Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2004

Happy True Parent's Day

Sun Myung Moon
April 19, 2004
Parents Day
New Yorker Grand Ballroom
Translation by Hee Hun Standard
Notes by Michael Jenkins

Note: These are notes through a simultaneous translation. Simultaneous translation is done in summary form and depends greatly on the translators ability to communicate the essence of the message. Many of the statements in the notes are also in summary form. Therefore these should not be published as definitive texts and should never be used in the future for some kind of publication on Father's words. However they do provide a good idea of the " spirit" of the message.

7am Pledge Service

Father and Mother entered to the applause of the world leaders of the Family Federation and hundreds of Blessed central families. Rev. Kwak emceed. Father and Mother lit the candles on the stage and then returned before the beautiful offering table to offer the prayer of gratitude and dedication for this 44th anniversary of True Parents Day. True Parents then offered their bows before God and all Blessed Families and representatives followed the lead of Rev. Kwak as the MC.

Notes on Father's Address:

Today we will make a new beginning. Every day should now become the Sabbath. Each day we should do Kyung Beh and Kajong Mengse and we should teach our children. Then a new day the 8th Day of Shi Hwi or attendance will begin. Now our mind and body must be united as one.

The number eight is like the combination of two circles. Since the fall everything was reversed, right became left, up became down and the lower took over the upper. This is now being reversed at this time. All things must go from right to left and from the top to the bottom.

We must set the condition to establish the right direction. One such condition we do is our tithing. This is not a complete substantial offering but it is a condition of substance that sets us in the right direction.

Before Adam and Eve fell did they have clothes or not. They did not have clothes. There was no shame. They were proud of their beautiful bodies. Adam would be proud that he was unique and different from Eve and she would be proud for the same thing. Would Adam complain to God No. He would be grateful. Adam representing the male would be proud of his body.

Eve was supposed to grow up to 17 or 18 years old. The woman is soft and the man is hard and masculine. As they grew up they realized that though they were like twins they were different. What about the nose, what about the eyes, were they created separately. No they were created at the same time. Man was born for woman and woman was born for man. They were also born for their parents and their parents for them.

(Everyone is standing - Mother hints to Father that everyone has been standing).

Around 14 years - 16 the girls start their periods. This is universal. This is so important that this functions correctly. The creation is set that everything lives for the higher purpose. The mineral world lives for the plant world which lives for the animal world which lives for man and man should live for God and all humankind.

This is a fundamental principle of creation, that everything lives for the higher purpose. That means those who absolutely obey our True Parents. Why should we love our siblings, or why should we love our mother. Why, because everything should be centered on True Love. We should love our mother, even though we as children may be taller, much bigger and stronger than our mother. In the world of angels they don't have the object partners yet. They are like the managers of the creation. They could relate to animals and human beings. When they were relating to human beings it was like they were relating to their masters. Just like a dog relates with its master. Just as when the dog is hungry and barks for food, we should have a similar kind of relation with the angels where they communicate what they need to us and we as masters fulfill it.

The must be the establishment of the True Center for there to be settlement and unification. The number 10 is a critical number to establish. 12 is also a critical number. If you do not understand this, you would not understand the meaning of life. Western philosophy doesn't fully understand the importance of these numbers.

The westerners wore leather throughout history and to secure this the westerners had to she a lot of the blood of the animals, while Asians wore long cloth robes. Therefore the culture is not oriented towards bloodshed.

The main topic is the importance of man and woman. Should woman go around men or should men go around women? Western sisters, please respond. Well, the woman is smaller and shorter so actually it is natural that the man should be the center and help the woman. The woman should revolve around the man. Should he abandon her or protect her.

She has one way to go in the future. She should offer Absolute Faith and Absolute Love and Absolute Obedience to Man and the man should do the same towards God. Man should not be leading humanity and leaving women behind. That is not the way to go.

Because of the fall, Man has been fighting between the mind and the body. God is totally united between mind and body. If there was a struggle in God there would be no center.

