Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2004

Outline of the 45th True Children’s Day Celebration

Sun Myung Moon
November 12, 2004

May the love and blessings of the Cosmic Parent, Parents of Heaven and Earth, and the Parents of Heaven, Earth and Humankind be with all leaders and mission countries as we usher in a revolution of true heart and the era of true liberation and complete freedom. The following is an outline of the 45th True Children’s Day celebration that was held with our True Parents.

November 12, 2004 (October 1 by the lunar calendar) 8 AM: Five thousand members and leaders gathered at Chung Pyung Heaven and Earth Training Center to celebrate the 45th True Children's Day (44th anniversary) with True Parents. The following is an outline of True Father’s prayer and speech on that occasion.


1. True Father’s Prayer

Beloved Heavenly Father, today is November 12 in the fourth year of Cheon Il Guk, and the 44th anniversary of Children’s Day. Today, under the watchful gaze of heaven and earth, in which God and True Parents’ realm of heart can be established, and with all the children blessed in the spirit world and the children blessed on this earth gathered around Heaven, we stand above the interreligious and international realm. We are aware of the toils You suffered throughout this history of anguish (han), this history of indemnity that began when You lost Your family from the time of Adam’s family in which the father fell away, and the mother and Cain and Abel fell away from this earth. If there had been a day in which we could celebrate True Children’s day before You, God’s Day would have been automatically established. The origin for the start of the true parent, true children, true creation and true family, could begin centering on Adam and Eve by blessing them as the owners of love to perfect the son born in the subjective position of the ideal of love. On that day of Your son and daughter’s blessing, the family of heaven and earth — the family of Adam and Eve and the family of heaven — could have been created centering on the perfection of Eve raised in accordance with the relative standard; centering on the substantial realm on earth, and centering on God, the father, the invisible subject partner, the harmonized being of dual characteristics who stands in the position of masculinity. From this family of two worlds, from Adam’s family on earth, the substantial fruit of the children could have began anew and sprouted forth on this earth. Yet this new beginning did not appear, and to this day You lived in solitude without a chance to love Your children and creation.

Adam and Eve’s failure to unite and love the creation left behind a history of sorrow and anguish. Because of this Adam and Eve, the ancestors of fallen humanity could not find the position of the mother on this earth. Eve lost the position needed in laying the victorious foundation from the individual, family, race, tribe, nation, world and cosmos. Because of this, Satan acquired Eve and the birthright of the eldest son in regards to all those positions along with this earth. At this current stage, marred by the diversion of the lineage, we know of Your sorrow and anguish as the God of heaven; the One who puts all things in order; and king who presides over the family ideal, for being unable to visit and related to this position in which the lineage was reversed. Thus, 130 years after the fall of Adam and Eve, You raised Seth to initiate a new beginning for restoration in anguish. Yet this was not the path for restoration. Jesus came to this earth in order to return to the position of heaven and rise above the sorrow of the heart coming from the course of recreation. Yet he was unable to attain the position of the father and mother with victorious authority of the Israel nation and the realm of Israel on this earth. I know very well of the urgency and intense pain of Your heart as you had to wait while mankind self-destructed during the prolongation and extension of the providence.

On the 44th anniversary of Children’s Day today, we have entered a time in which we should offer all the providential fruits along with the fruits of this harvest. The number 44 becomes the position for the mother in terms of mother and child when this number is reversed and put together. The president of America is the 44th president, and today is also the 44th anniversary of Children’ s Day. With the sons and daughters today is a good day. The memories of such days in which our appreciation can be expressed in writing in Asia — the meaning of the letters from the Asia culture sphere centering on this internal and external content must be unraveled centering on heaven in the Last Days. All that True Parents have said in the Last Days are the letters written during God’ s providence. In traditional history there were many complications. The reason the Asian races were able to occupy over half this world amidst strife was because of the principle that there must more true olive trees than false olive trees within Your works. For four thousand years of the realm of Israel from the individual, family, tribe, and nation centering on the interreligious and international realm, You promised to send the Messiah. But Israel, the nation that received this promise, failed to unite with Rome, failed to uphold the standard of absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience, and lost everything, thus prolonging history for two thousand years. The Lord of the Second Coming who comes to indemnify all this, had to reveal and indemnify all the hidden truths in this historical age. Thus he brought together all the mistakes from Adam’s family, Jesus and the mistake of Buddhists who drove away the family of the True Parents, and built Cheon Il Guk, the heavenly nation that goes beyond the fourth Israel, the realm of Adam’s heart centering on the victory of the kingship of good, the victory of the kingship of the 1st, 2nd, 3rd Israel. Looking back to this, all these achievements were part of the path of anguish. Though You were hidden amidst clouds of sorrow and pain, and amidst a mist, unfailingly You drove me towards Your direction and goal, enabling me to participate here today. I am truly, truly, truly grateful for Your grace.

