Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2004

Hoon Dok Hae

Sun Myung Moon
December 24, 2004
East Garden

Mrs. Won Ju McDevitt read from the Cheon Seung Kyung. It was very profound reading concerning our having to become like Jesus. We must have the heart and attitude to be like Jesus in love.

Father asked Dr. Yang to read.

Father asked: Dr. Yang what do you think about these blessed couples? (They are profound matches Abonim).


They must understand the value of the Blessing. If they go to the spirit world right now they are secure because they are blessed.

Everything should be centered on the family. You have to remember now. You have just gone over one of the most serious challenges and the question is will you be able to overcome all the difficulties to make a True Family.

The Blessing is not something that is just joyful. You are bringing two worlds together to make something new. When you collide you must think about how to live for the sake of the other. You must live for the sake of others.

(Father stood up.) When I look at all of you young couples I myself am amazed at the matches I made. When I look at you I can see your future laid out before me. You have great futures and destinies if you fulfill your responsibility.

Father called on Rev. Hong from Washington to sing. Rev. Hong, then Professor Oh sang. (He testified that his two daughters that were just matched were so sad before that they couldn't be matched by Father. Then they were matched here - they are so happy). Dr. Peter Kim sang then Won Ju Onni.

Then Hyung Jin Nim Sang !! It was really great.

Remarks from Hyung Jin Nim:

I offer congratulations to all of you. This is very important and exciting moment in your lives. It is also very challenging. Religious life is so important and the blessing is our most central sacrament. As you overcome these challenges together you will deepen your heart and come closer to God. I don't want to be to serious on this "Festive" day. (Yea!!) You like the word Festive don't you. Well it is a great day of celebration to see all these young couples together. It is a great day. So I encourage you to go forward through this course with faith in God. I congratulate you all.

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