Sun Myung Moon's Speeches from 2004

The Three-Color Lottery And Building God's Fatherland

Sun Myung Moon
February 10, 2004
Chung Pyung Heaven and Earth Training Center

The reason we receive these reports on the reality of the spirit world is so that the spirit world and earth do not remain separated, because all the ancestors in the spiritual world, God who is the king of the spirit world, True Parents on earth, True Parents' nation and everyone else must follow the same path in the same direction. Now it is one nation and the earth -- of which we can become the citizens -- that becomes the center, rather than what is going on in the spirit world. In this time, those on earth must work harder than those in the spirit world. You must know this and have such determination that by persevering in that way, you can become the citizens of God's fatherland and the peace kingdom, which are being proclaimed.

Therefore we must not think that all the resolutions reported from the spirit world or the reports on the reality of the spirit world are just things belonging to that world that don't matter to us, but instead we must be more earnest than those in the spirit world; and you must do greater things even than what you pledge to do.

Now we must organize a new nation. The establishment of one country will begin by educating everybody -- from the babies to families -- about the heavenly nation. We will begin this education from kindergarten and elementary schools, on into secondary schools, and in universities for people under 24, and in masters and doctoral courses for those up to 30. You have to complete the education of all people...

In your thirties, you have to become family messiahs; tribal messiahs; and national messiahs just like Jesus, who carried out his responsibility as the Messiah in relation to everything. You have to be like God, who takes responsibility for everything, and do what the president of a nation would do for each family. You have to know that the time has come for us to completely consolidate and sweep everything away by holding Hoon Dok Hae for all those who were educated in and graduated from elementary schools, secondary schools, or universities. You have to have that kind of determination.

You cannot live the way you want now as you did in the past. You must unite with your ancestors now, the masters in the spiritual world, the kings of that world, and God in heaven. You have to become one with the people and receive the bloodline of the heavenly world -- completely liquidating the lineage of the satanic world from the face of earth -- in order to become one global family. You should think, "It is my responsibility to create one nation, one world culture, a global Adamic culture, and a world of the absolute, unique, unchanging and eternal Adamic culture from this global family. I have to take responsibility for this." There is no such thing as "we" now.

My mind and body must become one. Then my family must become one. Three of my generations must become one. My tribe must become one, and this must be grafted onto the realm of the national messiah, engrafting the entire nation and engrafting this nation to the global nation realm so that later the field of wild olive trees can completely become a field of true olive trees.

Then God must be able to move about as He pleases, with His autonomy, in any place in heaven, whether it be the high or low plains or the garden of mountains and rivers [sansuwon]. Wherever your base of activity may be, all creation -- the mineral world, plant world and animal world--should be in harmony with God and with our Unification Church members, so that it can exist as a self-contained heaven anywhere.

Therefore, even if you cultivate the soil and harvest your crops, you must leave behind something that can be your tithe to the earth. You must know how to fulfill your responsibility as the master by enabling all creation to eat and by raising them with love. "The birds and insects exist for my sake. The animals exist for my sake. Humanity exists for my sake. Even the spirit world in heaven exists for my sake, and even God exists for my sake." Since everything under the dominion of God belongs to the father, know that it belongs to the father and the son. You must become a devoted son who attends the father, and become not an individual but a family that attends the nation as patriots, saints and divine sons and daughters. Amen!

So! You should not forget what you've heard today. You should know that the kings of the Goryeo Dynasty have now made resolutions and have pledged to live in accordance with them. People on earth, as well as those people in the spiritual world who were citizens in the Goryeo era, must follow those kings.

Then we can welcome one nation of God and the liberated era of the unified earth and heaven, which will have been established within the unified realm of the creation of God's fatherland and the era of the peace kingdom. Amen! This is not somebody else's job; it is my job.

The Family Pledge says, "As the owner of Cheon Il Guk, our family pledges to seek our original homeland... by centering on true love." I must therefore recreate all the lands that were lost. God will not create them for me.

Since these were stained by the blood of the satanic world and lost because of the love, life and lineage of the false parents, you need to bring together the family, tribe and nation centering on the love, life and lineage of the True Parents and completely eradicate the lineage of the satanic world. As a central personage you need to be determined to sweep this clean away.

Therefore the spirit world and earth do not progress separately...

Now the first, second and third Israels are one nation. The time has come. When they are one, they become a single nation whether it is in the East or West. And if you are the central person of that nation, you can go anywhere and live there as you please; because it becomes your nation and there are no national boundaries where the root, trunk and branch reside.

