Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2004

Providential May Second Hoon Dok Hae at Hanam Dong

Sun Myung Moon
May 2, 2004
Notes by Michael Jenkins
Translation by Jin Man Kwak

Note: (These are notes through a simultaneous translation. Simultaneous translation is done in summary form and depends greatly on the translators ability to communicate the essence of the message. These cannot be published as definitive texts and should never be used in the future for some kind of publication on Father's words. However they do provide a good idea of the " spirit" of the message.)

Everything must stand on the foundation of God's Fatherland and the Peace Kingdom. All else should be burned away. There must be sovereignty and Kingship based upon the ideal nation. Your work must be absolutely clear as to which direction it goes. Father has been talking about Liberation (Hey Bang) and release (Seok Bang). There were 120 apostles and tribes that must connect to the vertical line and then God's Peace Kingdom will be established. Now the Sabbath should be based on the 8th day.

Father has declared about the settlement and the day of attendance. He is connecting spring and summer. There are two key months. May is the end of spring and the beginning of summer connecting those key months. If you connect February and May you get the number 10. Father got up early today. Today, Mother is saying that we may not go to Yeosu because of reports of storms. Father said however, if the Master doesn't go then it won't have the historic dignity. Father is determined to go. One of Father's relatives went to the spirit world but Father is not making that a priority.

Yesterdays speech was very important. Our conscience must lead the way. Our conscience is precious. Our physical body must uphold our conscience then we cannot go wrong. No matter what our conscience and our mind knows the truth. If a person has mind and body struggle how can they enter into the Kingdom of Heaven. You should not be dragged along by your physical body. Satan has made 193 nations, Satan is trying everything to take Father away from the central position. Conscience is ahead of parents. Conscience goes ahead of the teacher. If you go the compromising way, God is absolute.

I must guide you. Do you understand Dr. Yang. Now we are transcending the time of religion. Absolutely this is our hope and our conscience. Do you think I live my life recklessly. Because you all did not fulfill many things in your responsibility then I was dragged through all kinds of difficult indemnity conditions.

Adam knew through his conscience what was right. He didn't follow. That means that our conscience is really the center. If we follow our conscience we will bring the parent, the teacher and the king. Two worlds, the mind of earth and the mind of heaven must be the center. I'm revealing everything to you.

Do you wish to do whatever you want? You will not be connected to God. Don't listen to parents and do whatever you want. Many people are telling me that I can rest. Why do you go to Yeosu? Father's conscience says that he should even go earlier. You come and go based on your own criteria. But Father doesn't operate that way. Father goes according to the conscience. Father's speech yesterday, everything in your life is recorded in the spirit world. If you deny Father's teaching you will perish. The direction of my mind and conscience is the key. Father has many older sisters. They were preparing their own bag for the time when they go to their marriages. However, my thinking was that we should thing more of our parents before we think of our own marriages. Unification Church Leaders and Blessed Families represent True Parents. From January 13th 2001 to May 13th, 2004 is a 40 month course. In this number is the four position foundation, 40 years, 40 days, 4000 year period. Why Father holds this kind of event. To connect with the earth and the ocean Father will hold an historic event.

The Seoul Tower is a landmark for Seoul, the Eiffel Tower is the landmark for France. Have you offered money to Father. Even if your nation is a desert you should make it all green and then offer everything. Have you offered serious donations to Father. Do you think Father should be worrying about finances and these things at this time. This was your responsibility. You take advantage of True Parents and even rip off Father's hand for your own benefit. Do you understand. You have taken advantage of True Parents and even use True Parents for your own benefit. In this pitiful situation you deserve to perish. If my mind and conscience doesn't know this I can't say it.

Everything is in the pair system. Even when Father carries money he always thinks of the pair system. He even carries bills with the pair system. Liberation and release takes the root of the lineage out. Without proper alignment of your mind and body you don't even deserve to be here. Sometimes when you fight you know you are wrong but you stubbornly hold your position.

Does your conscience know what you have to do. Father has guided this kind of thing for many years. Father has the same confidence. Can the conscience be behind. No the conscience must be ahead. Father always said that before you rule over the universe you must rule over yourself. Can you lie. Do you want to be an in law to Father. If you tell me you don't understand then I must kick you out.

