Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2004

Hoon Dok Hae

Sun Myung Moon
October 16, 2004
East Garden
Notes Michael Jenkins
Translation John Hong
Editor Joy Pople

NOTE: (These are notes through a simultaneous translation. Simultaneous translation is done in summary form and depends greatly on the translator's ability to communicate the essence of the message. These cannot be published as definitive texts and should never be used in the future for some kind of publication on Father's words. However, they do provide a good idea of the spirit" of the message. Even if they were notes from an English speaker to an English speaking person taking notes - there would be serious gaps and errors. Therefore, these notes should be used for inspiration and to enhance our understanding of Father's spirit and concentration. Specific directions will be communicated through national headquarters memos, and the Korean recordings of key proclamations and historic messages will be carefully translated and published. Still, even with careful translation much is lost or not understood. The only way to really understand Father's words is to learn the original language and go to the original recordings and texts.)

This is a most serious time. We must go beyond political parties and realize that the role of the Messiah is to establish the proper order and kingship. The role of religion is Abel and the role of politics is Cain. When Jesus came, the chosen people should have received him. Although Jesus had gained a victory he couldn't change the blood lineage. Rome was created and was ready to receive Jesus. Because Israel and Judaism couldn't be unified, Rome couldn't receive Jesus.

This was a most serious situation. Elijah (John the Baptist) should have unified with Jesus, and John the Baptist should have united with God and proclaimed Jesus. Because he failed, Jesus had to proclaim himself as the Son of God without any support. Moses couldn't even reveal any truth like Jesus did. Therefore it appeared that Jesus was going against Moses teaching but in fact he was going beyond Moses teaching.

Israel had to be divided into two and then harmonized to receive Jesus. Judaism was the internal foundation and should have received Jesus and then dominated the nation of Israel. Eventually through this, Rome would have come. We must have unity of the mind and body to be able to receive God. The pure love of God would have turned the world upside down.

Look at America. Does America have the pure love lineage? Look at the free sex and homosexuality that is ruining this country. The Hoon Dok Hae reading of today is totally connected with what I said yesterday. Because Satan claimed the blood lineage, all things had to be reclaimed by God. Now, centering on the Crown of Peace ceremony of February 4th Heung Jin Nim brought unity between the first and second Israel and between the spirit world and physical world. Right now, America is not the country of truly representing God. Cain and Abel must be united. That means religion must take its proper role as the Abel figure. If not, the country cannot go forward.

Abraham became the father of faith, Jesus became the father of love, and True Parents are the parents of absolute obedience. Abraham couldn't make the right condition of faith originally by the offering, and therefore the Israelites had to suffer 400 years of slavery. Therefore he had to offer Isaac. To create absolute kingship we must have the pure seed. The course of Jacob had to be secured, and then the course of Tamar had to be secured to bring the pure seed. We should become like Tamar.

Jesus came on this foundation. The Old Testament realm should have created absolute faith centering on Jesus. Then in four to seven years, all could have been restored. When Christianity couldn't receive me in seven years, it was extended to 40 years. When it couldn't fulfill, then Heung Jin Nim went to the spirit world to restore this.

Now we are in the realm of the fourth Israel. All three Israels must unite with the fourth Israel. Then on that foundation we should create the new blood lineage, and the world can take off. We then can become the sons and daughters of the Crown of Peace ceremony.

What is the meaning of the Tan Bang Kyok Ba. It means the Kingdom of Heaven in the family and the community. I have emphasized the Tan Bang Kyok Ba (Home Church) for 20 years. Unless you engraft your family, tribe and community into this lineage you cannot succeed.

Because you haven't fulfilled your responsibility then homosexuality and free sex took over this nation. Because of this, the Unification Church must become an offering. How much money was invested in America? Do you think God will bless this country if you do not serve the world? The political parties have to change. There is only one way, and it is through the messenger of God.

I asked you to distribute the family flag to all of America and create a Unified Family Church of Peace. Make the United Federation of Churches. Do you think 120 key clergy are enough to save America? If you don't save the country, then the foundation that you have done will not be enough; it will be the fertilizer of the future.

Look at Israel. Hitler killed 6 million Jews. God couldn't protect them, but he could use this foundation of indemnity that could give a new beginning for the Jewish people. Can Germans and Jews do exchange marriages?

You must take the arrow and shoot that arrow towards that target. That is my whole life. You should ask me. I have invested everything for all of America I have given up everything and received persecution all of my life. I went to prison in this country. I say to you that I had to go the way of the servant of servants and on. The inmates in the jail testified about me.

In the past the CIA controlled the Korean government and caused trouble for me. President Carter influenced Korea, and some people even tried to kill me. My entire life has been like an arrow that was catapulted in the direction of God. Before, you were not serious; you were like hippies. Now I have trained you, and you can lead this nation, educating the senators and congressmen about the way of peace.

