Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2004

Summary of Commemorative Events for the 42nd Day of All True Things

Sun Myung Moon
June 18, 2004
Blue Sea Garden
Yeosu, Korea

The celebration for the 42nd Day of All True Things was held at Blue Sea Garden in Yeosu in the presence of the Cosmic Parent, the Parents of Heaven and Earth and the Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind, and leaders from all around the world.

During the 7 am pledge service, Father said: "We have inherited the kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven, the world after the coming of heaven. I pray that you will become the flag bearers and representatives who can establish the honor and dignity of owners and heirs, and this I offer before heaven along with the 42nd anniversary for the Day of All Things in this new era after the coming of heaven."

With Rev. Hwang Sun Jo as Master of Ceremonies, over 4,000 members from throughout the nation participated in the commemorative service which began at 10 am. Following by Hoon Dok Hae and a brief speech by Rev. Kwak Chung Hwan, Father spoke on the "Standard of Absolute Values." Following his speech entertainment began from 2 pm to celebrate and commemorate this day. The following is a summary of Father's speech:

Sun Myung Moon:

Who is the origin of the True Father? The origin of the True Father is eternal and unchanging. He existed before creation, he existed after creation. God appeared in the form of True Father during the course of the indemnity age. In terms of the standard of restoration through indemnity, the internal meaning is in establishing the palace of the True Parents, the palace of the true teacher, and the palace of the true king that God originally had envisioned.

That begins from the True Father. You have to know that this is the central root ideology that transcends the course of history from God to the end of eternity. Do you know the meaning of Ssang Hab Shib Seung Il? Eternal victory in spirit world must bear fruit on this earth. Thus centering on all 365 days in heaven and on earth, unless the day of the victory of the number ten (Shib Seung Il) on earth is decided, the world of the victory of the number ten in heaven cannot be realized. The world which finds the world of the victory of the number ten will become the ideal kingdom in any place on earth and in heaven. The title of the speech for Ssang Shib Jeol is "The Harmony and Unification of True Love Becomes the Absolute Values of the True Ideal Family." We haven't known about these values. We have held conferences for scientists for decades, but there have been only relative values in the academic world and absolute values did not exist. If I ask them if they knew God's love they cannot answer, because they do not even know whether God exists or not. In the last days of this earth you have to know that the root of absolute values is the path of the owner of love.

You have to enter the realm of Ssang Hab Shib Seung. The nation and religions must all enter this realm. You have to clearly know the center of absolute values. Love that lives for others must not be one that excludes God, man and woman. The owner of love cannot be found in a position of a subject or object that needs love. Since God was in such a position, God could not perfect love on His own. Who is the owner that decides the position of the owner, the parent, to become a parent? When a baby is born the mother and father are revealed. Although the parent gives birth and raises the baby, only a newborn baby can make them the owner of the parent's love. This is the root of values that never change in all eternity. No one in this world could deny these values. Man has lived in ignorance of the fact that the children born from their parents are the ones who determine the position of the owner of the parent's love. Thus the father must treasure his son or daughter more than God. Because the children decide the position of the owner of the parent's love. The parents themselves cannot determine their own value. You must clearly understand that the standard of absolute values is what determines the perfection of the love of the object partner.

What you need to know here is that, before man was created, [God] created man with a woman as the model. Although invisible He visualized the woman as the precondition as he created man. Man was born for the sake of woman, was born because of woman. The reason is because without man, the woman cannot find her place as the owner of love that can love man and love her sons and daughters. Thus you must know that man was created just for woman. You have to carry holy salt and holy wine with you. Carrying it, you have to bless your clan. You have to give them the ceremony of rebirth, the ceremony of resurrection and the ceremony of eternal life.

The victor of absolute values stands on the individual values, on the family values, and on the values of the eight vertical stages. Unless he establishes the tradition of love where he invests and forgets, loves and forgets, submit to the partner that can make him the owner and then forget, the authority of love based on absolute values cannot appear. Thus, that becomes the realm of the family, realm of the tribe, realm of the race, realm of the nation and realm of the world. Things from the creation which come in contact with those values will naturally welcome them and dance with joy. The owner of love and the standard of perfected values are both created through the object partner. Thus, we absolutely need an attitude of heart to serve and attend the partner by always combining these two hands." The entertainment began after the commemorative event and the entire program ended at 3 pm.

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