You must understand the spirit world. You must attend, support and cooperate with Father's words. This is the time of great transition. True Children are longing for the heart of Father and Mother. After the declaration of Liberation and Release the all encompassing liberation has come.

Letter from Heung Jin Nim: (Read by Won Ju - paraphrased in translation).

Dear Oma Nim. I long for you. We wanted to liberate Japanese ancestors and liberate Japan. Especially in this limited time that we have for establishing God's Fatherland. Today I want to call you Oma. I long for you. Please remember Choon Mo Nim, also Dae Mo Nim always guided, cared for and raised me. Sometimes I wish that your could comfort and Dae Mo Nim. I wish you could be free to show your love to Dae Mo Nim and Father to Hoon Mo Nim. I sometimes feel difficult because even though I'm the Heavenly Commander in Chief, I don't want to show my weakness. Mother because of you I receive so much energy. I feel desperate to protect Father's health.

Heung Jin Nim.


Because I have Heung Jin Nim in the spirit world all the religious founders are completely united with me. The religions of this world are coming into a most fearsome time. The spirit world will now come down and judge you. This is a fearful time. The religious leaders of this world must follow or they will be judged. They must follow.

Now is the time when judgment must come. You must not laugh about this matter. Father is in total alert mode. Father is ready to move at any moment. I do not want to be indebted. Father could go to the spirit world at any time - with one prayer.

But I feel desperate over the responsibility and the mission that I have been given. True Children have shed blood in front of all parents and ahead of parents.

The principle of True Love is that the individual was sacrificed for the sake of the family. Can you think of this just for yourself. I've seen people who go this path and will perish.

You must make a determination. Young Shin means conscience which also means the "Total Mind". Your all encompassing mind. Through my head and my spine, my mind must not be disabled. Even if my flesh is shattered by the lash my mind will not be disabled. My mind will stay on the standard and even if I die more blessing will come.

No one knows the internal suffering in my heart. Washington should have one owner. Among three (Rev. Kwak, Dr. Yang and Mr. Joo), who should be the representative. Michael Jenkins - Who should be the owner? Do think you should be the owner? (No Father. Rev. Kwak is the center). Should Father appoint Rev. Kwak or should Rev. Kwak take the position. (He should be appointed by Father.) Father: What if Rev. Kwak dies?

Father doesn't need to go to lower level officials. Father is not in the position to ask any President for help. They need Father's help.

Rev. Eu from Japan reported. (Father said, you have been there 7 years). It was originally supposed to be 3 years but it was extended. It was in Uruguay that Father expressed incredible heartache putting down his spoon in Uruguay. It was such a difficult time of financial crisis. Father appointed the National Messiah of Uruguay, Paraguay, Argentina and Brazil to Japan. Because of the love of True Parents I could go through all the hardships. I prayed very hard to overcome the struggles. Whenever we had many difficulties. Father said that all that Japan should do should be accomplished by True Parents blessing. Then it was extended to April 30th of this year.

Father spoke for 8 hours earlier this year in Yeong Pyeong until 5 am and then Father said we should do Hoon Dok Hae. Father said I am now giving my last will and testament. After Father departed we really made a new determination to connect and restart. There was a major event coming in Washington for True Parents. We realized that Father is bearing all the cross. After Father gave his words then the impact was great.

Japanese are unique, their thinking is oriental but their lifestyle is westernized. When I went there, their national characteristic is that what ever comes in they turn it into a Japanese style. Father's big concern was that they would do the same with Father's words, teaching and tradition. When the leader changes all changes. My thought was how to create a central rail that would not change. Recently centering on Dae Mo Nim and Choon Mo Nim we began anew. Heung Jin Nim's letter came through Hoon Mo Nim. We must make a spiritual revival. It's like a ceremony to liberate and solve the ancestral situation. There were many court cases due to the kidnapping of our members. The situation is becoming more positive in Japan because we try to solve these problems. When I tried to get a three year visa they always monitor our leaders and activities. They are becoming moved by the standard that we have. They are coming to respect us.

