Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2004

Peace and Unification Rally for the Realm of the Homogenous Race of True Heart

Sun Myung Moon
November 8, 2004
Seoul, Korea

(Official translation of the title will be given later).

On November 8, representatives and leaders of the pro-Seoul Korean Residents Union in Japan (Mindan) and the pro-Pyongyang General Association of Korean Residents in Japan (Chochongnyon) and Yeongnam area and Honam area, around 2,000 people attended the "Peace Unification Rally for the Realm of the Same Race of Total Heart" which was held at Little Angels Performing Art center, to to seek to break their decades-long Cold War hostility and bring about the great unity of Han tribe. This event was sponsored by IIFWP and Peace Unification Federation which was supported by Ministry of Unification.

At the meeting, some 1,000 ethnic Koreans from the two rival organizations based in Japan --Mindan and Chechongyon-- to gather with 1000 leaders and representatives of Youngnam and Honam area vowed to seek cooperation and reconciliation with each other as part of efforts to achieve peaceful reunification of the Korean peninsula.

Rev. Hwang Sun-jo was the master of ceremonies, guiding all the participants in a very beautiful atmosphere throughout the even. Order of ceremony was as follow: Opening remarks, introducing the VIPs, main address by Rev. Kwak Chung-hwan, international president of IIFWP, congratulatory speech by Lee Bong-jo, vice minister of Unification Department, greeting of representative, special address by True Father, brother/sister hood ceremony, congratulatory song by C.O.L., declaration of proclamation letter by Yu Dae-haeng, advisor of Peace Unification Federation, which was concluded with the entertainment in the end.

In the main address, Rev. Kwak said that this is not a haphazard event but it was prepared as a meaningful rally as a milestone to make an end to the era of separation and division and open the new era of peace and unification. He said that Rev. Moon have worked hard to realize a true peaceful world during all his life and now we have to be prepared with true love to welcome the era of unification by election in Korea.... We hope this meeting will help ease conflicts between the two ethnic Korean organizations in Japan and promote peaceful unification of the peninsula, he said...

Through the congratulatory speech which read by Lee Bong-jo, Jeong Dong young Minster of Unification said that this is a meaningful rally because leaders from the Korea and abroad gathered for world peace and unity between South and North and asked this rally become the great axis to accomplish unity and unification in Korea which is the center of area of Northeast Asia and correct the history which scattered with separation and confrontation.

Congressman Lee Sang-deuk, representative of Yeongnam area, said in the his greeting that politician have to reflect first about Yeongnam and Honam's problem and then make the effort to bring about the unification of South and North Korea through unity of East and West.

Congressman Han Hwa-gap, representative of Honam area, said that if we invest the money which is used for national power, for the world, then true unification will come when we are prepared in our mind with the external material.

Hwang chil-bok, representative of South Korean group, said if we use the power which used for abuse and conflict for reconciliation and forgiveness, we can contribute to the world peace over the unification of Nation. And added that Korean people in Japan will work to unify all tribes beyond the thoughts and ideas.

Park Sang-deuk, representative of North Korean group, said history of Korean people in Japan have a pain of separation, but Peace Unification Federation, which founded with idea of "let's become one with true love", is very valuable foundation with the valuable work, adding that this kind of thing have to be held by nation.

In the special address, Father spoke under the theme of "Mission of secret spy and era of the last days" saying that looking at history and era, we can not find any great leader who could bring about harmony and unification. He said that the great leader have to realize the original world under God, the absolute being of love and heart. He said that now is the time for God to appear asking to live valuably, accomplishing the mission of secret spy of God through revolution of indemnity, revolution of conscience, revolution of heart.

After the special address, there was a brother/sister hood ceremony between South Korean group and Honam, North Korean group and Yeongnam. And Mr. Yu Dae-haeng declared the proclamation letter.

Lee Bong-jo (from the Department of Unification), Lee Sang-deuk (from Han-nara Party), Han Hwa-gap (from Democratic Party), Lee Cheol-seung (Seoul Peace Award), Kim Min-ha (chairman of president's advisors meeting), Kim Jin-pyo (Yeolin Uri Party), Kim Seong-gon (Yeolin Uri Party), Kim Dong-cheol (Yeolin Uri Party), Jeong Dong-cheol (Han-nara Party), Ku Mal-mo (president of Peace Unification Federation), Hwang Chil-bok (advisor for Mindan), Part Sang-deuk (former professor of Chosun University in Japan) together with the other religious leaders and representatives of Yeongnam and Honam areas were among the participants

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