Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2004

Notes From Tuesday, April 13 at East Garden

Sun Myung Moon
April 13, 2004
Hoon Dok Hae
East Garden
Notes by Michael Jenkins and Libby Henkin
Translated by In Hoi Lee and Hee Hun Standard

NOTE: (These are notes through a simultaneous translation. Simultaneous translation is done in summary form and depends greatly on the translators ability to communicate the essence of the message. These cannot be published as definitive texts and should never be used in the future for some kind of publication on Father's words. However they do provide a good idea of the " spirit" of the message.

Even if they were notes from English to English - there would be serious gaps and errors. Therefore these notes should be used for inspiration and to enhance our understanding of Father's spirit and concentration. Specific directions will be communicated through national headquarters memos and the Korean recordings of key proclamations and historic messages will be carefully translated and published. Still even with careful translation much is lost or not understood. The only way to really understand Father's words is to learn the original language and go to the original recordings and texts.)

Mrs. Won Ju McDevitt read the Hoon Dok reading from the 2nd year of CIG World and Sports Festival, Chungnam, Chonan.

Father Spoke:

We need to know the difference between Suk Bang and Hey Bang. On April 10th we released the angels. They were sinful and therefore they were released from their sins, but they weren't liberated right away. All your sins being eradicated is being liberated. We must totally go back to the beginning before the fall where there is not even any trace of the fall. If you reach that state you can be free. Dr. Yang, you must clearly understand the words Suk Bang. We must go back to the original Suk Bang era to go to heaven, where there is no sin or crime at all - even no word sin. Totally united with God.

Many believe that if they just believe in Jesus they will go to heaven; that is not true. Everything has been working on the same principle. Likewise we should bring that kind of unity and principled lifestyle, between mind and body, parents and children and all levels.

The Cain and Abel relationships, the husband and wife relationships and all the relations that were defiled should be liberated. Then there can be true liberation. This is only once in a lifetime event. There is only one 50th anniversary. Therefore this is a most important chance and time to eradicate evil. We must go back to God's lineage. Whoever is here to celebrate the 50th anniversary of my time in prison is very important. This is the time to liberate all the spirit world and the angelic world. This is the time of national Suk Bang.

We must understand the principle of indemnity and the revolution of heart and go back to the original Suk Bang era and then can enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Christians don't understand these principles in the Bible. Suk Bang is the Liberation Age. We must understand only one language, like husband and wife must be one. Without one language we cannot go to God. Korean is a deep accurate language. Japanese is limited. Digest the internal meaning of the Korean language. If you can grasp Korean language directly we can understand many other languages quite well.

There will be many geniuses coming from Korea. They are creating a sensation. America is acting like the Archangel and servant - 32 states of America may legalize homosexuality. Our race will become extinct. No matter how high level of life we have, we must connect with the True blood lineage. True Love, True Life, True Lineage is what is important. Satan's blood lineage must be completely eradicated. We basically have to be willing to take the eyes, nose and mouth from the fallen lineage. We must not go in the direction of Satan. Without denying first, you cannot unite. Deny, deny, deny. Reuniting needs a center. That's indemnity. Mind and body are fighting. Completely deny. Raise your partner and create a model partner.

We must know the meaning of Suk Bang. If someone has been found guilty and slated for execution. God has been in this kind of situation and he has been waiting for his Suk Bang. Right away God's kingdom can be established. If we have three generations centering on God, then we can build the Kingdom of Heaven. All three generations must be totally united centering on God.

Perhaps you don't understand the meaning of Suk Ban. Three days ago we liberated the angels. We did this through the fish. Fish were not judged during the flood judgment. We took 12 fish and offered them to heaven. The rest we could keep and eat. The striped bass has stripes like the American flag. That makes it very interesting. They were given to human beings. Christians made the sign of the fish. Because fish were not judged, we could be resurrected by fish. Under the condition of catching fish, we symbolically could use them to liberate the angelic world. They had to be longer than 18". After we caught 12 fish then we could bring them home. (36 fish were caught). They are in the Cain and Abel relationship. Once we liberate the angelic realm we can unite Cain and Abel.

Restoration of Tan Gam occurred on July 13, 2003. Now is the 8th month since then. Now a new era can start with the number 8, eradicating the base of the Cain/Abel relationship centering on struggle. We shouldn't even have a concept of struggle. Until now we have been fighting for good, but even that should be gone. No disunity. Husband and wife can't fight. Parents and children - no disloyalty or lack of filial piety. Do we have two different kinds of eyes? There should be forever one. Men's power can't erase struggle completely. Only True Love power can.

To completely correct the fallen direction you must have absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. To do that you must completely deny yourself. Americans in particular must understand the absolute obedience because they are very individualistic. Mind and body are disunited. How are they going to correct this and become one? Connect with an axis. (Father put his hands together with fingers interlaced palm to palm). No one can invade that power. In Korea now, we are talking about the 2 x 8 years old (or 16 years old) or 2 and 8 or 28 years old. If we live that life, our children will become that kind of children.

No matter how smart the westerners are they still are lacking because they don't really understand the spirit world. Everything needs a center, pillar, axis or will be unstable and manipulated by Satan. Westerners approach things horizontally. When they approach they come to shake hands.

We must understand the concept of Suk Bang. You must understand the importance of Suk Bang. You must remove and empty yourself so that your mind and body can be united. You must control three things, eating, sleeping and sex. You need all three but you must be able to control them. Even now I only sleep three hours. Mother says why do you turn on the light. Maybe if I listened to Mother I wouldn't go to the Kingdom of Heaven. Mother had to adopt Father's way. I can be a Father, brother and friend to Mother. Westerners are very individualistic and they don't like the subject partner. We are all self centered. We should like our partner better than ourselves. If we had been centered on others, we would have made a different world.