During this tour, what kind of title should we have. Many Japanese cannot come to Chung Pyung because the workshops are always on the weekend. So we asked Dae Mo Nim to come to Japan. There was an explosion of heart. 16 regions exist. We sent up 4 locations. The venues are booked one year in advance. It was difficult to find the locations.

The final day of the event was in Hiroshima. I could not accompany everywhere. There were elder leaders that Father assigned to Japan - they attended. Until the end of April everyone tried to fulfill their responsibility and incredible breakthroughs occurred. Now from May 1 to the end of the year we feel new hope to fulfill our responsibility to connect North and South Korea.

Through the relatives we sought to connect 10 and then each expand to 10. There were members who tried to witness to her tribe with Holy Wine and Holy Salt. She however could not reach her husband. She set a 40 day condition. At the end he became deafly ill. He would either die or be a vegetable all his life. She studied for three days concerning Father's words and teaching and suddenly he miraculously revived. The doctors were amazed. He then could connect with True Parents. A similar thing happened in another region. One member couldn't reach her younger brother and he had a severe heart problem. She read the testimony. Her brother had died from the hospitals point of view. She set a three day condition. He revived. It shocked the doctors.

The donation that was gathered, 30 % will go to Chung Pyung. One lady was told to clean the car of her husband. She not only cleaned it but felt that she must take the seats out, when she did she found a huge amount of money she could donate. Many members made a wish list and their lists were fulfilled.

In Japan, usually the spirit world is very heavy. This really set a condition to change the spirit world. Many heard the testimony of Father's work in Jerusalem and saw the liberation that he is bringing there. It was just amazing. They could feel that Jesus was liberated in Israel through True Parents and that blessing was coming to Japan.

As much as Jesus was liberated and America did the Coronation then more liberation is taking place. Wherever Father's interest goes then the spirit world focuses there. Now most of the difficult situation of the IMF time is almost restored. The final point is the Yoido land. On April 13th Father proclaimed the Liberation and Release. 2000, October 14th Father's liberation from Heung Nam was the 50th anniversary. Yesterday was the 50th Anniversary of the HSAUWC in which Father could now proclaim the total liberation and release of heaven and earth.


Our prayer must be a report, on exactly what occurred and how much advancement I made this day. You must never retreat or you will perish. You must advance every day. You have to offer the result and the advancement that you made. If you accomplish Tong Ban Kyok Pa this nation of Korea could be ours. This is the Fatherland.

Rev. Eu:

April was a very challenging month. There was so much sacrifice during this time. Four major cities, we did a tour with Hyo Jin Nim. We did four major events and Hyo Jin Nim did a 10,000 song condition. Fully investing himself to this concert and during this time the members are pushing so hard. What could I offer. 19 songs and 2 encores there were 21 songs. It moved the hearts of the young people.

We will continue this foundation of the North and South.


It's almost 100 years since the 1905 oppression. Its now time for Japan to gain sovereignty. Father is always thinking about China, Japan, Korea and Russia. That's why Father started the undersea tunnel. When the tunnel project is done, Japan can be connected to all of these countries. We want to see the movement of free flow of people and transport. Korea will become a central hub in this situation. Inner and Outer Mongolia and China and Manchuria will all connect in this way. Father was originally planning all of these key developments. Japan blocked this.

Father went to America to prepare the foundation to move China and Russia. Father is thinking of making major Hubs between various sectors of the world. Father is thinking how to utilize the full connection of land, sea and air to make harmonious flow of people and bring prosperity.

Father asked Rev. Eu to make your determination. As you hear these kinds of things then Japan can move so quickly. However your eyes are not fully open yet as to the power of the spirit world and this time of transition. When Father wanted to mobilize 180 leaders to Japan from Korea there were really no qualified leaders to send. The three providential nations must wake up. All the funds raised in Japan are for the North South Unification of the Fatherland. That is why Korea must be vertically over Japan.

Rev. Eu:

The Hoon Dok home church. There are about 36,000 couples in Japan. These Korean / Japanese couples have many hardships. Many women want to go to the front line and many husbands try to stop them. It was very moving yesterday for those who were recognized as exchange marriages. Heaven really loves them and they must be recognized more. Every member must become a light to the world. In Japan there is the problem of Communism and Democracy - there is the internal condition for these confrontations to be solved. We made an association for Korean wives. Six or seven years we worked to make the Family Foundation. We have made a counseling and care system so they can fulfill the will of heaven. This time the Peace Ambassadors came, Father has been talking about the North and South. All of Japan's activity is for supporting and the founding of the Fatherland. We have to unify Korea.


