Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2004

Father's Words at Hoon Dok Hae January 26, 2004 Han Nam Dong

Sun Myung Moon
January 26, 2004
Han Nam Dong
Translated by Chang Shik Yang
Notes by Michael Jenkins

Father asked Dr. Peter Kim to read Father's address at Chamshil Gymnasium, God's Fatherland and the Peace Kingdom.

Then the speech Father will deliver at the Birthday Banquet was read: The Messiah and True Parents

Father Spoke:

We have to proclaim proudly True Parents. There are no children without parents. We have to shout out to the world. First, centering on the Parents of Heaven and Earth, we have to live with them conduct actions centering on them. We have to cut off all roots and connections to the old world. We have to graft onto True Parents. Without making that environment we cannot build the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. Now we proclaim the mission of True Parents. To connect with me you must absolutely stand with True Parents. You have to understand that all humanity descended from the fallen lineage of Adam and they must change their blood lineage. True Parents have come as the central figure of the cosmos and the standard and the measure of goodness. Knowing all the secrets of history with that foundation I proclaimed True Parents. Then you must know the depth and meaning of True Parents. Not only God but Satan knows the mission of Father. We must not stay in this confusion between good and evil, truth and false. We must mobilize all of our 5 senses (both spiritual and physical) to overcome this world and to change our blood lineage through three generations. This is an incredible matter in history. We must know clearly from Rev. Kwak and all of history. There is no exception, everyone should know about this. There are those who stand as the enemy of God. We have friends who are connected to the false blood lineage. We must cut off from being influenced by them. We must clearly know where they stand in God's eyes. We must cut them off from Satan's lineage and connect them with God's lineage at the risk of our lives. In God's eyes the reality of Satan's lineage creates incredible pain and anger in the heart of God. All blessed central families must stand absolutely before heaven and earth.

Absolutely we have an obligation to restore God's blood lineage. We have to set up the heavenly constitution. If I do not do this, who can do it? As the sons and daughters of heaven, you blessed sons and daughters must do this.

The Proclamation of God's Fatherland and the Peace Kingdom. We have to clearly understand the meaning of this age. We are living in the midst of the reality of the Peace Kingdom. Originally we should have inherited an ideal family but, due to the fall, we inherited the false family. We must curse Satan's culture and totally cut off from this.

There is no difference between Korean, Japan and America. There should be no Korean culture, Japanese culture, and American culture. There must become one culture. We must make a revolutionary change in this world. The revolution started from there. The Presidents must consider about this. There must be a clear standard. We absolutely must cut off from evil. There must be a clear standard between Good and Evil. They can't be mixed. After Father's Birthday celebration you must stand much more strongly. You must stand proclaiming clearly who Father is : the Messiah, Savior and King of Kings. We must make a much stronger determination.

You children must pass through the rebirth, resurrection and eternal life. If they don't pass through this you should not even feed them until they go this way. This is how serious it is. You must understand how I passed through this suffering course. You must recognize the depth of my course to restore history. With this philosophy we must educate the political candidates. Today is the day before the 84th Birthday celebration I'm giving you the most important guidance. You should not even breath the air of the Satanic world. You must read again Father's midnight prayer at God's Day. Everything must connect to God's Fatherland. Father's midnight prayer is very important. We have to understand that as the representatives of God we must be much more than we are. You are the representatives of God and True Parents. You should be the representative of True Parents and should have the standard that you are received as the True Parents holy representative.

We must expect that our second and following generations should be greater than ourselves. In this way God expects you to be greater than him as a True Couple. True Parents expect you become greater than them. God is now perfecting the Mold through which mankind can be recreated and multiplied infinitely as standard True couples.

In our church tradition, we must not have any concept of divorce. However, Father's first wife couldn't understand and left. Mother came from the Han family and restored this. From now on we must live according to heavenly law and the constitution of heaven. That law can be the measure of our life standard. We have to accomplish all of this until the 12th year of Cheon Il Guk. The Washington Times, UPI and Segye Times must all stand for the education point of view. We have to cut off the false olive tree and engraft the true olive tree. As Jesus mentioned, we must follow God's Fatherland. We must understand the meaning of restoration and salvation. We have to accomplish all different areas to restore all aspects of humanity. Even while I was in prison I became a friend of capital sinners and I loved them to restore them. Everything must be made clean to establish True Love. This is the key to the fulfillment of True Love. Everything must become pure and clean and we must become True Son's and Daughters of God. As representatives of God we must love humankind more than the owner. That representative will become the true professor or teacher of humanity.

