Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2004

Pledge Service and Report at Hannam-dong

Sun Myung Moon
January 18, 2004

On Sunday, January 18, members joined True Parents and True Family at Hannam-dong for pledge service. True Parents entered the main hall together with True Family and began the pledge service. After a full bow to Heavenly Father by True Parents, Father offered a prayer. True Children, and later all the members, made a full bow, which was followed by a prayer offered by Rev. and Mrs. Kwak. Immediately after Hoon Dok Hae, Rev. Kwak gave a report on the main providential activities, conferences, and the proclamations during last year. He explained the future plans and the great work on which members have to concentrate from now on. He also spoke about the conferences on IIPC leadership and activities that were held from January 14-19 for top VIPs throughout Korea, and about the upcoming conference in America on February 4.

Rev. Hwang Sun-jo gave a report on the "Peace Forum" event which will be held monthly. He added that he was going to attend the first "Peace Forum Meeting" for youth in Yeosu on the same day. After the report, True Father asked Rev. Kwak to sing a song. While he was singing a song called "Daehan Palkyung" True Father asked some others to stand up and dance, which ended with everyone joining in singing and dancing.

After that, True Father mentioned that because the time will come when we will sing and dance for Heavenly Father more than we pray, we should expand such a culture together. Once again, Father emphasized keeping the hoondok tradition, saying that in the future we should have Hoon Dok Hae about our ancestors path, activities and history, and establish a family and tribe which God can remember for all time.

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