Today, on this Children’s Day, I stand in the position of Your son, and Mother stands in the position of Your daughter. Let this day be one in which we can celebrate a day of victory that can substitute Children’s Day. With the historical fact that overcomes this pass, I have conditionally installed, indemnified and placed everything in order to enable us to move into the victorious time of God’s kingship centering on the era before heaven and the era after the coming of heaven along with the new heaven and new earth. From this day forth, with Your authority, all the events that promise a new beginning now stand true on this foundation. The realm of unity — where Jochongryeon (the pro-North Pyongyang Residents’ League in Japan) and Mindan (the pro-Seoul Federation of Korean Residents in Japan) have become one, Gyeongsang Province and Jeolla Province [two regions of South Korea] have become one, and this nation and the Unification have become one – must be supported. Thus everything can be put to order centering on this new resolution of the Youngnam and Honam area (of Korea). Let the audience gathered here go forth confirming the fact that the fruits will be promised to them from the victory gained based on this logic. In order to unite heaven and earth centering on the direct sons and daughters in the spirit world around the four great saints and commander in chief, Heung-jin nim, we must unite centering on the blessing of love, attain the relationship of brotherhood that can guide the spirit world and this earth, finally letting Eve and Asia find their positions. In the position of the Eve nation, Japan can give birth to two twins and offer them to the Father — by doing so the suzerain authority as the mother to the Eve nation and Protestant nation can be established. The suzerain authority of the Cain world can be established by connecting to the coronation ceremony centering on the realm of the Mongolian Peoples’ Federation for World Peace. All things prepared for the events on the 30th of this month, and December 1 – all things carried out for the perfection of the final overhaul of denominations should make rapid progress amidst Your presence. I fervently pray that Children’s Day can be commemorated in a way that enables us to unite with the king of heaven, the king of earth who is the owner of the new heaven and new earth in the era before heaven, the era after the coming of heaven with the liberation and complete release of heaven, and the victorious authority. All this I sincerely, sincerely, sincerely, report and declare this in the name of the True Parents.

2. Outline of True Father’s Speech

1) On Faith

The Chinese character shin (?) from shinang, the Korean word for faith, consists of two Chinese characters that mean "man" (?) and "words" (?). The words are in the position of the mind, man is in the position of the body. The mind and body must be united. Which has greater value—the mind–body unity of a young person or the mind–body unity of an old person? Growth rings can be found on the path of faith. They can also be found in human life. The passage of years is not the reason a tree is large or small in relation to the number of its growth rings. Growth rings are created during the four seasons. The tree stands strong with the increase of its rings.

People with a long history of faith would have a desire for God, who established the standard of absolute faith. When people with a high standard of faith toward God have a lofty ambition, and if the foundation of their family ideals, and the foundation of faith, connected to the perfected standard of the individual’s value established for the purpose of completing that standard of faith instead of their personal desires, covers a span of ten, twenty and thirty years, how great will their growth rings be? Their growth rings must be of a size and value that can create a sphere of influence that reaches from the family standard to the global standard.

However, we cannot find a religion that can do that. How many growth rings has Christianity--or even Islam--developed over the course of six thousand years? Yet, can the ideal of an individual find happiness within that ring of growth? It cannot. The standards for all races and nations are like that. It is the same for all religions. The reason is that their origins were not clear. The standard of religion was based on the purpose of perfecting one’s character centering on God. Faith [shin-ang], containing "believe" [shin], is needed to unite the mind and body. This is another way of expressing the concept about the necessity of "words" and "man." "Ang" means to revere and attend heaven within the relationship of subject partner to object partner. In terms of having faith in, and attending God, that standard should endure for thousands, ten of thousands—actually billions of years. Still the size of the growth rings of faith must represent that individual; if it represents anything else, a person cannot become God’s child.

Is there anyone who would display his faith, as it is, with confidence? Only God could do that. Why is that so? Even in Christian history, with regard to its origin, it was not known whether the growth rings were round, square or long. Growth rings must grow in all directions to a balanced degree. When this is placed in the dimensions connecting the eight stages, it should establish a realm of unity for the growth rings so that they can be round, as they should be.

2) Lineage

What is blood? The blood of life cannot be made with love alone; that is, blood cannot be made with just a man’s love or a woman’s love. A man’s love and a woman’s love must begin to come together. Their unity brings life together with life, and must align with it through all 360 degrees, including vertical– horizontal, top–bottom, left–right and front–back. This cannot be done with just love alone. Even if a man unites his body and mind in love, he cannot make a lineage, which is the substance of life. The lineage is what remains from the union of a man, compounded with the impact that mobilizes his blood around the man’s love and life, and a woman who says, "Let’s come together and mix; my life is your life."

