Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2004

More Notes From HDH On March 24th

Sun Myung Moon
March 24, 2004
Sheraton National Hotel
Washington D.C.
Notes by Mary Anglin

Dear Family,

Rev. Anglins notes are more clear than mine were for some key points concerning the role of women at this time. We will have this historic message transcribed from Korean. Now Father wants the women to lead the way to bring peace.

Father asked us Sunday to send 40 American Women to Israel with 40 Japanese and 40 Americans.


Father never forgets the heart of God. How do we set up the ideal family? Father explored the most difficult course.

We haven't done enough to support God and True Parents. We must repent.

Now is the time of the liberation of women. From now on Father wants to set up a group similar to the Points of Light, with 3,000 to 6,000 points.

Father already is connected to 56 nations. Father prayed for China for 30 years. We're working now in China. America must be connected to China. Through American women we must connect. Now I'm 85 years old. Father must embrace the whole world. How can True Adam's position be established on Earth? America and China cannot quarrel. Both should unite centered on True Parents.

Are your mind and body united? Father always searches how to bring unity. You can't call God "Father" without mind / body unity. If your mind and body fight, God has no place to stay. If you overcome this mind / body struggle then you can embrace and win over your family, tribe and on up to the nation. These are very serious words. Handsome man and woman become acquainted and want a relationship; you must avoid it if that is not your mate. You must have that kind of mind / body discipline. When Father was in prison even at the point of life and death, I never lost to my body. To liberate God you must have mind / body unity.

Become a royal family, a citizen of Cheon Il Guk. Now is the time we can offer the whole world to God. True Parents are now on Earth so it is the best time to recognize True Parents. The spirit world: former U.S. presidents, Japanese and Korean Rulers have recognized Father from the spiritual world. Spirit World knows; why are you hesitating? The True Standard is God and True Parents. God and True Parents want a true revolution. Who will liberate those in paradise? The number one point is the blood lineage. The blessed couple must have the standard of filial piety. Husband and wife must totally unite. Then the children unite with the parents. Together they unite to lead the tribe. Restoration of individual, family, tribe and nation. Then God can freely come. In true love there are no quarrels. You represent True Parents and Jesus. Wherever you go, you can bring true liberation.

America has received such total blessing from God. Why? It took me 34 years to set up this foundation. The crowning last night was the turning point. The descendents of Israel have continuously suffered. We must liberate the resentment of Jesus. Father spent his golden time in America. Look at reality. America doesn't follow the right way. 36 states allow gay marriage. What does it mean? This is abuse of the blood lineage. Total Satanic position. American brothers and sisters, do you have the right concept? No stepfather, no stepmother existed in God's ideal. With no children there is no lineage. You will perish. It's time for Unification Church to take action in America.

First, unite your mind and body; your husband and wife. Proudly show the Heavenly tradition. The quarreling mind and body has no way to restore a nation.

It is time for woman to stand on the frontline. God is invisible. Mother is the visible aspect of God. Woman is to embrace humankind. Woman is the visible God. God declared his day. Peace kingdom, God's fatherland. Attend parents. I proclaimed at the beginning of the year revolution of indemnity, revolution of conscience, and revolution of shimjung.

Be totally clear. How to save your nation. There are 192 nations. These should make one nation. Rich nations should support poor nations. God will judge nations who abused their blessings.

Israel should have brought all the Middle Eastern world under Jesus in his day. Islam is the Barabbas religion. Conflict of materialism. Look at the ocean, observe the food chain. The whales eat the smaller fish. The food chain exemplifies living for the sake of others. This is the way to connect to God's love.

Communism denies Principle. Father gave the right idea. Mind and body unity.

Be strong and take care of this nation. Father is concerned with the Middle East. We should serve now. How to bring eternal peace? Father gave Christianity the truth. America would be totally different now if this truth was accepted 34 years ago. The world would be one by now. You have responsibility to save America. Control your weight! Some are too big. Think of those starving in Africa. We should even think about the necktie - we don't need it. That money to buy those ties could be spent on others.

