Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2004

HDH At East Garden

Sun Myung Moon
March 28, 2004
East Garden
Notes by Michael Jenkins
Translation by In Hoi Lee and Mrs. Standard

True Parents came and offered their Kyung Beh before God and all of Heaven. True Children came and bowed and then all the congregation bowed. Then Dr. Chang Shik Yang, Continental Director of FFWPU of North America offered the opening prayer. He offered gratitude to God and True Parents that True Parents could be crowned King of the Second Israel. Only upon the foundation of Cheon Il Guk and True Parents victorious history of indemnity could this occur.

Mrs. Won Ju McDevitt read from the Holy Scripture (New Compendium of Father's World bound in a large book similar in appearance to a very thick Bible). (The focus of the Hoon Dok Hae was on the blessed family and development of True Love. The owner of the sexual organ is one's spouse. Only through True Love and the Family can peace be achieved.


In this sense is there any love or True Family in America? (Father told Won Ju, "Continue".) Is there an America to go to heaven. You should understand clearly, can you go to the Kingdom of Heaven? Only when your mind and body are united you can easily go to the Kingdom of Heaven. That's why everything depends on you. You can harmonize on the right and the left that is the principled way. The 360 degrees should become one based on the center.

If you are self-centered then you don't want to give away to the people. Those who give love to people can feel joy and happiness. When you receive love from others you can feel deep joy if you gave love. Just exhale - you can't just exhale only. How long can you give out. 3 minutes, 5 minutes. Eventually you reach the end of exhaling and you must inhale. Giving love is the same.

How can you bring the body together. The subject must initiate. In love between man and woman should be done in the same way. If you hate your husband you will go to hell. However, the man and woman must make a harmonious relationship. Eye contact is the first way to make contact. That's why the woman makes up her face. Then the nose is next. Therefore we must smell good to be attractive. Next is the mouth. You want to kiss. After that a woman wants to give her whole body. Woman must keep her purity and the man must keep the vertical relationship. The vertical relationship of the man must be kept. Otherwise the homosexual and lesbian relationship comes up. They have no future. They die after one generation. The relationship of man and woman will continue for eternity. Until you are 45 - 50 years old the women continue to have their periods. You need to treat your wife like a sister, a mother and a daughter as well as a wife. This has to do with the four great realms of heart.

When you look at people you must treat them as the daughter of God and your true sister and so forth. If you treat people this way you will feel God's presence. Going this way is the role of the Messiah. When man and woman become one like your two palms coming together it is the fulfillment.

Who is the owner of America? Is the President? No. I went through incredible suffering in America to indemnify.

On March 23rd we offered the Coronation of Father, some may not understand but that was the event through which the vertical and horizontal become historically one and a new foundation of history occurred.

What about the "Passion" of Christ. Who tried to kill Jesus. It was not initiated by the Romans. The Jews killed Jesus at that time. That's why Father took down the cross and worked to make the condition to restore this failure. Then you should know how serious the Coronation of True Parents was from this point of view. It was done by Christianity and America.

I didn't want to see the Passion of Christ. I promised Mother I would go. I know the suffering of Jesus better than anyone in history. I am determined to liberate all the Jewish people and protect them and restore all of this history.

The Blessing of Marriage is the most precious thing. You must take care of your blessing. You must not make True Mother sad. I must leave America soon. Are you the person who can follow God? You may not know how much I have gone through in the Satanic world. Now I must pass on all the stages of my course to you. I must return to my home town. Although I can't bring all the people to my hometown I can bring representatives, scholars, technology. When I go back to Korea I should now bring scholars, diplomats and the highest technology of America to Korea. Korea right now is like the place of animals fighting. America has retreated from the DMZ. Once I leave America, it may go back in the wrong way. Mr. J. you must think very clearly about this. I have invested all of these things. My money my thought and everything for America. Korea is the place for the 4th Israel. Pan Mun Jon should become the central place and should become the Golden House of Korea. Dr. Yang, you just want to take something from me? But I must take all of these things to Korea. I may sell everything in the movement to do the work. I came to America to save this country. We must understand the miserable situation I have been through. With tears I have developed all of the accomplishments. Someday I will mobilize al the sisters. Do you understand, I must go back to Korea, it is a very miserable country right now. I must show the ideal and the way to show the ideal family of the whole world - I must bring this to Korea. Korea is in deep trouble now. I go back to Korea to save the whole world through Korea. Jews may think that I am the enemy. But I am working to protect and save them.

