Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2004

TF's Proclamation Prayer

Sun Myung Moon
March 8, 2004

Dear Family,

The historic series of events that we are participating in have very deep historic meaning. Perhaps far more than we can imagine. The suffering and heartbreak of God over the sacrifice of Jesus was infinite. Together with God, Jesus' suffering heart was immense and so profound that only God could understand. The hope of repairing such suffering was unimaginable. True Parents silently went through the broken hearted steps of history and by repeatedly going through the realm of death and resurrection with love for all humanity they came to fully grasp the immense and indescribable suffering of God due to the rejection of His son.

Let us pray that we might understand and as children of filial piety humbly stand before God, Jesus and our True Parents and feel sorrowful to them that without our even knowing or understanding, they have been so lonely in their suffering. We didn't understand how vast the unspeakable anguish of 2000 years ago had never been dissolved and was never liberated until this time.

From Father's prayer that was offered on March 8th (below) you can see and feel through his words and sobbing that the Coronation of Jesus in Jerusalem and again on Capitol Hill was the watershed moment when this historical pain and broken heart of God and Jesus could begin to heal. True Father, through becoming one with the suffering heart of God, came to the place in which he found the profound secret of healing the heart of God.

The Jewish family would come forth and crown Jesus as the King of Israel and the King of Peace. This occurred on December 22nd, 2003 in Jerusalem. On February 4th on Capitol Hill it expanded to the world. This would begin the healing process between all humanity and particularly the sons of Abraham. With tears flowing like a river we must now pray and sacrifice to comfort God and Jesus and extend our heart of gratitude to True Parents - who will now, before Heaven, Earth and Mankind will receive the Crowns of Glory.

Thank you God, Thank you Jesus, Thank you True Parents. Thank you for your silent suffering and unchanging love which has been always seeking to find a way to restore us back to the Kingdom of Heart and forgiveness. The Kingdom of True Family and True Love. This is the time of the realization of the Peace Kingdom!!!

Michael Jenkins

Proclamation Prayer of March 8, 2004

Dearest Beloved Heavenly Father,

Amidst the flow of the times you raised the banner of your providence and established your will at the center of the heavens and earth. You longed for the sovereign nation of love of the ideal of creation, yet your will was lost because of the fall of the first human ancestors. When we see all the facts that can be reasoned out from the history of suffering and that which has been flowing since the fall of the first human ancestors, we know that hell and humankind has gone through this bitter course of human history filled with anguish and resentment as they stood along the sides of influence of these affairs.

In order to bring these things together you have raised servants and promised that you would send the messiah. You raised the Israel nation within the realm of the chosen people. The 4000 years of history until the time of Jesus after the Old Testament Age which you prepared for 4000 years was spent in suffering and amidst the pain of prosperity, decline and patience. Throughout these times you persevered and I know more than anyone else how hard you worked to lay the foundations for this victory.

Jesus came to this earth and should have united with the people of Israel with the chosen nation of Israel. Then the Jewish people and the Israel nation should have created a nation. This was the foundation of God's will for the messiah. However this child here knows that Jesus who came with the mission of becoming the True Parents had tragically come from the lineage of illegitimate children and the messianic ideal had persevered with concern for the future of the Judaism and the Israel nation as he gazed upon them with a heart of suffering and patience during the pioneer course in the wilderness with the start of this miserable life, unbeknownst by all people.

As in the time of Jesus, many were born whose origin and lineage are uncertain and all those on earth who represent this tragic history are like Jesus who was born alone as an illegitimate child not knowing for sure who his ancestors or parents were. We know that Jesus' life of which little is recorded aside from the prophesies of the Old Testament that were recorded to be true in the New Testament, had been filled with many difficulties throughout its course and from the chaos of the environment. Centering on that tragic life of 33 years his dream as the messiah was to digest Rome centering on the Israel religion, eliminate all the boundaries of resentment in the heaven and earth, and bring about an ideal world of love which goes beyond the liberated horizon and sea line. But we have come to know that despite this dream Jesus was placed in a position where he had no kin from the same nation, no friend, no sibling, no parent, no family, no nation and no home, Father.

We as Unification Church members must never forget that Jesus bore this sad history of being the prince of princes, the legitimate son of all sons on earth after leaving behind his sorrow and anguish as he died nameless on the cross after the course of only 2 years and 8 months on earth. We need to succeed this lineage and inherit this tradition from beginning to end. But we know very well that the history of faith of this world had been a wintry one where your ties of blood which should have upheld the path of loyalty and filial piety regardless of the anguish which burns the body could not remain to carry out your will of one heart, one mind and one body.

We also know that from the crucifixion of Jesus 2000 years ago, and the 400 years of drudgery under the Roman Empire, the Israel people lost their nation and were driven away to become a sad nation who shed their blood on this earth. I also know very well the bloody history of Israel where they were torn apart, trampled on and eaten by those beasts as they faced the desolate field as they lost their nation, fatherland and master.

