Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2004

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Sun Myung Moon
March 19, 2004
East Garden
4 PM
Notes by Michael Jenkins
Translation by In Hoi Lee

True Parents arrived to three cheers of Mansei.

All assembled and gathered for Kyung Beh with Bishop Stallings and Rev. Edwards joining Rev. Kwak and Dr. Yang and all elders from Korea, Japan and America.

(Rev. Kwak and Dr. Yang reported and then Father spoke. Their reports are included after Father's words. )

Father's Words:

What do you think right now? Thinking is the problem for people. People are moving around centering on their thinking, desires and history. Are they focused on material or on the tradition and history? Jesus was very concerned about young people at his time. The people know that Jesus came as the Messiah but they don't know why he came. They know that the Second Coming is to occur but they don't know why. The people don't know who God is or the wrong conditions that the first Israel made and the history centering on God's providence. Once we have a victory to the society and to the nation the old leaves will disappear. The roots are now transformed and cleansed and the trunk and the branches are now restored. They don't know about the destination and history of the chosen people or the meaning of Jacob's course. Only through these historic conditions can these be restored. Israel didn't understand this history or the conditions that were necessary. We must guide history through the ladder of restoration. The battle in between God and Satan. God finally could bring the victory through the nation of Israel centering on one person. Now you believe in the Unification Church, why did we do the Family Party and all the things that we work on. To help Rev. Moon or his situation? No. It is to make the conditions necessary for Heaven to make a victory on this earth and bring the fulfillment of the Completed Testament Age. In the New Testament Age the central point was that Jesus was to bring the total victory. Because Jesus couldn't establish the family the completion could not occur.

Therefore God worked over the last 2000 years to prepare for this moment. The final stage was the showdown between America, England and France and Germany, Italy and Japan. Behind all this history was the work of God.

Only through the Second Coming of Christ could we come to the place in which the conditions that had to be made in Israel to be revealed. What is the focus of the conditions that we must make at this time. It is not due to one individual Rev. Moon but God is doing this. This is God's work. Whatever you do in this time, what is the point. What is the central point. We must offer all these conditions centering on God or there will be no meaning. Now Christianity is the central religion that is coming forward to do this. Now central persons such as Bishop Stallings and Rev. Edwards are coming forward at this time but they are not coming forward based on their own conditions but based on God and the historical conditions set by Christianity which they represent. If we don't understand this clearly we may not be able to offer this purely before heaven. Therefore I myself am seriously making every condition centering on God's desire and his intention. Your attitude must really be serious. We can't just talk about the Messiah and just say it. What can we boast about at this time - We can boast about God and the Spirit World. Although Dr. Yang is the central representative of God's work in America we must understand deeply what is the work that we are doing now. What is the root of your heart and mind. Without that understanding you will not be a central person for this event. If you are not aligned with God correctly you may fade away. The fruit of the Tree will grow and grow. Therefore our question is how do you become that central seed at this time. Understanding the spiritual world at this time. After the growth stage we must come forward through the completion stage which is the realm of the Fourth Israel. This kind of historical moment we should have the Coronation of God centering on the Interreligious and International Federation for World Peace. This is the foundation for the Coronation of God. That is the conclusion of God's history. That is the conclusion that God is proud of. This is the fruit that we can be proud of. If we don't understand you will just be like nothing or fertilizer in history. All the dirty pollution and problems of the world are the headaches and concern of God.

Without God there is no meaning. The central root of Father's motivation is God and God's will. People need to follow through with God's will and way. Once we create this unified world the old world will fade away.

