Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2004

Summary of True Father's Words During the Month of June

Sun Myung Moon
July 1, 2004

During pledge service on April 19, 2004, the 45th True Parents Day, True Father declared the Day of the Attendance of Safe Settlement (?????—Korean short form: ???—English short form: Day of Attendance ) and on May 5th, which was the first Day of Attendance (Ahn Shi Il), he declared the Day of the Victory of the Number Ten as the Combination of Two Parts (Ssang Hab Sib Seung Il).

The Declaration Rally for Absolute Values for the Sake of Harmony and Unification. (The harmony and unification of true love is an absolute values necessary to the ideal of the family.) was held On May 21st in Yeosu, Korea. With this providential start True Parents declared the "elimination of the Cain-Abel era" and have been setting conditions in Yeosu and laying a foundation for kicking off the traditions of the new world of God's sovereignty in the era after the coming of heaven.

The main points that Father made during Hoon Dok Hae sessions in June can be summarized as follows:

First, the sexual organ is the palace of love.

Second, the mind precedes the body and is eternal.

Third, he emphasized the importance of the blood lineage.

On each Day of Attendance, pledge service was held with all the Korean leaders from providential organizations. On July 6th, Father explained the purpose of his stay and conditions in Yeosu. He said that the eighty-day period until July 16th is the time for writing the introduction to the great transition, which is connected to the establishment of Ahn Shi Il, which goes beyond the number eight. Father stated that by fulfilling and eighty-five-day period (symbolizing Father's age of 85 years) until July 21st, he was offering a condition to dissolve everything that may obstruct the start of the number eight.

From June 7th, a three-day special gathering for Korean leaders was held at Blue Sea Garden in Yeosu. In a speech that he gave, Rev. Sun Jo Hwang stated, "2004 is proceeding through providential situations that are different from the previous age." He went on to explain four major changes that True Parents had recently initiated—the designation of Cheon Seong Gyeong (Holy Scriptures of Heaven), the establishment of the laws of Ahn Shi Il, the perfection of the Family Pledge, and the declaration of the era of being completely free.

On June 10th, Father chose the family names "Choi" [?: ?], "Pak" [?: ?], "Han" [?: ?], "Kim" [?: ?], "Hwang" [?: ?], "Lee" [?: ?], "Jung" [?: ?], "Yoo (Myogeumdo)" [?: ?], "Ryu (Beodeul)"[Name in parentheses denotes family origin, called bongwan (??) in Korean.][?: ?], "Yoon" [?: ?], "Heo" [?: ?] and "Joo" [?: ?] and organized them into the twelve tribes.

During the Hoon Dok Hae on June 17th, Father spoke anew about the returning number (10) saying, "Since the number 1 is the number of a new start and the number 10 is the number of return for a new start centering on the number 10 of Ssang Hab Sib Seung Il, if we failed at the number 1, we can return (to the original point) at the number 10; if we failed at the number 10 we can return at the number 100 through ten-fold hardships. The Day of the Victory of the Number Ten as the Combination of Two Parts is the day when the Cosmic Parent, the Parent of Heaven and Earth, and the Parent of Heaven, Earth and Humankind grasps the era before heaven with his left hand and grabs the era after the coming of heaven with his right and makes sets on the proper course that which had rotated in reverse. If this goes around in one circle, the tail from the past becomes the head of a new age, and the head of the satanic world becomes the tail in the new age."

The celebration for the 42nd Day of All True Things was held the next day (June 18th). After pledge service Father said, "We have inherited the kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven, the world after the coming of heaven. I pray that you will become flag bearers and representatives who can establish the honor and dignity of owners and heirs, and this I offer before Heaven, along with the 42nd anniversary for the Day of All Things in this new era after the coming of heaven. Amen." Father had the audience repeat all of that after him.

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