Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2004

Sunday Service with True Parents in East Garden

Sun Myung Moon
March 21, 2004
Hoon Dok Hae
Sunday Service
East Garden

East Garden was charged with excitement as Blessed Central Families jammed the main room to get a chance to be with True Parents directly again. True Parents came stood before their chairs. Father prayed quietly and then they bowed before God. Then True Family members bowed and then all of us did Kyung Beh and Family Pledge.

Rev. Chung Hwan Kwak as the world representative of all Blessed Central Families offered the prayer together with Mrs. Kwak. As they prayed they faced each other before True Parents and held their hands according to the new tradition that True Parents have given us. (The man's right hand with the palm down holding his wife's left hand with the palm up. His left hand and her right hand joined in the same way.)

Rev. Kwak's prayer focused on the heart of God since the fall. How much gratitude we owe to Jesus and True Parents. He offered repentance on behalf of all humanity that we have not understood and then asked God's blessing for the Coronation on March 23rd and that the Second Israel will fulfill its responsibility. He prayed that this coming week will be claimed by Heaven.

Then Father spoke. Father and Mother both look fantastic. Father is strong and healthy. His coloring is excellent and his energy and strength is like that of many years ago. He is the Lion of Tribe of Judah!!

Revelation 5:5: And one of the elders saith unto me, Weep not: behold, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Root of David, hath prevailed to open the book, and to loose the seven seals thereof...

Father words:

All international blessed couples raise your hands please. Only one third. The majority of blessed couples should be international couples. Father has invited 50 leaders here from Korea and 50 from Japan for the Coronation. This is the time of great transition. Is there more night or more day. Actually in God's eyes there is always Day. Dr. Yang which percentage of the time is greater - the night or the day? Because its day in Korea when its night in America and vice versa we should have no concept about night and day. We can work all the time. When you give birth to a child you are giving birth to a precious child of the cosmos - it has the same value whether during the night or the day. We must go beyond the realm of the sun. There should be no boundaries and we must go beyond time and space. Do you think you are living only during the time when the Sun is up. We must go beyond the boundaries and be working for God at all times. Are you the son of God or another son. You must wake up and understand. With that realization we must be born again, otherwise you may end up in hell.

Although America has taken away Sadaam Hussein, why is America hated around the world? Because the people in Iraq are also the children of God and they feel that America doesn't really see it that way. The white people are dominant in America. Do they see all races as equally children of God?

There are different colors of bears - Black Bear, White Bear and Brown Bear. Are they different? - No. In the past white people were the champions in sports, however now Asians and Black people have become the champions. Therefore history is in transition.

History has created such huge boundaries. Who has killed the most - white, black, Asian. Hitler and the Communist empires stem from the white race. They have destroyed the most people.

I have suffered so much because the language barrier - especially English. Do the oriental people get along with white people. Many want to go to Harvard but what will they teach. Will they teach respect for all people.

Dark Forces tried to kick me out of America, but I overcame. Now a great transition is on. The Jewish and Christian people have been at odds but now the solution has come. Now the homosexuality is coming out. It is worse than an animal lifestyle. However we will solve it.

You must understand why I came back to America. Not because I missed America but because I must save America. If America listens to me it will prosper, if not it will decline. How about you Jewish people. I feel there is change coming now.

I returned to America to save this country and to give the final warning to America. This is the time that America must respond and change. I came here to save America by saving Christianity. You must understand. Do you think there is the realm of God on this earth. Or should we turn this world upside down. Many times you think you can simply do your own will and do things your own way. But you must follow your parents.

How much do you resemble Father. Just like one eye. Do you resemble the whole part of me or just part of me. How about the blood lineage. To be part of Cheon Il Guk you must understand Korean. You are the founding Father's of our church - you must know Korean. Someday if you don't know Korean you may not be able to come to East Garden. If you don't understand Korean, you can't fully understand my course. You must understand the language of the Fatherland. If you study hard everyday you will progress. All young people look for fun things and they don't want to study. They don't even know how to dominate all things. You must study Korean. On March 23rd should my speech be in Korean or English. Which language should I use? (Hangul!!). Can a bird speak two languages, how about a cat, dog, cow etc. Do you think that a Cow can speak two languages. People speak many languages and that divides us. We need just one language. Even God will use the one language that can express the heart and love most deeply. Korean is the easiest for God to express his heart. (It delineates the position of siblings).