Recently Korean HQ printed a new book of Father's words entitled "Heavenly Bible". You must read that at least three times. This will help you to realize where you stand and where you must stand. This is 2300 pages. Sometimes while reading I feel that how great are these words of God, I feel like reading them all day. I want to read them over and over. When you go to spirit world you will understand how important Father's words are and you will regret that you didn't invest more in taking in God's word. You must create the realm of Principle Life. You must stand perfectly in the 90 degree position of casting no shadow. Once we open our eyes we must walk straight forward without any confusion. We must establish unconditionally God's Fatherland. This is our calling and the way of our destiny. We have to do our best effort to get rid of all past things to build this kingdom. From the last four years Father started to cleanse the way of history. For the previous 20 years Father focused on practice more than anything. In the last four years Father focused on a special prayer to bring cleansing.

You must understand the depth of the Proclamation of the Peace Kingdom. If you were to measure it against a mountain it is higher than the highest peak of history. It is higher than Mt. Everest spiritually and historically.

Even the seed of the baby should have the seed of Holy Wine. Everyone must drink. When a woman is pregnant you must give her the Cheon Il Guk Holy Wine. We are in the time when everyone even the baby in the womb must receive the rebirth, resurrection and the eternal life ceremony. You have to understand where we stand. Centering on the conscience we must stand absolutely correctly unifying the mind and body. You must understand that you must establish the True Family. We must tear down the walls between the mind and body. We must understand that we must do this. There is no other option. To confirm this Father doesn't take rest to set the condition that this truth will be more clarified and confirmed by Father. Many times Father doesn't proclaim anything until it is absolutely sure. It must be clarified to the utmost before heaven and earth. Then once it is confirmed with Father's sacrifice Father will proclaim it.

Yesterday, current and former Presidents visited Han Nam Dong. However, I didn't treat them as Presidents, but rather as objective people that must be educated by heaven. I stood absolutely seriously before them and I must set the heavenly standard. We shouldn't have two parents. There is only one parent. If we realize that we are not in the right position we must cut off absolutely even if we have to shed blood.

There is no true love without the connection of the True blood lineage. There is no possibility of true Parent/ child relationship and true love between husband and wife. You must understand how difficult the indemnity course was to make Holy Wine. There are eight stages. Each stage is an indemnity course that allows the holy wine to be created without any stain or connection to Satan. Only Father knows how to achieve this. Then the Holy Wine is absolutely pure before heaven and earth. You have to understand where struggling comes from. The origin of struggles is from the conflict of the mind and body. That is why our mind must understand clearly the way in which we must go. Father proclaimed in the spirit world and God and all the saints of heaven recognized Father's work. When you read God's letter to Father Moon, as God mentioned in his letter, Father had to overcome incredible trials and tribulations to find this truth. When Father was 16 years old he began this course. Father was in such a position historically that God could not reveal the truth to Father. Father had to walk a path to discover the truth all on his own with the fulfillment of his own responsibility. We have to win this war of struggling between the mind and body. We must become the winner. We shouldn't put Father's words in storage. Who started the tradition of Hoon Dok Hae. Some members complained about Hoon Dok Hae and some leaders complained. But once you go through a three year course of understanding the value of Hoon Dok Hae and Father's words your heart will change. Cheon Il Guk means that two people become one. That is the essence of the Kingdom of Heaven. Father wants to edit some points in the 2300 page "Heavenly Bible". Father knows that there are still some points in Divine Principle that must be revealed and some points must be more clarified.

You must become a representative of Father and the Messiah. The fruit should be more multiplied. All blessed families must be multiplied. You must start by restoring your family and your tribe. You must call your whole tribe and family. You must engraft truth to your family. You must make them salute to God and True Parents. You must at least have your relatives recognize True Parents three times.

We have to follow and respect our conscience. We must follow the elder brother with the right conscience. All blessed central families should attend the parents and love the children to connect the three generations. Grandparents, parents and children. The three must be connected to True Love through the Blessed Central family. The meaning of blessing means oneness from left and right (Father claps his hands). It makes a strong sound when the two come together uniting opposites.

From now on we have to pull in our prayer many good ancestors from the spirit world. We must really work to mobilize our good ancestors to reach the completion of Heaven and Earth. Father has assigned his four children in the spirit world. Heung Jin (East), Young Jin Nim (West), Hee Jin Nim (South), Hye Jin Nim (North) to cover all the spirit world. They will have responsibilities to guide every corner of the spirit world. Who here is a national messiah. We must restore our heavenly nation.

Nobody can deny True Parents, the spirit world, heaven and earth and all. No one can oppose the glory of heaven revealed through True Parents on their 84th Birthday. In the beginning of the Cheon Il Guk age. We had to establish the foundation of God's Fatherland in the first four years of Cheon Il Guk. This was a critical process that Father fulfilled.

First the vertical culture first. Then the horizontal culture is no problem. Father likes to write letters in Korean in a more traditional way from top to bottom. It symbolizes heaven and the vertical order. Cheon means heaven, in the Chinese character Cheon is represented by two people. This means two people must become one through the change of blood lineage. Jesus wasn't able to bring the change of blood lineage. He was to bring the total cleansing of God's lineage all the way to Rome and to the world. Because he couldn't do it God's lineage was not established and Satan's lineage was multiplied.