My emphasis this moment is centering on God. Do you think this is Rev. Moon's idea. No. This is God's idea. Centering on God's original desire God has gone through such a painful history and huge suffering course. The Old Testament result can relate to True Parents through understanding God's history and providence. In this earth we must transfer all these things. You should know the spiritual world. That is the condition to become a Unificationist. You must understand the past, present and future. Even though the result may not be that great at first but if the root is correct the fruit that will come forth will be enormous. By that root everything will come forth and flourish. As a Unificationist we start with one family, then expand to more families. Now we have a huge population of blessed families. We must look carefully and understand the connection to the spiritual world. We must understand all the traditions and ways that are linked to the root and will bring the Peace Kingdom. The key question is are the conditions that you make correctly linked to the Old Testament and New Testament. If it is it will correctly bear the fruit that is necessary. If it is correct - it will bear the fruit. We must be the people who can bring the fruit forward from the Individual to the Family, to the tribe, nation and world.

The Five Religious Founders proclaimed from heaven that True Parents are the Messiah, Second Coming and Savior. Bishop Stallings also proclaimed this but it was God who gave this message to him. Do you want to just follow True Parents. If you only follow then you will not be owners of the providence. You must come forward with the heart to go beyond Father. The twelve disciples centering on Jesus pledged they would follow. Then Judas sold Jesus and betrayed him. Do you think Judas was the problem. No. Jesus had a problem. He could not unite the 12 disciples. This was Jesus' problem. The west and the east must relate to each other. Where the Sun rises is the origin. We should always look to the Sun and the origin. Not the sunset. We must become like a perfect Son of Jesus Christ with that kind of heart and connection to the origin.

Whatever I offer to God will not be the real fruit. That will disappear in one generation.

Who was Lucifer in history. Although human beings know so many things, the philosophy and things that man knows will not be the center. What will be the center Is God's philosophy centering on the family and the teaching of God's historic tradition. We don't understand this many times. Although I know exactly what is going on at this time, I can't speak always as to what I know.

Now is the time of the Peace Kingdom, yet True Parents cannot even breathe at this moment. If you don't understand this then you cannot connect and be inheritors of this heart and tradition. When I look at all of you I feel very concerned about this. Can the American members go beyond their family and their individual concerns. So many came to our church and left but why? Because they came out of their own individual desire and not for the sake of heaven. Although they have such a relationship to each other the tribes will be lost. When you came to our church you worked so hard, you didn't mind about eating and sleeping. Although Father comes here you may not be moved in your heart unless you truly are here for God. Some of you are here 30 or 40 years, did you make any conditions for 3 or 4 years to change the direction of the history of your family.

Father visited Las Vegas and checked out the helicopters. Father met with representatives of Sikorsky Helicopter. Father guided them. You must become better than the CEO's of these companies. You know the principle and the way of heaven.

We are now at a time when we can connect our heart and spirit to the pure creation. The first Israel and Second Israel was discussed 50 years ago and what providence would come. Now this history will be completed. Jesus will be united with the Second Coming. This is not about Rev. Moon - it is about God. If you don't understand you will just be a bystander in history. When you fully understand and stand before history you and proclaim the Messiah then you can be entitled to Kingship. Not one time in my life did I pray, "I'm the Messiah". I only served and followed God. Are you ready to go through all the difficulties and even go through the Passion of Christ. To become saints you must inherit the tradition of the true filial son. What is the real direction of history.

You must pray and make devotion. The main stream must be the center. Rev. Kwak do you understand. I'm Jehovah God said - and Rev. Moon is my True Son. Therefore I must live according to this way in history. Bishop Stallings don't be happy that you have a baby, you must become proud of returning this country back to God. The reality of the spirit world, no one likes. Everyday we should recite the speech from the spirit world and accept this as a reality. American people - we must read the spiritual message and understand this kind of way before God. Therefore don't make any noise to receive any compliment before God and True Parents. When you report you must be very humble before God. Father is explaining the meaning of the 19th, 20th and 21st. This is the foundation to relate with the heart of God. You must understand spiritual world very clearly. You must understand heavens way. You must read the spiritual messages over and over. Then you must bring forward these kind of spiritual dimensions. Our motivation and heart must be united and be the same at this time to go over this time in history. The question is where is the central root. The central root is the Messianic Philosophy and thought of True Parents.