Does anyone here oppose me. There must be one. You don't oppose me because you are pragmatic. You know Father is going the right direction. Everyone says they love me here. Yet without education we cannot distinguish who is the one with a True heart. You must do Hoon Dok to develop your character. Do you love Hoon Dok like you love your brother or parents? Blood is thicker than water. Blood is what makes us truly close.

(Won Ju began Hoon Dok Again)

Rev. Kwak, you are the person who can resolve the problems in America and the Middle East. You are also the person that can resolve the problem in China. You should be ashamed that you have to listen to me through translation.

Father asked Rev. Kwak to Report:

This is a most serious time in the history of America. We must understand that as Owners of Cheon Il Guk we have been given the authority by God and True Parents to pray in our own name. Therefore we have the incredible blessing of having the ability to report to God in prayer all the details of our situation. This will allow God to guide and direct the Blessed Central Family toward the fulfillment of their responsibilities.

The most fundamental responsibility that we share is to bring the change of Blood Lineage. With the establishment of the Fourth Israel we all made a new covenant with God by drinking the Cheon Il Guk Holy Wine. We have been commissioned by True Parents to bring the blessing and change of blood lineage to all humanity. Therefore we should always have holy wine with us at all times. We should give it out freely. In addition, we must freely distribute the Spiritual World messages to these couple. The three ceremonies of Rebirth, Resurrection and Eternal Life ceremony has now been given to all couples based on the Cheon Il Guk Blessing. These are the three stages that each person should go through. The Cheon Il Guk Blessing opens the way for us to receive our birth certificate (rebirth ceremony) - Blessed Couples registered their families with their fingerprints this way.

Think about how precious the Elder Son Nation is. You can inherit all the victory and foundation of True Parents. This is such a precious country. Father made a total revolution through the providence. If you go back to World War II. 7 Nations were enemies, Korea, Japan, America, England, France , Germany Italy. Through the providence Father has brought these former enemies into a working relationship for the Peace Kingdom.

In terms of China, there are 1.6 billion people there. Father has been working directly for 20 years to save China. The International Education Foundation created by Dr. Seuk has done an excellent job creating the foundation for Father's Providence. China has the Olympics coming in 2006 and yet there is so much criticism concerning human rights. They are very concerned. They are also discussing the way to open up the door to religious freedom and the freedom of speech. When this happens they are concerned that many foreign thoughts and ideas will come in and divide the nation. Therefore they are opening the door slowly. Religious freedom is strict. Churches can have services in approved places and only Chinese can give the sermons.

Why are they afraid of religion. Because with the religion many other material things and ways will come with it. Especially they are concerned that they will receive many secular things that destroy the people. Which country are they most wary of. America. They don't want the secular ways and music from America to come in the door. Father is not in the box of any religious ideology. This is hard for them to understand. Father came from the Christian foundation with the Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity however Father always said he would take down that sign. Father did and created the Family Federation for World Peace and Unification without any boundaries. This really moved the Chinese leaders - Father is out of the box. Father took down the banner of the Unification Church and eliminated Boundaries. If you think about this its amazing. Father did such an unusual thing in taking down the banner of our church and yet it becomes the living example of Father's teaching and could move the hearts of the Chinese leaders.

They are only allowed to have one child per family. This is making a problem in that each child doesn't grow up with brothers and sisters and cannot develop their hearts.

Rev. Kwak asked to meet the top leaders. Rev. Kwak said, " I didn't come here to ask for help but to help you to save China." In a sense the Chinese do not have a lot of baggage about their religious teachings. Younger leaders have taken the central positions of power. China is changing and coming close to Father.


The next important providential country will be India. I have worked so hard to support and develop America to save America and Christianity. Although I was persecuted in this country I gave everything here. But if China responds more things could completely change.

This is the time for fall and the harvest. America has a great problem of individualism. Do you think I will stay here in America. I must now guide the whole world. In Asia, the population is 3.7 Billion. They wonder why I continue to work for America.