We must control the Abel position and control Cain. Therefore, to restore them we must completely change the situation. How can we bring Cain into the realm of God unless we have the coronation ceremony? We must offer the coronation. The Crown of Peace Ceremonies in Washington and Korea were the desire of God. We should make one clear pure blood lineage. Even the Israelites have one clear and pure blood lineage. We must make the unification of all Christians in order to change the blood lineage. Then we must unify all religions. All the people are scattered and divided into pieces. My word and teaching is not clear in the churches. This must be the eternal foundation for the kingship of God. Only America is the country that can bring the foundation for the Second Coming. Each one of you must be the right person to be here. I have gone through all the courses. America tried to kill me and pushed me in prison, after I supported Nixon.

When Gorbachev tried to influence America, I could stop him through the Washington Times. America is like the enemy; this country was lost in many ways. I met Eisenhower and educated him. I taught Eisenhower these things concerning Korea. Now centering on the Mongolian tribe, the Dalai Lama can come forward. The Dalai Lama should rise to be a most powerful religious leader to fight at this time.

Dr. Syngman Rhee was educated, yet the Korean patriots could not unify to save the nation. Because of that failure I went to prison and North Korea. Once we had unity among the Christians and the patriots of that time, communism could have been defeated. However, at the same time President Truman kicked out General MacArthur. The Korean War could even have been finished in three months, but when Truman kicked out General MacArthur then all was lost.

How many countries have nuclear weapons? Maybe seven countries. Japan could have these weapons in two months. The pride of America is down because they can't deal with the problems of the world. The clergy must awaken. The clergy shouldn't be the kind of clergy who do ministry just for a living. You must become the ministers who have an atomic bomb of power inside of your heart. You should become the right person who can influence the senators and congressmen and the leaders of this nation through education. You must drive this whole train. You must show the way.

Right now, you have the chance to go right to the president and meet him. He lost the opportunity through the debates, and now he badly needs help. Do you think we just want to help him? So many administrations in Korea and America used me. Who has the determination to walk across the country? My heart is with the Japanese brother, Mr. Machida who walked and with the person who fasted for 40 days. Is there even one American who is willing to go this way? I invested everything in America. I gave all the things I had for America--more than for any other country. I gave everything here. Only America is the nation. Now America is the Elder Son nation; it is the nation that must take responsibility. The Mother nation is getting old and has sacrificed so much. Once we have the first and second generation [??], then we must guide America. I have done everything for America.

You shouldn't expect everything. You should burn everything that you have and carry everything on your back.

You must put God in the position of your first love. We must understand that Satan invaded the first love. We are entering the village of the free sex; it is a place of destruction, but we must go in and save the people. If you love me, you must go to your chair and pray day and night. Many times I never made it to my bed because I just fell asleep in the chair praying.

Dr. Hendricks, do you understand? Do you want to be the president of UTS with Asian students only? Based on the foundation of UTS, we could have cleaned up all of America. Mr. Joo, you must know very clearly the meaning and the value of UTS. Without getting paid, they must go forward to save the clergy. You should be the first soldier to save this country. If you have that kind of clear understanding then you can save this nation. The coronation must now be expanded into every village of America.

In Korea there are 275 clans. Now they are blessing all of their clans. They are opening up the Blessing ceremony for Cheon Il Guk. Based on this Blessing we can go forward. Every stage of the kingship must be established. Then God can dwell in the world. Then God can dwell in all the nations of the world. Then the right and the left can come together. This must be done through religion. The key is the Divine Principle.

We created the Holy Spirit Association for the Unification of World Christianity. This is what I created to guide America in the right way. When you graduated from UTS I told you that you must bring three people to UTS as your successors. We have over 1200 graduates of UTS now. Where are they? If 1000 had followed me they would have changed America. You are debtors who should pay back the debt.

I have invested these things for 34 years. I gave my golden years here. In 1972 I came to America. I originally should have come in 1962, but it was postponed ten years. After I created the 430 couples, I could come to America in 1972. In 1974 I traveled to all of America to speak out for all the providence. Have you understood all these things? I spent all these years!

Dr. Yang, although you are very smart, you may not cleanse communism out of this country. DP is not enough. You need VOC theory and Unification Thought. In Japan, Cho Chun and Min Dan are now being unified by this teaching. They represented North and South.

There are so many kinds of dogs, but when the tiger comes out all the dogs can be conquered. Once the lion wakes up there is no way to challenge him. Even though there are so many things out there, when true love appears it is like the lion or the tiger and none of the others can challenge it. They become fearful in the face of absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience. Tigers and dogs are natural enemies (Cheon Jog). You must understand that I'm the most fearful person-like a tiger. You must understand that as you invest and keep investing, this is the most fearful thing.