From now the system has to have one head. There must be one brain and one system like a body. Now the time of Liberation and Release must take place. So that your position is not set by yourself but based on your connection to the overall axial line.

The system in Korea must now be changed. The Family Party should prepare to make the blessing and all these organizations should by like the Vice Chairman of the Party. All of these leaders must connect together to go in one direction. From Father's point of view, one direction is necessary. If you utilize Father's name for your own glory it is not good. Rev. Kwak you must understand Father's direction clearly. The 50th Anniversary event - from this point all leaders must connect with the brain centering on the central nervous system. ( Father is making clarification of our organizational structure.) The family should be the center of the organization. You must utilize your sons and daughters to fulfill this public mission. Father coined a new term Pang - Half Tong - whole. This is the time of real transition. This is the time of release and liberation. Until we find our nation and unify the North and the South of the Fatherland. If the America and the UN unite and follow Father - Father can clarify these things in six months.

Even with the trouble in Israel - if America and China united we could create a peace keeping force. These 6 major religious leaders are supporting. Joong Hyun Pak do you understand. Rev. Kwak, Dr. Yang, Mr. Joo, Michael Jenkins (the four people are here now). You must understand that there must be a clear central point and all directions and monies must go through one person. These four people must unite centering on this one person. You must become one and all organizations must become one. God is trusting Father, yet Father is so old. Yet God is relying on me completely. In the 80s and 90s Father will go forward without hesitation. Your family is going to the Kingdom of Heaven. Your flesh, your body is the problem. Father gave the command that at night time your should be totally naked. The problem is that our husband and wife have not become one. When your mission is far away you begin to long for your spouse. Your spouse was created with thousands and thousands of years of preparation. The 36, 72, 124 , 430 couples. Many children went their own way. Cleansing and resolution must come and special condition made to solve this.

Father is reorganizing and bringing resolution. 124, 430 couples, all blessed couples must be cleansed, the blessed family department head here? Are you all going to Yeosu. Father when he has a providential event like the 50th Anniversary and Yeosu condition this is the time of a new beginning. Father was thinking of doing personnel changes based on this resolution of Liberation and Release. All this must be realized and so a new appointment must take place. All the major leaders must be checked. Father is thinking of changing the Blessed Family Department head. Who is a good person for this? You must have the proper person in that role. If I ask for any information on any blessed couple I want to have it.

You must understand how fearful the fourth year of Cheon Il Guk is. The year four of Cheon Il Guk all these things must be resolved. Satan stole this and everything must be offered back to Father. In order for them fulfill three generations must be aligned and settled. People always think that my son is good but the other is a problem. That isn't correct. Both sides have a problem when the marriage breaks up.

Now is the only time. This is the only opportunity. From 2004 to 2008 is a crucial time. Now is the liberation time in which Father must forgive and release, then grace must come. Father is trying to cleanse and resolve these issues. Father must resolve these many complicated situations. Proper research must be done about the Blessed Family Situation.

The three providential nations - Korea, Japan and America must develop the correct foundation and understanding of the blessed family situation. I already did the registration and Cheon Il Guk Blessing. Now this is the time of the noon settlement. Then we must create the correct way for blessed families. Now the standard must be set.

By May 13th these things must be resolved. If some blessed families refuse to have that kind of standard then you cannot be with us. Father had to abandon his children on this course, I couldn't even hold my children's hands. Instead I had to bless my enemies children and even give them scholarships, love and educate them. Rev. Kwak you must think about who the head of the Blessed Family Department should be.

May 5th the fishing tournament will finish. At that time, we must check all blessed families situations. Father's own direct children, even if they are in the middle of hell, I can bring them back at any time. Blessed Families should be like a protective wall around my children. But many are even guiding the True children in the wrong way allowing them to fall into Satan's trap. Father had to bless and love the enemies children. Blessed families then in return must protect the True Family.

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