We have to realize that there is truth beyond what the Bible recorded for 6000 years. We must be able to go beyond this to the truth. We must understand the right order, Heaven, Earth and Humankind. This fourth year of Cheon Il Guk is important.

American clergy must continue to stand as Father mentioned in the 20th Anniversary of the Washington Times, and take down their crosses. Christianity must stand in the right direction now. This is critical, if not materialism and even communism could reemerge to dominate the world. This time in Japan Father made the unity of the Korean residents in Japan. There are about one million evenly divided 500,000 pro north and 500,000 pro south. Father made unity between them by sending Rev. Eu and Dr. Yang to teach them about the North South Unity and the work Father did in Gaza and Israel. Korean peninsula should expand. This community in Japan has a very developed and powerful financial foundation. (All they did since World War II was to prepare a financial foundation.)

Japanese Missionaries have had to pay an incredible sacrifice centering on the mission of Japan as the Mother Nation. Earlier period of our church there was no financial foundation. President Eu missed his lunch many times to continue to teach DP for 16 hours per day. Rev. Eu who was sent to Japan represents President Eu and has been suffering a lot to fulfill his mission.

To completely restore Jesus position Father did the crowning ceremony in Jerusalem on December 22nd. From the Crown of Thorns Father brought Jesus to the Crown of Glory. Now we must bring this victory to the Elder son nation and there proclaim True Parents as the King of Peace. This is America's responsibility. Mr. Joo has to restore a Martyr of early Christian history named Rev Joo Ki Chul. Dr. Yang (yea). You were pushed by True Parents to take down the cross. If we didn't take down the cross we could not have restored Gaza. Through the Christian ACLC leaders doing the ceremony of taking down the cross three major religions together could then offer the coronation ceremony for Jesus.

To expand this foundation 8 providential nations must establish embassies and send Ambassadors for Peace. Father established Do Won Building and the New Yorker Hotel as the first IIPC Embassies. Jewish and Christianity both cooperated together to push Father into Danbury. Though they were the enemy of Father he still continues to love them. The majority of the black community especially religious people support True Father. Father mobilized the black community to help the white community fulfill its responsibility. (This is the principle of loving your enemy.)

What is your consideration concerning the location of Father's tomb. Now Father is coming close to 90 years old. Unification members should consider about this. No one can live physically for eternity. Without exception we all must go to the spirit world. Many members are expecting Father to live a long time. But we all must go to the spirit world.

If you have to catch an eel or crab which should you catch first. The eel. The eel is slippery and always prepares a second hole for its safety. Humans should be the same. We must always prepare an alternative way so that ultimately we will never be blocked. Father always did this.

To inherit the elders position among many sons. The Elder son must have a son. If the Elder son doesn't have a boy, then among the younger brothers the oldest boy will have the Elder sons position. Like Christianity and the Unification church. Christianity lost its position as the Elder son therefore the Younger Brother of Unification church had to inherit the elders role. True Parents. Really only Rev. Moon can use the name of True Parents because he knows what the meaning of "True Parents" is. Father established the Peace Embassy in the New Yorker Hotel, eventually its world headquarters will be in the DMZ.

The first, second and third Israel should establish this embassy. That's why its important that all the key leaders (Congressmen and Senators) in America must attend this historic event on February 4th.

Dr. Peter Kim read Father's speech for the Banquet: We must accomplish three levels. Revolution of Indemnity (must cut off through indemnity all the Satanic world), Revolution of Conscience (one mind and one heart, must have no shadow and be guided by our conscience.) Finally a revolution of heart in which we become the person of heart that God has been seeking throughout history. A heart that will prevent the breaking of the family. On this foundation Father established FFWPU (beyond any religion), then IIPC was established on October 3rd. Now thousands of Christians are mobilized to take down the cross and then marched for peace in Jerusalem. More than 20,000 gathered representing the three faiths could then lift up Jesus and give him his crown of glory. Please practice this way of IIPC. Dr. Kim concluded.

Father's Midnight Prayer of January 1, 2004 was read by Mrs. Won Ju McDevitt. It was amazing. We have to deeply thank Won Ju. Attending Father and Mother day and night. Mike McDevitt and their family has completely sacrificed their lives for this central historic mission. When Won Ju read the spirit of filial piety and deep love and tears swept the room. Won Ju read the prayer totally in tears all the way through. Such a holy beautiful atmosphere was prepared for Father's birthday.

Won Ju then sang a song roughly translated "The 1000 Year Rock."

Then Father called upon a 90 Year Old Halmoni , Mrs. Jeung Min Pak who recited the Letter from God (from memory) to True Parents and also the poem the "Crown of Glory". (It was deeply moving, Mrs. Pak is an original member who completely sacrificed her family to the Lord. It was a time of joy and purity based on incredible sacrifice). I felt so purified just to be at Han Nam Dong. We must now prepare our hearts with a mind of Absolute filial piety to attend True Parents.


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