Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2004

True God's Day Midnight Prayer

Sun Myung Moon
January 1, 2004
(Draft translation)

Beloved Heavenly Father! We have seen the old year out, the third year of Cheon Il Guk, and this is the morning of the New Year's Day, the first of January of the fourth year of Cheon Il Guk, the year that commemorates the birth of a new universe. Now the time has come to declare the "Era of God's fatherland and kingdom of peace", which is the goal we have to accomplish this year.

Beloved Father! We know how You wished for the purpose of the ideal of creation to be fulfilled, as You created the original world of the ideal of creation, in which You placed Your children, Adam and Eve. We know of how Your wish, Your hope that You had cherished as You saw Your children grow was broken to pieces through the mistake of the human ancestors, which created a wall of grief and suffering in the world. You were left alone imprisoned and bound in the position of a slave, and Your lamentations and grief continued for thousands of years. Yet You could not forsake the humanity and this world, and You suffered in Your endless grief.

In Your loneliness, You had first created the universe with Your love, centering on Your true love. Starting from the microscopic organisms in the mineral kingdom, You created as the direct object of Your love the plant kingdom, the animal kingdom, finally ending with the human world. The direct object of Your love became the substantial forms of Adam and Eve, and as You stood in the position of the center of the physical world and the spirit world, You waited with impatience for the day of the blessing of Your children. However, the day of the blessing, which should have been the day You stood above all others as the liberated God of the ideal of creation, the day that should have been a day of indescribable pleasure to You, was lost. You were supposed to stand in front of humanity and guide them and educated them. But instead, Satan stands in front of humanity, guiding them, and You stand behind, working endlessly to complete the providence of salvation.

I know how it must hurt You to look back on the day Your suffering and grief started, the day You begun the era of the history of the providence of salvation, and the days that followed, which were days of grief and lamentations. I know how You endured and persevered, because in Your mind You saw that one day You would be victorious, and on that day the blessing would be carried out with the subject and the object centered on the ideal of Adam's family, and on God. You persevered with the single thought of seeing the day of the blessing, which would be the starting point of true love that is centered on the substantial subject and the object, who would then unite the spirit world and the physical world. I know what it must have been like to totally lose the hopes that You had cherished in Your heart due to the fall, and to see the world turn upside down. I know how You were filled with pain and grief as You embraced the will of Your providence, through which You must restore the world of pitch-black darkness, which was created by the hell of darkness, into a world of light with the ideal of God's love.

The whole of creation, which was stained with Satan's blood, the blood of Your arch enemy, was no longer under Your sovereignty, but under the sovereignty of Satan. The reality of this fact is the grief of all creation, the grief of the whole physical world, the grief of the spirit world and the world of angels, and the grief of the human world. And over it all, You stand in the position of the king of grief. The history of the world attests to this truth.

You looked on this defiled world with the heart of the settlement and unity of absolute purity, pure blood and pure love, and You saw how the world became a world of darkness, in which You could not let in even a beam of Your light. Yet You worked tirelessly and endlessly, as a pioneer in this dark and defiled world, paving the way from the world of chaos to the world of light, embracing the restored kingdom of heaven in Your heart.

We know how terrible it is that the blood lineage was defiled by Satan, and that it hurts You so much You cannot look on the resultant world of the defiled blood lineage even in Your dreams. We know that the love You had cherished for Your children made You hold on to them, even when tears of grief blinded Your eyes, and that You had to start from the bottommost part of hell to restore them. We also know that from such a position, You persevered and endured all hardships, and paved the path of restoration, by establishing all religions and guiding the religious leaders, through whom You planned to start the restoration of the Realm of Abel.

This is the morning of the New Year's Day, the first of January of the fourth year of Cheon Il Guk, and we are grateful to You for granting us this day. This is the first day of the fourth year of the New Cheon Il Guk, in which God's victorious sovereignty can be restored, and everything that was lost, the mineral kingdom, the plant kingdom, the animal kingdom, the physical world and the spirit world can all be restored. This is the first day of the year in which God's fatherland can be declared on the foundation of the peace, unity and settlement of noon, and the year in which we can declare the era of the kingdom of peace, standing in the position of the victorious sovereignty over all living creation. We are grateful to You for granting us this day, and enabling us to open the gates to the new era.

Now we have entered an era in which You can take responsibility in the position of the original owner, for all we have restored to You, including everything that was purified and cleansed in the history of the providence of salvation and restoration through indemnity. Now You can completely settle down centering on the sovereignty of love, the kingship of love that is unique in the entire universe. During the first three years of Cheon Il Guk, the blessed families in the entire world have cleansed all that need to be cleansed, and now the time has come for us to restore the cleansed things to You. The first three years of Cheon Il Guk have passed by, and we have now entered the fourth year of Cheon Il Guk, the year in which we declare God's fatherland and the era of God's Kingship of Love on earth. Now, we have entered the era in which everything can be done according to Your will as the Almighty God with omnipotent authority.

Accordingly, You can now carry out all actions according to Your will on the foundation of the unified world, with the authority of the victorious and sovereign king of all kings, the original parent of love, the original teacher of love, and the original king of kings of love. So please look on the ideal that True Parents have restored on earth, which You had wished and hoped for ever since the creation, as You stand in the original position of the heart eternally. Please look on the path of True Parents, which is hundreds and thousands times more filial and patriotic than that of Adam, and forget the past that is filled with grief and sufferings. Please stand in front of True Parents, and look down on True Parents, the True Family, and the billions of blessed families both in the spirit and physical world, who are centered on True Parents' tribe, because they are the sovereign foundation of Your family. Please become the greatest and most just king as You stand in the position of the owner, the teacher, and the king, and exercise absolute and omnipotent power over all, starting from the smallest to the largest beings in the world. Please be at peace as You stand on the foundation of the declaration made by True Parents this morning, the declaration of the era of God's fatherland and the kingship of peace.

The substance of the one mind, one body, one ideology and one nucleus is the exercising of absolute faith, and absolute love, and giving everything You has absolutely, and forgetting the fact that You have given. Centering on Adam and Eve, the absolute subjects, the invisible God can become the object of the substantial Adam, who has dual characteristics, and stand in the position of the substantial parents, the parents of the cosmos, the heaven and earth, and the heaven, earth and humankind. And standing on this restored foundation, I have declared God's fatherland and the era of the declaration of God's Kingdom on this morning, on the first day of the fourth year of Cheon Il Guk. Please take responsibility and take over everything on earth and in heaven, and rule over us all with absolute authority. Now it is up to us to march forward to the era of the kingship of peace, which will transcend all religious and national boundaries in the world.

True Parents will continue the history of humankind as the king of kings, who stand in the position of the central figure in the fulfillment of the liberated ideal of creation. On this New Year's Day, True Parents report and declare that we will now make the great transition to the era of liberated and peaceful kingdom of heaven, which will last forever and ever, ruling over the spirit and the physical world. Please accept all this with joy and pleasure, and look over us as we march forward. I report and declare that the era of God's fatherland and the kingdom of peace have been proclaimed on this day, in the name of True Parents! Amen! Amen! Amen! 

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