The Unification Church is colorful. White people wake up. Polar bears, Vikings. England has a pirate museum, but this history is nothing to be proud of.

Who discovered the American continent? Was it really a Caucasian? It wasn't Columbus. The white race is only 1/3 of the world population. China has 1.6 billion. China hides daughters to be able to have sons.

Father accomplished everything. Father offered the Heavenly Bible. This is the Holy Book. No one can challenge it. Do Hoon Dok Hae with this Holy Bible. If you do HDH consistently, diligently, you will always know the answer to any question that comes up in your life.

Today is a new day. From now on all women are Mother. Stand up to embrace the family. American women you represent True Mother. She is queen; you are younger sister to Queen. Like Rachel and Leah. You are the True Elder sister. You are True Mother. True Leah. You can hold God. God loves Christians, Jews and Muslims. Father knows Christianity's mistake and has restored all. Father went the 40 years wilderness course because Christianity came against him in the beginning of his ministry. America is still too secular. Carry your position as Mother. Think how to support others. Give even all pocket money to others. How do we treat each other? Share with the younger brother. Set up the ideal family. It's time to live for others. Have a big heart. Totally fulfill as the 2nd Israel. Father did all kind of conditions; now is the time for you to act.

Some countries are so miserable for women. Think of Iraq and Iran and many Muslim countries. This is the time for women to stand up! All women should work harder than Korean women. Korean women have worked so hard throughout history.

American women, take responsibility. You are in the position of True Mother; give re-birth. Don't follow men. They have the archangel quality. You are princesses and queens.

How to set up eternal peace in America? Exchange marriage. Teach the Muslims, Jews and Christians to inter-marry. Sisters, set and teach the new heavenly tradition. I trust you! The men are like thieves. Only you can save this nation. Men stole love and material. They are the fruit of the archangel. American women, now is the time to stand as mother. Give triple birth (restore Jews, Muslims, Christians). Live a humble life and use your money to serve. From now on many American women will be politicians. Sisters, you have the victorious position of Mother. Unite your mind and body. Don't trust men. They're not happy for you now. Build true tradition and ideas. Stand up and act, American women.

Men, I need your response. Wake up. From now on, how to mobilize sisters.

Vertically liberate women. Can you follow Father until 2012? By then, 2/3 of congress will be women. Women should control the bank account. That's best. Don't give your bank account to your husband. Restore. Go to meet the Messiah.

Receive God's love, life and lineage. Women, you receive True Tradition from the Messiah and give it to your husbands. Women say 'amen'. Men, you support this! Women should be properly built up. Set up the queen tradition. Women must be set up. Don't trust men. Follow Father. Your husband is your son. You are blessed couples. Citizens of the kingdom. One day we set the foundation. Guide your husbands. You must meet Father first. Now you're not in the daughter position any more. You are Mother.

Brothers, this is the time to make God's fatherland. The blessed central family is better than any other family in the world. Originally we shouldn't love without making the fatherland. Until you are a citizen of Cheon Il Guk you shouldn't make love. Do you have that heart - building the fatherland is more crucial than loving your spouse? Dedicate, unite Cain & Abel. Live for God's fatherland. Mobilize American women. The husband is the servant to the wife. Men, you should obey your wife. Father needs no more meetings. Just woman going.

Simple conclusion. If you serve society, all communities will respect your wife.

Be abstinent into the Fatherland. Until 2012. There should be no division.

Fifty years ago I prayed for the Muslim/ Jewish unity. Sisters are Mother. All Korean sisters should be Congresswomen.

I conclude now and will go to New York. Rev. Kwak became the new UPI President. Read the new Holy Bible. Every answer is there. Have reading competitions.

I don't need to teach anymore. It's your responsibility now.

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