Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2004

A Time of Self-Discipline

Sun Myung Moon
June 6, 2004
Blue Sea Garden, Yeosu

Some 100 leaders of major Tongil Group organizations, newly appointed leaders in charge of the Ocean Providence in the south coast area, and members in the surrounding area gathered at Blue Sea Garden for the 5th Ahn Shi Il pledge service and Hoon Dok Hae. After the pledge service Won-ju McDevitt read from Cheon Seong Gyeong, chapter one of the section "Man's Life and the World of the Spirit." Then she read a portion from the book "Heung-jin Moon: Commanding Officer of Heaven"

On this day, Father stated that "From now on Seoul is no longer the headquarters." He then talked extensively on Ocean Providence. In regard to the reason why Father called the leaders to Yeosu, he explained that he was in Yeosu to offer devotion.


"So now, we are at a time of writing an introduction to this great transition in the history of establishing Ahn Shi Il which overcomes the number eight as in the eighty days until July 16th. That is why I am offering devotion here. In the future this will become a record in memory of this time for the future Unification members. This will be a record of the eighty-five days I spent here. Since my age is eighty-five, the period will be extended from July 16th to the 21st. This period is to clear away eighty-one locations.

I restored the eldersonship in order to bring this all to an end but now the elder son has entered the sphere of the second son. It has become an age where everyone can now find friendship between brothers and be admitted into the realm of the royal family. So everything is liberated and released. Being released means removing the blood lineage.

How many days has it been, when did we have that "Declaration Rally for Absolute Values for the Sake of Harmony and Peace"? (May 21st) May 21st. I gave that declaration here. The pre-millennium era and era after the coming of the Lord, these two will now go beyond the pass in earnest. Our calendars will be changed in accordance to Ahn Shi Il centering on the number eight. When it is changed and in terms of recording, the eighty stages in relation to Father's age, the numerical standard and age must all be indemnified along with the current of history. So this ends on July 16th. This is the eightieth day after designating Ahn Shi Il. Eighty days. Since Father's age is eighty-five, add five more days to eighty and it will be July 21st. Until this day all things that may obstruct the departure of the number eight must be dissolved. That is why I am taking the responsibility and offering devotion in this place. Even if I am tired I try to go out to sea to face difficulties.

Whenever I find myself in difficulties I think about heaven. I worry about the path I go. Standing on this path, originally the Unification Church members and many other people were destined to go this path. Father took responsibility even for that. Yoon Tae-geun who is in charge of the sea broke his leg or something. He's in a position to be hospitalized for a month. Still you must all know that this period is a time of self-discipline where I indemnify the realm of the ocean and the realm of land. Therefore, the reason why I called all the leaders in Seoul to join me in this time is because this condition of your participation will become historical proof that you stood within the corresponding realm, and this will remain as a condition for you to inherit the things as the heir and representative...


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