Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2004

Upon The Return Of The ACLC Clergy From The Fifth Pilgrimage To The Holy Land

Sun Myung Moon
April 7, 2004
Hoon Dok Hae
East Garden
Notes by Michael Jenkins
Translation by In Hoi Lee

Mrs. McDevitt read Father's March 23rd Capitol Hill Speech and then the testimonies of Christian, Muslim and other world religious leaders. Also the testimony of Jesus and the founders of the major religions were read.

It is essential that you clergy understand the spiritual world. When you go to the spiritual world you must teach the people there to remove all barriers.

If I didn't offer this coronation to Jesus do you think the Chief Priests and the Jews can look at him in the spirit world. It would make huge confusion in the spirit world when True Parents go there. You know about the Western Wall in Jerusalem. Who is going to liberate all this suffering. You clergy must solve even the problem between Jesus and Judas. Who cannot believe what I am saying now.

You must unite all Christianity and all religions. Look at the Presbyterians and the Methodists. How can they represent Jesus and be divided. From the readings from the spirit world you can see that even Karl Marx has changed.

Do you think that I wanted to be the Parents of all Humanity and the Second Coming. I didn't even think about it but only thought about how to comfort God.

Bishop Stallings you took down the cross. But your work to liberate Jesus should also liberate God. Jesus was chosen to bring love to all people and remove all barriers. You should very clearly understand this.

Homosexuality is wrong. What are we going to do about it.

Although you did a great job in Gaza and Israel you must really commit yourself to save them. You must become a representative of Jesus. How will we deliver this message of Jesus with all of this confusion in the world. It is like fertilizer for the fruit of the fall.

You must become the heavenly fertilizer to bring God's fruit. I prayed to God to realize all of my mission. Before I go to the spiritual world I must establish the Peace Kingdom. We must realize very clearly that we must take full responsibility as soon as possible and move your denomination to unify all. You should commit to give your life totally for the sake of God. You should risk your life.

I have untangled all the things in the spirit world. There is one central root for all of humanity. Everyone grew from the false olive tree, it is rooted in the Fall. This must be cut and engrafted into the True Olive Tree. The Coronation of True Parents and King and Queen of the Peace Kingdom was no small event. This was not a symbol or a simple matter. This Coronation of March 23rd was a most serious condition in history and was a central point for the Peace Kingdom.

People are dying in hunger and famine in Africa and other parts of the world. How can this be like this. You Bishop Stallings and all clergy must realize that you have not done your job or otherwise this will not exist. You should not fight. White and Black must unite together. Bishop Stallings do you think the Messiah is black. No he is not.

Father is giving direction to Jesus. Do you think Jesus is coming again from the clouds? If you pray well it is not true. You must be responsible. You must fulfill all for the Peace Kingdom with the Senators and Congressmen of America. The fulfillment of the Coronation on Capitol Hill reversed the fortunes of the Jesus course on the cross. I'm very logical and reasonable as a person. There are polar bears and black bears. There is no difference between black and white. If you black leaders went to live in the North Pole you would become white after a few generations. Don't boast you white leaders. Do you think you are number one. You have generations that related with the North and the sea and your features developed based on this. Don't be proud of your color. Black people developed based on the hot climate.

We must do away with individualism. Individualism is against Jesus. We must make all denominations into one. Do you want to follow me or stay in your own denomination. It is time for your to follow me but you don't understand clearly. It looks like untruth. Jesus helped you to reach me. You can go forward and don't even need to report to me. If you do the right thing you'll be protected. If you did the wrong thing this time in Israel you would not have come back. Father was so serious about you and praying for you. You came back and God is so relieved.

You don't know how serious the coronation was in history. If that didn't happen then there was a possibility that an atomic bomb would have been dropped on the Gaza Strip. Dr. Yang and Rev. Jenkins and Bishop Stallings, I had to push you so much to do the Coronation on Capitol Hill. You didn't know how much seriousness was behind this. I pushed Rev. Kwak, Dr. Yang and Rev. Jenkins so hard. Only I knew what was going on. Did you help me. You haven't helped me. Jesus was in the same situation. The chosen leaders didn't understand and didn't help him.

Did you see the Passion movie. I didn't want to see that movie. I didn't want to experience the pain and sorrow again. We must realize that the pain and suffering of Jesus is caused by Christianity and they made all the divisions and blocks in history.

