Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2004

Summary of Father's Words on June 30, 2004

Sun Myung Moon
June 30, 2004
FFWPU International

On June 30, the eighth Ahn Shi Il pledge service and Hoon Dok Hae was held at the assembly hall in the training center at Blue Sea Garden with some 600 members--who included 430 FFWPU leaders, elder church members, leaders of providential organizations, and core members from Japan.

After entering the hall, True Parents, Hyung-jin nim, Yeon-ah nim and the True Grandchildren (Shin-kwang nim, Shin-goong nim, Shin-wol nim, and Shin-joon nim) lined up in front of the stage to pray. After their prayer True Parents offered a bow together. Father and Mother then went on stage and sat before the members gathered in the hall.

Hyung-jin nim, Yeon-ah nim and the grandchildren first offered bows and then the members offered bows. Before the recital of the Family Pledge, Father made the proclamation for "Cheon yo-il" [a day of the week which in English could be translated as "Heavenday"] saying, "The Sabbath day has been a central point of philosophy in history up until this month of June; now the eighth day after the other days will be Cheon yo-il (???). Repeat after me. [Cheon yo-il!] Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, all the way to Saturday, Sunday, Cheon yo-il ["Heavenday"]. This gathering is to commemorate the implementation of this day, which will begin from tomorrow. Behold the start of this day in heaven and on earth. The world will become different now. Do you understand? [Yes!]"

Following the recital of the Family Pledge Rev. and Mrs. Kwak offered the representative prayer. After the prayer Father kept the members standing up and spoke to them.

Father's Words

The text for Hoon Dok Hae this morning comes from the declaration that Father made during the international gathering at the time of Father's 80th birthday. The content of the declaration that day was one representing the coming of a new age. Please connect with and receive those contents at this present time. Since five years have gone by, making Father's age 85, the days to indemnify this five year period should be added -- five days to July 16th, the tenth Ahn Shi Il -- to indemnify and go beyond the number eighty-five.

Designating this day of proclamation in this way, Father will spend his time [here] for one month from that day [July 21] until that day [August 20]. I proclaimed the Nation of the Fourth Israel at Sun Moon University [on August 20, 2003]. Thirty days from July 21 to August 20. Thirty days since July is an odd month. Please understand that I am offering devotions in this place to commemorate this act of liberating, freeing and clearing away everything that pertains to this number that goes beyond the Old Testament era, New Testament era, and Completed Testament era - centering on the number thirty, three times ten. I came here [to Korea] on April 21, and during my time in Korea until now, I have been offering a special period of devotion. This period in which I offer this devotion to usher in the age of liberating and completely freeing through indemnity all things in heaven and on earth should become a historical period during which you all can visit the holy land of the Korean fatherland.

When we think about the fact that Moses, who was eighty years old, like Father who is eighty years old, took forty years to make the journey to that place, a journey that should have just taken three weeks -- going to the land of Israel from Egypt doesn't even take a week. You all are new citizens of Cheon Il Guk, and must liberate and free God's heart in relation to the providence of restoration for fallen humanity, which began with the purpose of testifying to the glorious beginning of the liberated and free world of original love. ."

After Father's words, Rev. Kwak read from "World Unification and the Reunification of North and South Korea through True Love"; paragraph one, chapter six, from the book of "Liberation of the Fatherland of the True God" in the "Holy Scriptures of Heaven" for forty minutes. Rev. Kwak ended the Hoon Dok Hae with a prayer.

After the prayer, Father came down from the stage and walked amongst the members as he spoke to them, at times in Japanese. Father asked Rev. Oyamada to sing and Rev. Sudo and some of the women leaders to dance.

The eighth Ahn Shi Il pledge service and Hoon Dok Hae lasted for about three hours.

After breakfast, True Parents and Hyung-jin nim took the leaders out for fishing to offer devotions out on the sea. True Mother and Hyung-jin nim returned first to Blue Sea Garden a little past noon. Father returned from fishing at 5 pm.

In the evening True Parents spent time with the leaders in the living room of the guest house, and gave guidance on the schedule for July 1. Father had Dr. Seuk Joon-ho give a report on the activities in China.

FFWPU International

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