All of the trees will become True Olive Trees. All Olive trees must become True Olive Tree by engrafting to that True Olive Tree and the central root. Tong Ban Kyok Pa is not a problem at all. We can engraft that olive tree in this way. Tong Ban Kyok Pa will not be difficult. The seed at the root must become the center of all trees. Now the Unification Church marriage doesn't compare with the marriages of the world. We must go through the rebirth, resurrection and the eternal life ceremony to restore our families back into the right condition. The gay marriage doesn't exist in the heavenly way. That lifestyle doesn't exist in the animal world. Take down the barriers of the banners of religion, nationality and race. Take down the barriers of the Kingdom of Heaven. The body must be brought under the will of heaven. The living offering is the condition through which the body can become pure.

This must be the foundation of all aspects. The foundation of the nation must be linked to the root centered on God. Strongly you must be pounding the body while you are reading that speech of God's word. Otherwise you will not become a true seed and bear true fruit. You must become a true seed and bear true fruit. The spiritual messages must be understood. I may have a test concerning these messages. We must go forward to understand that everything came from God. Everything is linked in God. Everything is founded in God.

The National Headquarters must be a place where the five colors dwell. We must go back to the origin where living things are founded. You must understand the spiritual world.

Rev. Kwak's Report:

The proclamation of God's Day was most significant. God's Fatherland and the Peace Kingdom. This is the first time in history that the Peace Kingdom could be proclaimed. This meant that from God's Day on all creation and humanity exist in a completely different realm of history. We must now change so that all humanity can relate with God as the King. All the standards from the past must be transformed to the standard of the Peace Kingdom. When you go this way all the spiritual world will support you and all the forces of history will give you power and authority. Now, because of the conditions that have been completed by True Parents, God has absolute authority. When we properly align with God we will gain the authority and power of God and True Parents.

February 8th True Parents announced that today is the new beginning of history. Now we are to receive the Chun Ju, Chun Ji, Chun Ji In - the Parents of Heaven, Earth and all Humankind. The Parentship of True Parents was extended on to all humanity. This was a new foundation created through the victory of God's Day and the subsequent victories of True Parents in February. On March 8th Father proclaimed the celebration of inheritance for all three generations. Those who follow True Parents tradition and way will now quickly become very different from those who don't. Now upon this foundation God's Fatherland will descend from heaven onto the earth with great speed as the Blessed Families unite with and become one with True Parents.

Father's Hoon Dok Hae is getting very long each morning because he knows that many ...

Father came back to America because on February 4th the victorious foundation of Jesus Coronation occurred in America. Also this Coronation was achieved in Israel where incredible strife is continuing between the two brothers. Jerusalem was linked to this victory through the coronation of Jesus at the Jerusalem Heart to Heart Rally. On this foundation True Parents spirit is permeating Israel. This has set the condition to restore the reason for the divisions of the brothers in Israel and unify Christians, Muslims and Jews. No one thought or even imagined making such a historic proclamation before all humanity. This completed all that was to be fulfilled at Jesus time and restored the failures of the past. No religion or church or leaders of any body could come forward with this internal course. Then this victory was expanded and successfully completed through the February 4th event.

Father said that the event coming in Washington must be a coronation on a different level. One PR sister in Washington had a dream in which Father appeared and made it clear that the Coronation must be the center of this event or it will not succeed. Therefore I'm giving this direction to Dr. Yang and Rev. Jenkins that this event must fulfill directly the providence of God centering on the Coronation. This represents the Coronation of True Parents by the Second Israel. After Jesus time the center of history is Christianity. The purpose of Christianity is to receive the Second Coming of the Messiah and unify the world as God's Kingdom. Therefore the Second Israel must receive True Parents and substantially complete the process of the Coronation Ceremony through the Christian religious leaders and representatives of the American Government. Representatives of the Second Israel must lead the way. The first Israel must support this. Therefore all humanity must come together for this historic moment. This will be a turning point and a completion of history. When I returned to America, I encouraged the leaders that there must be a total outpouring of support for this event. Also leaders throughout all the world must send congratulations and support for this history.