The ultimate boundary is between mind and body. So far in the fallen world, we have not been able to overcome this kind of boundary. Spiritual, religious people would leave their home, family and they would have to deny everything. Now today people have become so extreme. They have become homosexuals, hippies, commit suicide and so many things that are not good. They didn't know God. We were hippies but became good people. No matter what difficulties you face if you hold on to True Parents you will come a long way. You must hold on no matter what. If you think your Ph.D. is something to be proud and become arrogant you will not go far.

You can see that many things that Confucius taught is being practiced by the Koreans.

It is difficult to fast or not sleep. Satan is clinging to our sexual organs and pushes us to use them. Satan's work now is to try to get us to misuse the sexual organ. Westerners may think they have much to impress me with but I have gone beyond that. We must restore the fall and go beyond the misuse of the sexual organs. We are people of power, but it doesn't mean much. One woman claimed she had a relationship with Father. It was false. I could have collected evidence, but what is important is to educate people about what is right and wrong.

Hoon Dok Hae reading: Judaism and Islam must be brought together, or the target will become Father's children. Once restoration is done through tangam, the son can be in the father's position, and the father in the son's position. When we offer something to others, give something good. Father said: I had to love people in the Cain position first. God has to come to the time now when God can give all the he wants to Cain.

What is this day today. This is the day of Suk Bang. This is a day when Cain and Abel can be liberated. Everything is entrusted and up to God now. All we have to do is follow. At this point in time, if we don't want to do that we will be in trouble. If we do, on the other side of the mountain is a flat plain. What I need to do is bring this victorious realm and foundation to Adam and Eve. It is not a simple liberation but a complete release. We must say AAAAHHHHHMMMMMEEEENNNN. We should say Amen four times. I asked you to be part of this very special time and very special day. I wanted to make you a part of this very special day and for you to make a condition to connect with it by participating here. You are fortunate and blessed.

Our mind and body should not be fighting anymore. Nullify all indemnity. You must understand. From July 13th to now is 8 months. This has been an 8 month course since the proclamation of the liberation of all indemnity. Become princes and princesses who can be free and happy inheriting God's Kingdom. Because you are struggling, now is the time you must hold on to me no matter what and do whatever I ask you to do, however hard. Continue climbing up and up and up, wide or narrow, hold onto me. No matter what I ask you to do you must have faith to walk this way and hold on to me. I have been paying all the indemnity for you, so hold on to True Parents. At the top is God. You should not let go of True Parents. The path may be very broad at the beginning but it will get more narrow and difficult as we climb the mountain. No matter how difficult it may be you must hold on to True Parents no matter what. We must go through 8 stages. It may take 8000 steps but True Parents can climb it, so you must not let go of True Parents. Don't look down, or you'll fall. Elder brother and younger brother. Today is the day when we can do this.

The speech from the July 13th proclamation was read.

I gave this speech one year ago. We went through all persecution to see this day. This speech has good contents for this day for the liberation of Cain and Abel. Number 2 by 8 equals 16. There are 14 bones in our fingers (including our thumb) on each hand. Putting the two hands together is the number 28.

Father's Prayer (read by Won Ju McDevitt). True Parents of Heaven and Earth have come and have revealed all the secrets of history. This became the foundation of our blessing. Looking at July 13th on this day, we only have one year and one half to go to reestablish the UN and all nations. Everything in the past must be done. The time of indemnity is over. We are offering it to God.

Centering on the foundation of bringing unity of mind and body, we are going to become totally one on every level. Let us go to the realm of Suk Bang where we can sing and dance together. We offer this to you prior to the fall of Adam and Eve. The self realization that they should have realized that they should be totally united with you. Now we must follow your will so that we can build the nation of your sovereignty. Let them not have any barriers. Please accept this with joy. I pray that the day will now come in which you can become the True Parent and owner of the Universe.

Now Mother has returned. This is the time to proclaim something completely new. We have to liberate the angels, Cain and Abel, the nation, and proclaim Cheon Il Guk and let God do whatever He wants, having no boundaries and total peace. Everything should be liberated now. True Parents indemnified that completely on all levels and we should be able to receive God's Blessing. Please remember what I told you this morning. Please understand what path I must go. You have free will and should make your own decision knowing what is right and wrong. You must go over the stage of challenge and face God directly. That is your responsibility. Please understand.

Beloved Heavenly Father on this day in the fourth year of Cheon Il Guk on this 13th Day of April we are gathered together with the Religious founders and many millions of blessed couples and the blessed couples at this place we proclaimed the age of Suk Bang for the angelic world by catching stripped bass on April 10th, and today beginning the 9th month since the proclamation of July 13, 2003 in which the completion of all indemnity conditions was completed. We are now about to have the 50th Anniversary of the founding of the Unification Church. We have gone through so many struggles and boundaries and we have now entered the time of unifying the whole world in harmony. We want to liberate you children, Cain and Abel on this day. They have been longing for this day throughout history. We must return to the original ideal and soon we are going to have True Parents Day and we must bring about the Suk Bang before then. We understand now that there will be a great transition for True Parents at this time. Please let us truly liberate all humankind and all things at this time. In Korea, from May 1st to May 4th there will be many things that must be celebrated. We must bring great victories for you. We must be united in one mind and body with our True Parents. We must bring this world into the world of your sovereignty. As we are offering this, please accept our report and prayer.

In the Name of True Parents. Amen.

As they were leaving, Father stopped and spoke: In the era of Suk Bang hold onto True Parents. Make sure you are with me. All things must be given back to God. Mind/body unity. Then we can overcome any obstacles. Have full authority over might.

Don't tell a lie. Be really honest.

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