Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2004

Hoon Dok Hae In Yeosu

Sun Myung Moon
October 8, 2004
Yeosu, South Korea

(Notes by Rev. Michael Jenkins, translation by Mrs. Hee Hun Standard) NOTE: (These are notes through a simultaneous translation. Simultaneous translation is done in summary form and depends greatly on the translators ability to communicate the essence of the message. These cannot be published as definitive texts and should never be used in the future for some kind of publication on Father's words. However they do provide a good idea of the "spirit" of the message.

Even if they were notes from an English speaker to an English speaking person taking notes - there would be serious gaps and errors. Therefore these notes should be used for inspiration and to enhance our understanding of Father's spirit and concentration. Specific directions will be communicated through national headquarters memos and the Korean recordings of key proclamations and historic messages will be carefully translated and published. Still even with careful translation much is lost or not understood. The only way to really understand Father's words is to learn the original language and go to the original recordings and texts.)

To establish the Kingdom of Love or become the King of Love we must establish the four position foundation and the three objects purpose. We say that God and God's love is in our heart. It is in the family that God's love, life and lineage can be fulfilled. The most important part of the human body is the love organ. It is sacred and holy. When husband and wife come together we should be able to experience God's love.

God's life, love and lineage come together in the family. The most important question is to find something that is unchanging. If love is self centered, it is no good. Love is seeking for an object partner. Christianity today says that God is Holy and all powerful, however many do not understand that he needs an object partner. God needs an object for love to exist. Peace cannot come alone, it must come with a partner. We must have absolute faith. We need an object partner of love and we must manifest absolute love. What is the greatest desire and hope of God - it is Love. Absolute faith is like the fertilizer to prepare for love.

In the Bible we talk about Faith, Hope and Love and Love is the greatest of all three. In this we must invest everything. Only upon the foundation of absolute faith and absolute obedience can we have absolute love. Without love, our life is meaningless. People say I need to do this or that, or I need to graduate from this or that school. People want to be a Ph.D. or have this or that career or goal. To achieve absolute love we must first completely deny ourselves and then base our lives completely on obedience to God's desire and then we can fulfill. To achieve Absolute love we must invest and invest and then forget.

We must have absolute faith. (Father held up a piece of baby's breath). For God to create he had to have absolute faith for the Will and the realization of God's Word. Everything that we are doing should be in accordance with God's will. The purpose of the Word is to fulfill the four position foundation. We need to establish a four position foundation through the three objects purpose.

We have a common task to fulfill God's will, for the fulfillment of God's will we were born. The fundamental purpose of God's Will is Love. By substantially fulfilling God's Love we can fulfill our purpose. We need to just invest and forget and invest and forget and just forget about our investment. When we walk, we should take a step on the right and on the left and on the right and on the left. When two come together they should become one. When we feel love, we want to obey. In front of love, everything is ok. In front of love we feel beautiful. (hallelujia). In front of love everything is OK. We have to go up and up and towards something that is bigger. We need to fulfill the absolute value together with the other party - our object partner. We must fulfill this based on the life of living for the sake of others and living for the sake of our object partner. Everything in the universe can be embraced. Everything can be loved. Only through love can we become one with God. People in the secular world think we are weak and that we will be eaten by the strong. However in the law of creation this is not the case. When we are living for the sake of others the universal powers of the Universe protect and support us. When we love each other - we can come into the equal position with one another.

Even if we have difficulties today, when we can have that kind of life we can find our way in the future. We must serve and attend something that is higher than ourselves. We can never love alone. When we live that kind of life, that love can grow infinitely. We can grow a new world. We should not live the kind of life of a fallen Adam and Eve with no Absolute faith, love or obedience.

Why do we have eyebrows. There is a purpose - it prevents moisture and dust from going in your eyes. The hair in your nose is not so beautiful but it has a purpose. How do you get the nose hairs out? If you use your saliva and make it wet it will come out much more easily when you pluck it.

The mind and body must be united. This is a huge problem. The mind and body is not united and therefore we cannot fully express the perfection of Love in this condition. We however, are individual Truth Bodies. We should not be settled just centering on ourselves. We should have a center that is higher than ourselves that can govern us. Then we can manifest harmony through Absolute Faith, Absolute Obedience. The vertical line and the horizontal line should come together. From the age of the era of the individual all the way to the vertical conscience we must have harmony. What if the other party says I don't need you !! If someone says that I don't need your investment - we must understand that this is why there is night and day. That this is why we have inhaling and exhaling. We must have relationship. We must come to understand that we cannot fulfill our existence without the family. There are eight stages vertically and horizontally. In the secular world there is an O (one who is correct) or and X (one who is incorrect). Do we want or need the incorrect answer. No. We should all strive to be correct and achieve the O. One X can destroy the entire universe if its allowed to multiply.

With man and woman there is convex and concave. Men have which aspect ? They have Convex with their love organs. The man is therefore in the giving or the subject position. We should come together with God's love. Then the individual can say Monsei and the family can say Monsei, all the way up to God. We don't need to go to the world of darkness. The conscience comes even before the parents. The conscience comes even before the parents and the teacher. The conscience knows everything about us. When the original mind is complete then God can come and dwell. There will be no sickness and no hatred. There will be Absolute Freedom.

However the world wants to continue to pursue its own idea. If America wants to pursue that the white race is best - it will perish. If Russia pursues this path they will perish. That kind of idea is wrong and not in line with heaven.

