Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2004

True Parents News 6/10/04

Sun Myung Moon
June 10, 2004
Special Meeting for Leaders
Blue Sea Garden, Yeosu

On June 10th, the third and last day of the Special Meeting for Leaders in Korea that began on the 8th in Yeosu, 400 leaders gathered at the main hall of the training center for morning Hoon Dok Hae with True Parents. After participants greeted True Parents, True Father called for people with the family names of "Choi" [?: ?], "Pak" [?: ?], "Han" [?: ?], "Kim" [?: ?], "Hwang" [?: ? ], "Lee" [?: ?], "Jung" [?: ?], "Yoo (Myogeumdo)" [?: ?], "Ryu (Beodeul) - Name in parentheses denotes family origin, called bongwan (??) in Korean - [? : ?], "Yoon" [?: ?] to come up and stand in rows according to family name. Those with family names "Heo" [?: ?] and "Joo" [?: ?] were also asked to come up; in this way twelve family names were selected. Father stated that sister/brotherhood ties should be established among those people from the selected family names. Father also said that the time will soon come for the reorganization of the tribes.

Father's Words:

Tell those with the family name "Choi" to come up. Next "Pak" and "Han". Stand separately. "Pak"s and "Choi"s stand separately. "Choi"s make one group. Where are the "Pak"s? Let's have the "Han"s, behind them the "Kim"s, behind them the "Hwang"s, then the "Lee"s, then the "Jung"s. Count how many family names that makes. (That makes seven family names. "Choi-Pak-Han-Kim-Hwang-Lee-Jung.") What was the family name of the former president [of the Korean church]? (It was "Yoo.") Then let's have the "Yoo"s, the "Yoo"s from Myogeumdo. Ah! Eight family names, Have all these family names here establish sister/brotherhood ties so that all eight family names can be one. There is a need to indemnify everything from the historical age. Take all the family names of those in important posts in our church organization, reorganize and unite all those things that were not finished until now and have them become the pioneers or forerunners in liberating the nation and the construction of God's fatherland and the peace kingdom.

Let's have the "Yoon's and then the "Yoo (Ryu)"s from the Beodeul (willow) family come up as well. That makes it ten. If we organize these people into trinities, that will make a mix of all these people. The time has come to unite, to come together and march forward in unity. All those important people bound to the church organization must cooperate in indemnifying those things that were not established due to the failure of the blessed families who had to find the nation. Thus, now you need to quickly restore your clan; cooperate with the clansman of those families bound to your spouse's family, those families reorganized this time, and encourage these families. Involve all 275 clans [in Korea] for the liberation of the nation; the time has come for them to play the role of a locomotive.

The most important family names are the "Choi"s and "Pak"s. The "Choi"s, "Pak"s and "Han"s. These family names in particular must become a model. The time will come for these ten family names to become one and be reorganized. Any two family names from Cain-Abel enemy nations, or two countries that received the blessing with a Japanese or Korean, or received the blessing with an American or Korean, or international families that were blessed with any person of this world should be added to the twelve family names. Families not included in these twelve family names should join them by establishing sister/brotherhood ties to become like one family, and they must all be mobilized in the position with the responsibility of liberation the tribe and nation. Then with the family clan make them cooperate with all things that began from Yeosu Sooncheon. They themselves should mobilize the entire standard for the national purpose and do tongban kyokpa. You have to put the rural district, block area, and ward, including the heads of the rural district to the heads of the block area, district, and ward, within the sphere of your clan. Do you understand?

Now this must be arranged anew. Regardless of where your hometown is if you are within the block area or rural district you must cooperate with the area; if there is no head of that block area be it; if there is no head of that rural district be it. Then there will be no need for elections. If we can completely occupy these places then everything will be connected to the age of liberation. There will be not opposition party or ruling party. Can and Abel have all been abolished. The age of indemnity has passed. There is no more yangban (Korean nobility) or sangnom (people of low birth). There must be brotherly love amongst all people. The time has come to place all those who got blessed with Japanese or any person in this group to begin the organization of the twelve tribes.

Mix all these people and tie them together through sister/brotherhood ties. Each should help one another. If there is a central area where the "Kim"s can take the lead in helping the nation, everybody connected to the "Kim" family through sister/brotherhood ties should be reflected throughout the nation so that it can reach out through its realm of influence. All can stand in the position of responsibility representing the "Kim" family, the "Pak" family, the "Jung" family, the "Yoo" family and the twelve family names. You should not have any discriminating differences there. Since you stood in the position of having denied your brother, you must all become like real brothers - like flesh and blood ?and unite as we enter the age of organizing the nation.