America must fulfill its responsibility by the 8th year of Cheon Il Guk or America will be lost. This is God's Warning to you.

Rev. Kwak:

We must inherit through Hoon Dok Hae all the cosmic content of Father's words. The Kingship is given to us on March 8th this year. For Father the Proclamation of Kingship is the completion, however for us it's the beginning. We must walk according to Father's way of life and way of heart to fulfill our responsibility before heaven. We must become one body, one mindset and one heart with True Parents. This is easier said than done. This is what you should do.

This is such a crucial moment for America, many in the Middle East hate America. Therefore we must rise up to guide America to bring the blessings of God to the world. America must turn to True Parents to gain the love of God to heal this division in the world. Only through True Parents can America rise to become truly number one.

Father: The equalization of the whole world must occur. America must go down and be humble to solve the problems. Iraq, Syria and the Middle East could be solved by Father's guidance. If the CIA is listening they will understand and bring this message to the President. I don't lie. I have the solution to bring reconciliation between Muslims, Christians and Jews. This will heal the problem between America and the Middle East and the Muslim world.

If America cannot fully unite with Father - he may have to go to China. China doesn't need Christianity. Why do I concern myself with Christianity? Not because I need Christianity but because God's heart is to save Christianity.

Rev. Kwak's Prayer:

Dearest Heavenly Father and Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humanity.

Your heart has been conveyed to us. We are deeply grateful to you. So many unspeakable hardships and pains are in your mind. True Parents are working so incredibly hard to walk this way. So this morning, how can we pay back the debt we owe to you. Although this is not enough however, we repent to you. We must determine to go the way of heaven from this point for the rest of our lives. You have given us all the blessings and True Love. You are the source of True Love and we must be the people who can deliver your True Love to all humanity and especially to the top leaders. We must be the people that can bring all humanity back to you. All the world must be equalized by True Parents and God. There is no way to make this world safe and moral without True Parents and True Love. Now even the fallen history is revealing same sex marriage which is totally against your ideal of creation. All brothers and sisters of America must wake up the people of America. The Members of America must carry this burden and responsibility to go according to the will of heave. With your love we pray that March 23rd will be a great success and offering to you.

In the name of Rev. Kwak.



Dr. Yang - please ask Hyung Jin Nim to read Father's speech. for March 23rd. (Hyung Jin Nim came and read)

Rev. Dr. Sun Myung Moon "Declaring the Era of the Peace Kingdom" Address to the United States Congress
March 23, 2004
The United States Capitol, Washington, DC

Respected members of the United States Senate and House of Representatives, religious leaders from around the world, distinguished guests:

I would like to express my sincere gratitude for your presence here this evening in such a large number, in spite of your busy schedules.

Ladies and gentlemen,

The starting point to unravel the problems humanity faces today is the certain knowledge of God, the Father of all creation and, on that foundation, the building of true families that live in attendance to God. This calls us to establish and attend God in our families, not as a concept but as the substantial Parent of us all. To do this, we first must clarify the relationship between God and humanity. God is the original entity of true love, true life and true lineage, and He is the True Parent of all people.

If human beings had not fallen, we would have reached perfection in God's true love as His true children and lived in attendance to Him as our Parent. God's plan was for perfected human beings to bond as true husbands and wives, bear and raise true children so that they would live in a Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, and then live together eternally in the heavenly world as families in the Kingdom of Heaven. Think about it for a moment. If your father went to hell and only your mother went to Heaven, what kind of Heaven would that be? If your parents were to go to hell and only you children went to Heaven, how could that be called Heaven? The Kingdom of Heaven is where the whole family lives together in an eternal peace kingdom. On earth as well, God will reside where a whole family has established a kingdom of heaven. In such a family, the world of God's original ideal, the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, takes root. How, then, are we to bring about this family heaven on earth? First, each member of the family needs to complete his or her individual character. Each person has to shed the fallen nature that has passed from the fall down through the generations, and achieve the perfection of his or her character. In other words, each person must be victorious in the struggle between mind and body. Then the world of harmony will bear fruit in each individual's perfected character, a state of one heart, one mind and one thought. Fallen nature, which causes jealousy, envy, greed, hatred and all other evils, will never again take root in the person who has achieved this state.

