Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2004

True Father's Prayer On August 20

Sun Myung Moon
August 20, 2004

True Father's Benediction for the "Blessing for Registration in Cheon Il Guk for the Revolution of True Heart and for True Liberation and Complete Freedom" Seoul on August 20, 2004

Beloved Father! The thousands and ten of thousands of saints mainly consisting of Unificationists centered on the True Parents on earth and on the four great saints in the spirit world know all too well the pain of Your endeavors throughout history's long course and Your sorrowful heart throughout human history, a history of anguish.

When I was young, You called me to my destiny and gave me this responsibility to complete the liberated new heaven and new earth in the future that awaits. From that day of enlightenment in my youth, which came to me through the guidance and teaching of the spirit world along with the method of completing the path of a devoted son, the path of a patriot, the path of a saint, and the path of a family of a divine son of heaven, I spent my adolescent years, manhood, and senior years with the attitude of having one heart, one ideal and one core (focus). Throughout more than eighty years of my life, I have walked the path of indemnity in order to solve all these problems for the sake of heaven.

Adam's unacceptable disobedience and failure to adapt to God's absolute command and his union with Eve, who had lost her virginity due to the archangel's illicit temptation, brought about a total destruction to God's ideal of creation which would have led to the establishment of the true parent centering on God, the true children, and the true nation and world. This brought God to a state of extreme grief.

All humanity has been unaware of this. Thus they must be educated so that they understand. The impiety before heaven caused by our historical ancestors and the walls of anguish which were erected in the (providential) era of the individual, family, tribe, people, nation, and beyond that, the world and the cosmos must be completely cleared away. All that was lost, including the era which You envisioned as that of the victorious kingship centering on the original family of Adam, which was Your ideal of creation, must be restored again through indemnity.

From that day, on which You commanded me to take on that responsibility, I have had to completely restore the individual path of indemnity, the path of indemnity for the family, tribe, people, nation, world, and cosmos, and also the path of indemnity on earth and the path that can break down the walls of paradise and hell in the spirit world. Through this I had to restore, from Your original heart, everything that You had wanted to establish in heaven and on earth, including the foundation for blessing the families of devoted sons, patriots, saints, and divine sons and daughters.

True Parents, who were assigned this responsibility, have devoted their entire lives until now, enduring the path of suffering to indemnify everything. Establishing the foundation for the devoted son, patriot, saint, and the family of the divine son and daughter that You have longed for, I offer this path of suffering for the sake of creating a heaven and earth where Your almighty, all-encompassing, pervasive, and omnipotent authority centering on the good dominion of love can be present. I sincerely thank You for being able to lay the foundation for this victory in our struggles until now.

In order to restore the unified foundations of peace for the individual, peace in the family, peace in the tribe, peace for the people, peace in the nation, and peace in heaven and on earth, and create a foundation for the true nation in the spirit world centering on God, the four great saints have become one to fulfill the standard of a heaven of peace in the kingdom of heaven. This standard has unified in all directions and has now been conferred on the True Parents on earth.

True Parents have also taken on this purpose and have ushered in the age that can go beyond and liberate the path of the cross for the individual, the path of indemnity for the family, the path of the cross for the family, the path of indemnity for the tribe, the path of indemnity for the people, the path of indemnity for the nation, and the path of indemnity for the world. Through this, the law of indemnity has been withdrawn, and the aberrant lineage - created by the separation into two worlds based on the animosity between Cain and Abel - has been erased by being transformed into the good lineage. Centering on the liberated realm of Cain and Abel, the words of revolution through indemnity, revolution of conscience, and revolution of heart have been declared on earth and in heaven.

Based on the true-love revolution of heart and the realm of true liberation and complete freedom, the satanic lineage has been completely cut off, and the world before the coming of heaven has ended, centering on True Parents. With the declaration of the beginning of the world after the coming of heaven and with the crowning of the King of Peace on earth, a structure of a nation under Your authority, uniting the heavenly nation and the earthly nation, has been established.

With this, everything has been liberated and cleared away, and the walls that were blockages on earth and in heaven have been cleared away. The proclamation to transfer the victorious authority, following the coronation ceremony for the perfected, victorious nation of the heavenly and earthly worlds, the original nation and world of victory before God, into the ideal reign of peace and prosperity of the new world of heaven, has now been achieved.

Finally, on this land, as the king of goodness, a good people centered on the king of goodness and the territory of goodness can be started on the foundation, erected in heaven, representing the earth, representing all of creation in heaven and on earth, and representing the children and the nation. Thus, I truly, truly thank heaven for this day, in which You are free to have direct dominion over the three requisites of Your sovereignty - sovereignty, people and land - thus enabling You to hold this coronation ceremony to establish the king of goodness.

Here today, I thank You for giving us this time of liberation where these participants in the blessing ceremony can be registered into the peace kingdom of Your nation, with the attendance of all nations of the world, with the opening of earth and heaven through the liberated blessing on this new earth through the True Parents who wield the liberated kingship of goodness. Let everyone be brought into Your victorious authority and Your eternal embrace. With the era of the kingdom of peace for the safe settlement of the liberated heaven and earth, let this era continue for billions of years to come. All this we offer and declare in sincerity through the True Parents. Amen! (Amen!) Amen! (Amen!) Amen! (Amen!)

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