Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2004

Father's Words in Kodiak

Sun Myung Moon
August 2, 2004
Hoon Dok Hae
Kodiak, AK
From notes of Richard Urban

The reading was about the importance of True Parents. In between the readings, Father shared the following words:

What is the significance of May 5? Five different stages should set up there. So, Satan still staying there in the National Level. So how can we get nation back to God? Should work so hard five individual level, family, tribe, national, world level, five different steps must go five different stages and then we can get nation back to God.

Such sadness and grief is not just for (outside of) God. I should think about it and later on use it to restore the nation. Now time to turn 180 degrees. What Father did at Yeosu and Soon Chun, must know the importance. Father set the condition for 80 days. You must know how important this idea is, and at 80 years old, like Moses to enter Canaan before 80 years old, but couldn’t. Even Israel, should not even spend 3 days to get to Canaan. But due to disbelief, failure, they paid 40 years. They didn’t believe, that’s why that happened.

The 12 groups of Israelites were to come out of Egypt to be saved and come to Canaan. but they couldn’t do that. Jacob and his 12 children were to multiply to 72. 72 multiply to 144 number. So, here on earth, what do you want to do? We are destined to make the 4 position foundation. August 20 to October 3, 44 days, then heaven and earth somehow are going to the fifth stage.

When you look at one hand, there is the number 5, God, Adam, Eve, Children, We should restore the number 5. The four fingers, four seasons, dual characteristics, all together, that will make it gradual power, repeated. Satan dominated everything in the whole world so what is God to do? God should be true love God, Adam true Adam, Eve, true eve, and then because of Adam and eve, everything belongs to Satan, where would you go? Left side tried to kill right side. In process of restoration, how much shed blood in between the boundary. So now time to remove the boundary.

[Father talks about how through the central point of the family we can change from the evil world to a good one].

So look at your face, what you have, how many different kinds? You have eyes, ears, mouth, nose, forehead, how many you have. Five different areas. Everything belongs to Satan. Even forehead represents God, and eyes, ears, nose, mouth, everything belongs to Satan. That’s why we lost everything. We should bring back, restore these ideas. How can we do that?

Even God cannot destroy the whole Universe. God never wants to do again, like Noah, the flood judgment.

How Western people count on fingers, start with small finder, opposite way to count (from Eastern) That way, you cannot include God, so Western concept somehow kicked out God. They are going to try to kick out God, (index finger, left hand, right hand). We need new tradition. How can bring into total unity. Love your enemy. Love others. That way bring back all ideal. Right hand, left hand, should open, then be together otherwise they can hold each other. Mineral world, plant, animals, human, all these different things, 5 different stages, so everything connects number 5, that’ s why Father declared May 5 Ssang Hap Sip Seung Il. That’s why we should restore the nation. And still this nation belongs to Satan, how can we clearly restore this nation. Use five different stages. Then if we set up national level, very easy to go to the world level, cosmic level. That’s why number 8 is somewhere core, central number. Everything connects Principle, and then this Principle starts from zero, we can all express.

Many Western people write with the left hand. Oriental world, If use left you are handicapped. If you have six fingers, you are handicapped. Somehow connect to the number 5. That’s why you must understand. Western people living upside down, even sleeping on belly. Call (with hand) opposite way from Oriental world. Western writing is horizontal. America doesn’t have tradition of vertical, like the handshake (versus bow). They call Father "your". Father call "you", Mother call "your", or "he", "she"; there is no vertical concept. They don’t have such a core concept. There are no central core concepts. Just "I", myself, nothing correct, no principle. Once you have such a clear foundation set up, you center on "I, myself";. Western world has individualism, such a Satanic concept. We should destroy this idea, otherwise Satan will destroy everything. We must wake up this morning.

Here are oriental, Korean, Japanese. Western people might say, "O, I am from a developed country person, I am proud", I am clearly explaining that Western people should get out of individualism. They should be clear about this They don’t care their parents, don’t care their family. Look at the Western world, homosexuality. Man and man, can they make a family, man and man together, can they birth children? And then they make the idea of adoption. and set the tradition a strange way. This is disgusting. Even God Himself does not want to work with these ideas. Western word is the problem.

