Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2004

Upon the Victory of the Crown of Peace Ceremony

Sun Myung Moon
March 24, 2004
Hoon Dok Hae
Notes by Michael Jenkins

TRUE FATHER'S HOON DOK MESSAGE IS HERE. Father proclaimed the great historic victory and turning point. However Father also was urgent. We cannot lose even one moment because of the danger that faces the world. As Absolute Goodness rises, the forces of darkness make their most desperate attack world wide to delay God's Kingdom. We must sacrifice ourselves totally to bring peace in the Middle East and secure the Fatherland.

True Parents
Hoon Dok Hae
March 24, 2004

About 400 AFC, FFWPU and International leaders and Washington Area members gathered on the 16th floor of the Sheraton National Hotel. True Parents entered to warm heartfelt applause.


This morning you have gathered here and listened to Father's words. Father will never forget the heart of God. When Father goes to the spirit world his lifestyle will not change. He will live this heavenly Bible. Father explored this whole aspect of value. Last several decades we are not enough to support God and True Parents. Now is the time of the age of the liberation of women.

Mr. J. from now on Father wants to work with the points of light throughout America.

Father for the last thirty years I prayed to restore China. Father invested all for America, China and Russia, praying for them to be saved.

Father, since 1992, Complete Testament Age began and with Cheon Il Guk it is 12 years. The focus has been the restoration of Cain and Abel. The way the nations are going is wrong. Struggling over materialism. The key battle is that of the mind and body. America people are your minds and bodies united as one centering on the will of God. Your first love relationship should be with God. Whatever your difficult situation is you must overcome on the individual, family, tribe and national levels. You can embrace the next level upon the foundation of victory on the previous level. Being a handsome man or beautiful woman doesn't mean anything. Who is fighting between the mind and body. You must unify them immediately!! You understand these ideas of how to liberate God and become a child of filial piety.

You consider yourself to become a loyal family. Now is the time to make a determination. Not only one nation. Even the 36 American presidents in the Spirit World recognize who is Rev. Moon. All the Korean dynasties recognize who True Parents are. This is the time. The is the greatest opportunity when True Parents are here.

Why are you hesitating? We have nothing to fear! America doesn't have the right standard. It must be corrected. With that heart you can bring a true Revolution to the world. That's what God wants. Many people want to join True Parents.

What is the most essential element. Blood Lineage. True Parents wants to come to you, visit you and dwell with you. Your family must be one of filial piety. With that standard God can dwell with us. Then you bless your family and tribe. Then you can restore your tribe and become the leader to 12 tribes.

First the individual, then the family, then the tribe and then the nation. With that course you Yesterday the Crowning Ceremony was a great historical turning point. Now Father will go back to Korea.

Israel and Palestine must be healed. How will we solve that problem. America is the Second Israel. Father invested 34 years here. The golden age of his life. Look at America, homosexuality and lesbianism is a violation of God. Many states have said they will allow Gay marriage. This is a Satanic position. This is not the will of God.

American brothers and sisters do you have a concept of Blood lineage? Many have stepfathers and stepmothers, this is not the ideal of heaven. Many families are confused and divided.

What must we do. FIRST. Blessed couples must unite their mind and body and become one with God's ideal. First you must set up total unity of your mind and body. This is a totally clear principle. We have many things to do.

Now is the time for women to go to the front line. Invisible God is Father's position, visible God is the Mother's position. This is the age of Women. The Women must stand up and bring the movement of reconciliation and love. We must offer God's Fatherland.

We are going through three revolutions: Revolution of Indemnity, Revolution of Conscience and Revolution of Heart then you become Owners of Cheon Il Guk.

How to save your nation. 192 nations must become one.

We have no time to hesitate, we must move quickly or more human suffering will come. Look at the North South problem of wealth and poverty. The northern nations have abused the nations. America is ignoring spiritual principles. Christianity must rise up and embrace Islam and Judaism. Christianity and the Second Israel of America should lead the way to peace in the Middle East.

Jesus was on the cross and Barabbas was released. Do you understand that?

You must bring unity of the mind and body and change this nation of America. America is trying to control the whole world with power. It is trying to use military power.

Father is concerned about the Middle East - Palestine and Israel - It must be solved now or it will expand to much worse levels. Atomic bomb could be the result.

Why Christians persecuted Father. If Christianity accepted Father 30 years ago America would have been changed. America gave Father the crown as the King. However you must really be serious to desire to practice this. Otherwise the crown from America has no meaning for me.

From now on all Women must stand up.

God loves Christianity, Judaism and Islam. America must stand up to unite these three. Also I told you that the first Israel, Second Israel and the Third Israel must unite as one. Christianity rejected me and went against me. Father went through the 40 years wilderness course. Father went through the wilderness. Now he found Canaan. Yesterday the Senate and House together offered the Crown as Peace King to True Parents. America is this important country. America should have the heart to share everything it has with others. You must treat everyone like foreigners and beggars. Time to share, time to do living for others. You should have that big heart. America as the Second Israel must fulfill this big responsibility and then the third Israel of Korea will also rise.

What about Iraq, Iran and all other Muslim countries when people are suffering. Women must rise up and lead the way. Women from other countries should now work harder than the Korean women who worked so hard. Christianity, Muslims and Jews are like three different babes in the arms of the women. If you embrace these three America can be saved. Don't listen to your husband if he holds you back from God's will. The men are still like archangels. Christianity, Muslim and Jew must achieve one Blood lineage. Then exchange marriage must be achieved. I trust you and understand you. Man is like a playboy. Man is still like a thief because they take love and also the material. The man's world is basically against the way of Heaven. Three levels of thief in men, they steal love, material and power. Now many politicians will be women in America. This is good. The position of the age of True Mother and through the mother we can unite the mind and body as one. Don't trust the man. Who destroyed this world, man!! Man is an actor and a playboy. That leads to divorce, then step fathers and step mothers. Some women have divorced three times and become millionaires. From now the key question is how to mobilize sisters. That way we can liberate the world. Now we must understand the Messiah, Savior and King of Kings. The Women must receive the blessing of the Messiah. Then through the women you give rebirth to the men. God loves that way. All women, this is the time to stand up. Women. We must mobilize. Women say Amen. (Amen!!) Men say Amen. (Amen!!) The men want to dominate and win. But don't let them. You must follow Father directly. Somehow you must totally connect with God then no man can make problems around you. American women, you make yourselves the Queen of your house and make your husbands servants. But this is not right.

Now women you are in the position of the Mother, not sister. You don't need love relationship without God's Fatherland. How important is marriage. That's why Father blessed you in marriage for God's ideal but strictly speaking we should not have love without having God's nation.

All blessed couples you should sacrifice your love relations now.

You must achieve the Fatherland.

Women you must become the Mothers of the world now. Society and all communities should come to respect your wife. Then by blessing your tribe you can have your own coronation.

Before 2012 we must restore the Fatherland. Christianity centering on America must unite and lead the way by embracing all religions. Islam, Father prayed for 50 years for how we can bring the unity with the Muslims. First Israel, Second Israel and Third Israel must go this way. Father set the best standard and gave the blessing to the whole world. He also initiated exchange marriage between religions. That's why religion can most quickly be restored through exchange marriage.

I will conclude this morning meeting now. Mr. Joo we will look at helicopters. Rev. Kwak you are the owner of UPI and the Washington Times. Please stand up and say this.

Father had Dr. Yang lead three cheers of Mansei.

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