Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2004

Day of the Victory of Love

Sun Myung Moon
January 2, 2004
8 AM
Chung Pyung Heaven and Earth Training Center
Notes from simultaneous translation Michael Jenkins
Edited by Joy Pople

NOTE: (These are notes through a simultaneous translation. Simultaneous translation is done in summary form and depends greatly on the translators ability to communicate the essence of the message. These cannot be published as definitive texts and should never be used in the future for some kind of publication on Father's words. However they do provide a good idea of the "spirit" of the message. Even if they were notes from an English speaker to an English speaking person taking notes - there would be serious gaps and errors. Therefore these notes should be used for inspiration and to enhance our understanding of Father's spirit and concentration. Specific directions will be communicated through national headquarters memos and the Korean recordings of key proclamations and historic messages will be carefully translated and published. Still even with careful translation much is lost or not understood. The only way to really understand Father's words is to learn the original language and go to the original recordings and texts.)

Rev. Sun Jo Hwang is the MC.

We began by welcoming True Parents. Father wore a dark suit with a royal blue tie. True Mother wore a chima choguri with a light pink top and bright beautiful pink dress. True Parents were seated in their main chairs for Hoon Dok Hae.

The offering table was prepared in honor of Heung Jin Nim, who has become the Commander-in-chief of the whole spirit world. First, Hoon Sook Nim and her son lit the 7 candles in the same way True Parents do. Then they offered bows to God and in honor of Heung Jin Nim. Then all True Family offered their bows, and the whole congregation bowed.

Then we recited Kajong Mengsei, the Family Pledge.

Rev. Chung Hwan Kwak as representative of all blessed central families gave a report on the background and history of this day.

Rev. Kwak's Report:

The background of the situation in Korea at that time was very tense. The difficulty and challenges from the North made the situation very dangerous. At the ICUS Conference in Chicago, Heung Jin Nim's birthday was celebrated. The Science Conference was concluded. At the airport when Father was leaving he suddenly got the direction to bring the scientists to Korea. Most of them had already left and changing their schedule was most difficult. Father told Rev. Kwak that representatives of 72 nations had to come to Korea. The reason - "I want to see them in Korea." This was a huge challenge.

However, 72 came and Father did an 8-city tour to protect Korea. The Christians at that time had opposed us and came into Cain's position. The professors in support of True Parents represented the Abel spiritual realm. At Kwang Ju, an attack came. Members throughout Korea made incredible sacrifices and conditions to support at that time. True Mother understood and felt incredible danger at that time. Conditions had to be set or Father would be attacked.

On December 22nd at 9:10 pm, Heung Jin Nim was returning from UTS. A truck driver was driving badly and Heung Jin Nim's car was struck. Two second-generation youths were with him. They testified that Heung Jin Nim steered his side of the car into the oncoming truck to protect the others. It was at 9:10 pm, exactly as Father was speaking at Kwang Ju to save Korea. Latter it was discovered that assassins were present, with the assignment to kill Father. It was 20 minutes before the accident was reported. Heung Jin Nim lost consciousness in the hospital. Father continued his schedule until December 27th. He arrived on December 27th in New York. Heung Jin Nim was unconscious and could not see True Parents.

Most of you may not have had a chance to meet Heung Jin Nim. Heung Jin Nim was 17 (18, by Korean age) and was a most loyal son. He was 190 cm tall -- very tall and very healthy and athletic. His personality was so calm and kind. He was always the center of harmony for his brothers and sisters. He was so kind to the members. He was so warm. He always took care of others. In addition, he had incredible filial piety. He really would seek to take care of members. He had such a kind heart. Heung Jin Nim was not meant to go through such a tragedy. His fortune had nothing to do with this kind of thing. However, his heart's desire was to do anything necessary to protect and love True Parents. Satan's target was always to attack True Parents and True Children. When the walls protecting them are not strongly set up, then they get attacked.

We are so deeply indebted to them for taking responsibility to receive the attacks of Satan. Heung Jin Nim knew that Father was the central figure in the world to stop the movement of Communism. Therefore, Heung Jin Nim knew that Father could be attacked by assassins. One time Heung Jin Nim tested our security and checked to see if they were really protecting True Parents.

In South America, the Media Conference became a situation of concern for safety. Although there were other security guards present, Heung Jin Nim stayed awake to protect True Parents. He did the same at the Science Conference in Chicago.

Heung Jin Nim's pure offering of heart was a condition and sacrifice that made it possible to break down all the walls of the spirit world. His sacrifice allowed the Christians, Muslims and Jews and all religious people to unite in the spirit world. Of course True Parents' set internal conditions, overcoming the anguish and suffering related with God's heart and the sacrifice of his Son Jesus. True Parents set the condition that this could be turned into an incredible offering, just as Jesus went to heaven and resurrected and then after 40 days the Holy Spirit could be brought down in a Pentecost.

