Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2004

Father's Historic Proclamation Concerning The Peace Kingdom

Sun Myung Moon
January 3, 2004

Dear Family,

Tonight Rev. Kwak gave a profound report on the IIPC and the work of Father for the last 40 years leading up to the incredible victory in Israel. Rev. Kwak was very convincing as to how Father worked toward this moment in a very consistent manner for the last few decades. Father did not just begin interfaith work but is the recognized world leader and the one who has the trust of the major religious leaders. That's why Al Aqsa Mosque and Key Christians as well as important Jewish leaders could trust us.

Rev. Kwak was powerful and is empowered by God and True Parents to bring the Peace Kingdom into reality. We broke for dinner.

Then Father came and he was magnificent. We had the Yute prizes, (by the way I was on the winning team for yute - all the Korean leaders feel its a good omen for America!! I believe its because of Dr.Yang's heart to Father and the American members incredible sacrifice to unite absolutely and respond to God's providence. Also many feel that Jesus had a hand in this !!... thank you Jesus !!) Father held a lottery and gave many things away. It was totally exciting. Then suddenly at the end he began to give a most historic summary. The atmosphere became hushed with focused anticipation.

Here is the summary of Father's words followed by a report on the Peace Motors development in North Korea. True Parents are bringing the Peace Kingdom on all fronts.

Thanks America!!!

Victory for God, True Parents and Especially for Jesus !!!

True Father January 3rd, 2003 After the prizes were given for yute and special prizes

Shortly after Jesus was crucified Israel wandered for 2000 years. In 1948 Israel became a nation again with the cooperation of the United States. In 1948 Korea was liberated and formed a nation again with the cooperation of the United States. With the ceremony of the Coronation of Jesus all the historical entanglements are dissolved and Jesus will be free to work as he should have been able to as the King of Kings. Now Jesus will not only stand as the King of Israel but also as the spiritual King of the Second Israel America. Now Jesus will have the power to unify all Christian denominations, Catholic and Protestant.

The Old Testament (the failure of the first Israel to cut the pigeon), The new Testament age of faith and grace is now restored. The first, second and third Israel will become one nation as the fourth Israel which includes Moslems, Christians and Jews and all faiths. The Abel United Nations centering on the third Israel will bring peace on earth. The IIPC was formed as the Abel UN. The Old Testament Age has passed through the coronation of Jesus. Then through the second Israel the New Testament Age will be restored. Then the Completed Testament Age will be restored through the rallies to crown Jesus in the Fatherland. Then the fourth Israel will become one. Then the substantial Cheon Il Guk through the fourth Israel will be fully realized. Through the Cheon Il Guk Blessing we will expand the blessing and the change of blood lineage to all people. The perfection of the fourth Israel will be based on the oneness of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Israel. This will create a new realm ending the conflict of Cain and Abel and will reconcile them as one. This will be the era of the Peace Kingdom. All the pain and suffering of the heart of God will be ended.

Pyeong Hwa UN (Peace UN) will center on the Fatherland. The fourth Israel will center on America and will move all nations to the Peace Kingdom. We cannot do this with the current UN. Therefore the Peace UN in Cooperation with America will fulfill the Peace Kingdom.

This will give God the position in which God will rule over humanity as the True God and True King. There will be no more Cain and Abel and no more division. If two people can come together in prayer this will be the basis of the Peace Kingdom in every situation. This fourth Israel based on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Israel will be the basis to go beyond all national boundaries and a new Constitution will be formulated for all mankind. We will now enter an era of law in which you cannot enter into heaven without the unity of the mind and body. This will be achieved in cooperation with the spirit world and the teaching from the spiritual world and Fatherís words that will bring about a revolution of conscience and of heart. From now you mind must subjugate your body. Your body can no longer dominate your mind. The Peace United Nations and the Fourth Israel will become one forming the heavenly nation of Cheon Il Guk. Then they will be able to welcome the era of the perfection of Godís ideal. This will be the fulfillment of the Peace Kingdom. America, Israel and Korea must become one. This will become the external realm of sovereignty. With this foundation then Cheon Il Guk will be opened. The first second and third Israel perfected as one will be the basis for the Peace Kingdom. All will be liberated and this will be the basis for the Heavenly Eternal nation of Cheon Il Guk. The first Israel, second Israel and third Israel must come to unite as one. To achieve this all religions must cooperate to support and achieve this. This will be done through all religions leading the way through the Cheon Il Guk Holy Wine and Holy Salt to change the blood lineage and to sanctify all possessions so that all may be claimed by God. Then with this foundation all can be claimed by God through every religion, race and people. That nation that can make the offering of all humanity and all things before God is Cheon Il Guk (the Kingdom of God on Earth). Now the total living offering must be completed and offered not in the name of the church but in the name of God.

The True Parents will perfect the first, second and third Israel and through this process will perfect the realm of the fourth Israel. This all was to originally occur in 1992. During this 20 years all the family must complete 3 generations of blessed family. You must achieve this in 20 years from 1992 or the 12th year of Cheon Il Guk. This is the year 2012. The foundation for this must be realized by 2007 and then through the years 2008 Ė 2012 your family must be perfected in heart. This will be the era of great transition. All the refugees will throw away all their possessions and move to the central nation of Godís kingdom. Until this time all your possessions are fake possessions as they canít be recognized by God. You must offer everything to God through True Parents and then all your possessions and more will be given to you as blessings from God through True Parents. Only then can we have true ownership and rights over possessions. This is the era of great transition.

Cheon Il Guk will create a culture of heart centering on God. This will be the fulfillment of all the providence of God. This Peace United Nations must have a body. That body is the unified 1st, 2nd and 3rd Israel into the fourth Israel.

With that kind of subjective standard and the pure blood lineage and the pure love organs the safe settlement of mankind will be realized.

All Japanese members must go through training. You must not miss this opportunity. Everything starts on the foundation of Godís Fatherland. If you miss this opportunity then Satan could still invade. You must burn away all your possessions the way that Nero burnt down the city of Rome. You must burn away all the past and make a new beginning. As the Israelites put the blood of the lamb over the door you must prepare yourself is such a way that you will be ready for the great Exodus like the Israelites went through. Rev. Eu you must build the embassies for the son. You are responsible. Japan is responsible to fulfill this before heaven. You must build the embassies for the Fourth Israel and the Peace United Nations. Japanese members Ė this is a warning you must not miss this time.

Mr. Pak Sung Kwon is now to give a report. First I congratulate all the lottery winners and the winners of the Yute game. I am the President of True World group and the Pyeong Hwa Motors. One famous Christian minister came to me and was desperate because he said the current leadership of Korea doesnít know what it is doing. They donít understand North Korea. This is an emergency. Iíve been to North Korea 76 times. We have many businesses there now. Mr. Kim the secretary of the North Korean Party passed away. I was the only representative of South Korea to go to the funeral. He was lying there peacefully. The funeral was done with a solemn atmosphere. His wife was moved and she told me that she heard so much from him about Rev. Moon and we will work with President Kim Jong Il together with Rev. Moon to bring the unity of North and South Korea.

I received this award from Kim Jong Il Ė I gave this to True Father.

Peace Motors is the only automaker in North Korea and now has the total support of Kim Jong Il. We have a relationship built on Fatherís consistent love and support since he met Kim Il Sung. From that trust has been built.

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