Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2004

3rd Anniversary of the Coronation Ceremony for the Kingship of God

Sun Myung Moon
January 4, 2004 at 7:00 am
Chung Pyung Heaven and Earth Training Center

Rev. Kwak, as master of ceremonies, explained about the importance of this day saying that originally Adam and Eve should have held their marriage ceremony before God as the son and daughter of God, and become parents. So this would have been the day that the ideal of creation would have been completed. So it could be the day of True Parents and True Children and all humankind could perfect themselves. And this would also signify the Day of All True Things. But because of the fall everything was reversed and the course of indemnity had to be followed. In this course, beginning with True Children's Day everything was set up -- True God's Day, True Parents' Day and the Day of All True Things. Now with the coronation of God's Kingship and the coronation of the King of the Blessed Families, starting this day we will celebrate God's Day and 4 other major holidays in one day. Actually if the ideal of creation has been achieved we could not separate other events from the Coronation Ceremony, and so there would be no reason to celebrate them separately.

True Parents and True Children then entered the hall. After lightning the candles, True Father prayed. A prayer of report was offered by Rev. Kwak's family. After True Father's short speech, True Parents cut the cake. Rev. Kwak led the Hoon Dok Hae by reading True Father's speech given at the original Coronation Ceremony on January 13, 2001.

A cross section of some of the points Father made in his brief message after Pledge Service:

Fulfill Total Living Offering. Completely purify blood lineage.

No time to rest.

Completely take control of your body, even to the point of [symbolically] cooking it to get rid of Satanic elements.

Body must be able to resonate with the joy and sorrow of God. Stand as representative of True Parents.

If you can understand principles of creation, go beyond limits to achieve a revolution of heart. We must become one with the invisible cosmic True Parents. With God's omnipotence, He can bring things to pass instantly. You are included in this realm of joy. Stand in front of your ancestors ... God's Kingdom will come ...

If your mind and body struggles you cannot become the heir (inheritor) to bring this about.

Form a protective fence/barrier around this ideal.

Forget about position in society. Cut away these things. Separate from Satan -- to create a revolution.

Three points:

1. Substantiate a revolution of indemnity

2. Deny your position and possessions; return possessions to the owner. Cultivate our conscience. Through this revolution of indemnity we begin a revolution of conscience. Always conflicts within the body.

3. Bring about true love. life and lineage -- completely aligned with God's love. life and lineage. Stand as second self and representative of God, as heir who can inherit the ideal of creation. Purify the mind so you can accept God's command, to restore love that was lost to Satan.

On the foundation of liberation of God's Fatherland, all these things can come about. The only way to claim material possessions and your body is after the revolution of conscience and heart. Only on the foundation of the 3 points above...

If you understand raise both hands and clap hands towards heaven -- formation, growth and completion stage of heart. Take a great leap -- stand as a people of the heavenly kingdom. Invest entire being to inherit/achieve this. I am saying these important things today. Pledge before heaven! [Maengsae!]

The conscience must not lose the battle against the body. You must stand as representative of the entire universe.

We have to lament the fact that we have not reached the level of heart, the "settlement of noon" level.

Formation, growth and completion stage revolutions: Revolution of Indemnity Revolution of Conscience Revolution of Heart

Must be able to say these things to your food before you eat it. Take dominion. Do not stray from the course, for the sake of your descendants...

[Father asks everyone to pledge they will follow this way.]

Centered on today, True God's Day, Day of Victory of Love, the Coronation Ceremony (others may have been mentioned) -- I am connecting all these together. You must set a standard with your life.

You have to set the condition before God that you have offered everything. Think of yourselves as religious people -- what kind of religious people? Can you inherit the traditions of Christianity, Confucianism, Islam etc.?

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