Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2004

Hoon Dok Hae - Easter Sunday - April 11, 2004 East Garden

Sun Myung Moon
April 11, 2004
Easter Sunday
East Garden
Notes by Michael Jenkins
Translation by In Hoi Lee and Hee Hun Standard
Mrs. Won Ju McDevitt read Hoon Dok Hae.

Father's Words:

In order to relate up and down we must have the center. In the relationship of Parents and Children there is the direction of up and down. Relations of the right and the left are based on brothers and sisters. All the tradition of the left and the right and the front and the back all must have a center. Love will be that center. Love is the center of that relationship. In the world there is no love like this. Even Confucius was only teaching Humanistic love, even Buddhism doesn't know this love clearly. In our Church we are saying that the love of God is related through the Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humanity. It should go from the Parents to the Children to the Grandchildren in an up and down relationship.

We can see that these relationships are centered on the True Love. This is the meaning of True Love. Unificationists must therefore come to be the center of all communities, then True Love will spread. To correctly bring that love Unificationists should have vertical relations on three levels - it must be linked vertically.

This vertical relation cannot be made through force. It must be made through love. All the governments of the world use force to establish this, however for the Peace Kingdom this vertical order must be established through love. In the Last Days the old world is going to die away. People will be scattering in confusion, because they don't understand this principle. Everything must be established without individualism. There is no room for individualism.

Individualism will destroy the relationship with the center and this leads to complete disunity and fighting in the family. In the last days we even see husband killing the wife and the wife killing the husband, the brothers and sisters kill each other. Because of extreme individualism there is no love and total conflict emerges.

Westerners don't understand the nature of this vertical relationship. We must bring this to completion through the family centered on God. Therefore God may have to destroy everything. This is very painful for God. When you connect two points by a line. How do we connect those two points. Whenever there are two points connected by a line a center can be found. If you establish a third point, space is created within the three points and the possibility of infinite angles are created by the change in position of the third point.

Sisters are meant to have big hips to help them have many children. Adam and Eve should have much more than three. Do you western sisters want to have a lot of children. The white people don't want to have a lot of children, therefore they will decline in number. Homosexuality and Lesbianism also destroys the lineage and the family. Western people. Racism doesn't exist in the Kingdom of Heaven. There is no difference between Black, White, Asian, Hispanic and American Indian. Their features emerged based on the environment. We should make a very clear relationship based on the center. To be centralized all things must be based on love. All things will be based on True Love. True Love, True Life and True Lineage must be established through the sexual organ. This is the root of Love, Life and Lineage. This is very logical. It is not unusual. Love relations are the center. When you walk you walk with a central line and are balanced. If you don't walk a central straight line but walk a zigzag it is not balanced. Everything is harmonized by having a center. All things are harmonized through the center.

Look at the face, if is very balanced and centered. The central point on the face is the nose. Whether you are beautiful or handsome has much to do with the nose. The nose is like a mountain from which everything flows.

Men are big at the top and narrow at the waist, women are opposite, therefore if three men are in a line it is not as harmonious as one man, one woman, one man. There is balance and harmonization. Although sisters would feel uncomfortable between two men, however the harmonization is easier.

Brothers are not the central point of concern but the love between the brothers is the most important point. Love is the key to all relationships. Love is the key to the Cosmos. If you don't harmonize and support your parents you will not receive the blessing of the Cosmos.

If I scold someone, I don't scold all of you, I scold a representative and then forgive and forget. Without real love, Father cannot scold a person. Only with love. The sister in the third row, what did you do last night? I can see everything. Therefore don't sit in the front three rows if you are not prepared to see Father. If I see you and see the reality I remember it and it will be recorded in heaven. Therefore be careful before you come to the front.

The time is coming when equalization will come. The food in America will go to Africa and balance will occur - that is the Kingdom of Heaven. A filial son cannot be against the parents. If the lady cannot find any way to unite with the husband she cannot be above the husband.

Peace will come when the center becomes clear. Front and Back and all peripheries will disappear before the center does. Many proclaim that they are the Messiah. However without having correct Object Partners they will disappear. Westerners - there must be a center in every family and every relationship. In Korea there is the same situation.

If you don't have babies as a young woman, your body will have problems. As soon as you stop breast feeding, you body is totally ready to have another baby. You know all the situation in the body. A single person may not know.

All the Hoon Dok Hae is very important and now I'm giving you the secrets. You must give your life and lineage to your tribe. Otherwise you will be a prodigal son. All white people, you must be clear to stand against homosexuality. I came here to save the people by going through thirty four years of suffering. I came here to America for Christianity not for you as individuals. Therefore you should indemnify all the mistakes made by America. It was crucial that you had the coronation. Now I want you to have a coronation combining the UN and America, otherwise America will be cut off.

On July 13th, Father offered the conclusion of Indemnity. Yesterday was the day that Father released 12 fishes representing Christianity in Rome. Yesterday Father released all the angelic world through the releasing of the fish. The angels have been liberated. 36 people came and the first 12 were offered. Father made a 21 day condition from yesterday before May 1st. America must offer this event on Capitol Hill. At Capitol Hill the Secretary General of the UN should come and all the Generals and Nave Admirals should come. Otherwise America will have regret in 2012. We shouldn't surrender to all the officials. I don't gain anything from the relationship with Korea. At least one third America should be offered to support the third Israel. The 7 enemy nations should unite to support the Fatherland. England, Japan and America should unite as one. Germany, France and Italy need to become one in Europe and be connected to Russian, China and Greece. Indian should be part of this. Especially 12 nations embassies must exchange marriage by NOVEMBER. If you don't do this I will mobilize all American members to Korea. Don't think you will always live in America.