Until the year 2012 we must establish God's nation. You have to be serious to hear all of these things. Do you think you can inherit the family of God?

Hoon Dok Hae: Mrs. McDevitt.

Father asked that Dr. Yang report about March 23red and Ocean City workshop for Clergy and Leaders.

Dr. Yang:

This morning Father invited key Korean and Japanese leaders for the March 23rd event. This event was very historical and providential. There was extremely limited space there. There will be video tapes made.

Ocean City is a beautiful place. American leadership gathered to discuss and plan for our Tong Ban Kyok Pa development. This workshop was well organized and we felt that a new birth for America occurred with Clergy and our Leaders.

March 23rd was amazing event in history. Yesterday Father went to see the Passion of the Christ. It was very painful for Father to see that. It is number one. It wasn't that great in terms of artistic value or production, but it was very timely concerning who is Jesus and who killed Jesus. The main teaching of True Father is that Jesus should not have had to die. In Madison Square Garden in 1974 Father proclaimed all the key contents of the Bible and revealed that Jesus was not supposed to die.

The March 23rd event was a very historic and providential conclusion to Father's historic journey. Starting with the Coronation Ceremony for God's Kingship a new era dawned. Father proclaimed that the Clergy must take down the cross. It was not easy to take down the cross. It is because it is like the alpha and omega of history for Christians. It was not easy. Father said, before the end of 2002 you must take down the cross. Archbishop Stallings took down the cross and fulfilled this condition. At first Dr. Yang thought this should be done around Easter time. However Father's idea was different. It had to be done in 2002 right away. Archbishop Stallings fulfilled this direction. On December 31, 2002 he took down the cross. His church is right by the Capitol in Washington. The cross that he took down was one made by a famous contemporary artist. He took down the cross. It was huge. In the Bible it says that in the last days we will all receive our crown of glory. I Peter 5:4. Many Christian hymns state that in the last day we will exchange our cross for a crown. We made a crown for the clergy from Christian Bernard. Dr. Yang offered the crown to Father. Father guided that the crown must have jewels in the center and must be bright at the top. Before the year 2004, three seminaries had the Take Down the Cross Conference. Also we conducted this seminar in one mosque.

The Passion movie has been very controversial. Mel Gibson's own hand was in the movie as the hand to nail Jesus hand. The fact that there was talk the Jesus was the King of Israel was very serious and contributed to Jesus death. The reality is that the Jews of 2000 years ago did reject and kill Jesus.

However, members who joined our movement from the Jewish faith made a foundation for this to be restored. They helped to restore the foundation and cooperated with the Jews in Israel to help restore this.. These top Jewish leaders cooperated with ACLC and gave the crown to Jesus in Israel. On February 4th and March 23rd they played a key role. I never understood what a huge obstacle the cross has been to the unity of Judaism and Christianity. When we went to Israel we took down the cross and buried it at the place where Jesus was Crucified. Then we buried the cross in the Potter's field which was bought with money from the betrayal of Jesus. When I buried the cross I felt I was conducting a Seung Hwa Ceremony.

For the fourth Pilgrimage on December 22nd, 2003. It was a huge event in history in which we could crown Jesus. In all of Israel there is only 3 percent are Christian. America is about 80 % Christian. This was a historic event. 3000 came from the whole world and marched with us. Rev. Jenkins before all proclaimed welcome Home Jesus!! and that Jesus is the Messiah and the King of the Jews and the King of Peace. That kind of preparation was made. True Father sent us the Holy Candle and signed the historic proclamation. Major leaders of Israel and Palestine were in support including Chairman Arafat and top Israeli Jewish leaders.


If that ceremony hadn't taken place all the Jews in the spirit world and those who will go to the spirit world would face impossible suffering. Because of this event this condition was liberated and the Jews are free and forgiven before heaven.

Dr. Yang:

Then we had to bring this ceremony to the Capitol. Centering on Dr. Walsh, Rev. Jenkins and Jim Flynn (President of AFC) these three became united and we all united with all of our organizations centering on Rev. Kwak. The event was to be held on February 4th at the Senate Dirksen building but the ricin poison scared closed the building. We had to go to the Reagan building. 26 hours before the banquet we set up the banquet at the Federal Reagan building. This was a formal government building. About 40 congressmen attended the event. On February 4th about 40 Congressmen attended the event.