I couldn't be full in my stomach. I went to McDonald's but I could not be free there. McDonald's even sent me an expression of appreciation for going to McDonald's. Still, I couldn't be free to enjoy the food of McDonalds.

If you cover up your eyes and your tail you cannot be the pioneer. You must understand the meaning of the natural enemy. You must understand this. Chun Jo means natural enemy. Once this comes out then everything else will disappear.

When I made the coronation ceremony in Korea, everything was done very clearly. The CIA in Korea is more powerful than in America. Why? Because they constantly have had to fight with North Korea. I am giving you a hard time to make you real people. I didn't make any money in Korea.

I made Neil Salonen president of Bridgeport, but he shouldn't think that he is the top.

It is now 55 years after Heung Nam. You must clear out everything from your property and things. Give up everything. I returned to America on October 15, 55 years after my release from Heung Nam.

How did individualism and homosexuality come out? This is due to the breakdown of the husband/wife relations.

My words cannot be erased. The term True Parentism cannot disappear. Everybody will remember this, even if they don't practice living by this term. They will create another movement for the Kingdom of Heaven.

The wild olive tree must be cut and become part of the true olive tree. Your parents and your cousins in the villages must clearly support this coronation. Then the nation will be restored.

America should have given support to create the Mongolian Federation.

My vision relates to heaven and earth. How do we understand God? Even though you study at Harvard, you don't understand any of these things. Studying there doesn't mean that you will understand God and God's providence. I sent five people to Harvard Divinity School.

You joined the church, and you must understand. You are responsible for America. You must pay back. I have to scold you first; then you must make a clear statement, and America can go the right direction. Then I will proclaim that you are responsible for America.

How many at this table understand me at all? Therefore, I'm kneeling down before God in tears. Mother may think I am sleeping. The whole night I am thinking and discussing this with God. Then I meet you. However, you are not really qualified to receive us.

The Mongolian spot means the secular world and the fruit of Seth's tribe.

The Messiah came as the owner of religion. If they realized the Messiah, all the tribes could have become one. All the peoples would have understood and received the Blessing. All the people would have surrendered to this teaching.

Although I was in the communist prison, I still survived. Every morning I could write down my reflection in the communist world. Although they were torturing me, I didn't give in to their ways. Even I can't say what I ate. From December 27th to January, I didn't eat everything that was given. On the New Year the prisoners were given a special soup, yet I didn't take it. I can never forget these prison experiences.

December 27th represented Jesus at the age of 27. This was when he should have been married. Jesus had three brothers. That is when he said the birds have their nest but the Son of Man had no place to lay his head. He went to Jerusalem for the Feast of the Tabernacles at age 13. He went to talk to the priests, and yet Joseph and Mary knew nothing of what was going on. Then at Cana, Mary asked Jesus to turn water into wine for someone else's wedding. Jesus said to her that she should have known that he should have been married. Christianity totally misunderstood Jesus' heart. I am the person who knows Jesus' heart very well. On March 21, 1999 Satan surrendered to God Jesus should have had the coronation ceremony at the age of 32.

(This Hoon Dok Hae should be proclaimed in America. Page 1510 page of the Holy Scripture should be proclaimed.) If you speak out about this content America will be surprised.

After November, I may go back to Korea. You may not know what will happen. This Blessing movement must go to every family and every people. We must go forward to bring the Blessing to every tribe and people.

Based on faith and family issues, we can revive this nation. Based on this we can restore America. The Blessing movement cannot be stopped. In this country we need one family that can bring three generations of presidents. God will bless the president who can do the best job Through three generations, this country may understand kingship.

Communism expanded from 14 to 34 countries under Carter. During the Washington Monument rally I pledged: "Moscow, Must Go!!" I met Gorbachev and persuaded him, and on that foundation history changed. Even during the media conference in Russia the change began. I am the person who brings down the communists and communism. They cannot bring peace in the world. In Japan, people don't know the spiritual world; therefore, they cannot bring the unified world. Therefore, the communist world connected there. We challenged them to debate us.

Because of God and Jesus, I could survive in America. The WASPs (white Anglo-Saxon Protestants) tried to destroy me. I utilized America lawyers, and they gave me many secrets. I know many scandalous secrets about America. The Washington Times has all the secrets, but I have not used them. I don't want this country to become a WASP country. Can you trust Germany, Italy, Britain or France? Soon the British may turn against America. Great Britain and the United States are like parent and child. We passed beyond the time of the cooperation between mother and son, and we are now in the era of the cooperation between father and son.

America has two responsibilities:

1. The Elder Son Nation.
2. Taking Care of the Mother Nation.

America must take care of Japan.

Although you have eyes, you are blind and deaf. You should be awakened. Probably I may not give you any kind of warning any more. I may not give you permission to come to Korea without learning Korean. Dr. Hendricks, you have a Korean wife; did you learn Korean?