Once we are united with Korea, Japan and America. Dr. Yang you should have a clear meeting in the Capitol Building as the representative of Rome. We must go back to the original point that we lost. Black brothers and sisters you must not forget Africa. Although you are here that is the same family and lineage from which you come. You should save the people of Africa. Don't forget. San Joong Ha (Repeat after Father) This means Up, Center and Down. We must understand that Father is the Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humanity. There is a vertical order. Up, Center and Down (San Joong Ha). It is very serious to cleanse all these things. Some in the front row understand but without having mind and body unity you cannot fulfill. Dr. Yang you must understand the meaning and importance of the mind and body unity.

Father and Mother report everything that they spend to each other. Father always gives everything he has in his pocket to members. How about American members would you like to help Father get a helicopter? Yes or no.

Sometimes I cannot really recognize my children. The girls use rouge and lipstick and eye shadow and make their eyes look so big!! When an 18 or 19 year old lady wears lipstick it is very beautiful. If you keep your lips beautiful like that even when you are 60 or 70 your husband will still be fascinated by your lips. The lips are like beautiful fruit like a beautiful peace. Some women wear dark lipstick that looks like dead blood. This is not so good. The colors should be beautiful like the fruit.

I have been talking about the center. Headquarters is the center and it should be based on God's love. It should also be the center between front and back. They must believe that they are the highest and they are the best.

Father asked Mrs. McDevitt to read Hoon Dok Hae again.


Dr. Yang did you do the lottery here of different colors to determine everyone's mission? Korea and Japan did it. You must do it. We must demonstrate that going God's way is greater than becoming a millionaire. I asked you to educate sisters. We must educate the women. We must establish 3000 places and have education there.

We must reach out to all people of all backgrounds. Ambassadors from 7 nations should be working hard for the Peace Kingdom. By the end of April 120 families must be blessed. Ambassadors for Peace must set the standard of what is right and wrong. The French must follow the Americans as Cain and Abel. This is not just something for a temporary time but we must keep doing it. England, America and France centering on Korea should all be restored. The Ambassadors for Peace are crucial for this. It's like the right hand thief and left hand thief and the third area of Barabbas. There is also a realm of the satanic angels that must be restored. You must bless over 120 families.

Father is wearing this suit for the first time. My daughters in law prepared it for this Easter. You must realize how difficult it is to keep the position of leadership. Where is Mother? I need Mother? She had to leave but I hope she will come back. Maybe people will think I don't have a wife or that I'm divorced!!! This is Easter Sunday.

All the fruits that must be harvested. I am trying to complete and fulfill my responsibility here in America.

In the Christian world we must be able to proclaim the liberation of all the world at the United Nations. You have to really realize this and you have a great responsibility. Sometimes black people could be doing something greater, the white people should not ignore or look down on their effort. If there is discrimination and they are not being harmonized there will be some trouble. We must harmonized.

Due to the fall, the history didn't begin with the right direction. Now even the angelic world must be released. The reason I am telling you and giving you certain directions because I can feel it. It is part of me.

Rev. Peter Kim was asked to pray.

Dear Heavenly Father, Today is April 11, 2004 on the fourth year of Cheon Il Guk. It is Easter Sunday. We heard True Parents directions. We heard how important it is to love nature and to love humankind. Now our minds must become one together so that we can fulfill the mission given to us. We can fulfill the mission centering on Tong Ban Kyok Pa. Let the lives of all our blessed families become bright and radiate to all humanity. Thank you Heavenly Father. Please push us even more so that we can fulfill your desire and bring the results that you want. We pledge that we will bring the fruits before you and we have faith in it. Soon we will have True Parents Day that the 50th Anniversary of the founding of HSA. Please let us understand the path that True Parents have been walking. Our True Parents proclaimed the liberation of the angelic world yesterday and began a 21 day course.

I offer this and report in the name of Peter Kim a Blessed Central Family.


How many have been fishing. You must learn the way of fishing. You should buy your own pole. This is a time when many fish will spawn to multiply. It is a good time to do that. In spring time they will do this. In autumn time they will harvest. To do this you must know how to take care of nature. Even though it is not easy, you should take time to go fishing together. You should teach your family how to fish and how to serve to your neighbors. That kind of providence can start from fishing first. Fishing is the simplest thing to do. The Elderly can do it until you die. What if one third of the American's could go to the world and teach the way of fishing then starvation could be solved. Combined with farming and hunting, there is no need for starvation. What about the Anaconda. Some reach 25 meters. This would provide a huge feast for a whole village if you caught it. From my childhood I discovered how to catch fish. When the person catching the fish is a person of God the fish are grateful because they can fulfill the highest purpose.

Unless 80 percent of Unification members are mobilized the church will decline. The same applies to your clan.

Father's Direction (Conveyed by Dr. Yang)

There is a 21 Day Condition beginning from yesterday. Everyone must go fishing three days. When you fish you will take a picture of the fish you catch during this period. This True Parents Day is very important. We will have a huge international celebration with leaders coming from all over the world. We will begin with 7 am pledge. You don't have to bring your holy robes. Then 10 am Father's speech and then 2 pm Celebration. The 50th Anniversary is also very important.

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