Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2004

True Parent's Return to America

Sun Myung Moon
October 15, 2004, 7:30 PM
East Garden
Notes: Michael Jenkins
Translation: In Hoi Lee
Edited: Joy Pople

NOTE: (These are notes through a simultaneous translation. Simultaneous translation is done in summary form and depends greatly on the translator's ability to communicate the essence of the message. These cannot be published as definitive texts and should never be used in the future for some kind of publication on Father's words. However they do provide a good idea of the "spirit" of the message. Even if they were notes from an English speaker to an English speaking person taking notes - there would be serious gaps and errors. Therefore these notes should be used for inspiration and to enhance our understanding of Father's spirit and concentration. Specific directions will be communicated through national headquarters memos and the Korean recordings of key proclamations and historic messages will be carefully translated and published. Still even with careful translation much is lost or not understood. The only way to really understand Father's words is to learn the original language and go to the original recordings and texts.)

Dr. Peter Kim reported:

Starting with May 5th the Ahn Shi Il providence began. This was the first day after the coming of the Kingdom of Heaven. After this, on various Ahn Shi Il dates (every eight days), big providential events would occur. Father unified the people of the provinces of Korea that had been traditionally divided. (Ho Nam and Young Nam). He ended the era of Cain and Abel.

Father returned to America on July 22nd and set conditions for the providence again in Korea. Then on August 20th Father conducted the special blessing and the Crown of Peace Event in which all people could receive grace for all historic mistakes. All nations and peoples could be forgiven.

Father went to Barrow, Alaska and then to the Arctic Circle and set a condition unifying the three primary nations. Stones were chosen and then the three were buried representing Korea, Japan and America. Dr. Kim represented Korea, Rev. Otsuka represented Japan, and Dr. Yang represented America. Father said the stones symbolize each one of the three historic countries; they also represent the Old Testament, New Testament and Complete Testament eras. Father marked this area and made a special Holy Ground. Father marked this day with prayer. On Pal Jeong Shik (September 3rd) Father gave Dr. Yang and the leaders the direction to create the Mongolian Federation for World Peace.


The 16th Anniversary of Pal Jung Shik was also the new era of True Parentism. Centering on the Mongolian tribe we can restore the birthright for humanity.

Dr. Peter Kim:

The leaders were directed to make a special federation related to the fact that the origin of humanity is connected to the Mongolian tribe. We could possibly call this the Mongolian Birthright or Birthmark Federation, and it includes billions of people. After visiting further in Alaska (Barrow and Fairbanks), Father returned to Korea.

Then in the month of September a workshop was held. Father made special arrangements for the development of Yeosu. Our leaders worked with the government there and have done much to encourage major companies to develop the Yeosu area.

On December 22nd last year, a most significant thing occurred. Father gave the direction that Jesus should be crowned in Israel by the Jews. I was there when Dr. Yang received this direction, Father didn't give any previous warning. Father scolded Dr. Yang and guided him and the Coronation was done. Then on February 4, 2004 the Crown of Peace Ceremony was held with the support of many Congressmen and Senators. Then on March 23rd the Crown of Peace Awards were held honoring great leaders of America; most importantly, our True Parents were honored as the King and Queen of Peace. Then the Crown of Peace was conducted in Korea together with a Blessing that gave grace to humanity.

According to Dr. Walsh's report, a great inauguration of the Mongolian Federation occurred in Mongolia. Top leaders and members of parliament as well as more than 200 representatives of the Mongolian lineage attended and gave their support to True Parents as the King and Queen of Peace.

On October 3, at the Foundation Day for the Unified Nation of Cosmic Peace, True Parents conducted the special blessing for 12 clans of the Korean people. They were the major clans or "names" of Korea (i.e., Kim, Pak, Lee etc.). Twelve representative couples came forward at that time. These 12 clans had completed the Crown of Peace ceremony for their clans. A special Holy Wine ceremony was conducted. (True Parents drank the Holy Wine and poured Holy Wine for all 12 couples. The husband drank first, followed by the wife; then True Parents gave their cup for all, and all drank from the same cup.) Afterwards Father proclaimed that all were like brothers to him. Father then directed that if your family has not achieved the proper unity and the filial piety of the children is not there, then the family cannot do pledge.

