Abraham should not have kicked out Hagar and Ishmael. The world would be totally different if this did not occur. Sarah made a serious mistake. Jacob also should have brought Esau and all of his family with him to Egypt. There were 70 family members of Jacob. To restore this Jesus had to have 70 disciples. Father had to come and restore all of these things.

8 nations opposed Father but Father has absorbed them and turned them all around. Korea, Japan, America, England, France, Germany, Italy and now the 8th nation Palestine/Israel. You all have to love your enemies. Even Jesus loved and forgave his enemies, that's why Christianity could bring the Roman empire to its knees and turn it into a Christian culture. Father invested 34 years in America and still many wish that Father would perish. The CIA however knows Father's value and don't want anything to happen. You Ambassadors For Peace, you must be willing to shed your blood for peace and for your nation. Satanic ambassadors go to a nation to absorb the blood of the nation they go to and use it for the benefit only of their own nation. They cause much bloodshed.

Father is on the doorstep of getting a comprehensive and total victory. Father must go through that doorway now. Just as the Israelites had to put the blood of the lamb on their door posts, the blessed families must take the holy wine and change the blood lineage to enter the Kingdom of God. You must also purify the blood lineage of your relatives and you must bless not only your children but your grandchildren. The problem is the blood lineage. Japan has worshiped a female Goddess. This will not last.

You are all in the position of the Elder Brother of Jesus. Why because you received the blessing during your lifetime. You should be able to show Jesus the way as an Elder following True Parents. You have to be able to show the way. That's why Father is not speaking to you from the stage but is standing with you leading the way.

Just as Father loved the enemy you must love your enemies with even greater love that Father had. Christianity, America and England and many providential countries had failed. Therefore Korea could not be unified after WWII. That's why Korea had to be divided. You don't know how much suffering there has been because of this. Many of your blessings were brought together between enemies to set the condition of enemies loving each other and finally setting the condition in which Korea could be reunified.

84 Ambassadors for Peace - Father gives you instructions but you don't like absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. You must be able to restore all things leading the way. You must bring the Peace Kingdom in each nation and educate the leaders of your nation and fulfill all before heaven and earth. You must know that you have that kind of mission.

We must go back to the zero point. Then we are free before God. The blood lineage is Absolute, Unique, Unchanging and Eternal. God's blood lineage must never change. On that foundation you stand in the position of God's representatives to recreate the nations of the world. This will make the foundation for the completion of the Kingdom of Heaven. We must go down the highway freely. To do this we must have the Blood lineage of heaven and must be united in mind and body. What do you have to become to Jesus, his elder brother, like an uncle and must be a teacher to Jesus.

We had the Holy Blessing of the Parents of Heaven and Earth Opening the Gates to the Cheon Il Guk. Then True Parents were crowned King. Then you could register as a reborn family and then you could take the elders position. Rebirth, Resurrection and Eternal Life ceremonies can be held. We could have the blessing, and crowning of Jesus on the stage in the same nation where Jesus was crucified.

We could go to Gaza and restore the dividing of the pigeon and on the stage of Israel we could restore the 400 year condition of indemnity of slavery that was lost due to the failure to receive Jesus. In the land where Jesus was killed he was now received by the Jews and all religions and could be crowned King of the Jews and could then be resurrected to the substantial kingship before heaven and earth. Before three weeks the child must have the revival and birth certificate ceremony, then before 8 years you must have the resurrection ceremony then before the age of 18 you must have the eternal life ceremony.

You should be able to say to your parents welcome when they come in and you are making love. You should have the heart to always welcome your parents.

This is Christmas Day, you cannot read the Bible your own way. You must read with Father's words as a guide. If you don't follow Father's direction on this Christmas day much trouble will come to your family. You are no longer Japanese, you should say I'm a citizen of Cheon Il Guk. I'm no longer American, I'm a citizen of Cheon Il Guk.

If you really believe in me and the time we are living in, stand up and raise your hands. Amen.

I must give the benediction now:

The benediction will include the fact that the first, second and third Israel have now been restored and now the Jesus has been established as the King of Israel. He also is the spiritual king of the second Israel. Therefore great phenomenon will occur now that Jesus has the authority and the power. He will move the Christians in America to follow True Parents. Dr. Yang - do you understand.

Now the Peace Ambassadors will go out as the real Ambassadors for Cheon Il Guk and the real Ambassadors for the Kingdom of God. Through their going the barriers and boundaries between nations will be dissolved. New Nations will rise connected to the Cheon Il Guk. Heavenly Father's sorrowful course due to the failure of Adam and the rejection of Jesus has now been solved and joy can now come to the heart of God. Also God's resentment over losing half of the family of the second coming is now resolved.

Jesus will now have the power to liquidate boundaries. Jesus and the five great religious founders power will now increase on earth and the barriers will be eliminated. Jesus course and life has been victoriously restored and Jesus mission has been completed through the coronation on the stage in the rally in Jerusalem on December 22nd. The unity of Mind and Body will now become possible and will be necessary for the Kingdom of God. Jesus as the King of Peace will work to eliminate all boundaries.

True Father's Prayer:

On this third day of the fourth year of Cheon Il Guk which is Christmas Day - the day of Jesus Birthday, we proclaim the Peace Kingdom. Jesus has been received and honored by the Jews on the stage of the December 22nd rally. Through that victorious rally the curse against the Jews is broken. This will open the door for the liberation of all Muslims, Christians and Jews and all people.

God is now free to move beyond all barriers and boundaries of religion or nation to realize the second coming of the Lord. Now the Spirit world and all people will be mobilized to proclaim that True Parents are the Messiah, the Second coming and the coming Lord. All those who have adopted this resolution will now enter through the gates of the Kingdom of Heaven having become one blood lineage. Jesus and all the saints proclaim on this day. The Birthday of Jesus. Jesus and all the saints proclaim this with great joy from heaven. We are now one global family before heaven and earth.

Three Cheers of Monsei was led by Rev. Michael Jenkins


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