Shedding the fallen nature is not easy. The reality of fallen human beings is that we vacillate even when trying to break habits formed over the relatively short span of a few years or decades, like smoking or drinking alcohol. We cannot expect, then, that it will be easy to cast off fallen nature, which we inherit through lineages going back thousands, even tens of thousands of years.

It is impossible by human effort alone. We need to stand on the foundation of absolute faith, establish God as our vertical axis, and struggle our entire life. Even then, it is a difficult fight. We cannot even think we will gain victory unless we enter a state of absolute love for God, loving Him even more than we love our own parents and children, and attending Him as our True Parent. We cannot hope to win this fight without a foundation of absolute obedience to God, following Him even at the cost of laying down our life.

Herein lies the reason that religions place fasting, sexual abstinence, sacrifice and penance in the uppermost position. We must be born again, recast as new persons in whom Heaven can reside and with whom the spirit world can cooperate. We cannot betray an iota of shame even if our entire life and being is exposed before all God's creation. Our character should be like a "high noon settlement," on the straight vertical line of God's grace without the slightest shadow, so that Satan will flee from our presence for eternity.

Second, individuals who achieve such completion of character come together to form true families, and the members of these families work together to establish what I call the "four great realms of heart." Such families resemble, in form, an individual who has accomplished the complete oneness of mind and body. I have said that the Kingdom of Heaven is a place we enter family by family. Not every family, however, is qualified to enter Heaven automatically. You need a foundation to be a true family and to complete the four great realms of heart. A true family that can enter the Kingdom of Heaven is composed of true individuals who have completed the four great realms of heart in themselves and who are of a lineage centering on God.

What do I mean, then, by the "four great realms of heart"? I refer to the perfection of the heart of parents, the heart between a husband and wife, the heart of children, and the heart of siblings. This is found in a true family bound by God's original true love, true life and true lineage through a chaste three-generational lineage of grandparents, parents, and (grand) children. Here, the love between parents and children establishes the vertical relationship between upper and lower; the love between the husband and wife establishes the horizontal relationship that brings left and right into definitive oneness, and the love between siblings establishes the relationship between front and back. In this way, God's ideal of creation is no longer a mere concept or dream. It is perfected in reality through the completion of the four great realms of heart centered on true lineages, family by family.

The realm of parental heart is acquired naturally as parents go through the process of bearing children and then raising and educating them with true love. In other words, it is the heart that enables the parents to own true love with respect to the children. Without children, no one can own love as a parent.

Next, the realm of conjugal heart is the love relationship that extends true lineage. In this, husband and wife each are grateful for the other having established them as an owner of love, and each learns true love through giving and receiving with the other. They enjoy learning of true love when the husband lives for the sake of his wife, even if it means sacrificing his own life, and the wife attends her husband with the heart of attending God. The perfection of the husband-wife relationship is possible only on this basis.

The moment a bride and groom share love on their wedding night with God's blessing, they inherit the palace of true love, the palace of true life, and the palace of true lineage. The wife, through her husband, receives God's ideal son, who is also Heaven's older brother, Heaven's husband, and Heaven's parent. The husband stands in the corresponding position in receiving his wife. When the realm of conjugal heart is perfected, the relationship between the husband and wife also becomes absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal, because God is absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal. So the term "divorce" cannot even exist. Theirs will be a life of happiness, filled only with the blossoms of mutual respect and love.

Next, how can we describe the heart of children, and how is it obtained? The parents are the center, in God's position in the family, and it is impossible for a child to be born without parents. For these reasons, the relationship between parent and child is established not by human morality but by a heavenly morality. Thus the parent-child relationship is a vertical relationship, not horizontal. It is not a relationship of destiny, which means that human effort can change it, but it is a relationship of absolute and eternal fate.

