Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2004

Welcoming True Parents at Hannam-dong

Sun Myung Moon
August 14, 2004

Based on having completed the tenth Ahn Shi Il on July 16, Father proclaimed the "The Advent of Revolution of True Heart and the Era of True Liberation and freedom" in front of God and all mankind on July 21, 2004. True Parents left Korea for Alaska on July 29; they spent 14 days in America. They returned to Korea on Saturday August 14, 2004.

At 8:30 p.m., True Parents arrived at Hannam-dong, where among around a hundred members, elder members and the Korean-based IIPC ambassadors were waiting to welcome them. After greetings from members and cake cutting by True Parents, Rev. Kwak Chung-hwan and Rev. Hwang Sun-jo gave reports on various activities around the world.

Rev. Kwak talked about the Peace and Unification Federation and a conference for it's establishment in Japan. He said the gathering of 1,400 representatives of Mindan (the Pro-Seoul Federation of Korean Residents in Japan) and Chochongnyon (the Pro-Pyongyang Federation of Korean Residents in Japan) in Osaka, was not just a ceremony to celebrate the establishment of the federation, which is intended to bring unity between these two groups after 50 years of struggle. It was an educational program that was held with the True Parents' deep concern and hard work for the unification of North and South Korea and with the support of Kim Min-han of the [South Korean] Consulting Committee for Peace Unification, and Kang Young-hoon, former South Korean prime minister (1988-1990).

The event was held in Osaka. Rev. Kwak said one of participants, a respected senior congressman of the Liberal Democratic Party in Japan, stated with confidence that Korea is the father nation and Japan is the mother nation, and that with this gathering these separated twins --Mindan and Chochongnyo --are receiving education in their mother bosom! Rev. Kwak also explained about the seminar for Korean ambassadors for peace on preparation for the Blessing Ceremony for Registration in Cheon Il Guk for the Revolution of True Heart and for True Liberation and Complete Freedom, which will be held this week. Also, he reported about the Il Hwa Cheonma soccer team's hard work and victories which took them from the lowest level to the second position in the league.

Rev. Hwang Sun-jo explained about True Parents' victories: March 23 in America, the 44th anniversary of the original True Parents Day on April 19, and the May 1st anniversary of the founding of our church (50 years). During this period Father introduced the Holy Scripture from Heaven, Ahn Shi Il, and the era of being made completely free (seokbang shidae) and the perfection of the Family Pledge. After this, they came to Korea and set up an eighty-day condition until the 10th Ahn Shi Il, and proclaimed the Advent of a Revolution of True Heart and the Era of True Liberation and Complete Freedom on July 21.

From that day, they have started three ten-day periods for the restoration of Old Testament, New Testament and Completed Testament, which will continue until August 20. On this foundation True Parents will officiate the Blessing for Registration in Cheon Il Guk for the Revolution of True Heart and True Liberation and Complete freedom. After this ceremony, on August 22, we are going to celebrate the anniversary of Chil Pal Jeol with a gathering of 21,000 people, at Sun Moon University, as was directed by True Parents on July 16. Until August 30 all humanity, as citizens under peaceful sovereignty, will receive the grace of a revival blessing.

During Rev. Hwang's report, True Father spoke about God's providence and the history of restoration after Adam and Eve, pointed out painful failures during the Old and New Testament ages, spoke about Moses and his course in the wilderness, the Israelites' disbelief towards Jesus, the Ewha University incident in 1955, religious and political persecution in the second Israel, and the single path he has walked to indemnify all these. So because Adam failed in one generation created fallen history up to now, through one generation of True Father, all history has to be restored completely, which will be concluded on August 20, with the Blessing for Registration in Cheon Il Guk. Knowing this, Father especially asked all the blessed members and tribal messiahs to open the way for all the people to participate in this great blessing.

After that Father asked Rev. Kwak to read the speech Father will give on August 22 at Sun Moon University. Its title is "The Absolute Value of Ideal Family Is the True Love of a Harmonious and Peaceful World."

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