Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2004

Hoon Dok Hae - April 8th - East Garden - Current Providence and True Love

Sun Myung Moon
April 8, 2004
East Garden

How much are we united with God's will. You must become the person who is perfected. We must bring the Kingdom naturally by the month of August. We must accomplish this mission. All personnel changes must be made by May 1st. Everything must become one with one system. Rev. Yoon, everything in Korea is upside down. Leaders must be changed. We should be guided by God. If you have your own mindset then God will not be able to use you. You have to understand that I brought the conclusion of indemnity on July 13th last year. Through the course from May 1st to July 13th I paid offered all the indemnity paid throughout my life. During this period special conditions were set that allowed me to establish the Fourth Israel on August 20th.

Based on that Father could clearly resolve the problems centering on the Jews and Jesus and properly establish Jesus position before the Jews and all humanity. That's why Father could proclaim on God's Day, 2004 God's Fatherland and the Peace Kingdom. Then based on that Jesus Position and True Parents position as the Peace King and Queen of all humanity could be completed and established before all the world on Capitol Hill. America must now rise out of the confusion and become a nation of the highest level promoting God's Kingdom, faith and True Families. On March 23rd the Coronation was successfully completed with Senators and Congressmen in attendance. Therefore we should rent a space somewhere on Capitol Hill and even at the UN and proclaim this coronation before humanity.

Korea, America and Israel must become one in heart. The Second Israel must go forward and support Father as he building the fourth Israel. God's Fatherland and the Peace Kingdom. Seek ye first God's Kingdom and His righteousness. I revealed all the secrets to you. My children and True Mother all understand this.

Material is not the problem. God put his spirit into all things. The key is the human beings. That is where God's spirit resides. God blew the spirit of life into humanity three times through the Old Testament, New Testament and Complete Testament Age. That's why we should blow on things three times remembering this to sanctify all things.

By May 1st, I ask Rev. Kwak to make one system only. In Korea and America we are doing all this. Rev. Kwak will be the person to oversee all this. Then all sisters centering on True Mother should unite. All the candidates and current members of the general assembly in Korea must be educated.

We must go over the secular boundaries. Young people in Korea don't like the secular things.

Yesterday, the 12 ministers came. Can they help? Only if they follow me correctly. They must proclaim the Coronation of True Parents. Michael Jenkins you may not understand what I'm doing here not but you must just unite. I'm here to truly unite the Elder Son nation with Korea and build the Peace Kingdom. The homosexuality and materialism and individualism in America must be ended. I'm here to set America on the course of engrafting into Korea as the root of the Kingdom of God. Once this direction is correctly set, you leaders can control everything.

Satan cannot defeat us. Can you pass the test if I give you that test? I want to give you full responsibility. Michael Jenkins, don't think of Korean, Japanese and American. There is no difference. If we do the will of God correctly the fruit will automatically fall down from the tree. The harvest automatically comes if we are doing things correctly. We must unite our mind and body. By all couples sleeping naked together will get rid of all homosexuality. In the night everything will be unified into one. It is very simple that husband and wife naturally become one. What is that between men and men. What is that relationship about. You must know how to stimulate the woman correctly. Because we don't love correctly between husband and wife - homosexuality is the result. This is lower than animals. Centering on love this is not a human rights issue. Even the homosexual has the earring in the ear. This is like the culture of leprosy in Jesus time. They had to be separated out. Eventually if they don't come God's way they may be separated out.

The hip of the Mother is for the children. Don't do anything in your own mindset. Only there will be management and policy. I don't think about making the Kingdom of God for the individual. Chun Jo is the Cosmos where God wishes to dwell. It is universal between spirit world and earth, between all levels of existence. All the creation has the purpose of life to be harmonious. The mountain, the rivers and all the animals are in complete harmony in the Kingdom of God. With this all humanity should dance with joy for this time of the Peace Kingdom.

At this time I want to leave everything into your responsibility. That's the way God and Father wants you to do. From now on I must emphasize you must take your responsibility or otherwise we will go backward.

We must do the Revolution of Indemnity, Revolution of Conscience and Revolution of Heart. We must have the heart to want to offer everything to God. Everything is going to be connected. Once you offer everything totally then you are complete.

Don't pray to God that I will do something for God's Fatherland. Just offer everything to God. Just report. Yesterday was the first time I gave the teaching on the way for couples to unite.

Don't keep in mind just your own mindset. Don't say you are right, just follow True Parents. Men you must offer your whole body to your spouse and women you must offer your whole body to your husband. If you see the dictates of love, you want to be controlled by that dimension. Perfect love comes through the dictates of love. You must experience that love of God where you become one with him.

When you work hard, Congressmen and Senators must be controlled by you. You must talk to them very clearly based on that authority. You are given to that total authority. You should become like that representative. I pass through all the eight stages of Pal Jung Shik passing through all the stages from the world wide level.

More than anything they should pass all the people. We must make America truly for all the people. The Native American must be lifted up and embraced to feel totally comfortable in America. The Native Americans and Alaskan Eskimos are Asians. We must even help them have their own nation. All the people must become Interreligious and International by investing all the things. Father has invested everything for them. Religious people and all the people in America, Father offered everything for you. The Coronation completed the course of linking America with the Coronation of True Parents. This now must all be linked with Korea as a land with the culture of heart. The boundaries and borderlines must come to Korea. In the night when you go to bed you must be naked. If you like your children where do you touch, the face or the head. Father said you must touch the head first. In the future when a young person gets married, the hair near your holy part, does in fall out? Even sisters should pull out all the hairs that in the way as a gift for her husband !! We must treat all of the aspects of man and woman as holy. Three kinds of hair exist, on the head, on the skin and under the arms and at the holy part. All the hairs on the eyes and nose are short. The hair on the head is to protect us from heat. Sisters don't have a mustache, but men do. Men should sweat and their bodies should have the hair to help dissipate the heat. If there is more hair or longer hair it means there is more heat in the body. It is very interesting if you look at Father's body. The doctors have trouble finding the veins in my arms. We can give all the pains of each tribe in my body. Through my body I can weep for all the tribes of humanity.

