Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2004

True Parents News and Words

Sun Myung Moon
July 13-14, 2004
Report by History Compilation Committee
FFWPU International

1. July 13 (Tuesday)

It was the final day of a three-day condition for 600 members from Namgu (Ulsan), Sooncheon (S. Jeolla Province), Namgu (Incheon) and Daejon. After entering the hall, Father asked where the members were from. Rev. Hwang Sun-jo said that they were the same people as the day before. Mrs. Wonju McDevitt began to read from a section of the Holy Scriptures of Heaven (Cheon Seong Gyeong), which has not been translated into Korean. (Correction - should read: “which has not been translated into English. Thirty minutes into the reading Father began to speak:

Here is a summary of what father said:

Unification Church blessed families must find the nation. You have to find your nation, your own nation. Since Adam and Eve lost the nation, God and True Parents cannot fulfill this predetermined course with money or by any other means. They must shed blood. That is why [they] had to pass through eight stages beginning from the position of the servant of servants. God must be liberated on the basis of the position of the adopted son, the position of the illegitimate son, the position of the legitimate son, the position of the son, the position of the mother, the position of the father, and the position of God. Even my exercise methods were through revelations. It takes about seven to ten minutes. I have been practicing [this method] for over fifty years. I exercised before coming here today.

Mrs. McDevitt then read from the spirit world message that God sent to True Parents and from the resolution adopted by the five religious founders in the spirit world. Rev. Kwak gave a report on his attendance at the June 12th eightieth birthday celebration for George H. W. Bush, the former American president. He also gave a report on the inauguration of the Federation for Peace and Unification in Japan and then read the speech he gave at that event.

Father continued speaking after Rev. Kwak's report and then prayed at 11 o'clock. He prayed for about six minutes and then spoke about the Moon family clan and Han family clan. Father said that if all 400,000 [clan members] could not participate, then at least the representatives should be at the upcoming blessing ceremony.

Rev. Moon Pyeong-rae led the congregations with three cheers of og mansei. Father added another cheer "Og mansei for the complete freedom (seokbang) of heaven and earth!" The Hoon Dok Hae meeting ended at 11:10 am.

At 12:30 True Parents went with Yeon-ah nim, Rev. Hwang and some of the people that travel with True Parents out to sea to set a condition. In the afternoon, it began to rain sporadically. At 7 pm, True Parents returned from fishing. Hyung-jin nim, who'd come from America, arrived at Blue Sea Garden in the evening.

2. July 14 (Wednesday)

Morning Hoon Dok Hae was at Blue Sea Garden Training Center for 650 members from the cities of Busan, Kimjae (N. Jeolla Province), and the North and South Seoul regions.

Before True Parents arrived, Rev. Hwang gave an explanation emphasizing the importance of the current providential time.

Here is a summary of what Rev. Hwang said:

Throughout the course of True Parents' lives no one moment has been without significance, yet there has never been a time as now in which a new era is expanding before our eyes. From a providential perspective, True Parents spent each day of their entire lives restoring through indemnity all of history. Now in order to set straight all of history they no longer walk such a course, but are on an important course to create a new heaven and new earth for the future.

At 5 am True Parents enter the hall and are greeted by the members. Mrs. Wonju McDevitt reads from the Holy Scriptures of Heaven (Cheon Seong Gyeong)

During the hoondok reading True Father commented on the contents.

Here is a summary of what father said:

Just believing is not enough. It only adds up to a dream and outline. The biggest issue in Christianity was the Bible verse "Therefore do not be anxious, saying, 'What shall we eat?' or 'What shall we drink?' or 'What shall we wear?' For the Gentiles seek all these things; and your heavenly Father knows that you need them all. But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness." But do we have God's kingdom? Do we have His righteousness? Righteousness means for you to become like a lamb and sacrifice yourself. Jesus opened the way for salvation by sacrificing himself. You should not judge others thinking that you will be blessed through their sacrifice. Christianity must build the kingdom of righteousness. Know that even on the cross, Jesus prayed for even the evil nation of Rome to become a kingdom of righteousness.

Father also said that there is no nation on which we can place our hopes among the 191 member states of the United Nations. Thus, the reason he was working on developing the coastlines and islands from Busan to Yeosu, Sooncheon and Mokpo was to make Korea that nation of hope, and to create a resort for the embassies of the world. By doing so Father stated, we have to make the [ambassadors and consuls] remain in this beautiful place with its graceful mountain birds during the vacation period, so that they don't leave for any other place.

Mrs. McDevitt finished reading and the morning Hoon Dok Hae came to an end.

True Parents did not go fishing, but offered conditions for the speech that Father was going to give in a rally on July 16. In the afternoon Hyung-jin nim and Yeon-ah nim departed for Seoul.

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