Heung Jin Nim was sent to spirit world in the same way. In the same way, Heung Jin Nim could then bring an outpouring of spirit onto the earth. Now Heung Jin Nim is able to work to bring harmony between the spirit world and physical world. Through this course Heung Jin Nim could receive the Holy Blessing from True Parents. Through the conditions that were set, he could then conduct the Holy Blessing in the Spirit World. This opened the way for the spirit world to be able to work for God on the earth. This was the grace and foundation of True Parents which could then move forward in the spirit world. Then Heung Jin Nim could be free. True Father made this condition on the earth. Heung Jin Nim didn't make this condition by himself, but as the heartistic representative of True Parents he could enter the spirit world as the True Love King. No one else had received the complete true love and bonded with True Parents with such filial piety. Only Heung Jin Nim. That is why he could enter the spirit world with the heart of True Parents. True Parents could send him as his direct representative. One hundred and twenty good kings in the spirit world have been assigned to support and help Heung Jin Nim.

When he went to the spirit world the only thing he had was the ability to cling to True Parents' heart of true love. Heung Jin Nim was there with Jesus in the spirit world and Jesus completely supported him. We must realize that we are the debtors and that we should have made the sacrifice. But God chose a pure son to be offered, just as at the time of Jesus, people should have offered themselves in place of Jesus. However, God could only work to make such a condition of sacrifice by giving up His own son.

True Parents overcame this incredible suffering. Heung Jin Nim overcame death and ascended to the spirit world. Now this power is extended to all blessed couples who are united with God and True Parents as one. We are able to be blessed in the Unification Blessing and receive this incredible benefit.

In 1987 Father spoke concerning Heung Jin Nim and the Day of the Victory of Love. (Please study this speech).

"Excerpt from Father's Speech (taken directly from the speech 'Day of the Victory of Love,' January 2, 1987).

This horizontal world is under the dominion of the True Parents, so this is their territory, in a way. The children of the True Parents also have the right to dominion over this territory. Therefore, by sending one of the representatives of the True Parents' family to spirit world, it opened up the gate so that all the people there could pass through and come here into the True Parents' territory. Once they pass through the True Parents' gate to the physical world, they can stay and continue to work. In the past, when good spirits came down and did a little bit of work and then left, what happened? Satan could come in and take the results away. But in this case, the good spirits can come down through the True Parents' gate and work here on earth indefinitely. This is how the satanic world can be pushed out. They will have no room or opportunity to come in to reclaim the result. Because of the fall of man, true love was lost and replaced with illicit love. At that point, the realm of death was created. However, by reactivating and restoring true love, the realm of death could be demolished. In other words, death was conquered. The True Parents are the posts of the gates through which spirit world can come and go freely. Now no one can block this gate, because of the sacrifice of Heung Jin. Furthermore, Father made a very special prayer during the Ceremony of Unification. Because of that, no one has the power to block the True Parents' gate. My own human inclination was to feel great sorrow at the death of my beloved son, but I knew I could not shed tears from that human perspective -- not one tear. Actually, during the time of Heung Jin's ascension, I was doing this work of creating the gate, setting the condition through which to send him to spirit world. This was in less than three days' time. This morning at 1:18 a.m., it was exactly three years since Heung Jin's ascension occurred, on January 2, 1984. When Jesus ascended into spirit world, he was escorted by 120 spirits. By the same token, when Heung Jin ascended, 120 kings and queens from nations in the spirit world assembled. They could come down and begin to exercise their influence and power for the benefit of Father's dispensation. After this event, there were many spiritualists who testified that in spirit world Jesus is known as the old Christ and Heung Jin is known as the young Christ. This is how the spirit world and the physical world are linked now. They are becoming one and will enjoy free communication." The speech goes on to explain that due the failure of Christianity in Korea at that time and the same in America, the Christians in the spirit world were blocked from working. Through Heung Jin Nim's sacrifice, indemnity was paid to restore the failure of Christianity and because of this all Christians in the spirit world could be released. Due to this, the outpouring of Christianity from the spirit world in support of True Parents could begin at that time. (Note: our activity with Christianity began to develop in 1984).

Father spoke:

Yesterday I taught you about the blood lineage. Today in the 5th year of Cheon Il Guk, I'm telling you that the spirit world is going to strongly come down. When I hear the contents of the speech concerning Heung Jin Nim's offering on this memorial day I am amazed. It was 21 years ago, and yet the contents are perfectly clear and fit exactly to the situation of today. Now we must unify our families -- husband and wife, parents and children. We must perfect our families and bring them up to True Parents' level, which is the true root. Many, many things happen at the root. This is the deepest place. All are trapped in hell. The individual, family, tribe, society, nation and the world are trapped in hell. Even the greatest typhoon will not release all of them. Only the way of True Parents and the blessing can restore the root of the family back to God. The Coronation for the Peace King is established. The Mongolian Federation relates with 70 percent of the earth's people. It has a huge mission to change the blood lineage of all the people who come from the Mongolian heritage (including all Asians, all native peoples, Middle Eastern people, and most Hispanic). Centered on the cosmic parents, Cheon Cho Cheon Ji In Pumo Nim (the cosmic parents of heaven, earth and mankind), True Parents are the root. Do the Japanese understand?