Children experience and learn the heart of true love as they attend their parents in daily life, placing their parents in a position higher than themselves. Through a natural process, they come to understand that the love, life and lineage that they inherit from their parents originate in God. Children who watch and learn from their parents in this way will grow up to become husbands and wives who have no fallen nature, and ultimately they will obtain the position of true parents themselves. The spherical motion of the family unit that continually repeats the three-generational pattern in this way is the basic model for building the Kingdom of Heaven.

Lastly, the realm of the heart of siblings arises through brothers and sisters who live as a family in attendance to the same true parents. I said earlier that the heart between brothers and sisters establishes the relationship between front and back. True parents are a husband and wife living in truth, and children who attend such parents will naturally learn the discipline of heavenly morality and ethics among siblings.

It will be a beautiful sight, where a younger brother attends and reveres his older brother as he would his father, and the older brother looks after his younger brother with a loving heart. The older brother represents "front" and the younger brother represents "back." The older brother represents the father, while the younger brother represents the mother. The perfection of the realm of heart between siblings is the foundation for all people to live for the sake of others through love and service.

Respected guests, as the number of "true peace family kingdoms" perfecting the four great realms of heart increases, "true peace tribe kingdoms," "true peace nation kingdoms," and ultimately the "true peace world kingdom" will appear. In this way this will become the original world of God's ideal, the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth, the eternal Kingdom of Peace on Earth. I am declaring this here today. Humanity has lived without the certain knowledge that establishing true families is the most serious, foundational commandment of Heaven.

A new era has arrived today. The number of people around the world who have received my teaching and are standing resolutely for the sake of building the Kingdom of Peace is growing by leaps and bounds. Heaven and earth are shaking with the cries of bright young people who are determined to build true families even if they must offer their lives in order to protect their purity. Already, we find hundreds of millions of blessed families around the world. These families are shoring up a world in which ethics and morality are rapidly deteriorating.

That is not all. The spirit world is one step ahead of us in breaking open the age of the peace kingdom. Starting with the five great saints, more than 120 billion blessed families are working day and night to cooperate with us on earth and prepare for the day that is to come. According to the Principle of Creation, God's ideal world should be completed first on earth. Although people today are descendants of the fall, God's unending love and the spirit world's cooperation now allow us to understand the nature of the heavenly kingdom. Please recognize that it is time to accomplish a true love revolution of overwhelming proportions, taking as our example the miraculous accomplishments of the spirit world.

The time has come for you as well to open your hearts and receive the secrets that Heaven is disclosing in this age through me. In one sense, I am a human being living with a physical body like each of you. But in the context of Heaven's providence, I am God's ambassador, sent to earth with His full authority. I am sent to accomplish His command to save the world's six billion people, restoring them to Heaven with the original goodness in which they were created.

The five great saints and many other leaders in the spirit world, including even Communist leaders such as Marx and Lenin, who committed all manner of barbarity and murders on earth, and dictators such as Hitler and Stalin, have found strength in my teachings, mended their ways and been reborn as new persons. Emperors, kings and presidents who enjoyed opulence and power on earth, and even journalists who had worldwide fame, have now placed themselves at the forefront of the column of the true love revolution. Together they have sent to earth a resolution expressing their determination in the light of my teaching of the true family ideal. They have declared to all Heaven and Earth that Reverend Sun Myung Moon is none other than humanity's Savior, Messiah, Returning Lord and True Parent. This resolution has been announced on every corner of the globe.

Respected guests, it is now only a matter of time. Look at the world. Do you see anything that gives you real hope for the future? Sooner or later, we have to give what we have to our descendants and leave this world. What gift could be more precious than that of completing the family ideal in your family, so as to guarantee eternal peace and happiness for your children? Surely no one who has such an opportunity should hesitate to take up the task of building the peace kingdom on earth, for which God has waited thousands of years.

I have reached the advanced age of eighty-five, by the Korean way of counting. But I will continue to work harder than anyone else until the day the Earth overflows with God's true families, guns in the Middle East fall silent and give way to fireworks of peace and joy, and shouts of mansei [eternal victory] celebrating the unification of my homeland Korea echo across the Pacific to be heard in America. I hope that you leaders representing the world's six billion people in this ceremony will join hands with me. I call you to take the lead in building what is God's original ideal and the desire of all humanity, the peace kingdom on the Earth.

Thank you.

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