From there Father proclaimed that with this era Father's absolute authority and power is now given to each blessed couple. They now have the power to overcome all obstacles to build the Kingdom of God. Father invited 1200 Japanese leaders and members to be with True Parents, and they attended Hoon Dok Hae. They were so excited to be with True Parents. Some were in Incheon airport and when they heard about the opportunity to be with True Parents and to have a special picture together; they left the airport and postponed their trip.

On October 3rd Father had a very special meeting with the top leaders of the IIFWP/IIPC at the Little Angels School. Father proclaimed the essence of the internal and the external. "Sa" represents the heart of God and God's philosophy; "Su" represents the hand of God; "Song" represents accomplishment. "Song" relates to the use of love (sexual union of husband and wife); externally, "Song" means accomplishment, and internally it means the development through the sexual love of husband and wife.

There are three principles that Father is revealing about the essence of the cosmos:

1. Ae Won E Do - The way is through true love

2. Sam Sa We Do - Sam (three) Sa (four) We Do. This means the accomplishment of three objectives purpose and the four position foundation. Family and kingship are accomplished through the way of true love. Love is accomplished through the way of fulfilling love in the family.

3. Do Sa Hang Song - This deals with the O X philosophy. The O is the correct position or correct understanding of the truth, and the X is incorrect. We should be united with Father vertically and practically. We should become one with Father as well as united with our brothers and sisters as one. God is like the core.


The circle is complete because it has all 360 degrees. It represents God and the universal way; it means total denial. The X represents the horizontal and can become correct if it is inside the O; if not, it is completely wrong. Based on this evaluation we must criticize and fix ourselves. O is perfect oneness with heaven. X is the horizontal that is not in harmony; this way leads to hell and is centered on the body.

We create the proper balance of the vertical and horizontal by going the easy way. The fastest way to bring harmony between the two is to have "exchange" marriage or international, interracial marriage. The heart must be connected and harmonized with the mind. Our conscience knows our situation before our teacher or our parents. Because of our conscience, we can overcome our body and harmonize with our mind. Through the "exchange" marriage we can find the best way to overcome and unite with our conscience.

Whenever we do something wrong our conscience tells us: "Stop It!!" Without this principle of the conscience, homosexuality and other lifestyles that are not consistent with God's principle will come out.

(At this point Rev. Lee mentioned that the speech was too deep to translate and that he needs to understand it first. It has to do with Father's philosophy of X and O. When this becomes clarified, more will be explained.)

The philosophy of the X and O goes beyond the restoration of all history. It is the philosophy of God's kingdom, not of the restoration era. In order to get into this new era, we must deny ourselves totally; then we can enter. We need to have the revolution of indemnity, revolution of conscience and revolution of heart.

All of us have entered the relationship of parent and child, but even more essential is the core or wellspring of the love between the parents and child. This core was lost at the fall. This is why the world is completely out of order. No one has really understood this point concerning the conscience and essential core of human beings.

We must understand the second and third essential points. Without this understanding, the relationship of husband and wife, brothers and sisters, parents and children cannot harmonize. Fraternity, which is the basis of democracy, cannot lead to harmony; it is inevitable that the fighting will continue under this system. This is not God's strategy. Can any party fix America in the next four years? No. It is impossible without understanding parentism. Without understanding the king and queen, resolution and peace cannot come about. The three objects purpose and the four position foundation together make the number seven. Democracy will no longer work. Do you think America is a country that is centered on God? America doesn't understand God's concept of kingship. The two parties are struggling against each other. Unless we rise up and find the headwing philosophy, neither side will succeed or prosper.

We must find the original heart; that is more crucial that anything. If we focus on the heart we can go beyond anything in the world. If we don't go this way everything will be burned.

Absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience are now the most crucial virtues to bring about the kingdom. Because we couldn't fulfill our five percent responsibility, this has not been clearly taught.

The life of faith is absolutely necessary. Abraham is the ancestor of faith, Jesus is the ancestor of love, and the Lord of the Second Advent is the ancestor of absolute obedience. After we absolutely become obedient, everything must through the course of total denial. No one knows that this is the most essential path in the world.