Christians take pride in Jesus’ blood. Blood arises from the source of the male lineage, which comes from the place where mind and body come together and unite centered on love. Men and women meet on this foundation. A lineage emerges from their union, assimilation and the unity of their bodies, their flesh, in love. The lineage must remain, even if the life and love of the man and woman are sacrificed. Woman absolutely needs man; and man absolutely needs woman.

3) God

What is the bone of all bones, the flesh of all flesh, the skin of all skins? It is God. Love can cover everything from the source of heaven and earth to the purpose of heaven and earth. This is not possible without the power of love, which has a subjective and horizontal force of activity. That kind of being of character that can be the source of that power of love is God. Is the being whom man calls God and whom woman calls God called Dul-nim ["dul" is the Korean for "two"] or Hana-nim ["hana" is Korean for "one"]? It is Hananim. (" Hananim" is the Korean term for "God"). Do you like Dul-nim or Hana-nim? [Hananim] The word "hana" suggests the unity of mind and body. It is not a noun used to express a divided mind and body, bone or skin. The Korean word "Hananim" is a grand expression for God.

4) The meaning of Children’s Day (The day of liberation of the original relationships between parent and child, between husband and wife, and between brothers and sisters)

In Korea we say "Hananim" for God. There is no other word that can express greater respect. What is the relationship between God and me? Relationships develop only where an affinity exists. Is the father–son relationship a close one? How about the relationship between brothers? What comes first? Establishing a relationship through the affinity of a father and son is accepted by the way of heavenly law. That is why that relationship is considered a matter of destiny [???] rather than one of fortune [???]. This cannot be replaced even if the four directions were to change. This position is right in the middle. It is eternally unchanging.

God is the subject of affinity. God is the father and our vertical elder brother. In Christianity, they have called God "Father" beginning a thousand years ago. God has been called "Father" for ten thousand years. Thus, God is the father and the elder brother at the same time. How close is this relationship?

God exists in a relationship of a subject partner and an object partner in love. This refers to the reciprocal relationship between a husband and wife. Because a feminine mind exists in God, God’s sons and daughters can be born when the masculine mind and feminine mind establish a relationship and unite. In relation to an individual as a son or daughter, God is the father and elder brother. He also maintains the relative realm of a husband that can support the relative realm of the feminine world that exists inside of an individual. Since it is difficult for a relative condition to establish ties with an individual, however, God made Eve out of Adam’s rib. He took the rib— belonging to the external entity of the dual characteristics—for the female sphere, so that Eve could be in a subject–object relationship with Adam based on her having a similar form. Eve also has plus aspects to her internal character and could naturally establish a relationship–that of wife to her husband.

In light of this, what are children? They are expressions of God’s desire to perfect Himself. In order for God to be happy, he had to invest. He had to invest and create something big the exact nature of which He was unsure of. That single ideal of God’s desire cannot establish a unified relationship of love without the process of creation. Thus, God had to conduct the providence of investing and forgetting. He had to invest in a top–down relationship, in a sibling relationship and in a husband–wife relationship. For that reason, Children’ s Day will come to represent the liberation of God, liberation of parents, elder brothers and the sphere of partners.

6) The owner of this age and the liberation of Cain and Abel

The problem is that there is no owner. Who is the owner of the Unification Church? I do not want to be its owner. Did the Unification Church headquarters disappear? Who is in charge of Korea? The king of the clan should appear and become the king of the nation. To make this king of the clan, we are making preparations for the crown and the coronation ceremony based on the family names.

In order to become the leader of the headquarters, under the supervision of Rev. Kwak, who has taken on a global responsibility, with the crown of a family clan, you have to unite North and South Korea to represent the nation, establish kingship in God’s name on the basis of a plain devoid of any depression, represented by the (pro-Pyongyang) General Association of Korean Residents in Japan, the (pro-Seoul) Korean Residents Union in Japan and South Korea’s Jeolla and Gyeongsang provinces on the ground and connect the path for the king of the world’s nations. Christianity failed to do this, as did all other religions. Thus, the victorious person who quickly succeeds in holding a coronation that brings order to the nation will lead the world’s nations. Cain killed Abel. After that when Adam became 130 years old, he chose Seth to take his place. During those 130 years, that family passed through a period that had no relationship to their past. Seth on his own had to know the secrets of the battle for the heavenly fortune that Satan and God waged in heaven and on earth. Without knowing this, he couldn’t pacify the Cain–Abel relationship; nor can he lay the position of the mother and father. The Cain–Abel relationship was absolutely necessary because of the Fall. The providence progressed within the context of this relationship. Israel emerged as the representative nation of Seth after 4,000 years. It should have planted and nurtured the seed of Abel within the Cain-type world, come as the king of that nation and finally subdued Rome. Thus, Abel, who was killed by his elder brother, could even have digested the world of the elder brother and placed him under his command. You must know that only then could the path have been made to save the mother and father, which could have become the origin of liberating the history of struggle between Cain and Abel. For that reason, the messiah to come must revolutionize all of the history of restoration through indemnity. From the smallest place, he and his wife must become the victorious prince and princess that everybody can bow down in submission to.

