Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2004

Christmas Morning With True Parents And Newly Matched Couples

Sun Myung Moon
December 25, 2004
Christmas Morning 2004
East Garden
Hoon Dok Hae

Dr. Chang Shik Yang read from the Cheong Seung Kyung (Heavenly Scripture for Cheon Il Guk).


As of today we have only 51 days remaining until True Parents Birthday. The time has come in which we can really give direction to our ancestors to come down and work with us. The ancestors are in the position of the Archangel, we are in the position of the True Adam and Eve so they are obliged to come and work with us. Though we are younger the elders in the spirit world must come and work with us. The fall of Adam and Eve occurred at 16. Man has been dominated ever since. We must now go forward with Absolute Faith, Absolute Love and Absolute Obedience. We must extend the blessing to all of our family. You have to very serious now. If you were to break the Blessing there is no way to rectify it. Heaven and Earth are turned upside down. This is Jesus Birthday. 50 Days latter Jesus and all the Saints will be blessed in a special way. They have not been blessed on the National Level. As sons and daughters you are to give blessing to all other people.

We are now living in a very special time in God's providence. The Wild Olive Tree must be cut off and engrafted to the True Olive Tree. We must bring all people to the blessing. All outside people are in the position of children to us or as the archangel. They must all be engrafted to us. We must have the coronation ceremony on the Cosmic level. There has been so many struggles in history. Because of the name of True Parents and our authority and its result now extends from the individual level to the Cosmic level. Satan has stood in the Elders position and dominated everything. Now everything can be reversed.

Now we are establishing the correct role of the Elder Son. We are going beyond the national level now. Only True Parents can do this. We are now correctly establishing the Elder Son nation and going beyond the national level. It is very serious. You must absolutely follow True Parents at this time. We must understand what happened to Christians when they didn't follow - they were martyred and sacrificed and Korea was divided.

Korea has been invaded so many times - there is no logical reason for Korea to survive as a nation. When you look at Japan - they have used Koreans like slaves. This is what Satan did after the fall - used God's children as his slave. Now because there are blessed families and through exchange marriage we could break down the national boundaries we could go beyond the national level. We can take all ancestors beyond the national boundaries now. Everything occurred because of the wrong marriage. Now that has been restored through the blessing. We no longer have false parents - We have True Parents. Now even Satan has surrendered because he has a consciousness that allows him to recognize God when things are set in order. You can't see the spirit world. You can't believe how good these couples are before us. Because the ancestors are chosen and will be harmonized properly. Five years ago I asked parents to match their children. However many of the elder children had problems. Therefore we have reached to even younger children to set the standard for purity. Those who are in this blessing are absolutely pure. There should have been no sexual relationship and even no kissing before this blessing. If there was there will be a problem.

Why do we keep Hoon Dok Hae - to set the standard and the tradition. 100 years for now will be very serious. What we do not sets the tradition for all eternity. 100 years from now the Holy Scripture and Heavenly Constitution will be the central law and word to guide humanity. After 50 days there will be no more forgiveness. Any fall after that will not be forgiven. This is a very fearful time that is coming. Unless you are pure there will be no blessing. You cannot get married without True Parents blessing. The seeds of the fallen lineage - I don't want to see that any more.

Among you there may be some who had problems with their purity. Today is a conversion ceremony. Centering on True Love - everything must be united. Only through the blessing can you go back to God. From tomorrow we must have the blessing. The universal standard will reject anyone who goes the wrong way. Do not call upon me as the King and Queen of Peace and say please forgive me. Do you realize how fearful I am and I could be. However I understood the only way to make Satan surrender is to give extreme love. Because of love Satan had to surrender.

I made a new organization - the Interreligious and International Peace Kingdom Federation for Cheon Il Guk. From now only those who are true to the Principle and live as exemplary citizens will prosper. There can be great judgment from this time. It is like I caught a wild tiger and I'm holding you on the back of this wild tiger we are riding. If I let you go your own way you will fall off and die. Father's standard and way will be eternal. It will get stronger now. The teaching I have is spiritual and holy and yet scientific. I studied engineering and the Principle is totally scientific as well.

Now we are in a time that we must give the blessing to all people and cut them off from Satan. We have total authority even if they don't understand we can still cut them off from the wild olive tree. From now many elected officials will emerge from you. Any political leader that goes against the will of heaven will decline. This is the age we are in.

I matched you in very little time. I matched 3400 couples in one hour. The couples I matched will be hundreds of times better. You may think I live in this world but I am not of this world. I have discovered and revealed all the heavenly secrets. I can match in an instant. This is because of God. Because of this I can fulfill so many things so quickly. Because of this many have opposed me. At one point I was put in prison and opposed in America, however now they understand and are supporting me. I was recognized by key Americans and honored in several situations. Key people understand me.

Despite so much opposition, you could come into the realm of this blessing. There are now 134 couples. Some of the couples broke up. Among my grandchildren, I was hoping that some of them would be part of this blessing. If one grandchild could have attended this blessing there could have been forgiveness for many things. I loved you more than my own grandchildren. That's why I'm giving you blessing. I could be merciless but instead I give True Love. Wait till 10 years latter. You will not believe what is about to occur. I am going to make sure that every person is blessed.

In the Middle East there are many enemies centering on faith. In Korea they are enemies centering on Politics. These two areas of conflict must be resolved. Dr. Yang what are you going to do in the Middle East. This must not stop. We must quickly move forward there. (Dr. Yang - we are now planning a high level conference there and will continue the Pilgrimages). You must be serious. Are you going to stop ?? The top level leaders there and from around the world must join the IIPC and the new IIPKF ( The Interreligious and International Peace Kingdom Federation).

How about this couple here. When you were first matched you didn't like each other. You felt you were forced didn't you? Now you feel good don't you. (Yes). It was not easy to bring harmony in this blessing. I had to bring people who could go down to meet people who could go up so that they could go up together. We are now coming together with Absolute Faith. If you don't have absolute faith, absolute love and absolute obedience you will totally fall down and be destroyed.

Do you know what I'm doing. You there, please stand. You have a very thin and small face - there for you need a wife with a bigger face and strong build. I'm not just matching you for your own sake. I am thinking of the future for generations to come. I am 85 years old, why am I doing this - because this is the most important thing.

How about this couple here. (Another couple) You didn't like your husband - you wanted to have a taller man right. However, Father sees that your husband's face and nose is that of a general. You must understand that the matches I make are done from heaven.

I have to treat True Mother well as the Queen of the Universe. The crown I am preparing for Mother is greater than any crown in history. I must make sure that Mother is treated as the True Mother of True Love for all.

There was black sister from an Island that was praying for a white husband. Suddenly when I was matching I chose a white man and suddenly she came to my mind and I matched them. It was destiny. I know what destiny you have. I can see your destiny.

When did Aaron die. Moses died at 960. Aaron died at 137. Where did Aaron die? He died there on Mount Hor. He couldn't fulfill. We must fulfill.

(Then father and mother sang and danced for all the couples.) Father and Mother sang together - the atmosphere was one of complete True Love.

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