Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2004

Hoon Dok Hae At Han Nam Dong

Sun Myung Moon
October 4, 2004
Notes: Michael Jenkins

Dear Family,

The day after the Foundation Day for the Nation of the Unified Cosmos was an incredible celebration. 1200 Japanese leaders attended along with the National Leaders of over 100 nations. It was a moment of joy and celebration. Father is totally confident and the Peace Kingdom being secured more and more with each providential step.

True Parents
Hoon Dok Hae
Han Nam Dong
October 4, 2004

True Parents entered and began the Ahn Shi Il service. Father prayed and then True Parents gave their bow to God before heaven. Then all blessed couples bowed and we recited the Family Pledge centering on Rev. Kwak. Rev. Kwak as the representative of all families offered a tearful prayer on our behalf.

Mrs. Won Ju McDevitt read HDH from October 4, 1970 (Spoken 16 years after Father's liberation from Seo Dae Mon Prison.)

The taste of honey is so good that one time a bee was so deeply immersed in the honey to the degree that it didn't notice anything else. I pulled on its back end and it came off but still the bee didn't care but just was immersed in the honey. We have to understand that certain habits are like this. First its just a taste, then more and more until the person is immersed. They get intoxicated and they can't even notice how they are trapped.

1200 Japanese members are here. They are sitting in the rain but they will receive a great blessing for being here. They would make tremendous sacrifices just for the chance to be with Father in Korea. They would give up everything with such a loyal heart. Why, because they know Father and feel True love.

Bishop Stallings, do I like you? (yes Father! - you like me). Amen. It is interesting when you look at a black face. Black people were made by God because they can digest the day and the night. What is so beautiful about the black face is the white eyes. That contrast makes incredible beauty. Here we have every race and color. I see leaders with blonde hair and blue eyes and Spanish faces, God likes to see all colors.

(Father spoke and gave us all such joy. He joked that once he speaks one word a waterfall can come out on any topic. Many times he feels sorry to Mother that he takes up one third or more of the Hoon Dok Hae.)

Then he had Won Ju sing a beautiful folk song that spoke of the birds spreading their wings and flying and also that we would fulfill Tong Ban Kyok Pa. Cheong Yeong Ba Hwi. Then Rev. Yong Cheol Song the Continental Director sang for Father. Then Father had Mrs. Socrates and Mrs. Augustine sing.

Mrs. Augustine gave her testimony. I always thought that love was a sin before I met True Parents. I learned from Father that when two people live together with love there is no boundary. Then I have been blessed with Augustine and I could experience making True Love in the ideal of the creation. Father said that Augustine is more handsome than Father. Then she sang and finally Father called on Mother to sing. Then Father sang a well known Korean folk song that we always dance to. It was JOY. JOY. JOY. We couldn't help ourselves. Bishop Stallings and I got up and danced !!! It was like total intoxication, then Rev. Kwak and many Continental Director began to dance. Then many members joined in. Dae Mo Nim and Won Ju McDevitt were laughing so hard on the side of the room. Archbishop Stallings and I were dancing Korean style - True Mother was laughing and covering her smile in the shy way that she often does. It was JOY. The King and Queen of peace are established forever.

Archbishop Stallings and I danced out on the porch from Father's living room where we have Hoon Dok every morning. 1200 Japanese brothers and sisters were there. They went crazy when they saw Bishop Stallings. (He is quite famous in Japan because he was blessed to a wonderful Japanese sister named Sayomi - they have two little boys now. ) Then out of the crowd Mrs. Kamimoto (Sayomi's Mother) jumped up from the crowd and came to join the Bishop. It was pandemonium. Dr. Yang (who was very instrumental in introducing Sayomi and the Archbishop.) came dancing out on the porch and posed with the Archbishop and his Japanese mother in law. What joy we experienced. Though there is much pain in the world this was a concrete reminder thtat the darkness will soon end and Joy is now coming in the new morning - the dawning of a new Era.

Thanks to all Brothers and Sisters for Keeping the Faith.


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