Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2004

Notes On The 17th Foundation Day For The Nation Of The Unified Cosmos

Sun Myung Moon
October 3, 2004
Foundation Day for the Nation of the Unified Cosmos
Soo Taek Ri Training Center
Kuri City, South Korea
Notes by Rev. Michael Jenkins
Translator: Korean second generation)

NOTE: (These are notes from a rough simultaneous translation. Simultaneous translation is done in summary form and depends greatly on the translators ability to communicate the essence of the message. These cannot be published as definitive texts and should never be used in the future for publication on Father's words. However they do provide a good idea of the "spirit" of the message.

Even if they were translation from a native English speaker who was an expert in Korean language to an English speaking person taking notes - there would be serious gaps and errors. Therefore these notes should be used for inspiration and to enhance our understanding of Father's spirit and concentration. Specific directions will be communicated through international headquarters memos and the Korean recordings of key proclamations and historic messages will be carefully translated and published. Still even with careful translation much is lost or not understood. The only way to really understand Father's words is to learn the original language and go to the original recordings and texts.)

At Pledge it was clear that a new day has dawned. As we stood and welcomed True Parents Father gave very deep and serious guidance for the start of a new age. True Mother wore a Royal Blue suit and Father a dark suit with a pink / orange tie. Father began very seriously.

Father spoke:

The first, second and third Israel all failed. Father indemnified it all and created the fourth Israel. We must absolutely tear down all walls and barriers starting with the first Israel, the second Israel and the third Israel.

We must restore everything that happened because Jesus was not received. This is the work to bring the Kingdom of God on Earth.

Many are proud of democracy but I say that I have been responsible to resolve the conflict between democracy and communism. Both systems tried to do away with me. Many intelligence agencies plotted to get rid of me. Now they support me. There were many plots against me. You don't know the background and story of my life. When I went to Danbury many Americans cheered. Those who cheered will regret that in history. Today we must open the realm of liberation and blessing.

The holy wine has the same meaning as the blood of the lamb over the door posts when the Israelites were to depart Egypt. Those whose door post was covered were protected. The same is true now for your family and tribe. You must bless your family. Even if they don't understand you must protect them with the blessing. Rev. Hwang, Rev. Eu, Dr. Yang - did your families do the registration blessing? (Yes!).

Today is the 17th Foundation Day for the Nation of the Unified Cosmos. At 17 Jesus should have been fully supported by Mary to begin his mission. We are launching this mission at this time. Now to step into the Peace Kingdom at this time we must become heavenly warriors who will fight for the Kingdom with God's truth and love. (Not with weapons) The Peace UN must create a heavenly atmosphere in all conflict areas. That's why we are sending this heavenly force to the Palestinian and Israeli areas from 191 countries. They are the vanguard of the Ambassadors for Peace of the Peace UN to liberate the people. They will bring peace to the Middle East.

Centering on the Coronation a complete new age has dawned. Our ancestors are strongly cooperating and watching from the spirit world. Those who deny this may lose their heavenly fortune or protection. (Accidents and other forms of indemnity may be required without such protection.)

The time has come that the standard of heaven is being erected. All families should not take this lightly. Remember Moses and the first generation of Israelites, even though God had chosen them and given them grace, if they didn't meet the heavenly condition and they could not enter.

What if Father caught Alzheimer's? Who would truly know what to do at this time. That is why Father is working with extreme haste. All leaders who are commanding the field - the time has come that you will reap what you sow.

In my heart I can never forget the elder brothers and sisters of Korea lamenting and weeping when we North and South Korea were divided. Their cries remain with me today. That's why I will never stop until the flag of unification is planted in the North peacefully bringing north and south together again as one family.

All Japanese who are here. Rev. Eu, Rev. Oyamada - there are 1200 here right? They should understand their role. That even if they have to give everything to support the providence it is absolutely their mission. Japan should sacrifice everything without hesitation. You should take this very seriously.

Holy Wine Ceremony:

12 representative families from the major family names of Korea were assembled before True Parents. (i.e. Kim, Lee, Pak etc.). Father and Mother made a new Holy Wine condition. True Parents themselves drank the holy wine first. Then Father and Mother poured the Holy Wine together for all the couples. Then with a representative holding the tray Mother gave Father the holy wine cup and then Father gave to the cup to the man. Then 12 representative couples drank the holy wine.