Western people have big eyes and oriental people very small. Western big eyes, only look at today, don’t see importance of (environment). Try to think of environment, western people try to use force to dominate. Later on, those people pay indemnity. Look at the drug war in China. Because of this, Western world has struggle with drugs. Look at the young teens, what is going on now? Because of western people, especially England, try to destroy the young people in China through the drug war, now pay indemnity. Look at India, what is their struggle, now all the Indian people starving. In India there is cow, pig here and there, but there is starvation, dying now. They didn’t teach them how to do agriculture, that’s why the people are starving. We see that later on, they lost everything.

America consists of all 125 races, nationalities. People think of their own country, but America is not true owner of this country. What is the Indian, the Native American? That’s a miserable situation, the Native Americans, they are truly the owner. So, Eskimo, Indian, somehow connect to the Oriental way; they came here earlier time. They are native residents. Americans, they killed Native Americans; they got sick and died. I heard that more than 50 million Indians were killed here.

Look at the human history, how long it is, and then in America during the last 200 years, and they are all killed, they disappeared. They try to protect the Indians, especially reservations of Indians, what happened? They put Casinos for gambling, they did not put good schools. They tried to destroy step by step. They did not teach anything. God is parental position. God does not do that way. That is against God, what America now doing.

Mr. Dong Moon Joo, at the Washington Times (20th Anniversary), Father gave a speech: that means I am now going to introduce God. Time to now take down the cross. Jewish people they should understand, Protestant, they also need to understand . First Israel, Second Israel, Third Israel; they all need to understand. They should take down the cross. The first Israel took down the cross, that is why we had that rally. Then, the Jerusalem Declaration, then second declaration is Washington, third Israel is Seoul Declaration. Why are we doing that way? Because we understand history, in order to understand whole (stack) of history, that is why Father works. Father in the beginning when founded HSA talked about how to save the first Israel, Second Israel, Third Israel and then also how Father is connected to Moses, Abraham, all those things. And then Father worked so hard, and no one even understands; Father raises up the flag and only worked hard. Now, the people recognize, other religious people, righteous people they understand and welcome Father …. In the Muslim world you see one hand with the Koran, and the other hand with a knife. With the UC, both hands are empty, because of true love, because I sympathize to serve you, that’s UC, [time changes from night to morning-you don’t know when the time is changing from western to eastern]. How many white population in the world, only 800 million, and then more than 3 billion, 4 billion Asian people, how white people against Asian people, no way, so are they going to kill, to use Atomic bomb where Asian is?, no way.

So Asian people, they’re very diligent, reconstruct, rebuild, they’re very powerful, Asian people are diligent people, …... White people must repent to understand this new idea, to understand that TP sacrificed their family, even sacrificed Korea to save America, but how many people know it? … Father has nothing to learn from America. Look at this. Nothing to learn. That is a great content that Father is trying to give to us and then what is Danbury. Danbury means white people tried to kill Father, at the time of Danbury, all Jewish and Protestant, they had a victory celebration. Do you know that one? They had a victory party, then later on, even tell Muslim and unite together to try to destroy Father, but no one can do that. Look at all this content connected to TP, this is not simple content.

This is historical content, very precious, word by word. Somehow secret of heaven, all these ideas Father revealed, do you know that? It doesn’t matter you are registered in a college or whatever you speak. Father will one day stop speaking English. Father one day stop. English is a meaningless language. Father, Mother, they call "you"; that is such a low connection. Need vertical connection. Everything is horizontal, that is the problem. So they respect their children more that God…

And then they need to understand that children are the future prince and princess of God, ….. only Father knows clearly what the future world will look like.

Why is Father in Kodiak now? Kodok (in Korean?) is like a cow, (giving Birth to all)?

[Father spoke about preparation for the August 20 Coronation even]

March 26 until today Father takes all these ideas. Father is really is serious to develop all these ideas. If you do not, Father will leave this country. [Father explained how Elijah spoke to the different rulers of his age, and continuously evaluated the situation but they could not understand]

And then look at the situation of Sodom and Gomorrah; Heavenly Fataher expect 5 true people. Four different seasons and then the core, that’s 5, Heavenly Father expects 5 righteous people. Father wants to make that. So what is important, May 5, Ssang Hap Sip Seung Il is 5 together [to make 10, so with this idea, we can be victorious]

So using right hand, you can control all that, tong ban kyok pa, In Korea, inviting people to the Blessing is not a shameful word (thing), is faithful word (thing). In Japan’s and in Korea, and in Taiwan, Philippines, Russia, Koreans welcome those people as daughters in law. …

What is this? (clasps hands together)

How many kind of step? [Father explains how each finger has 3 sections, and then the 2 hands make 24 sections, and the numbers 2 and 8 are included].