We need Absolute Faith, Absolute Love and Absolute Obedience between Man and Woman. Due to the Fall, not only the four position foundation was lost, they lost the center as well. Two hands should come together as one, that's how husband and wife should unite.

True Mother is truly beautiful and united with me. To be that way I have to support Mother and she has to be grateful for whatever way I relate with her. Without man there can be no woman and without woman there can be no man. We are going to establish the something beyond the Sabbath - that is the Day of Attendance. This will be the 8th Day. The number 8 is the number of a new day and a new beginning. In each finger you can see three bones, and when you combine the four fingers you get the number 12, when you ad the thumb to it it is 14 on each hand. Bringing the two hands together is 28.

If we do not take the proper restoration course then things can go wrong. God can invest energy for the creation. Everything should be done in a subject object relationship. Clapping your hands is like subject and object coming together. When you open your hands more widely you can make a greater sound when your hands come together. It is like the example of the plus and minus coming together. To clap you must bring your hands to the center. It is a good example of how plus and minus must unite. To unite they must come to the center. When we talk about the unity of man and woman. The wife should be touched on the breast. Where should the man be touched.

Everyday now must become the Sabbath. We will abolish the old Sabbath in which only one day was the Sabbath. It used to be a day of rest, however we now must have a different lifestyle. Sabbath is now they day to work because of the fall and the course of restoration God has no time or chance to rest. How can we rest if God cannot rest. Therefore we should set the condition that we will work hard seven days a week. We must work hard so that we can restore all things into God's realm - this will also restore all the numbers.

Why do men and women kiss? When they kiss it sets off many physiological functions that lead to love. Love is the center of the universe.

The eighth day should be instituted from now. We must have the untapped Shi Wi or attendance. However this will not be a day of resting, this will be the time in which we work.

Do you understand. Those people who are husband and wife should hold hands. You must become one now. The man should have the purpose of protecting the woman. Depending on the motivation direction and purpose of our actions the result will be determined. There must be harmony between husband and wife. If you fight there should be an agreed upon punishment for the one that is wrong. Like one eyebrow will be cut off !! (laughter). We must make harmony and overcome the differences.

We must accumulate good conditions to achieve harmony. The way for the woman to unite is to educate her husbands relatives about God. You should achieve harmony - not be fighting. Raise you hands if you pledge not to fight but to achieve harmony. Don't lower your hands if you are not willing to achieve harmony.

Do you husbands and wives sleep together. Husbands and wives fight and don't sleep together. Husbands should take care of the wives. From the touching of the top of the head to the bottom of the feet you should serve your wife. Do you sleep with clothes? You must now sleep together without clothes. You must be very intimate to achieve harmony. You must follow the principles and laws taught by the parents. All relatives would like to visit you with this kind of spirit.

So from now all husbands and wives must sleep naked. You must have a right heart to bring harmony between your brothers and sisters and bring harmonious relationships. Someday in the future the way I will give your inheritance will be based on how we are loving each other.

I made Rev. Kwak the central figure of all because there cannot be two heads. There must be unity between Rev. Hwang, Rev. Yoon and Rev. Kwak. There can be only one head.

I am giving you an order today. You can rotate responsibility. Basically Father is expecting these major leaders to unite. They are from three different provinces. One from the north, one from the south and one from the middle. The church must be the center. Whatever is more internal must be the subject position. The person who serves the most will be the one who is elevated. We should not be limited to a district area. We must expand our territory. Mr. Yoon do you understand. Rev. Hwang do you understand. They must come together and decide who will be responsible for the special activity now in Korea. There must be unity and harmony together. All of the leaders must be united. You cannot be just self centered. No one can be a leader if they didn't go to UTS. Without going to the seminary they cannot be a leader in our church. No matter how long they are in the church, they cannot be a leader without having gone through UTS.

From today on husband and wife must sleep together naked. When something is done wrong you should agree on the punishment, maybe you can pinch each other !! From now on you should sleep naked with your spouse. If you can't be with your spouse you can hold your pillow.

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