Hwang Sun-jo, are you in [the lines]? (Yes.) How about Pak Jung Hyun? Is he here? Why isn't he here? (He is not here. Only the leaders of the city, county and boroughs are here today.) Hyo-yul -ev. Hyo-yul Peter Kim -! Come here. Why weren't you in the "Kim" group? (I was standing in the "Kim" group.) Hyo-yul, you must combine with the "Yoon"s around the "Pak"s and gather Pak Bo-hi and your children to create a squad that can help and support the "Pak" family. The clan must take on the responsibility for the wrongs of its own clan. We have entered such an age where the family would take responsibility for the mistakes of the entire clan; the tribes would take responsibility for the nation.

Thus, do not assign the responsibility entirely to the parents. You must create the realm of brotherhood in heaven that can completely turn around all the failures of the ancestors in the "Pak", "Choi" or "Kim" family. The fateful era has come in which we must restore the nation. So from this month of June, what day of June is it today? (It is the tenth.) It is June tenth. We need to restore the number six through indemnity. By losing the number six, the creation of man, we lost the family, nation and world, did we not? We lost the realm of the Sabbath. It is a remarkable that we are making this promise to organize these tribes on this day of June 10th as we newly begin the pre-millennial era and the era after the coming of heaven today. Do not waste this moment.

Those who came here today should become the crack contingent and create the bonds of brotherhood with everyone connected to your twelve clans. The time has come for the whole to take action on a national scale. If we can move this and create a political party nobody can stop us. Our purpose is not in the political party. Our goal is tongban kyokpa. Tongban kyokpa are in the counties, provinces, and the capital. We have to position them. If trained, these people can go any place and become the branch and root for these twelve family names. Centering on this they can elect the national messiah, tribal messiah and realm of the family messiah that can become national representative. Taking three people from this group, these three can draw lots and the one elected can be the center with the other two on his right and left to create a trinity foundation.

All things are in relation to the earth, air and sky. They come into being and fly to spirit world. Since the entire process of creation is included even a nation must follow this official logic and come to an end. Without deciding all those responsibilities it is impossible to organize these tribes. You can organize the tribes only when you have a nation. In Jacob's time he had to find the nation. The organization of tribes can be done on the foundation of restoring both the nation and world. This is what you need to do to organize tribes. Say tongban kyokpa. (Tongban kyokpa) You should place your life on the line when you do this. Like in the song yesterday, you have to become a gypsy in Korea and find it. You have to live like a gypsy. God lived that way, Adam and Eve, the realm of religion; the entire human race lived like a gypsy. If you found it in the east sky, if you know that you breathe and live in that place of your master, then you have seen and felt something. You have to become the entity that can testify of all that was heard and done. Then standing on the crossroads of time, you must become the owners of tongban kyokpa, wind the heaven and earth and enter heaven. Only when the earth and heaven are complete can you enter heaven. The rock that stands for a thousand years, the rock that stands for a billion years is only possible on the foundation of tongban kyokpa. That's the meaning of that song. Believing in the parent centering on these environmental conditions that the entire nation can support, you have to separate yourself from the parents. It is time to overhaul the nation, not time to prepare for tongban kyokpa. This isn't time to worry about the situation of the "Pak"s or "Kim"s or the "Lee"s.

It is time to look at the situation of the entire nation. Father is not doing this for the twelve family names here. I am here for the nation. It is time to live for the nation. But if the clan messiahs, tribal messiahs and national messiahs stand before Parents who bear the responsibility for the nation, and say that they are without responsibility, they are nothing but thieves. They will be without doubt of the fallen descendants.

You have to know about Heung-jin nim. You have to go the path that the elder brother has gone. You have to know how the family of the elder brother lives and become the fence that can help that family. Any family that eats maggots and just thinks of living well off with their own cannot enter heaven.

The family of the elder brother and the family of the younger brother must become one and serve the parents. Heung-jin nim and you are Cain and Abel. Only when a foundation is created can the central axis begin to emerge from this plane. That axis is the individual axis, family axis, tribal and national axis? A path will be opened where God can freely go up and down like the heaven and earth. You must not go away with the intentions of living well-off on your own. Do you understand? You must have new determination and make a new beginning from today.

It is 20 years from 1984. 20 years have passed since Heung-jin nim's ascension. At this time you have to all make determinations. Families must [take part] in the elder brother's battle. You have to know that the time has come to be ready to die, to fight with your life on the line for Parents, and the restoration of the nation. This is no joke. Now we must organize the tribes. We need a nation. Every single part of this world must become God's land, and the organization of tribes must be done. This is only possible when God has land; God still does not have a nation, the world is not his. You have to understand this well. I'm in a hurry for a reason. You must not think this as a means for the goals of the Unification Church. It is not a means but a principle.