[Just like the number 5, and two hands clasping each other, that connects to the number 24, that has to do with the path of heaven’s age, and connecting to the number 5].

[Father spoke about the secrets of heaven, and about how people did not know the heart of Jesus, such as when Mary asked Jesus to make wine at the Wedding at Canaan, when she should have been concerned with Jesus mission and helping him. Similarly, Father asked the Japanese members to work so hard in Kodiak (in the fish factory). Somehow Western people did not understand Father’s heart and investment]

Father brought the factory, brought all of those ideas. But no one truly recognized Father’s vision. And then Hyundai, a Korean company developed this bridge over there (in Kodiak, connecting the two marina areas). And then that way Korean company could connect (with) America. Korean people built. ….they don’t care about the Pacific ocean, … America is more connected with the Atlantic ocean. It has connected more with England, so on the East coast, many cities are named with European named cities because they don’t care about Oriental…

American people killed the native Indians.

Who is owner of China? It is Korean. And then even China, they (Westerners?) misused and abused. The Koreo dynasty.

Last time I met one professor (Hyung?), from Korea University and then many issues that one professor (hong) and then compared to others, and he was president, Father behind protect and support him.


Father came here to America. Father came and brought Japanese people…

American people don’t like Japanese people, but Father brought Japanese people here in America, and that way Father made a foundation here. That way, one day America should digest Japanese people. Japanese people work so hard, and if they do not accept, then Japans people will became the owners of America. That’s Father’s idea. That’s why Japanese women work so hard here in America. These ideas are not just meaningless. Father prepared the future.

So, Father even mobilized 4300 Japans, Each country received a certain number of missionaries... Father did. Father thinks about the future, so he sent the Japanese women, Father came to prepare all educational materials. Father really recognizes that the Japanese people have a certain heart to work wherever they can to bring results and connect to Father.

Who did the special new project in Paraguay? Japanese national Messiahs, all together worked to develop the project. It is in Paraguay, in the Libre area. They were invited to bring education for Indian people. They don’t like Indian, they don’t like Japans, but the Japanese NM educated all those Indian peoples. Now Indian people, they more recognize the Japanese Messiah; they have constructed very well built houses. All the border patrol, and other people, like soldiers, they somehow can connect centering on Japanese National Messiah. …


America somehow is abandoning, ignoring, the Pacific Island nations [Father spoke about the strategic importance of Cheju Island in Korea]

…. Father may go back to Korea.

Father thinks about the Washington Times; he thinks about it today (in) Kodiak [Father can not have confidence in the current political leadership of America]

Father worked somehow to protect the world without conflict coming in between South America and North America. Father worked to form the Washington Times, the Peace Assembly and all these media to try to bring harmony. Look at South America, what’s going on there They are now leftist, Communist.

Father met Gorbachev in the Soviet Union. Father met Kim Il Sung in N. Korea. Father wants to save those people, including Kim Jung Il. …..

World & I and Insight were closed even though I did not give a direction to close them, but somehow that happened anyway.

[Father made a great foundation, centering on the formation of the Washington Times] …. Father want to save South America, Father wants to save the black community. Even N. Korea, they are going to have some embassy built in S. America, many countries; Brazil and other countries. …..

Father wanted to talk to central leaders at this important Peace King Cup fishing tournament., but somehow, many central leaders did not come. [Father talked about Sun Moon University and about the land around the University]

Father wants to educate second generation, SMU should be better than any other university in Korea, that is Father’s desire.

[Father talked about the foundation that was set in the past with University presidents in Korea, even when Japan occupied Korea]


Father considers Mr. Kim as a son. When Father was in Danbury, he took care of all of True Parents family. Father never forgets if somebody works hard.

Father wanted all church (American) leaders to make the World & I. That’s why Father encouraged all the church leaders to go to UTS.

Father has great vision of the industrial side, but no one understands, Hyundai, Bell?, all those companies, They do not know Father’s vision, so now what happens, they are miserable now. [Father talked about economic development in Korea and Southeast Asia].