Rev. Oyamada, do you understand? This root is greater than all the heritage of the Japanese lineage and people. The position of the True Parents of humanity is heavy. Anyone who stands to betray this will not be covered. I have done everything to connect to everyone and cover them all. The time is coming for the great transition to become the True Olive Tree.

We must understand that in God's eyes Satan's world and many museums of the fallen history is not something to be proud of. They will not last in the Kingdom. I don't want to hear anything of the greatness of your nations and histories. That will not be something to be proud of in God's Kingdom. Many Japanese and Americans made me suffer and shed blood in front of God. You should not be proud.

You have to hold on and determine to hold on in history. Though many others have fallen away, you must absolutely determine to hold on. God is not going to judge and cut it off. Japanese people, from now on you will not be allowed into the palace if you don't speak Korean. Japanese have been looking down at Korean people. How can they be forgiven of their sins? Live Koreans were used for medical testing! I try so hard not to remember any of it. When I go there it comes to me again, and I cover it with cloth and go beyond it. You must follow me and overcome.

In America, so many blessings were given - over 8 million in 75 days. Yang Chang Shik (yes!), now the Japanese must carry this kind of blessing out to the Mongolian people. If you have good fertilizer you can go over. Your sacrifice and the blessing can be the fertilizer that will change the wild olive trees to true olive trees.

What is the change of blood lineage? It is like a heavenly injection that heals and restores the person back to God's lineage. On the Day of the Victory of Love, you need self-purification. I am threatening you. You may not forget this day when you die. I want you to be engrafted into my root and liberated to have purity and pure love so that through you God's Kingdom can be built. My own sons and daughters paid indemnity for you. Hae Jin, Hee Jin, Heung Jin and Young Jin all went to the spirit world early as a condition of indemnity.

From now on you cannot be allowed to stand with things done against heaven. You cannot allow it anymore. You must kick away the evil. I have sent four children to the spirit world because of you and your sin. Now we must go by the law. Those who did not fulfill their requirement cannot come in here. You have to give 30 percent of your income/ assets as a tithe. 1/3 for the church, 1/3 for the nation and 1/3 for the world.

You should do this for four years. This is love for God and humanity. Japan can be saved rapidly through the Holy Salt and the Holy Wine. Japan is like Sodom and Gomorrah. It must change direction and live for the world. It will be destroyed if it doesn't get cleansed. You cannot take the islands that belong to Korea. Tsushima actually belongs to Korea. It was a burial ground for Korean people. Tokdo is also part of Korea. This cannot be taken by Japan. They are claiming this is part of Japan. This is not right.

Japan became strong economically not just because of Japanese intelligence. It was because of God's dispensation. If they had acted properly united with the dispensation they would have come to lead the whole world. But they didn't fulfill this. What are you Japanese going to do? Will you move to Korea if I call? Will you migrate? I'm holding on to Japan and setting conditions to prevent it from being destroyed.

In three generations national identity will be not be significant. We will have our main identity as citizens of Cheon Il Guk. We will be one family with no boundaries. How many are Korean-Japanese marriages are here? (A few hands were raised.) How can this be? Where are they?

Some Japanese in the early days tried to lure me and tempt me. Japanese women came to destroy me and tempt me. It was like a dream - unbelievable. Even one wrote to me in her blood. These are things that should be understood and studied. Do you understand? Rev. Oyamada, do you understand? Those who waver will perish!!! What was I doing with Heung Jin. Literally speaking, I sent my son to liberate the devil. How crazy I am as a parent!!

Then Father asked Rev. Kwak to read Heung Jin Nim's report on January 1, 2002.

Rev. Kwak read. : (Heung Jin Nim's speech was sent out separately).


The reading today was about the spirit world. We are participating in this homeland and the cosmic Sabbath. You are now all owners of Cheon Il Guk. True Parents are also the owners. God is the first generation, True Parents are the second generation, you are the third generation, and your children are the fourth generation. We are bringing an absolutely new culture on this earth. We are receiving this blessing. That's why the traditions and histories of the fallen world cannot enter in.

(Father asked Mother to come forward.) True Mother is the Cheon Il Guk woman. Now as all migrate to Korea all the spiritual world pouring down on Korea will center on Hae Jin Nim, Hee Jin Nim, Young Jin Nim -- under the ultimate leadership of Heung Jin Nim. Your family must now become a model family. We must make a single unified culture on this earth. There will be one world of Cheon Il Guk -- the Kingdom of God on Earth.

Now the spirit world is all brought together. Everything in history will be put back in the right order, and all mistakes from Adam and Eve forward will be rectified. Your families are such representative families. The spirit world will do everything to connect with your family. You must stand correctly so that they can connect, and you will have the authority and power to restore all history.

God wants to give the order now for all blessed families to march together as one. The world beyond creation is infinite darkness, but in this world your families and your ancestors are the ones who can create this kingdom now!!

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