I'm now reading the Holy Scripture for the fifth time. There is not even one word that is incorrect.

You must follow the path of Jacob. Now you must overcome the path of Jacob. What is the meaning of Israel? The nation that developed did not receive Jesus. They didn't know their purpose. Therefore, Jesus turned this nation of the Old Testament era into the nation of the New Testament era. What about Moses? Jesus' teaching was different. Jesus said he came with God's anointing, but no one believed him. It appeared that Jesus was denying all the teachings of Moses. They just wanted to cling to their teaching from Moses and didn't want to follow. That kind of Zionism was totally against God and was even the foundation for communism. Many have tried to have me killed.

The religious world must guide the democratic and communist worlds. Only I can go beyond these two worlds. Do you think that I did this on my own? No. God did it! Eventually it will become clear that peace came through the King of Peace. Whey do we need to struggle with religion and churches? If a religion is true, it will stop the fighting and bring the religious people together.

Religion must lead the political parties, or they will fail. The Jews have opposed me. The CIA has opposed me and caused even America to oppose me. Does America understand the situation of Africa? Do you think these things can be solved by military power?

We must give people the Blessing and then turn them around. What religion can do this? (Speaking to one sister:) Do you believe in individualism? You believe it, right? (She replied: "I'm sorry!!") Sorry isn't good any more before God. Dr. Yang Chang-shik: I gave you a hard time while coming here. If I say that we must go to the North and we go to the South it is a very serious problem.

The most crucial thing that candidates for office must understand is the family. We must proclaim and teach about families. People must follow the way of the family. Then America will be able to bring peace in three years. Why don't they allow me to speak to the heart of the people? I didn't make any mistakes.

Because of wrong ways of teaching, problems have come about between the Christians and the Jews.

Did we make a UN University? Why not? The kind of people who don't follow are not needed in our church. If you don't have the power to push back the forces of evil, you will be pushed by them. You must understand. Yet you cannot understand my true heart without knowing Korean. The Holy Scripture must be translated - but it cannot be translated in a horizontal way.

The KGB and the CIA now support me. It wasn't always this way. I made no condition to be accused by anyone.

Is there anybody who can sell all their property and serve the world? Because you don't live like this, people don't want to come. I haven't lived my life freely.

Bishop Stallings, do you want me to support you, or should you support me? Mr. Salonen, I made you president of the University of Bridgeport. You should be willing to give up everything or go to Africa.

The election doesn't matter. Think about it now. If someone breaks the rule, where should he go? If the finger is hurt, then the whole body must feel the pain. If you don't feel the pain of the suffering of the people, then you cannot be a religious leader.

Why did I have to become king of peace? God had to make His sons and daughters kings and queens, but He could only do this so far with True Parents as the King and Queen of Peace.

Sometimes one party is ahead, and then another takes the lead; but the reality is that both are trying only to work horizontally. Neither can bring solutions for peace and the path that will save the family and this nation.

Think how many nuclear weapons are in the world. Just one could destroy so much. The leader of one key Asian country is thinking to use atomic weapons. Therefore, religious people must wake up. There are some considering using Nuclear weapons, but I am working to educate those leaders and they are responding. This is the way that we will stop the use of nuclear weapons.

Homosexuality is promoted in this country yet it is not the standard that God has called for. Where are you in this crucial transition? I have been traveling in the mountains on this lonely path. How can you think only about your own sons and daughters? I'm going to the hills and the mountains while some of you are sitting down and just taking care of your family. We could at least have saved one state.

The election does not matter. Whoever is elected will not save the nation. God will bless the one who can do the best job. From this moment we have to make a stand to turn America around. What about black and white? This situation must be completely changed.

You could stand in front of a senator's car and make contact with him that way. When an official offers to meet with me, do you think I have to ask him for help? No. I don't need to ask for help. I have to speak the truth without compromise. I may not meet with people, even when they request it unless they are ready to receive the Truth.