For the remaining two family names we will include the "Heo" clan and "Joo" clan, okay? That's twelve tribes. "Joo" and "Heo". (What about the "Moon" clan?) There is no need to include the "Moon" clan. Once the unified world comes everybody will be a "Moon". The "Moon" family name will succeed the generations. The "Moon" family must connect the kingship to the earth. They are different. [The Moon clan] must not be in the same place where the Cain and Abel of the satanic world come together. Now we are including Rev. Joo Gi-cheol and Heo Ho-bin. They represent Christianity. "Heo"s raise your hand. "Joo"s! Connect them to the twelve lines. You have to connect the two conflicting factions, the Cain and Abel of the outside world, the mother nation and father nation, Cain and Abel. That's why the "Heo" clan and "Joo" clan were included.

When you represent the whole, the world and come to the number 14, then all international married couples of the world will be included. Then we reach the conclusion that the organization of the main tribes that move the world, this organization can begin from the position above the conditions on the heavenly side.

If you do not receive [the blessing] when spirit world moves you will end up a dwarf. Father is talking about combining spirit world and physical world. But there will be no liberation in the course of restorative indemnity for those who doubt my words and falter. Their lip, eyes, nose, ears, hand and foot, the five viscera and the six entrails of the body will not stand before heaven. These things will only stand before God's providence when it turns toward one direction, in devotion with absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience. In that position you must find the revolution for indemnity, the revolution of the conscience and the revolution of the heart. You must then have the awareness that you are the sons and daughters, that you are the children of God that serve God and who can inherit the future kingship of the unified era of the heaven and earth centering on the prince and princess of God's family. This cannot be accomplished with that kind of garbage belief. Father is trying to implant a higher order of ideology and ideal in you, to have you inherit the reins to true victory and hand you the entire tradition. These are not just words. They are a record of my victories in the course of actual battles. I am a champion; not a loser; a champion that can inherit the kingship. [The Korean word paeja (??) can mean both champion (??), and loser (??) depending on the Chinese character.] This is a record of the victorious battles of a champion. You have to know this. If you feel the pangs of conscience when you shine yourself to this, know that when you go to spirit world there will still be an area within you that would need to be trained. Do you understand? You have to get your act together and go back.

5:20, Mrs. Won-ju McDevitt starts to read the book "Commander in Chief of Heaven: Heung-jin Moon" from where she left yesterday. Father interrupted the Hoon Dok Hae reading many times to speak.

7:02, Mrs. Won-ju McDevitt finishes reading. Yoon Jung-ro offers a prayer and Region Director Heo Yang sang "Living in the Mud." The morning Hoon Dok Hae ended with three cheers of og mansei led by Rev. Hwang Sun-jo.

Sister/brotherhood Ties Ceremony and Closing Ceremony for the Special Leaders Meeting - June 10

Sister/brotherhood Ties Ceremony and the Closing Ceremony for the Special Leaders Meeting began from 3:20 pm at the main hall of the training center in Blue Sea Garden. The master of ceremonies Lee Gyu-sam (Director, Witnessing Department) began the ceremony with a holy song. Rev. Kim Chang-geun (Region Director, South Gyeonggi Province) opened with a prayer and under the guidance of Rev. Hwang Sun-jo team A and team B held sister/brotherhood ties ceremony. The program continued with the closing address and prayer by Rev. Hwang.

Everybody then sang Hollo Arirang and the entire ceremony ended with three cheers of og mansei led by Rev. Kang Jong-won.

Rev. Hwang divided the participants into team A (Choi, Kim, Yoo, Jung, Heo) and team B (Pak, Lee, Hwang, Han, Yoon). Both teams stood in one line facing each other and each "couple" were told to embrace each other to conclude the ceremony. Participants wrote their name and organization on cards. Rev. Hwang's closing address began with by answering the proposals handed in by the leaders. After listening to the opinions of the field leaders, he state that we cannot and will not retreat from our efforts in establishing the hoondok churches in the town, rural district and districts of Korea. He emphasized that the measures given by True Parents this time was permanent and encouraged the leaders who were struggling hard amidst difficulties.

Father went out to the sea on a boat that day and went mullet fishing. Those on the boat caught over 20 fish including the eight caught by Father. After the closing ceremony, the leaders ate sliced raw mullet and departed for their mission area.

During the day True Mother visited Gwangyang Bay and Nakaneupseong with her attendants.

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