Father has a clear vision and clear ideas. America and Korea must know Father’s vision.. ….. Through education and economic development Father wants to help undeveloped countries. That is Father’s main concern.

Don’t think that Father has money… Even Father borrows money to support all kinds of providential projects.


Father went to Alabama (and we purchased one of the main boat factories there]; people were against Father’s vision 13 years ago. Is that boat factory still there? Father wonders.

And at the naval base (in Norfolk), Father had a vision to develop technology and to fix the boats. Originally Father went to Norfolk VA,… Father wanted to build big factory in the Norfolk area. Aircraft carriers are big

.. Father set the goal and prepared the ideas. But the local people did not understand the vision of Father., so Father. moved it to Alabama… The vision was to purchase a large amount of land in Norfolk.


How about today’s weather?


(Father talked in Japanese about such a small boat doing victorious fishing. There is no better boat than One Hope. …So we didn’t prepare the boats today. Even if you prepared them, what if an accident happens? That’s going to be a disaster. ….[Father was very concerned about the safety of the Tournament. He assigned two teams of two Japanese sisters to work with 2 brothers to instruct all about proper procedures and safety).

(Back to Korean translation)

[Father talked about how top political leaders need to know Father’s vision, and about preparing for the event on August 20th].

So we can make some special movement with the top, that’s Father’s ideas…..Korean leaders, why you are doing this, because of God’s Providence. Why are you here in America? Not because of Father’s idea, but because of God’s Providence.

If you do not connect with Providence, you don’t have a foundation to connect with the other world. You should know this.

……………Father is concerned with leaders. Think about this country and God’s Providence … Father is so serious…. You should look at fishing seriously and at how to develop all the Providential ideas Father has given. You know fishing is an important mission…. Fishing is connected to all of the Providence. Don’t think of your own purpose, rather you should recognize the Providence of God. That is issue to be developed.

How about witnessing to the people? Father cannot remember any young people who connect seriously to the Providence of God. That is Father’s concern, the future of America.

In Kodiak, if you do not follow the Providence Father will close it down.

Father is really serious to develop all these ideas.


Mr. J., do you understand that? Don’t think about (staying in) a safe place. Your position, seriousness, (make sure, or show) your position is connected to the Providence of God. Father gave the special (message…) at the Washington Times 20th Anniversary, Father was like a bomb, that’s how the declaration was, Father was talking about a spiritual message. At that time they were struggling. However, I am wondering how things are going now, as I have not heard more about this matter.

Now Christian clergy, they understand what Rev. Moon declares, how Father knew all content of the DP. In that way clergy understand how Rev. Moon knows the purpose of Israel...

Bishop Stallings, in America, he took down the cross. And then Rev. Stallings buried the cross. This is a great start. Now, many ministers took down the cross. That is basically the major mainstream of the Christian clergy (the importance of the cross).

Dr. Yang, do people welcome or deny this idea? (taking down the cross). If they know the Principle, they can accept, (they are all obedient.)

This morning, Father’s Speech (was read for HDK) was about true love and True Parents. Such a meaningful content. So What is Father’s motivation and ideas? Father is not abusing America, Father is not using America. Father somehow came back in to unite with America. People don’t know about all the things Father is doing to help America.

Are we able to develop all these ideas?

That is why Father is here, why Father develops all these ideas.

[Father talked about giving so much and investing in so many projects. But the question is, in Korea, America, and Japan, what are we doing, what are we desiring. From the bottom of our hearts, we should develop all of the seeds that Father has planted]

…Miss True Father. Father must stay (in Kodiak) longer, but Father set a condition the last couple of days. Father deeply meditated while on the ocean. Father five years ago decided to stop (the canning factory ship?) You leaders should be inheriting all these ideas.[It seems like F. was saying that we have to understand the deep Providential meaning of the fishing business, why Father is very serious about it].

Father sometimes went fishing (late at night)… and came back 2 am. …

We should inherit all of Father’s tradition. You are here serving Father. You are the second son … Lee (Rev Lee of Seattle, his son went to SW) what are you doing? Father sent four children (to Spirit World) F. never shed one tear, but sent the offering of True Children that way to develop (God’s Providence). Father set up all these ideas and the Unification Ceremony. Heung Jin Nim, even physically was very strong, but Father sent an offering of the true children. True Parents four children were sent as an offering How many of you have really considered seriously these ideas?