Did you support me. How did you come to this place. Dr. Yang asked me to bring the clergy here. You didn't come on your own. I just want to convey this message to you. Study the resolution in the spiritual world of the five major religious leaders.

Archbishop Stallings do you ask Dr. Yang to treat you special. You should be the student of Dr. Yang. Who attends True Parents. Dr. Yang is the one who attends True Parents. Therefore you must study under Dr. Yang. Who can imagine that this kind of simple person from Korea became the Messiah of the world. I never thought about that. I just kept obeying God. Such a complicated path I walked. No one understood and no one believed. Still God guided me to continue to follow until he lifted me so that I could overcome every kind of situation of the world.

Who emphasized the separation of Church and State. It is not correct and true. How will we bring the Peace Kingdom. It will be through the blessing of the family. There is no religion in the Peace Kingdom. We go beyond religion into the Kingdom of God. In this country of America the Unification Church was blocked. What kind of religious freedom is this?

Bishop Stallings and Rev. Edwards, I am not defeated by you. Even physically I am not defeated by you. How about the clergy here. Who is meeting me for the first time. You came here by force didn't you? (No Father, by your love). I am a king in the Media world. With the Washington Time and UPI I can expose the crimes of any people. One nation under God. One universe under God must be proclaimed. You think America is over God?

How do we digest homosexuality and free sex. Only the followers of Rev. Moon can solve this problem.

In the Gaza strip I made up my mind that if one of you died in the Gaza strip I was prepared to mobilize the world movement and media to support you. I was determined to do everything and anything to protect you and save the people there.

Because God exists I could found the Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity. Because of this foundation created 50 years ago I could come to the point in which all of your could come with me.

I am the fiercest fighter in the world. I can bite each one of you because of the foundation I have and you won't complain.

I want to give you some directions. Are you willing to follow what I say?

What if I ask you to live naked from now? Will you follow that? (Yes- very weakly). I know all the background of the civilization. Even I went to jail in America but they could not kill me.

You are in the position of the High Priests at Jesus time. Who killed Jesus. The Jews did. It is very clear. I could be a most fearful and frightening person with the power of Judgment. Without tourism how can Israel survive. Do you think they own all the holy sites and can just proper by selling tourism on the foundation of God's work. This land is not just Israel's alone. This is God's land. The Mosque there is a holy place in which Muhammad ascended into heaven. But historians try to deny it. God knows. Abraham made a mistake by not cutting the dove and the pigeon. Because of that Ishmael and Isaac divided. Then the Jews somehow inherited. Bishop Stallings, you should be very clear about the details of history and the providence. You must understand that history of the Old and New Testament and be able to teach the understanding of the Second Coming. The denominations are fighting each other. This must stop. Through this fighting America lost God. All of you, if I am not hear the Christians and Muslims could not come together. I offered 34 years of my life here. Therefore America had to offer that coronation or nuclear war would come. Also, race war would come. Asian is 3.7 billion. White and Black are actually a small number. In terms of number you can't make such a big noise or the Asians may overcome you. The President and this nation should not be proud of our power.

You should understand that you must follow me. You can't help me on your own except by following me. Bishop Stallings you should become a double power of Stallings. Bishop Stallings, do you think Jesus is black. He was not. When you meet me you should understand these things. Sayomi your wife was very smart to marry you. You should be grateful for your wife. You should know how to overcome homosexuality. How?

We should do you Tong Ban Kyok Pa (breakthrough on the Neighborhood level). We should build an association of families and neighborhoods and then cry out against homosexuality.

If you white people go to Africa or S. America you can be killed. However as we go the way God then God will guide and protect us. I don't want to sacrifice you. I want you to live. If you go to the Holy Land and make issues then maybe you will be killed. I don't want to sacrifice you. All of you should now help me out. You are black and white, Spanish and Asian and Indian. All races are here. This is the way to go.

All the false olive trees look down on the Unificationist that is the True Olive Trees of Blessed Central Families. All should engraft to the True Olive Tree. Then all the Family problems in America will be solved.