Is UTS is the school for America, or is America for UTS? Then it is an Asian UTS. If you are the president of the Asian UTS, then you should know Korean. Bridgeport must be God's university. How much have I invested there? The professors there must be dedicated to saving America.

We may only need 10 people to save this country. You are waking up right now Your conscience is being touched. You are in that position of the 90 degree Don't go you own way, Dr. Yang. If I send you to Africa, can you do that? If you don't follow, what should you do? Bishop Kim, do you think America is your home country? You want to live here, but your home is in Korea.

You must have a clear mindset to serve this country and the world. I am the only one who can speak out in this way. The morality has been down because no one is clearly speaking out against it. There are three stages: root, trunk and the branches. We have to have representatives of those three stages. There are so many people who want to sacrifice their lives on my behalf, but I won't let them. Rev. Hwang was the Washington Regional Director. I put Dr. Yang there because he was experienced at fighting communism. Michael Jenkins, does America need Dr. Yang? (Yes.) Do you need Dr. Yang? (Absolutely.) Dr. Yang studied at four different seminaries and has four degrees. When we transfer a pine tree, that seed can grow into another tree. Are you the person like that? You must kneel down and pray.

I have gone through all the hardships and offered God's coronation. Then I offered the kingship of God. Before I offered the coronation to God, God could not ask me to be crowned. We must respect God's dignity, and now you must respect True Parents' dignity.

When I fought against the American government they advised me that I would be destroyed. You may remember that I traveled for 40 days [blessing holy grounds in 1965]. I didn't sleep in a hotel. I slept in the car. You must realize how I was treated in this country, or else you can't save this nation. Otherwise, this country will not follow me, and all countries may go back. Russia may go back to being a communist country. The president of this nation and the Queen of England have not welcomed me yet.

The meaning of Milingo means pulling back. Dr. Yang, you should have discussed with me. The representatives of all religions should have gone with Archbishop Milingo. If it wasn't for Maria, Archbishop Milingo would have died. I believe that Archbishop Milingo will come out sometime.

Once I made the Mongolian Federation I knew that religion would be in trouble from that time. All of Christianity and the religious world will follow me. All of them will unite and follow me. That is my strategy. You may think that by force we will bring peace; however, it is only by religion that we will bring the peace. Now you should wake up and understand.

I have been working in the manufacturing technology area for many years. China knows this. Not only America holds the high tech. This must be shared with all nations. Through technology, I have been working to bring harmony and unity between Korea, America and China. Even though America opposed me so many times, still I go on.

You should not only jump but you should fly. Once the gear is greased up and going - then it can run at high speed. We must gear up now; then we can influence the whole country. I taught you all. Many are afraid of the Unification Movement and that our power is in religious spirit as well as media and economic power. Many realize what a world foundation we have.

We should conclude with Hoon Dok Hae.

Mrs. Won Ju McDevitt came back and read for us.

Father's Direction:

We must conduct the blessing for 2 million couples. If we get 10,000 churches from the 50-state tour and ACLC and bless 100 couples per church, then it is one million couples. This will graft the people from the wild olive tree to the true olive tree. You leaders must bless at least 10 couples per day. This is the way to connect all the elder brothers together. In four years the world will be longing for the Blessing.

The Abel position people (religious people) are like the elder brothers who are still against you. You must reach out to them and bless them. You must reach out to them and reach beyond to the Mongolian lineage. How about the Native American, were they supported or killed? I feel that 50 million people were killed. I still brought forgiveness and practiced the principle of loving your enemy. This is a serious idea. In Matthew 5, Jesus said not to worry about what to eat or where to sleep but seek first God's kingdom and His righteousness. This is the true Christian spirit.

We give the Blessing to 20,000 churches in America. Whatever your relatives believe, you must connect to them and give them the Blessing.

Then America will change to God's direction. If some family has two sons and two daughters then we can multiply the outreach three or four times. Can you do the Blessing of 2 million? Whatever I have decided to do I can do. Think of the Mongolian Federation: Rev. Kwak is now touring six continents. On November 2, Rev. Kwak will return.

Why can't we count out 20,000 churches and bless them? If I do that, I could accomplish it even in one week, focusing primarily on the Christian churches What if someone from America goes to the spirit world and they did not drink the Holy Wine? I worked here 34 years. In two weeks this can be indemnified. Please consider how we will bless 2 million couples in two weeks. Now the spirit world is excited to work with us. Without condition we can go forward with True Parents.

Dr. Yang: from you 1000 couples should be blessed. This is your responsibility to save this country. In the Washington area alone there are 2 million couples. Bishop Kim: Chicago alone can bless 2 million. We can connect with Jesus' disciples this way. Christians couldn't make the foundation in front of Jesus. You must do it this time. You can bring more Blessing.

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