This time the husband drank first. The man drank half and then gave the other half to his wife. Then true Father and Mother drank from a large cup and each husband and wife drank from the same cup. Father proclaimed that the Cain and Abel families were unified as one and that there were no more barriers. That these men are now like brothers to Father and they must establish the proper order in the world. After the Holy Wine Ceremony Father and Mother lit the 7 candles in front. First Father lit the center then the right and the left until all were lit. Then he had Mother take the flame and touch the three candles on the right and on the left. Then together they turned around and held the flame (on a three foot brass butane candle lighter) in front of the 12 families. With the flame extending four inches all were asked to join together to blow it out.


We then conducted pledge service. Father and Mother bowed before God. Then True Family. Then all blessed couples did the Kyung Beh. Then representatives of all providential nations, religions and world bodies bowed. We recited Pledge and then Rev. Chung Hwan Kwak as the representative of all blessed families offered the Report to Heaven. (Father clarified that we shouldn't call our prayer a prayer any more but rather it should be called a "report". We should report every day.) Then Mrs. Lan Young Moon was asked to read Hoon Dok Hae:


Now the time has come to have the family flag in every home and put it as the flag of every nation.

If front of True Parents picture we cannot fight.

You should follow Father's directions. For example: Your children must go to Sun Moon University or to UTS. Those who don't will eventually be judged. 50 years ago I began these Universities. You have to clearly understand my words and my direction.

This morning I prayed to God - "Heavenly Father how can we complete everything and make a new age. How can I finish everything by the time I go to the spirit world. I have been working so desperately to break down the walls and barriers." When I leave this world - you must pledge that you will obey my words and take care of Mother and the True Family. Who will do this? I have to go to the spirit world. Who will clear away all the barriers and evil if I go? You Koreans, Japanese and Americans will you inherit my heart on this day. Who has become capable to build all things on this day. All the money and possessions and everything that you have give it up - in spiritual terms you should burn it away.

Japan, you have the position of the mother, you must sacrifice your flesh, blood and bone to give the world life. 99.9 % is the mothers ovum and only 1 % is the Father's sperm therefore the Mother provides almost everything. When you go home you should be able to give everything that you have for the providence.

Only by fulfilling your responsibility is this possible. If all these things were done correctly by A & E there would be no need for a messiah or restoration. Do you pledge to be responsible before all humanity on the earth?

This is critical. I called all the leaders to Heung Jin Nim's Won Jeon. There I educated the leaders concerning this history. All of heaven recorded it.

You know that I am filled with the burden of responsibility to complete everything. I must indemnify everything before I go to the Spirit World.

God is working through me to establish the path of Sons and Daughters and the loyal servants of heaven that will be there for any true son or daughter to follow. I have to leave behind that legacy. When I see barriers or evil, I wanted to just cut it away with my hand. I want to cut anything away that causes shame. I have asked heaven to allow me to do away with all things that cause for shame.

We must understand that True Parents have been trampled on but they cannot be trampled on any more. Pledge number 8 makes it clear that there the proper way of liberating Heaven. Now I cannot pay indemnity for you any more. You must pay indemnity for your own tribe and family.

The man and woman must stand together as one. You have to make your family breathe properly. When a true couple is together their breath alone can make an explosion of love. When they make love the whole universe will rejoice. That kind of exciting and vibrant love was lost. We must regain that love.

Japan must understand her position as the Mother. Rev. Eu, Rev. Oyamada do you understand? Everything of Japan must be given to the sons and the rest of the children. You must understand this. 1200 Japanese are here. Mr. Oyamada, do you understand and swear before the Japanese members and as the President and the responsible person do you swear that Japan will fulfill her responsibility as the Mother nation. You must bring the unity of the realm of Cain and Abel from now. Mr. Oyamada proclaimed that together with Rev. Eu they will lead Japan to be one with True Parents.

Everything must be now going according to Heavenly Father. This will be a new beginning for Japan. You have to close your eyes and practice everything to make Jacob and Esau one. Rev. Eu pledges to fulfill the responsibility of Japan. Dr. Yang and Rev. Jenkins stood up and pledged that the Elder Son Nation will fulfill its responsibility before heaven and earth.

Then Jin Man Pledged representing all second generation and the rest of the world. Dr. Lan Young Moon the President of the WFWP International gave the closing prayer. Rev. Chong Ok Eu gave three cheers of Mansei.

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