The individual anguish, family anguish, tribal anguish, national anguish was vanquished as this lost people were able to be restored to their land on April 15, 1945 and restore Israel in 1948 centering on USA after World War II. Yet the walls of resentment centering on this restored land of Israel could not be overcome and thus the Republic of Korea succeed them as the 3rd Israel. Because of the direct intervention of Satan who was playing it both ways, this land of Korea where the victorious authority of the kingship was to be established instead entered into a fratricidal war, shedding the blood of the nation. At this time we still see the reality where human life is tormented by this misfortunate history and the nation was lost as to where to go. Now we place this history of resentment which spreads out in all directions, at the center and we wish to designate this day of liberation centering on the 4th year of Cheon Il Guk; centering on March 8th; centering on the number 24 (3x8), centering on the number 28, and centering on the number 40, the 4 great realms of the family centering on the number 32 centering on the 4 great realms. We pray that you stand at the center and clarify all things so that you can set forth your ideal of creation. The liberation of the kingdom of heaven on earth, and in heaven, you liberated your sovereignty of love. All the realms of your hometown for the liberation of the fatherland and this earth. Now let all the resentments of indemnity be cleared away and on the foundation of proclaiming the unification of all things including the dignity of the Blessed Families we have ushered in this age where we can proclaim God's Fatherland and the era of the Peace Kingdom.

We pray that before the end of this year, the heavens, earth and cosmos can align itself towards the opened gates that have advanced throughout all directions upon the path that leads us to the circuit where it can go in any direction, 360 degrees to the center, and upon the path where you can freely move about in all directions. To this we are able to proclaim the liberated gates of heaven, devoid of all obstacles, and centering on this day March 8th, 2004, we pray that you stand as the victorious owner of the victorious fatherland for eternity along with the establishment of Father's government centering on the liberation of all nations on top of the foundation of coronation ceremony of Jesus, the coronation ceremony of peace in Capitol Hill and on the foundation of proclaiming the era of the Peace Kingdom to liberate the universe and God's Fatherland upon which the ideal of Cheon Il Guk is established.

Now the age has come where you can gaze upon the entire universe, grasping it with both hands and freely going about as you wish in all directions, 360 degrees. Thus when I think about how much I toiled to reveal the secrets of heaven, Satan and this earth with these young children and how great the pains were to lay this victorious foundation under the banner of the True Parents, I know it was for the sake of serving the Father who had suffered hundreds and thousands of times more than my suffering. You had led me to stand in a position where I can carry out my duty as a loyal servant in building a nation and now we have come upon this prominent age where you have set me up at the center of your Fatherland and era of the Peace Kingdom. All those thousands of years spent in bearing all the responsibilities and liberating these things?/font>

(At this point it was difficult to discern Father's prayer as he was sobbing greatly)

.... Father, going beyond shame you prepared this day; now the father and mother have become one in all affairs. We pray for your sympathy and that you remember this day.

We pray that you seize the ideal realm, the center of heaven and earth in all 6 directions, and re-open the history of revolution, an upheaval of 180 degrees in all directions. We pray that you bestow your might to 360 degrees and with the authority of the owner who can assert the self, the owner of the ideal of creation, the creator and great lord of the universe, we fervently pray that you go about on the foundation of True Parents who have won through tribulations as the representative of all victors.

At this time 8 am, March 8th, 4th year of Cheon Il Guk, we pray that you look upon all of our hearts as we pray and ask to you in earnest. I pray that you look upon the blessed families and their children in the stead of True Parents who have taken care of these with the heart of suffering as I overcame the hurdles of resentment and the spirit world.

Under your care we pray that you give us the authority to freely do your works throughout all nations on your behalf. All that has been proclaimed in spirit world, from the saints and sages to all the kings on this earth; all the saints who made this resolution, the kings of the Koryo dynasty, Yi dynasty of Korea, the US presidents, all 138 royal kings of Japan we prayed that if there is anything between the nations, let spirit world open the doors to bring in the morning and new day of the liberated realm on earth and in the free heavens and earth. Let us freely move about and march forward with the victorious authority in this providential spring season.

Let this spring day that we welcome in this month of April, be the first spring that you can enjoy for the first time. Let this women's movement centering on the new mother of Korea go beyond the world, overcoming the struggle between Cain and Abel in the mind and body, in the family, society, tribe and nation and within the national assemblies of many nations. Let it stand at the top the United Nations and the top of the USA, and the White House to become the victorious master and your autonomous king of kings. This I pray in earnest. Let your ideal of creation be set forth and that all that you hoped for can go beyond the nations of heaven and be welcomed by you with joy. Let it become the liberated king of kings, the parent of love, the master of love and the king of love.

I pray in True Parents name that your reign of peace and everlasting the nation can be made. I truly pray that this can be transmitted with joy towards the world of everlasting love and peace as the victorious royal family. This we pray and report in the name of True Parents, centering on the number 8 on this day of March 8th, 4th year of Cheon Il Guk. Amen! Amen! Amen!

Father's words:

After this proclamation prayer True Father instructed Rev. Kwak to pray and after his prayer True Father asked all participants to remember the contents of this prayer and had everyone repeat these words. "We will become the family of the loyal son and patriot representing the elder sons which inherits the kingship of the Cosmic Parents, the Parents of Heaven and Earth and the Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind. With this we will become the family that can carefully transmit the kingship of 3 generations to our coming generations."

True Father went on to explain that "This means that you must all realize that you have to become the living family that represents the present, past and future. Who bears the responsibility to inherit the kingship of 3 generations and then to become the family of the prince and princess and the kingship that represents the 3 great cosmic kingships. The representative that inherits this kingship of 3 generations is my family. What we did today is becoming that family which represents and inherits this kingship that represents the kingship of the 3 generations." In his explanation Father emphasized that our families are the one's that represent heaven and earth. Therefore we need to become a family of the filial son in this life and the family of the patriot to the eternal world and have the awareness that we are a representative family. Father also said that from now on we will be able to truly feel the contents of the family pledge.

With this Father asked all those present to recite the family pledge. And then at the command of Rev. Hwang all participants offer their bows to the Cosmic Parent, Parent of Heaven and Earth and the Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind. With this Hoon Dok Hae ended at 08:30.

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