During the time we were preparing for this event, True Parents sent me to China. This is a developing country and as they were developing there was an incredible spirit of everyone helping each other to progress. However, with the advancement of society there have been problems in which the spirit of helping one another has diminished. The situation is serious, there is a gap. In the cities people make $30 / month, however in the rural areas people make $3 / month. This gap has caused discontent. Therefore due to the imbalance many are coming from the rural areas to protest in the cities. If 160,000,000 come to protest like this it is a huge problem. There is also a need for further development of human rights and more balance for all humanity. The Chinese leaders realize this and that is why they called upon Father to give ideas concerning the balance and the way in which we can embrace all races and religions. When I introduced Father's foundation to them there were totally surprised. Also the IEF work that was done with Dr. Seuk has also impressed them and won their trust for True Parents. I met the highest officials of China. They recognized that Father's teaching was the highest teaching and one official said, "I must study this carefully by myself to understand.".

Their policies toward religious people must continue to change. However, the progress is totally significant. The difference between now and 1980 is totally significant. However, since they have been trained as communists once they fully understand and change the whole country will change very rapidly. Also, the younger generation of leaders is coming forward in China at this time and have understood even more quickly the way the nation must go.

Dr. Thomas Walsh went to Samoa on my behalf and conducted a most historic conference. The heads of state attended with Rev. Yong our Continental leader there. It was most significant and the IIPC Regional Council was established during this time.

Father has made the most significant activities to fight against aids. The most central effort of all is the Blessing movement. This is the most powerful solution to the breakdown of the family and the misuse of love.

Wango is also developing at this time. Through the association of Non Governmental Organizations. Mr. Taj Hammad went and conducted the Wango seminar in Uruguay. It was the gathering of 10 organizations. This occurred March 14- 16th and is focusing the people of conscience of the world to cooperate together to bring the peace Kingdom.

Father is making an alignment with God to make the spiritual world come together. It is the front line and to bring unity between the spiritual world and this earth. This is being done through the family and expanding through every foundation of humanity to bring the Peace Kingdom. The Family Party was established for this reason. This is a party that doesn't have political activity. This may be hard to understand but we must realize that Father's idea of the activity to bring Good Governance does not have the political activity like that of the world. It is based upon the education of morality and family ethics. With the proper establishment of the family the governance of the nation can be done correctly. There were 900 meetings conducted in the last year. Now Korea is in an upheaval politically. I went to China at the time of the first anniversary of the Family Party. 1400 dignitaries gathered for the anniversary. I was so happy to give an address there when I came back because all the Korean people are very tired of politics and don't believe in the politicians at all at this time. Even at this time we didn't nominate anyone for any office. People asked what is the Family Party for if it doesn't elect people. It is because the basis for governing a nation in the Peace Kingdom must be based on the development of the family that is in alignment with God's principles and ways. Upon the foundation of moral and God loving families the leadership of a nation will naturally emerge - with the blessing of God. The future of Korea hinges on the future of the Family. That is why the Family Party is gaining great attention at this time. Because it focuses on the fresh and fundamental concern of people - that is of the Family.

The Tong Ban Kyok Pa is the center of all activity. We must bring the breakthrough and the change of a society on the neighborhood and family level. This is where the lineage must be changed back to God's side. This is where the fall occurred in the family. Therefore the first order of business of the Tong Ban Kyok Pa is to bring the Cheon Il Guk Holy Wine. We must change the lineage and cut off from Satan's lineage. We must find a way for the Family Party to go. Now the President of the Country was impeached for the first time in Korean History. If the Supreme Court agrees it will make a huge change. 6 of the 9 must decide. The current President came out of a very liberal left leaning background. Now this movement is creating serious demonstrations in Korea. These elements are linked to the communist history. There is a battle going on in the schools and among the educators. Some are trying to rewrite Korean history and change the direction. There is serious activity to try to separate America and Korea. These radical elements are very aggressively trying to influence all the politicians in a negative direction. Liberal / left leaning people are driving the public opinion at this time. This is a very serious moment at this time. The conservatives can't speak out at this time. They have no popular voice. However, through the activity of Tong Ban Kyok Pa a conservative Family voice will speak out in every neighborhood and district of Korea. It will create a more conservative moral atmosphere that understands the importance of the association of Korea with America and other key countries. This is a great opportunity and a very serious moment for us.