The Republicans are being beaten by the Democrats. We must stop this fighting. Bishop Stallings, are white people and black people enemies? ("Father, we are all citizens of Cheon Il Guk.") Do black people support the white people? ("Good question, Father.") I set up a new path for all humanity to follow. I have to make a decision tonight. We must take one course.

When you are in Korea, do you think about America? God doesn't think like that.

(To one elder:) How about you? Does your wife listen to you or do you listen to your wife? ("She listens to me.") Do you listen to your husband? ("Yes.") You don't sound like it!

America must pay back. I invested 34 years here in total sacrifice. I focus on nations who were enemies and bring them together. Korea is Japan's enemy, and Japan is America's enemy. Do you think that I am working on this enemy situation? Is America helping Korea? It is trying, but because it is taking a self-centered way it is not helping. Sixteen nations came to Korea. One day people will understand why: it was to save the Lord of the Second Advent.

I'm happy about one thing today: the groundbreaking in Uruguay is happening. I did all these projects for the salvation of the people.

How many times did you read the Holy Scripture? As long as my teaching remains, the world will still have hope.

Dr. Yang, Michael Jenkins, Bishop Stallings - do you understand? If you really welcome me, you should have representatives of all states come and welcome me. You should have known that. Once I decide something, will you follow me? It is for your country, not for me. It is not for material. It is not for property.

We must make a special task force to save this country, and then we must go across the ocean to save Korea. We should be the kind of people who naturally cross the ocean to help the work of God.

If you can't be the messenger you should at least be the servants. Even with tears, you have to inherit all these things. Look at me: I shed all these tears, leaving my country and shedding tears. You must go the same way; you must shed the tears, and then you can relate with me. I don't want to corrupt America by helping America. I must allow America to help the world, and then it will prosper.

We are engaged in a spiritual war. We must understand this very, very clearly. Communism is still active in the form of materialism. We are in a spiritual battle with this kind of ideology. Don't think it is finished, or you will be defeated. People will come forward with more fervor in the future and understand the Divine Principle; then they will assume your positions.

You must understand why I'm going through this kind of hardship. If you don't, you shouldn't be in this room. We must save America.

A Korean lady is a champion golfer. Many are wondering why. Americans have power in their shoulders, but the power of the Korean woman is in the lower part of her body: the hips and bottom. A strong bottom supports lineage and bearing children.

We should go beyond focusing on the elections and unify the Old Testament age and the New Testament age. Among the Catholics and Protestants, Catholics represent the Old Testament age and Protestants the New Testament age. John F. Kennedy was Catholic. He and Dag Hammarskjold were assassinated, and those assassinations were covered up.

I invested everything for America. I brought the stones from Korea for East Garden. I brought all these stones so that no matter what happens, the stones I brought will remain in place. This is a religious land. What country would try to tax the way we were here?

Peter Kim:

Father gave us a most serious direction. We must create a storm across America--a spiritual storm that will unite all the Catholics and Protestants. Without relating to politics, we must make a national-level campaign. Divide the country in four parts and proclaim a revolution. We must decide tonight. Thousands and thousands of people can be united through the churches. We must make a spiritual revolution and save this nation. We must bring all the Catholics, Protestants and religious people together to make a new religious movement. We should proclaim absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. Whatever Dr. Yang decides we will follow. Cain and Abel have been restored.


America must become the super country as the second Israel. It must overcome barriers in order to harmonize with Muslims. You can't win by fighting the Muslims. Israel has a policy to match them tooth for tooth and eye for eye, but this will never work. All of you must change the false lineage and overcome the breakdown of the family. The thief on the right supported Jesus, while the thief on the left rejected. Father is the only one who can bring them all together and restore this. Only because Father knows the scripture can he fulfill this and bring the victory.

Our members in Korea are now blessing every clan and family and bringing the coronation ceremony to every clan. Americans cannot allow themselves to be left behind. This is the way of victory. Now because of this, Korea is coming up. You don't understand the power and meaning of the Mongolian Federation. You must understand that it has the potential to be the most powerful association in history--more powerful than the Unification Church.

America, if you don't follow this way you may lose God's blessing. In order to save this country you must find the right religion and save this country. God hates the fallen lineage and the behavior of false love.

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