7) The children desired by the current age

Will you become the family of the children of divine sons and daughters? Or will you become the family of children of a patriot? Will you become a family of the children of a devoted son? The person who claims to have a family of children of a devoted son is a fool. You have to go beyond the devoted son, the patriot, the saint and complete the path of a divine son and daughter in an instant, liberate God, completely bring a revolution of total indemnity to all of heaven and earth and be able to say that you are the owner and representative of Korea. You have to go through eight stages. Have you ever tried to become a devoted son? Have you ever tried to become a divine son or daughter that Jesus failed to become? Does Father need a devoted son? I do not. A person who can become the king of a nation does not need a devoted son. He needs a patriot’s family.

In the resolutions from the spiritual world it states that "Rev. Moon is the Savior, Messiah, Second Coming and True Parent." What does this mean? What does the Messiah, Second Coming and True Parent mean? The establishment of God’s kingship of peace can happen in a new heaven and new earth in the liberated time before and after the coming of heaven, only when everything becomes one, Cain and Abel become one based on the ideal of the unity of True Parents’ perfected heaven and earth when this reverts to the position of attending the parents with their kingship. Only by the name "True Parents" can it be united. What should this be based on? It should not be based on money, knowledge or power. The bloodline must be changed. It must be reversed based on True Parents’ love and life. The satanic world cannot be revived, and there is no path for the unity of the religious circles in the satanic world without leaving behind a bloodline with the heavenly standard, whose contents are higher than the love and life from the satanic world. Since Israel could not go beyond the nation from the perspective of an interreligious standard and could not enter the family and become one, they must change the bloodline of heaven and earth, centering on the True Parents, based on the foundation of the family and standing within the realm of liberation and complete release in absolute unity between "you" and "I." They must become such representatives and heirs. Will you then become an heir to the position of the prince of the kingdom of heaven? Will you become the representative and heir to the position of the devoted son and daughter of the family? In order to become an heir to and a representative of the position of the prince of the kingdom of heaven, you have to take your place among the ranks of the saints. Only then can you enter into Father’s sphere of management. If you have a house and ownership, you have sinned.

8) The last wish

If you put the number ‘44’ upside down it will look like the Chinese Character mo [?], meaning mother. Thus, America must attend the mother during the term of the 44th president. Those who have come here today for this 44th anniversary, should be aware that perfecting the path of a devoted son, patriot, saint and divine son or daughter constitutes restoring and offering a throne to heaven, on which the mother and father can sit in the kingdom of heaven on earth, which unites heaven and earth as declared by Jesus—and which was his last wish.

Know the importance of the duties of children. On this 44th anniversary, the position of the mother should be brought to Japan. The family was divided through the struggle between Cain and Abel, and the mother was driven out of the family. Thus, you should attend the mother as the queen of the universe within your family, which represents families at the national and worldwide standard. Devoted sons and patriots can enter heaven only when they find the position of the children of the direct lineage, who inherit the united realm of God’s bloodline, life and love, untainted by the fall.

3. Father’s benediction

God, we have now come to realize what the place for the settlement of the family ideal that you defend is. Not as a devoted son only within the family–the problem is not in becoming a representative of the family of a patriot to the clan, tribe or nation, but the world goes beyond the family of the divine son or daughter, and representing the family of a divine son or daughter, it is important to become a family that inherits a united heaven and earth, and represent you.

We know that in order to raise a representative, he must be better than me; and in order to raise an heir he must be chosen from numerous representatives. Consequently, in order for our family to remain in that position, we need to go through a revolution of indemnity as a course of digesting oneself. By creating an expressway for a revolution of conscience and a revolution of the heart, we fervently pray that with your bountiful heart, you bless these family members that can become princes or princesses who represent and inherit the liberated heaven and earth, which can connect the physical world with the spiritual world in an hour and fulfill your command.

True Parents declared things in that way, centering on such a standard. As we promise to bless a being with that value, with two hands held high, we stand and make our pledge, shake our hands in the air, and become liberated sons and daughters of heaven on earth and in heaven, who can put into action all that we said we would offer to heaven and become people who can raise the liberated kingdom of heaven on earth. Please bless them, so that they can become the clan and family that can be within the mainstream of the realm of the royal family of the kingdom of heaven. That path has already opened. In accordance with each of their efforts, please allow them to enter the ranks of the historical ancestors by placing their feet in that position. This we sincerely, sincerely, sincerely report in the name of True Parents.

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