Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2004

45th True Parents Day

Sun Myung Moon
April 19, 2004
Notes by Kristian Holdhus

Notes from True Father's words after pledge service on the True Parent's Day:

We are going to remove Sabbath. We have to do pledge and Hoon Dok Hae everyday. God is going to be with us and settle with us.

Adam and Eve grew up like twins. God wanted to see us growing as sons and daughters. Adam and Eve were supposed to grow by becoming one. When a baby is nursed, it is totally united with the mother.

Did Adam and Eve grow naked or did they grow with clothes? If Adam and Eve were blessed would they be wearing clothes or would they be naked? What are men proud of? Their eyes and noses? Adam would have been proud of what he had that Eve did not. He would be grateful for that. Adam as a male would be grateful. What would Eve be proud of? She would be proud that she represents the other side.

Women are soft and men are more muscular. As Adam and Eve grew they would touch each other and each say something different. They'd grow up like twins. Were your eyes created separately? How about your ears? They were created together.

At about 15 to 16 years of age women start their period. In America women start their period at a younger age, but in East they start at 15 or 16. The entire universe is like a museum of love. For who? Human beings. God, father, is the owner of the museum.

In the animal world smaller creatures are eaten by larger ones.

We should absolutely obey the words of True Parents.

Why do we love siblings? Why do we love our mothers? It's because of True Love! Everything should be centered on True Love.

In the world of angels, they do not have objects partners yet. They are like the managers of creation.

We have to establish 360 degree relationships. When we are settled there should be a center. A cross isn't good enough. We need a circle. Not only a circle. We need a sphere!

The west is proud of it's philosophies. However, they do not know the fundamental truths and principles.

Westerners wear leather clothes. In order to wear leather clothes you have to kill lot's of animals. Orientals don't wear leather.

There is male and female for the sake of true love. The female follows the male. The male follows God. Should the female complain? American woman, should men go around women or women around men? Men are usually larger, so it's better for women to go around men rather than over. Men should help women. Women, are you happy this way? When woman goes round man, should man abandon her or protect her. When man goes hunting or to work, man leaves woman at home, for her protection.

Because of the fall, we lost mind-body unity. Is God united in mind and body? God is the King of mind-body unity! If man and woman are divided in mind and body, they will fight. Due to the fall, not only was the four position foundation lost but the center as well.

If we are united in mind and body we can be united with God.

Man and woman, do we need marriage? The woman should be happy whatever the man does. Should husband and wife be united? American women? Without man there cannot be woman. Without woman there cannot be man. That is the reason we marry.

We have abolished Sabbath. Instead we will establish day of attendance. We should come back to the original state. Even number one was lost due to Satan. Everything was lost. Even the center! 1, 2 and 3 were all taken by Satan.

By the age of 24 we should already have children as parents.

Two times eight is sixteen. That was lost too.

If we don't take a proper restoration course things can go wrong. God invested energy in creation. To restore it, even more energy should be invested.

We have to make sure we follow the center. There should be balance.

One hand cannot clap on it's own. To applause loudly we need to spread our hands wider. When you applaud you bring two hands together. When you raise your hands upwards.

Woman should be touched on the breast. What part should be touched on the man? The woman's breast should be really warm. Man is slightly cooler. Woman is warmer.

We are going to abolish Sabbath. We have to restore the number 4 - the four position foundation. There's no day for God to rest! Some people want three day weekends. Instead of Sabbath we are going to work hard seven days a week. We have to make more effort than others. Only then can we be settled in God's realm.

3 times 6 is 18. 4 times 8 is 32. 7 times 4 is 28.

If there is any tooth that doesn't want to work hard, it should be extracted. If the owner wants to eat, the teeth should work hard.

What is the best taste? Why do humans come together at the lips? Why do we kiss? It is to stimulate all the senses of the mouth. What do you do before kissing?

You should have a big forehead and a wide gap between the eyebrows. Otherwise it is unbalanced. When you have long nails you don't feel so comfortable.

Even when I am one hundred years old, I'll still be funny. Who wants me to live to one hundred? Raise your hands. Is that for your sake or for my sake?

The eighth day of the week will be a holy day. We need to change our calendars. In order to settle we have to work harder.

Husbands and wives hold hands! You have to be united. How do you feel holding hands? Like floating? Those who applauded cannot fight from now on!

How do you attend God? Man is the bone. Woman is the flesh. They have to be together in order to attend God.

Man should be in the position of protector to woman. We should have that kind of motivation. Depending on the motivation the destination will be different. That is a logical conclusion.

Man should love woman. Woman should love Man. Husband and wife should not fight. If you fight the angle will not be straight. If concave and convex don't come together, they cannot go to the Kingdom of Heaven. You should relate at a right angle. God should be happy. If you are united God will welcome you. If you are disunited, God cannot welcome you.

If you fight from now on, you should have some sort of agreement on what the punishment should be. Woman can take out an eyebrow or remove a nail. There should be that sort of punishment (laughter).

We should accumulate merits so we can feed humankind spiritually. If we become a good tree we can bear many fruits.

Husband and Wife, do you sleep together or separately? ("together!") Naked or with clothes? Don't laugh! This is serious.

The husband should take care of wife, even if upset.

You should sleep naked and touch each other. Should the wife be ashamed of holding onto the man's sexual organ? There will be so much fun and excitement there. Today I'm going to allow you to do whatever you want to do.

If you don't become that kind of couple you will become very insecure. From now on we need to sever the fallen nature. We have to remove our old layer of skin.

Father and mother should teach their children how to be intimate. What do children prefer to see: husband and wife loving or husband and wife fighting? Our fun experiences should be taught to the next generation. All the neighbors will come and visit because they like those kinds of people. Even passing dogs will visit. If you love that dog, the dog will be so loyal. You will be rewarded. You will be prosperous.

From today on, do not fight!

Should you have more children or stop having children?

I hope you will achieve the day of not fighting each other. This is God's wish.

We have to remove all the days established by the fallen world and establish new days. One day we should establish the day of settlement.

I ask that you sleep together naked. If husband asks for his back to be washed should wife be upset? You need to have the right heart.

Whatever is more internal, whatever is more subject, should be the center.

Mother is very concerned about my health right now.

All leaders should have attended the seminary from now on. Just because someone's been in the church for a long time doesn't mean that person can become leader.

Husband and wife should go to bed naked not in clothes. If husband or wife does something wrong you need to have an agreement as to what the punishment shall be. A single life is no good.

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