Through the death of Jesus the spirit world and the physical world divided and they had to go to a low spiritual realm. Myself and Heung Jin Nim had to reorganize all the complicated situations of the spirit world by making the proper conditions for this. In the spirit world Judaism and Israel are not united with Christianity. Who will take responsibility for this? Christianity and Judaism must be united as one. The ceremony of February 4th united Christianity and Judaism. February 4th was the day Jesus should be crowned by Heung Jin Nim. I could not go because of this reason.

On this foundation a greater offering could come. Based upon that foundation Heung Jin Nim could give directions and orders to the religions in America. Now we are seeking to eliminate all religious boundaries and even transcend religion and become one. If someone opposes that they will have to go to the spirit world. If we are not tuned to God's providence. Your ancestors will take you away from the physical world. Hyun Jin Nim and Jun Sook Nim could represent True Parents.

The Crisis in the Middle East is serious. Now Korea has calmed down and the Middle East is hot. All women throughout the world should go to the front line to bring peace. All women should stand up for peace. In China the women are organizing for peace. You might have to become a sacrificial offering but this is the time end the violence of the world. Before I go back to Korea you must set the condition of the mainstream movement in Korea supporting me. We must create a Women's movement there. There are elections in April. The new Family Federation for the Ideal Kingdom Through the Peaceful Unification of Heaven and Earth.

Dr. Yang:

The Middle East Peace Initiative in the February 4th event was very important. It moved the hearts of the Congress. When Father initiated the March 23rd event Father asked for Prayer conditions to be set. We immediately sent out directions for all members to pray and make and offering. We went back to the Senate Dirksen building where Mother spoke in 1993 proclaiming Parents Day. Then the U.S. established Parents Day with the majority of Congressmen and the President. The 10th Anniversary of Parents Day is now coming. By dissolving Jesus grievances, Father can also solve God's grievances. In order to do this we had to do two things.

Because Jesus was killed by the religion of Judaism and the Roman government we had to restore that. For Jesus to be totally liberated Rome had to restore this through America. The Dirksen building had Roman architecture. An event that led up to this was that of the American Century Awards in 2000.

For March 23rd representatives of the third Israel (Korea) and Japan and America. and Christianity, Judaism and Islam as well as black, white and American Indian. The leaders who participated were all very serious. Karen Smith head of IIFWP UN office and Dr. Antonio Betancourt working with the Ambassadors in D.C. brought tremendous representation from the UN and diplomatic corps. We had to hold the event officially on Capitol Hill. For Father to come there all the entanglements of enemies had to be resolved. Therefore on the foundation of the December 22nd Reconciliation of Jesus and his Jewish Family, the Muslims, Christians and Jews could reconcile in Jerusalem and on February 4th in Washington. Then again another level of historic restoration and reconciliation occurred when the Jews were embraced by Christians and give a menorah with repentance and love, the Jews gave the Muslims a robe of anointing with the heart for Isaac to embrace Ishmael and the Muslims gave Christians a lighted candle in a beautiful glass globe symbolizing that Jesus is the light of the world.

Dr. Betancourt had a dream concerning the crown. It was fashioned with the deepest heart and love. Archbishop Stallings who is Catholic was joined by a Republican Congressman to offer the Coronation Robes and Rev. Jesse Edwards a Protestant was joined by our beloved brother and key Democratic leader Congressman Danny Davis offered the Crowns. The Co Chairmen of the event were black and white republican and democratic congressmen.

There was not enough seats for all who were there because of the overflow of Ambassadors for Peace and then Congressmen.

It was a very tense moment in history because if it didn't happen correctly the completion of the restoration of what happened with Judaism, Rome and Jesus would not be totally indemnified. This was a crucial moment in history. Just minutes before the ceremony the two key congressmen were not there yet from the votes. Also because of the historical pressure we knew it wasn't simple, however at the right moment the two key Congressmen appeared. How important it is to follow Father's direction. Rev. Chung Su Won initiated the foundation of Christianity in Chicago, Rev. Jong Bok Hong, Rev. Do Won Kim, Rev. Sung Il Kim, all supported that development and Bishop Kim brought it to such a point through which God could protect the Congressman from Chicago and also give the clergy movement to bring the crown to True Parents.

We are grateful to Rev. Kwak for his leadership in guiding us. The Coronation of True Parents occurred on the Capitol with Christianity and all religions supporting and all the Congress in support. Ceremony of Coronation is not familiar to Americans however in this case Father's life course demonstrated that he should receive the Crown of Peace. The Ambassadors for Peace , Religious Leaders and Congress felt from the bottom of their hearts they wanted to offer True Parents this love and honor True Parents.

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