Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2004

Hoon Dok Hae with True Parents

Sun Myung Moon
March 24, 2004
Sheraton National Hotel
Arlington, Virginia
Translator: Rev. Hong
Notes by Libby Henkin and Debra Gertz merged by consensus

Reading from the Heavenly Bible:

The only way to comfort the Heart of God is to love the enemy: God has such a pure love. God loves the one who broke His heart. Such a miserable situation. He lost His children to Satan. They kicked Him out.

Now we cannot claim God. We have no connection. We are not His children. We cannot ask, "Why don't You help me?" God cannot do anything toward us without Satan's accusation. That's why God has a broken heart.

God is never tired or exhausted, because of True Love.

How do we liberate the heart of God? God is not even a loving God, because He lost all of His children. He is not allowed to love them. Korean people understand, because of their course, so they should take responsibility to liberate the heart of God.

Only one who knows the heart of God can stop the quarreling between God and Satan.

God cannot attack Satan. He must surrender, while giving guidance. How to restore the heart of God? Why is God powerless? God has no foundation. I want to restore God's authority.

Religious life teaches us how to set conditions, so God can intervene in human life.

God prepared for 10,000 years for Adam and Eve. Satan destroyed them in one moment. But God tried to forgive and embrace Satan. Satan accused God that He had to love him and cannot disobey His Principle.

Understand the identity of Satan and his behavior. Then we can judge Satan. We need people who understand this Principle and these relationships. God is an absolute God. He knows how to bring back and restore the true human to the proper position. Know how to control Satan.

We must liberate God. Day and night we must develop these ideas. Then God will begin to love you. Then we can love our children.

The Completed Testament Age is to liberate God. Rev. Moon wants to save human beings to liberate God. God's pain and suffering is because He lost His children. Think only about how to liberate God. I never prayed "God, please help me." I forgave everyone.

We must go this course. Otherwise it's a long way to connect.

I know the miserable situation, but I know how to liberate God's heart.


True Father:

Father says goodbye to America.

Think about how to set up the ideal family. True Father never forgets the heart of God.

We need time now to repent. The last several decades we have not done enough to support God and True Parents.

Now is the age of the liberation of women. Women must stand up on the front line.

Mr. Joo, Points of Light. Set up 3000 Ė 6000 Points of Light. China is becoming important. Connect South and North Korea. Connect 56 nations. America should connect. Father has been praying to restore China, even though it is an enemy country, for the last couple of decades.

Father is 85. 1992 -- 12 years Cheon Il Guk. How to embrace Cain country. American and China should not quarrel. America! Think about it. Are you united in mind and body? If not, you cannot go to Kingdom of Heaven. This is a serious battle. How to build this unity. How to guide your body. If you don't have the power, you can't call God and True Parents.

Your body knows what level is good. Your first love relationship should be with God. If your mind and body quarrel, there is no place for God to go. Unite your mind and body. Then embrace your family. These are very serious words. Avoid the handsome man beautiful woman naked situation (Father referred to developing the power to overcome this in his own life). You must develop an independent mind and become loyal.

America isn't the ideal standard. The true standard is God and True Parents.

If you have True Love, husband and wife do not quarrel.

True Father spent 34 years here in America to guide this country in the right way. Yesterday was the turning point. Now I'm going back to Korea.

1. Unite mind and body.
2. Follow heavenly tradition.
3. It's time for women to stand on the front line. It is the age of woman's action.

Jesus: right thief, left thief. Left is criminal.

The reality is, if America doesn't follow heavenly ideals, it will perish. Homo marriage abuses blood lineage. Step-parents enjoy each other but no lineage, cannot give True Love. America will perish.

Proudly show heavenly tradition. First, achieve mind-body unity. If not, there will be no development.

It is time for woman to stand on the front line. The Mother connects to all humankind. It is time for women to become active. Restoration through indemnity. 3 revolutions.

There is no, "your nation, my nation." Time for all to be one nation. All four saints are from Asia.

Thirty years ago, Christianity agreed with Father how to save the world. Now it's right I received the crown.

(To a brother) Why are you overweight? Control it. Give (your food) money to Africa to help their starvation. I dress simply. Buy food for starving Africans with the money from selling a tie. America abuses material. Lots of toilet paper and big towels. A sister uses a towel as big as a sheet. Two thirds of your money should be for the public. 1/3 donation, 1/3 public use, 1/3 for you.

Who discovered America? American white people must understand. How to digest China? They hide their daughters, so the population count they give is less than actual. Two thirds of the world is Asian.

I want to see if you do HDH consistently, diligently and understand. Today is a new start. It's time to share and live for others.

American woman has the responsibility to represent True Mother. True Mother is the Queen, and we are in the younger sister position to True Mother, as Rachel and Leah.

America should unite three religions, three babies in the womb. Give all your pocket money to serve others and feel ashamed that you couldn't do more. Serve youngers. Live for others.

Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan are Muslim countries. Women stand up and protect these countries. American women should work harder than Korean women or they can't bring the victory. This is American woman's responsibility.

True Mother worked hard for Korea and then came to America. True Mother's position is to give birth to all simultaneously. This is the way to save the US. Don't follow your husband (he said this a few times). He is in the Archangel position. Follow me. You are princesses, queen. Husband is Archangel and servant position to the wife. Husbands say "yes!"

You should have rebirth into one blessed lineage. Eternal peace will happen only by exchange marriage, intermarriage with enemy nations and peoples and religions. Sisters set the heavenly position tradition in the family. Otherwise there will be tragedy again.

I trust you. The man is a thief -- no value. The archangel stole material, love and power. He is a playboy. All of man's world is against Rev. Moon. Man is thief of grandmother, wife and daughter.

American woman stands in the position of mother. Live a humble life, and with your leftover money serve others.

Women political leaders will come now. American sisters are in True Mother's position. Totally unite mind and body. Donít trust your husband, man. Maybe they are not happy, but they destroyed this world.

Many American women divorce three times and become rich. But go the true way. Bring true family unity of Cain and Abel.

Father wants now to mobilize sisters and uplift you all. Can you follow Father's direction until 2012? Two thirds of Congress will become women.

Woman lost everything. Man took it. So usually the woman holds the bank account. Women should hold the money and go to meet the Messiah, and experience God's love. Give symbolic birth to husband for him to become True Man.

This is the conclusion.

Man should support wife. Woman set up heavenly tradition as queen. Amen -- sisters. Amen -- brothers.

Sisters follow Father. Your husband desires to dominate. Donít trust him. Wife is now in the Mother position to husband.

Brothers don't need love relationship now. Without God's fatherland, how can we do that relationship? Father allowed us to live together to have children and family in order to show the ideal. Now stop that relationship until God's Fatherland and we are citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven. Women, kick your husband out if he comes to your room. This is the Divine Principle viewpoint.

Live for God's Fatherland. From now on, you have no husband.

(To brothers) The husband is servant to the wife. Fulfill your own responsibility. Wife is the mother. All the community will respect your wife then. You cannot go to your wife's room. Then you can say when you look back, "We did that at one time."

By 2012 restore this country. Unite three races, like three bears, white, brown, black, three Israels. Woman facilitates exchange marriage. You will have much more qualified descendents.

Tomorrow I'm going back to NY for a helicopter deal. Welcome Rev. Kwak as president of UPI in your heart.

Read the Hoon Dok Hae book. I have no more to teach. It's your responsibility.

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