On the 50th Anniversary I may announce that spouses must sleep naked from now on. Then all the children will follow the tradition of their parents. If three families do this in every village we can get rid of all homosexuality.

The culture of the Archangel exists in America. They kiss before they are blessed and fall. Actually even from 7 years old brothers and sisters should be separated and not touch each other. The peace Kingdom can be proclaimed. This is the way to break down all the barriers to the Peace Kingdom. All my life is offered to God totally. This is the way of returning indemnity to God. That is the principle of returning from the fall. From God we can inherit all the things. We could say we are based on the total authority and omniscience of God. Now is the time. In which this kind of mindset is needed.

We must have the revolution of indemnity or otherwise we can't have the conscience of indemnity. All the family and the tribe must be included and linked to the center. Then it can be the foundation for the community and the nation. Then the nations of the world can be linked together. That's the way Home Church can occur. It must be based on the tribe and the nation. Home church links everything together this way - 360 homes connects all 360 degrees of the circle. The completion of Home Church is the way to bring the fulfillment of the Kingdom of Heaven.

You must be very serious about Hoon Dok Hae. Hoon Dok Hae is the condition for you to fulfill your role as Tribal Messiah. Leaders should be in Abel's position to Cain. However, everything we are doing is to open the gates for Cain to advance forward freely to receive God's blessing. Everything Able does should be for the benefit of Cain.

For this to be done we must restore our tribe. We must restore Cain's family, Cain's parents and Cain's tribe. Therefore we must establish a certain form so that they can register and stand clearly where they should be. They must rise clearly above Adam's lineage, change the blood lineage and lift them to the highest level.

Abel is originally in the position of the younger brother. However by fulfilling his responsibility he can receive the Elder Brothers position. This can be achieved by restoring our tribe. In Korea we live in a Gun (neighborhood or precinct area). The reason why I cannot bless my lineage to other races yet, I must establish the direct line for three generations. On the fourth generation, they will become blessed internationally. Family.

Home church should be the foundation of the Hoon Dok Churches. Children are living in this kind of time period now. Then even the era of the fourth Israel will be gone. It will be on the Kingdom of God or the Peace Kingdom.

In the nighttime you must become totally one body. What belongs to you should belong to your spouse. Once we enter the ideal world, then Father and Mother will have to teach how to make love to their children. Mother will teach the bride and Father will teach the bridegroom. How to kiss with the eyes, the nose and the mouth. We can have a wedding party for three days. If parents can teach like that then there will be so much more love in the family. We have to inherit love for three generations. If Adam and Eve were blessed were they to be blessed naked or in clothes. How would the creation feel. The creation would like to see how the master would make love. Then all the animal world and creation would have been so excited to see them making love to each other. If we really understand the creation then we will be able to fulfill.

Before marriage you must not defile your lineage. That is how you can inherit heavenly tradition. Three generations should keep the heavenly traditions. When you are sleeping naked you must come in and put your clothes on. This is what I have to teach, some may feel embarrassed and ashamed. Without this you will never become the owners of heaven. We should have an international and interracial marriage from now. That is how our families can flourish. This is a very important teaching. So far your children have been hiding sexual parts. They don't need to. Brothers can see brothers without shame. In America, many elderly people are being sent to senior citizens homes. This is really sad. This is not the will of heaven.

Dr. Yang, we have messages from the spirit world. We have read the messages continually. It took quite a long time to go through all the messages from the spirit world. After celebrating True Parents Day here, then I must return to Korea. It is exactly 44 years. How much has gone by since the founding of the Unification Church. The 50th Anniversary of the founding of the Unification Church will occur. This will be going over a huge hill of victory. Today is April 8th. On the 6th day human beings were created. This year from January thru March we went through many difficulties and we brought many victories. Last year at this time I went through the hospital course. This had to be indemnified through this January, February and March.

May 4th, what is that day. That is the day when Father proclaimed the dominion of creation. Without the proper foundation we cannot have the dominion over the creation. July 14th, we could proclaim the completion of the indemnity. When we go all seasons we go through many phases. Men's and women's sexual organs are not their own but they belong to their spouses. This brings harmony of heaven and earth. Early in the morning, men feel very passionate physically and the sexual organ is erect and ready. When is a better time to love, early in the morning, or before when you first go to bed. Actually men are very tired when they go to bed. They like to have love in the morning but the women don't like this. This is why we have Hoon Dok Hae at 5 am. What about having Hoon Dok Hae at 4 am. If you love each other like that you will be so happy. Which do you think is better 5 am or 6 am. Dr. Yang, what do you think. I'm thinking to do Hoon Dok Hae at 4 am. I'm trying to change the pattern now. You don't know how busy I am. What I am saying is very important. Suppose the husband came to the home because I missed you and love you and you share love. This creates such an environment of True Love. This creates an atmosphere that can solve all problems. Getting up early in the morning and getting the spirit of God through God's words into you is the most important.

Between Mother and myself, when there is a struggle you should solve the problems before you go to sleep. Should we sleep with clothes on. Without this notion we have to shed tears. I'm longing for the day to complete the restoration of the Fatherland. This is my life to create a better world for all humanity.

Home church is so important. Why did Jesus have to die? Because Joseph's family and Zachariah's family could not unite together. They didn't unite the Cain and Abel families. There was no foundation for Jesus.

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