Compared to Unificationists you will realize that their marriages are good. All the husband and wife that love each other is not the complete aspect of the True Family. The True Family is based on the love of three generations. This is the blessing of Husband and wife and going for three generations. You should have as many children as possible. If white society so many races have come in and there has been a cultural war between the races of America. When the minorities overcome the size of the White people maybe have no place. Many minorities that America fought harbored the resentment. How has America treated the American Indians. They slaughtered millions. If we don't solve this it will become endless war.

Do you think the Jews stand alone as number one before everyone. No. They are not in the first place. They must serve and take the proper role.

I came to America because America must play a major role in God's providence. That's why I'm here. All this property here in East Garden. I thinking to sell it all for God's providence. I'm very interested in Helicopters now. America doesn't believe that it will ever perish. However this is not for sure. Only if America fulfills God's will it will prosper.

I need to go to my Hometown and be buried there. All the Korean people and North Koreans respect me very much. Do you think all the senators and congressmen will respect me. You must create a U.N. type police to protect world peace. That's why the 38th parallel could be protected.

Why did I go to Danbury prison in America without any sin? Around that time of the court case, when indicted they didn't think I would come back to America to face the trial. But I came back and faced the indemnity course. I didn't spend one penny for myself or otherwise God would judge me.

Do you think only Muslim will remain or only Christian or only Jews. No we must co-exist together in God's Nation. All people can exist together under one God in that nation. Until God's time has come we must continue to fight.

At Capitol Hill I proclaimed that America will perish if America doesn't do God's will. Do you think that I just proclaimed this without any knowledge. Bishop Stallings do you know when Satan surrendered. (March 21, 1999 - I see Rev. Jenkins taught you.) You must understand.

Another words I'm am directly influencing the course of the Presidents. Los Angeles has Hollywood. This is supposed to be the city of the angels. I have studied Hollywood and Las Vegas for 20 years. If I touch that area I will clean it up.

Do you not think that I know what's going on Capitol Hill. Until 2012 you must offer everything for God. You must think that I will do everything I can for God's kingdom at this time. So far I have been in a miserable position in history.

In order to bring peace you must follow me. Yes or no.

Until the Coronation Ceremony - I never killed anyone. After the Coronation the time and authority of God has changed. How God deals with the Jews, Christians and Muslims in the Middle East is not limited now. God has authority to bring judgment if any do not follow the will of God.

Because of their selfish desire Adam and Eve lost everything. Bishop Stallings you have two sons. How old will they be when they are 20. (Seventy something).

I am directing you know to do a major religious reconciliation event for the Congress in the main building. It depends on you if we can do this.

Can you imagine how miserable I was in the jail. But I don't want to speak about this. You are very lucky to join this movement. You must make a constitution for the world and America. By receiving the blessing of marriage America can become a beautiful nation of all families. All religious leaders, Jews, Christians and Muslims must support this to overcome homosexuality. The false tree will be cut off and engrafted to the True Olive Tree. Do you want to do this Imam Jodeh (Yes.) This is the way to go is to give the blessing to all people. You can bring the blessing to all these people whether Jews, Christians or Muslims. All you lineage has been entangled into God's blood lineage, then there will be only one Kingdom. Not centering on any one religion. Nobody will deny the importance of the Blessing. The time has come. You are very lucky persons aren't you. You are the vanguard for this kind of movement. You must come into the front to create this kind of tribe for humanity. How can I bless you. Even Unificationists have an incredible tradition that they couldn't have relations is bed as a sacrifice. So many people in history went to spirit world without having relationship. Dr. Yang, What about Ocean City - there was a DP workshop in Ocean City. 170 Ministers attended hearing the Divine Principle. They are accepting my teaching. How many people do you want to bless. How many do you want to bless. You have to do that job. On the 50th anniversary you must sleep in the bed naked with you wife. You must make this condition. This will get rid of homosexuality. Even mother and I are setting such a condition. You must think that your body is for your wife and your wife's body is for the husband. When couples get old they should still touch each other and be close like they are young. The wife should sleep holding her husbands love organ. The husband should do the same. We should make this world turn upside down. We must get rid of this idea of homosexuality. Who made racism and free sex. White people led the way. All this free sex and homosexuality must perish.

You clergy must lead the way. Even the spouse when the husband or wife dies should clean his or her body and love to the last moment. If you give your life you will gain you life. There is no spare key to your spouses love organ. You like to hear this don't you sisters. (About 5 female clergy and one senator were there).

This was followed by reports from the clergy.

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