Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2004

Hoondokhae at Hannamdong with True Parents

Sun Myung Moon
December 3, 2004

On December 3rd 2004, around 120 leaders and members from east Seoul region of including Rev. Hwang attended True Parents for morning Hoondokhae in hannamdong.

Right after greetings, True Father said "...Is Rev. Kwak here? Call him. Responsible people ... everybody should come. Raise your hand if you are responsible for the Mongolian People's Federation. Did you dispatch the leaders to each nation?"

Later Father spoke to Rev. Kwak saying "... By the end of this year, the Mongolian People's Federation and the Crown of Peace ceremony should be held in each nation. We have the organization so its leaders should be organized. As IIFWP and The Mongolian People's Federation are standing on absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience in the heavenly kingdom on the earth, all neighbors together and our church should work together with IIFWP, centering on the king of peace, holding the Crown of Peace ceremony. If this is Abel side then MPFWP is in Cain side. Cain killed Abel, so Seth pioneered hope for heaven's blood lineage and so did his descendant. 4,000 years later Jesus came and 6,000 year later the Lord of the Second Advent came and restored everything and established God's kingship centering on the realm of God's Kingdom and he will become the king of peace. This victory was achieved centering on Mother on the national level and on the interreligious and international federation for peace realm, which is called the Abel side. And MPFWP is working to muster the Cain side of world centering on the Abel side..."

Father said "... on the first days of next year, we should gather together in Korea. The realm of Abel should be united centering on IIFWP, and there Mother should lay the foundation to restore the original standard of the Adam's Family -- the husband was kicked out in Adam's family should be bright back-- centering on Cain and Abel. Which is Mother becoming one with the realm of Mongolia and standing on that foundation. In the place where heaven, earth, enemy and war in the satanic world united and mother gave birth to Cain and Abel after the Fall, now Mother should unify Cain and Abel --as they were in Garden of Eden--, then they should serve the Mother. And on the realm of the interreligious and international foundation for peace, God's peace kingship can be established. Accomplish all these, then she has to attend her Adam centering on Cain and Abel...."

True Father stressed the principle of the providence and it's importance to all members through out the meeting .

True Parents returned to America, December 4, 2004

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