Absolute Faith, Absolute Love and Absolute Obedience. Even God will have to find that kind of Principle. You finger nails, if one were to be pulled out - where do you feel hurt? Not only your finders but the whole body will ache. Every cell of your body will feel some degree of pain because every cell is connected. The desire of every cell of the body is to connect with and serve the whole being and receive from the whole being. You have a pulse - your body temperature is 98.6 degrees. What is you blood pressure. What is the normal blood pressure? (120 over 80 for the young and 140 over 80 for 40 years or more). Actually by principle the blood pressure cannot go over 180 without grave danger. This is because 18 is a number based on the Principle.

How many can say they are filial children of Absolute Faith, Absolute Love and Absolute Obedience - you can't raise your hands because you have not achieved this yet. You must continue this path until we fulfill. When you have unity of the Mind and Body then all your body rejoices.

You must work on your mind and body becoming one - then you can rejoice. White people do you feel good if you are not the center but that there is so many varieties of people that God created? Korean language has a vertical order. English is horizontal. In English you can refer to the grandfather as "You", the father as "You" a child as "you". There is no distinction but this is not the case in Korean. You know the attitude that you should have based on the language and the respect for elders.

Why didn't you go to Pusan on your tour of Korea? You can't go driving around Korea without seeing the owner first - right? You must come here first to connect and understand how to receive your inheritance. First we have to acknowledge and then we have to report. If you don't speak Korean you are at a disadvantage.

There are 6 Billion in the population of the world. Not one is the same. Some may be very close but no two are the same. Here is Dr. Peter Kim. He has his own physical look. Yet, when you have different feelings you can manifest 1000 different looks.

What if we don't have Absolute Faith, Absolute Love and Absolute Obedience. You should have an attitude that I must go to bed the latest and get up the earliest. This is how I think. When I eat or when I go to prison I have the same heart and attitude. Everyone should become number one. You should perfect yourself and become number one. Choi Me is "Fun". We should live in such a way that each and every day is an adventure and everything is fun. When we are united as one we can experience Choi Me in everything that we do. We should live this way totally interdependently. October 8 th - Do you remember what this day is. Do you know what this day is? Western members do you know. Everything should be on an equal level. Everything should be O (correct things) and there should be no X's or incorrect things.

OK means Open Kingdom!! I think sometimes that OK for some means Open Kitchen.

What about the word diet. This has a strange meaning in Korean. The sound diet means something completely different. We shouldn't worry about diets, we should have the right diet that makes us healthy.

We must understand that all O's (correct and principled things) must digest all X's (incorrect unprincipled things).

I apologize, that I interrupted the Hoon Dok Hae to speak. Did you like this? You shouldn't clap (everyone clapped) - See this is the problem with language - in Korean I asked everyone not to clap but through the translation you thought you should clap!!!

Who is Mrs. Won Ju McDevitt - She is the Hoon Dok lady or ajima? She is the Hoon Dok Queen? She is the Hoon Dok lady? She is the person who is always reading for Father.

You men, have you been the object of your parents? Now if parents spank their children they can go to jail!! This is wrong. Law and police can't take care of the children. When there is a divorce actually for many it would be better if the men would get the custody of the children. Men provided the seeds, but instead the children are going with the mother. Some women divorce many times to become rich. Some women who divorce many times are proud of their wealth. Actually these kind of women should go to Africa to serve.

Many don't know about the Mongolian heritage. 850 Million people are white people. Then compare that to the Mongolian ancestry. China is a fearful country for America. . Then we must say that the Mongolian people are from us. (China). That is the way that you think. Many of you cannot understand what I am talking about - then you should just go die !!! (Chu Go is what Father says - which actually means to Live Well by giving well.) The Kingdom of Heaven can only be established through love.

This is the 8th Day and a new beginning. Mother was about to leave. Father asked here to say and for Mother to sing !! Did you prepare the cake yet. This is a day of joy, dancing and celebration. This is day for singing and rejoicing. We can even sleep today if we want !! How many married couples here? Not many. You can go together and appreciate each other. I will even make rooms for you !!!!

Commentary: (Mother sang). Then Father called for Antonio to sing. (Father said: Ah, you learned that in Israel). Antonio got up and said Peace, Shalom, Salaam Alaikam. Father made incredible faces while Antonio sang. It was beautiful. Father was very happy. He sang a song from Cuba. La Paloma. Then Father said that it is very good that we caught Antonio in the Unification Church. He sang O solo mio. Then Father asked for another song and a Korean sister then sang. Then Father asked everyone to sing and the sister will dance. Father is holding his grandbaby.

He asked Dr. Yang to pick an America. Mr. James Houston sang Exodus for True Parents - it was absolutely beautiful - then Won Ju sang a song that had profound depth. Father sat in the audience with the brothers and sisters.

We heard reports from Rev. Hwang about Yeosu and a conclusion from Rev. Kwak, then our leaders departed for Pusan. The Continental Directors and Dr. Walsh, Antonio and myself went fishing with Rev. Kwak and True Father. It was a great day. I remained in Yeosu to go with Dr. Yang for the Yang family Coronation!!!

To be with True Parents is a joy beyond words. Even though Father and Mother are so urgent still because of the security of Ahn Shi Il and the definitive foundation "After the Coming of Heaven" on May 5th combined with the grace for all humanity through the August 20th Blessing - celebrations break out almost every day !!! Please bless your family and neighborhood (Tong Ban Kyok Pa) and prepare for the Coronation of the King of Peace with your own tribe.

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