Rev. Kwak’s 2nd daughter was sent... Kathy Hwang (Nam Hee’s mom) is a very faithful lady. She was a WT reporter, and then connected with a White House correspondent. Somehow the news of last year’s 2nd generation car accident, somehow changed (the report initially said that Rev. Lee’s son was OK, but actually he already ascended to Spirit World), they found out that the original report was not correct. Somehow we should overcome the law of (indemnity?). Father thinks that when Heung Jin Nim went to pass away, ….. Father should overcome the death of even his children, or even if a spouse dies one has to overcome that…

Who knows Father’s heart? Who knows even the bottom of Father’s heart in connecting to the Providence? No one … knows these ideas.

Father and Mother are protected and have the support and advice of Daemonim and spirit world. That’s why if both Mother and son, mother and daughter have a good relationship, there will be protection and guidance..


How much do we work so hard, work for God’s Providence?

I look at all of the leaders and see their standard.

…………That’s why you should consider yourself how much I’m close to standing up in filial piety and loyalty, you should know that. If you truly follow the Principle, follow the Providence and then think hard, and you can go that way, and then you can understand God’s heart. You can put yourself in the position of sacrifice. That way and then you (work?), those are truly truly great things, as you are children of TP.

…….Father has devoted his life to sacrifice and comfort God… Father does (things) and then reports to God, "I did this one and this one and this one". That way, when Father one day goes to SW, Father will call even Heavenly Father as his Father.

Father knows His heart, that’s why when Father goes to Spirit World, I am sure Heavenly Father will receive then come down … because his whole life, he has been comforting Heavenly Father. You should look at the SW message look at the Saints, at what they did, what they showed up, and discover their ideas.

What is the important thing that we must understand here? It’s about understanding that Heavenly Father as Creator should receive clear and comforting ideas from the children, that’s why Father is always saying this: still Father thinks ‘I am not enough to really comfort His heart’,… so Father wonders, then, if you don’t understand these ideas, and then you don’ t understand that, you should study (hard) Father’s words, and look at the (Heavenly Bible ), repeat again and again reading, and hear all these ideas, study with a deep heart.

How many people, how many leaders here understand Father? You should even do Hoon Dok Hae 3 hours, 4 hours or 5 hours. You don’t know Father’s Heart; that’s why we should know that and with such a deep heart connect. [We should know the deep heart behind Father’s words, and study deeply].

Father, even though (old in age) tried to get all kinds of experience, that ’s why he even hunted all kinds of animals, and through these experiences he is specially prepared how to understand all kinds of people. He worked with his hands, and understood the burden of the laborer, and then Father got that kind of heavy work and got some kind of wage to support 4 kids, that’s what Father did and then Father understand the heart of the laborer so that way always, people come to Father and confess to Father, how can I do, … then Father gave them ideas ….

Father’s blessing is not simple, Father’s blessing is not cheap. You should know these ideas clearly. Father looks at it, Father can see (that brother’ s) face over there, Father selects that one. Father spiritually.. understands everything. Father gets in to the boat and then feels some signal and idea what to do. …

Rev. Kim from Chicago. …. You are responsible for Chicago? Chicago has had all kind of difficulty, tell us these ideas. Can you report what is going on in Chicago?

(Report about Chicago, after the Coronation follows)

Rev. Kim reported about couples who almost divorced, but then took the holy wine and saved their marriage. They understand now who are the "True Parents".

Before teaching the Divine Principle to guests, a talk was given on "Who are True Parents?" explaining how they have come to give the Blessing. Then, after, no one left during the seminar.

They understand about the Family Blessing, and about the need to take down the cross. There is a family crisis.

True Parent’s Blessing must save the world.

Testimonies are shared.

America needs a Religious Revolution.

All need the Blessing. We must save families.

Father continues:

Centered on (a leading congressman), you can all invite clergy to a strong demonstration in front of the White House, saying "Take Down the Cross", and that way Palestine and Israel can be saved, can unite together, can old hand together. That is the way to save America, that is the way, so that the whole crisis will be gone, Otherwise, in the future, the Middle East will be a very dangerous place. Now is time for a demonstration……

Father is calling all leaders Father wants to see all American leadership at a meeting. After the Coronation, what to do? Father really wants to see all those leaders.

