Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2004

Hoon Dok Hae, April 20 East Garden

Sun Myung Moon
April 20, 2004
East Garden
Notes: Michael Jenkins

International Hudson River Fishing Tournament

Father asked Rev. Kim the Continental Leader of Asia (based in the Philippines) to reflect on True Parent's Day.


We are now owners of Cheon Il Guk. We must learn one language - Korean. Suk Bang - liberation or release. Many prisoners die less than three months before their release. True Love, True Life, True Lineage. Which is most important. Lineage is the most important. Yesterday Kiah Victoria sang a song and there was harmony behind them. The older daughter sang behind her. It made a beautiful harmony. Because she is young it makes a more beautiful harmony when she is supported by others.

Rev. Kim is about to sing. He is very proud of his ability to sing, he will sing for 10 minutes if I allow him. His wife is ...

In the Garden of Eden Adam and Eve submitted to Satan. This root must be cut and taken away to make real Suk Bang (Liberation and Release). To be reborn we must go back to the origin. We must go back to the sperm and egg of the mother and father. God is the origin so we must return back to God. God gave us the warning not to eat the fruit. We should have followed that warning. Therefore this is the key to the solution of the fall. True Love, True Life and True Lineage. All were stolen by Satan. Satan is like the thief of love. In Chinese characters if we put sister three times it signifies love relations. It shows that love is connected with women.

Father talks to the mother of one second generation performer. Father asks, "Did you feel proud of your daughter yesterday.?" She was quite different than the Japanese violinist that came later. Through the various of the speed and tone the violin can create all kinds of emotion. The beginning and the end should have great variation.

All the things that I spoke you can bring together in one central theme. Rev. Kwak knows that all the speeches that I gave in the 1960's are relevant to today. The only difference between man and woman is the sexual organ. In order to make one direction or sense we must be very embracing in every different degree everything has an alpha and omega. The beginning and the end must be related.

The principle of creation is very clear and relates to the fundamentals centering on God. The meaning of Ha Na Nim - God.. Na means myself, therefore you can find yourself in God. Now is the time to untangle all things that hold us back. Every race is here. All people want to live together with HaNaNim. The sound God sounds like the word for hat in Korean or like "coming" in Japan. In America we have no distinction in the vertical order in English. American's say "you" when addressing parents or a little child.

Love comes from living for the sake of others. Based on all the principles everything must center on love. Love is the central point of release or liberation.

Father asked for Hoon Dok Hae from May 4, 2004. Rev. Hwang, Rev. Yoon and Dr. Yang. You were there for this most serious Prayer. You know how serious it was you must turn the world upside down with this content. (The prayer as it was translated last year by FFWPUI follows.)

You should know all of these May speeches clearly. This is 10 days before May 1st. This is the fourth year of Cheon Il Guk and we are going over a huge boundary at this time. Father must go back to Korea for a special prayer condition to begin May 1st. We must understand that from 1992 to 2012 Mother is going through a special course in which she is going to fulfill an incredible responsibility. We must be determined to give our utmost sacrifice and devotion between now and 2012.

The fourth year of Cheon Il Guk is very crucial. Therefore Father proclaimed God's Fatherland and the Peace Kingdom on God's Day. If you don't follow you may be a victim. In the Bible it talks about a bottomless pit in hell. There is no bottom. Satan created the huge hole. Father must go there and close that and bring all back to heaven.

Who will do this. The Marriage Supper of the Lamb is the course that will close it. You must become Brides and Bridegrooms. In this course even the servants can take their rightful place in the family. The homosexual movement is taking people away from God's ideal. Through the blessing we can engraft the True Olive Tree. In order to make evidence of the Blessed Central family.

Politics can easily lead to bloodshed in a conflict situation. That is why the Political realm cannot create the realm of Suk Bang or release and liberation. Unificationists need the straight way to go on. Though we may have a knife or gun, it cannot be used to create the Fatherland. It can be used of hunting. Do you want to listen to me or not.

What about the broken family situation. There is only one hope. Even those who oppose us know that we are the biggest hope to make good marriages. We must have a clear understanding of the revolution of indemnity and the revolution of conscience and the revolution of heart. Rev. Kwak, Rev. Hwang and Mr. Yoon, you must be united and educate your tribes and make such a foundation in Korea. Father talks about Mrs. Kang the first Christian to join our movement. She must be placed in a role to teach.

You should understand how to relate True Parents. You shouldn't treat me like you treat vendors at a market. You say "good morning" to vendors at the market. You shouldn't greet me so casually.

I have to make a way for the second generation who fell or otherwise they will be blocked from heaven and will be lost. 36 Blessed Couples must really work hard and they can keep their role or otherwise there must be a reorganization.

Father feels that this general election in Korea is the second one, and then there will be a third one. The communists will not be able to say there is something wrong through this process.

Adam and Eve were the CEO's of the Kingdom of God but because they fell they were kicked out by God. I am a very fearful person. You have know idea how much authority and power I have for judgment, but I don't use it.

In August of 2003, Father did the Holy Burning Ceremony. Then one year latter the fourth Israel could be created. Rev. Kwak understands God's providence and Rev. Hwang also, Rev. Hwang there are many books developed on the providence. What is important now is to make sure that all of Father's words are transcribed and translated. Where is President Noh from? Mr. Yoon you need to attend Rev. Kwak and Rev. Hwang. Now everything must be reorganized in Korea. Rev. Hwang must be the head of all the Vice Presidents who are controlling every organization.

Yesterday Rev. Kwak read my speeches at True Parents' Day that went all the way back to the 1960's. What is amazing is that everything that I spoke at that time has been clearly fulfilled.

Today, God's Fatherland and the Peace Kingdom must be completed. Korea could be the first country that could register in God's Fatherland. I ordered you to do Tong Ban Kyok Pa 18 years ago. I am not happy that you couldn't accomplish this is 18 years. If there is not a lot of things.

Rev. Kwak, you must invite all the Presidents of the World to come to a special meeting. Including the U.S. leader. If you don't some problem will occur in the spirit world.

Unificationists you should not long for some gift from me. You must deal with your tribes and bring a harvest and then give that to True Parents.

I don't believe in the effectiveness of most medicine. I can heal my body better than that. Now the time has come to completely cleanse and restore Japan.

Yesterday when Father saw all the second generation he felt that we must create a fund for them. Did we create such a fund yet? Dr. Yang. Kook Jin Nim created a special fund for witnessing and development that will help second generation.

You must accomplish everything for True Parents and accomplish everything by 2008. I may need to meet the key leaders of the world from now. Both American and International.

Maria, you should follow my direction. Dr. Yang, you should love Maria more than you love your wife. You should support Maria S. so that the blessing should come to the black community. Mr. Joo you must go to the east and really sacrifice. If you don't sacrifice you will not go forward correctly. There is a famous evangelist in the spiritual world named Rev. Joo. You should think about that.

(Father is cutting his trip to the airport incredibly short. Everyone is encouraging Father to go but Father is staying. Everyone is afraid to say anything to Father after several rejections. So to encourage Father to come, someone (maybe True Mother) sent the two grandchildren, who cried out "Grandpa let's Go !!!" Father started laughing and we all cracked up.)

Father asked Dr. Yang to conclude with Father's Prayer in Hoon Dok Hae and asked us to pledge to read all May messages.

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