Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2004

God's Fatherland and the Peace Kingdom - Speech at Chamshil Gymnasioum, Seoul

Sun Myung Moon
January 27, 2004
Special Remarks
Chamshil Gymnasium, Seoul, Korea

Respected Current and Former Heads of State, Distinguished World Leaders, Ladies and Gentleman,

I would like to convey deep appreciation for your many expressions of congratulations on this occasion of the birthdays my wife and I. But this is not for us; I would like to offer all of this as glory to God who has protected us until today. Early in our lives we were called by God and have devoted our entire lives to fulfilling His will. Therefore I cannot accept your congratulations without including God in this celebration!

For my address this evening, I would like to talk about "God's Fatherland and the Peace Kingdom."

Ladies and Gentlemen,

What kind of world would have been realized if Adam and Eve, the first human ancestors, had not fallen? Adam would have become the head of that family, the tribal leader of that tribe, and the king of that nation. That world would have begun from that ideal of Adam, and would have become Adam's world where only the tradition, language, culture, and lifestyle of Adam would have existed. That world would have been Adam's fatherland as well as God's fatherland.

But unfortunately, human history began with the fall of the first human ancestors. Our world was reduced to being under the dominion of Satan, a world that had nothing to do with God. Humankind was originally meant to establish and live in a peace kingdom for eternity, with God as their True Parent. But instead, the human race became enslaved to Satan, the origin of evil, residing in a world ridden with sin and suffering. This has brought great anguish to God.

Please think about this in the context of your own life. Contrary to the will of the Creator, our minds and bodies are in constant struggle and conflict. Has there been anyone who has completely unified his or her mind and body? Among the six billion people of this world today, has there been anyone who has lived according to the original relationship, where the body is in complete submission to the mind? What about the societies and nations of today's world? The barriers of conflict and selfishness rooted in the mind and body of the individual exist even between societies and nations like an impregnable fortress. Human beings were supposed to live as brothers and sisters, yet the interracial strife that we see today still remains as a crucial problem threatening world peace. Religions originally had the mission of reviving human spirituality, thereby accomplishing the will of God by bringing humankind back to Him. But religions have abandoned their original mission and instead are lost in the swamp of prejudice and conflict. This has escalated to the point where, today, we see them being used as tools for bloodshed and war.

Where does our original mind lead us? Does it indicate that we desire to live oppressed within the many walls and boundaries that surround us? It does not. The world that we desire is a place where no barriers or borderlines are seen. It is a world of freedom and peace. All people long for that kind of original fatherland. It is the fatherland that for thousands of years God has sought to establish. Likewise, it is the fatherland that humankind has longed for throughout history. Of course, when we talk about a "fatherland" it may denote a particular nation, but the original fatherland cannot be compared to any nation of the today's secular world.

To establish a nation there needs to be sovereignty, people and territory. When we look at history we can see the rise and fall of nations, the countless transitions of sovereignties and a great many lives sacrificed in the process. All these martyrs died in the hope that the original fatherland would someday appear. But that does not mean that the United States, or Korea, or any other nation can become the fatherland which these people have longed for. It would be a place where there is neither democracy nor communism. Such a fatherland would have no need for any religion. It is a world that does not commit the folly of trying to measure the value of a person by the color of his skin. It is a place that does not allow any form of boundary or national border, including the barriers that divide the mind and body within each individual, bringing pain to them all.

Ladies and gentleman!

This very planet earth on which we live, the entire globe is the very fatherland that humanity has longed for. It is the fatherland for which God has longed for tens of thousands of years. Humankind now has the responsibility to establish a global nation in line with God's standard and to remove evil from this earth by rendering judgment upon Satan who has been the arch-enemy in front of heaven until now. In so doing, a heavenly kingdom of peace on earth, with goodness at its center, will be brought about. We must never forget that this has been the desire of God, the desire of Jesus, and the desire of our ancestors who have contributed to the course of God's providence by going the path of martyrdom.

But that kind of ideal world is not created automatically. It is not something that anyone can have by just wishing for it. It is impossible to attain unless we, the offspring of the fall, receive a new blood lineage through the Marriage Blessing and practice a life of true love. Then what is a life of true love? In a nutshell, it is "living for the sake of others." It is living for the sake of others before you even wish for the other to do something for you. It is a life of living for the sake of the others and forgetting that you ever gave. It is not giving in hopes of receiving something in return. It is a life where you give and give, regretting nothing for not having given more. Even as you give, you bow your head in humility. Thus, Jesus said, "Greater love has no one than this, that he lay down his life for his friends." He also said that "For whoever exalts himself will be humbled, and whoever humbles himself will be exalted." Even our almighty Creator, God, would not engage in creation and destruction at whim in disregard of the very principles of creation that He Himself set up.

Therefore, this is the reason why I have been conducting the Marriage Blessing providence throughout the past several decades. Humankind, who had inherited false life, false love and false lineage due to the fall of the first human ancestors, had no choice but to live this false kind of life. Thus my wife and I began our God-given mission as the True Parents. Throughout our lives we have walked a lonely path to carry out this heavenly decree to eliminate Satan, the devil, through the Marriage Blessing providence and, as the True Parents, to bequeath true life, true love, and the true lineage to humanity. We knew that God could not do anything about the false blood lineage because it had been planted by the false parents. Upon this victorious foundation of having fulfilled all the necessary indemnity conditions, my wife and I stand as the True Parents. We have been multiplying the true blood lineage by separating humanity from the blood lineage of the false olive tree and engrafting them to the true olive tree. A false olive tree will always remain as a false olive tree, even if a thousand years pass; only by engrafting to the true olive tree can the lineage be changed.

Ladies and Gentlemen!

The bright age of heaven is upon us now. Please accept my message with hope. The marriage Blessing history began with just three couples in the 1960s has now reached 400 million couples around the world. Furthermore, there are more than 120 billion blessed couples living in the spirit world. The field of the true olive tree has now overwhelmed the field of the wild olive trees. All these blessed families are united in the life of ?iving for the sake of others.' The life of the true olive trees, through the true blood lineage, is now spreading like wild fire throughout the entire world. In this way God's Fatherland and Peace Kingdom, a nation of joy and happiness, a nation of freedom and equality with no walls or national borders will be realized on this earth.

For this purpose I founded the Peace United Nations' in New York, U.S.A. on October 3rd 2003. In doing God's providence, this Peace United Nations' is developing initiatives of a revolutionary dimension that will rock heaven and earth. By educating each and every one of the six billion people on this earth, and giving them the marriage Blessing, we are building God's fatherland, our fatherland, where the entire globe becomes our home, my home. Our goal is already set. The flag of the Peace United Nation is already waving high. The battle cry of victory is erupting across the world. Victories are won in America, Europe, Jerusalem, Palestine, Japan and Korea. Nothing is impossible with God and the numerous martyrs, patriots, saints and sages in spirit world running with us at our side.

They say, "blessed are those who have faith." On this meaningful day, I would like to ask you all to engrave this message in the deep center of your heart. I pray that you all join in the grace of the Marriage Blessing and create a great revolution of lineage. I dearly hope that you will all become the brave soldiers of heaven, courageously standing on the front line of God's providence in order to build God's fatherland on this earth, so that the Peace Kingdom can prosper for all eternity.

Thank you very much.

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