One incredibly positive development is the Kingship that Father created for Jesus in Israel. We must understand how Father has changed the fortune for all of Christianity by reconciling with the Jews. Actually the development of the Family Party is really more centering on True Mother's mission. Women should develop the foundation in the Family and the Neighborhood for the True Family Values. Now Father is emphasizing this kind of leadership meeting. We will give them the city and the center of this seminar.


Judaism, Christianity and Muslim must make a conclusion on Capital Hill now. This is connected to Kingship.

Dr. Yang's report:

Centering on Rev. Kwak, we developed the Middle East Peace Initiative. The two conflict areas of the world are centering on Israel and Korea. Israel is the central vortex of the conflict between Judeo/Christianity and Islam. America has a key role to bring these brothers together. We must realize that religious conflict is far more serious than philosophical conflict. There is so much history of an "eye for an eye" between the religions in the Holy Land. All politicians in America are very concerned about this historic conflict. True Parents victorious foundation of the Coronation of Jesus in Israel has had a profound effect. The Middle East Peace Initiative has been broadcast throughout America in which meetings were conducted to educate American leaders concerning the victory in the Middle East and on February 4th. February 4th event brought 40 Senators and Congressmen to this historic coronation of Jesus. The Congressmen were moved. Around 10 key leaders from the Middle East were invited. The key congressmen could see how Father was affecting the Middle East and bringing reconciliation of Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

March 23rd will be another historic event. Today is the first anniversary of the war in Iraq. the root of this conflict is in the Middle East. Rev. Jenkins, Mr. Jim Flynn, Bishop Stallings and Rev. Edwards have been meeting the Congressmen directly and they are finding strong support for the effort we are making to bring peace in the Middle East. The White House has become aware of our work in the Middle East. The 23rd event is also hosting key people from Israel and Palestine. America can be a mediator in this history.

The February 4th event made a huge event on the heart of the leaders of America. Bishop Stallings is working to bring the Black Caucus. Also, during this time Bishop Stallings had a baby boy and Father named him Young Pal meaning glory and eight which is a new beginning. The Baby was almost born several times but somehow the baby was born only after True Parents arrived back in America. Somehow this is a good sign of the good fortune that is coming through the event of March 23rd.

Now a huge issue is going on in America centering on the Passion. Now the issue of who killed Jesus is being raised. This movie really focused on the issue of Kingship. They mocked him the most over this issue. That's why the Kingship that Father brought forward for Jesus in Israel and on February 4th in America was very profound. It hit the center of the historical condition.

We conducted the ceremony for the Coronation of Jesus in Jerusalem - the FBI warned us that there was a threat against us. We knew it had to do with the Coronation. When we were about to do the Coronation in America the Risin scare occurred closing the building we were to be in. This was an incredible moment in history. Always the forces of darkness tried to block God's will but heaven overcame. Bishop Stallings and Rev. Edwards are here as the vanguard of the ACLC leaders standing with True Parents.

The ACLC has developed a popular magazine. It is bringing forth a great spirit to guide America. The last issue focused on the Middle East. The next issue is going to focus on the gay marriage issue. We will challenge the gay marriage issue head on. ACLC and the religious leaders working with the IIPC can bring the unity of religious leaders to address the issues and problems of immorality and family breakdown. All the brothers and sisters and families are praying for the March 23rd event. This is the time for Father to bring the Crowning of True Parents. The Second Israel must be the foundation upon which this must occur.

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