..East Coast, West Coast, middle, all, Father wants a special meeting in America, Father wants to see them. So one day, F. meets all those people, so all those ideas will be set up. ...And then this is a new start, F. wants to see directly the American leaders at a special meeting. Some of them are great leaders, they want to support Father. Father really brings them to Korea. Most of them who participated in the Coronation, leaders, and then Church Denomination Leaders, at that time around 40.

Father wants to invite those leaders, all those people. So, Father asked Mr. J to organize high level leaders who came to the Coronation on March 26th, even Father will directly meet and encourage them. So Father is not even wondering either or not I can meet (a certain top leader) and other people, even Father wants all the Academic side leaders, do you understand, Mr. J?

.., even Father thinks about the Times itself, .. Even the Chinese leader, or current President, or some leader, that person why not? Father is the head over the Times, they take care of him. Take it serious. That’s what Father thinks about sometimes, that idea. Because you do not work hard, that’s what Father wonders. How can we do that? America and China, how do all these ideas develop? Father talked about these ideas already. As much as Father is, please be clear about these ideas. .. (In English, "because not thinking about") there has to be cleaning, or this kind of direction given by Father, this way your eyes can be opened so America can catch up with these ideas. Otherwise Father really, truly will say "bye" to America. So, that’s why Father came here, now Father is making a decision about this point, do you understand that? Father wanted to come a little earlier.

Father wants to see the leaders at either East Garden, or at the Washington Times… You can Bring all people if you do not (delay)…... Some of them want to see Rev. Moon, you can invite me. If you don’t do it, I will do it by myself. Especially you should Invite all of the 40 major media, and then have a press conference. Think about it, what Rev. Moon did for his whole life, ….. What I did and why I did this Prove these ideas. Explain to them. …. I don’t know why you do not live this, why you don’t do this.

In Kodiak, Father explained this kind of declaration. Kodiak is an important place. Pal chung shik (settlement of 8 stages) (8/31/1989). Or Day of Heavenly Parentism (September 1, 1989. Don’t you know that? Hae Bong Suk Bang, and then through the middle of this, kind of settle?

Those few leaders will leave with Father. So those few leaders are not going fishing, you must understand all this situation.

If you have 380 leaders, Father will charter an airplane to bring them to Korea. How about that?

Mobilize 380 people mobilize from America, prepare the event. …Somehow retired or honorable leaders we invite, I think that’s a very powerful idea. You and I can invite former Chinese leaders, even other country’s people, that makes it a more developed program.

That’s no disadvantage for any leaders to meet Rev. Moon, rather there’s more advantage. Invite them to Korea on the worldwide level………

Father will leave and then those people will give a really good farewell and then White House, …secretary all those people have to come and then really make farewell and then they also inherit the relation, they give a farewell send off, that’s a good thing. That’s why we should start the relationship with North Korea. …There is no one, even the American government, who can do this... , no one can solve this one. That’s why for all those leaders, it is reasonable that they give a great farewell to Father when he leaves this country going back to Korea. Even Father can support by chartering a jumbo plane, ….

Mr. J. This is great, this is an election campaign. Heavenly election campaign. Do you know that? This is an election ... Do you understand WT power, background, foundation. Why is Father doing this one? To save America, to support you…

If you do not do it, I will visit the White House to explain more seriously.


Another person, did not follow direction, and then they went to the military, following their own direction, and then they went to spirit world.

That’s why, I give ... direction and then all people unite. I don’t need to call you one by one; you leaders prepare and develop all these ideas. I give you direction. Do you understand that?

If those American leaders come to Korea, Father will show up in Yeosu, and in other areas, too. So special preparation, training, and then …..…all work together.

Later, UPI, all other people also mobilize, to mobilize Congress, send a (letter?) and develop now.


Centering on the boat Captain, totally unite, and then you can do well, can really fully enjoy, and then you are fully committed, and great things will happen.

There are no complaints, this will truly work, ….… this is another way of condition. Please do well, you can develop well.

Father has a great foundation, do you understand?

Which country are you from? (talking to an American brother from Gloucester). Are you a real American? You are American, owner of American, owner of this area? Is this true? Please enjoy (the fishing contest).

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