That nation becomes the parent nation, the father nation, the mother nation, and the nation of elder-sonship. This is the realm of the third and fourth Israels, which must graft onto Cheon Il Guk, God's fatherland and the fourth Israel. In this way the fatherland of heaven is all that remains.

Through this, the nation, under the sovereignty of God's love, of the unified kingdom of heaven on earth is created where heaven and earth can be one; you should know that this is the liberated era of the kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven.

For this, you need this Hoon Dok Hae, you need to study the Principle and take examinations. If you don't do these things, you should be disciplined; and your mother, father and all your ancestors who had encouraged you will instead chase you and chastise you. So you should not do as you please...

Your husband is not your husband. He is in the position of the archangel. True Father must stand in the position of your husband and, as the wife, you must stand in the position of Eve to bring the sons and daughters together in order to surmount the national level.

Only when the world's nations that go beyond the individual nation and stand on the victorious standard on the foundation of the nation graft onto heaven and earth after the kingdom of heaven appears, can the archangel stand in the position of the younger brother of Adam. Therefore it is the principle and law for you (the younger brothers) to graft your family onto the elder brother and follow him into heaven.

Husbands, do you understand? Wives, do you understand? Love is not the issue. The nation is what matters, the nation. The daughters of heaven were trampled on and the sons and daughters of heaven, the second generation, were abducted. The archangel couldn't even do his job. So there will not be even one family who can enter heaven before I put all these things in order.

In finding the nation, you cannot sprawl on the ground to sleep. In my whole life I never slept facing up in comfort. I sleep either on my right or left side like a shrimp.

When you still haven't restored your nation and are not standing on the foundation of God's fatherland where you can offer your fruits to heaven, how can you share love in that fallen manner in front of True Parents who have offered their lives to regain God's fatherland? If you long for love, liberate your mother. If as a mother you long for your husband, bring your children into unity.

Then when you find your nation and go beyond to the world you will be victorious in overcoming both in spirit and in flesh, the challenges faced by the saints. Thus, you must substantially restore through indemnity the fact that Jesus died and could not enter into heaven by establishing the basis of a family that could enter heaven. That calling and responsibility remains.

You all have two masters, don't you? If you have two masters, you will perish. You may have carelessly treated the daughters of heaven until now, but the age has passed where you can make love as you please. You should know that you should not make love until you find the nation.

From today do not call your wife, "wife." She is the representative of the mother. Should a person in the position of the archangel make love before the nation is made? Answer me. [No.] A woman without a nation should not try to make love with her husband just because she longs for him. From now on, you should make love only after you have found the nation and offered it to God.

In that world where the bright morning sun rises in God's fatherland, the archangel who can become the owner of that nation must inherit and graft onto the position of the owner and become the younger brother who can connect the bloodline of the position of the younger brother of Adam on to earth. Only then can he have children with the daughters that were raised by me, so that they can establish a family raising those children as Cain and Abel. Only on the basis of a nation can the family enter heaven...

From now on, even if your husband comes to you, kick him away with your feet. You have to love Father more than you do your husband. Should the archangel stand above Adam? Does the fallen archangel have a partner? Only when you stand on the nation, only when you make that connection through which God can go out to the world, can your family go over the threshold of heaven. Liberation will occur then and not before, because the time has come when you can only inherit the ownership of the liberated kingdom of heaven on earth and in heaven after you cross that threshold together with your family. If you hold on to your wife and children at this time when liberation is occurring, you will block the very path that you must go.

Even the archangel, in his fallen form in the fallen world, can now be healed through love given on the side of heaven. Thus in creating the family of the prince and princess of heaven, the representatives of the archangel stand in the position of the elder-son archangel. This took on the form of a family, but you must know that according to Principle the order is reversed. From now on, the family does not come first. You must establish a nation and there you must receive the blessing again from me in order to go to heaven. Therefore, all people can enter the realm of God only when that day comes where all people can receive the blessing in heaven. Amen! [Amen!] This is absolute, do you understand? [Yes.]

So, from today, will you seek your wife or will you seek the nation? [We will seek the nation.] You have all sold out your nation. I work undercover to erase the wrongdoings of the archangel and to bring together the daughters, wives and children of God's nation. Where they become the kin of True Parents, there is no indemnity. Only when they graft onto that place where the saints reside can they enter heaven and receive the blessing again. Without doing so, does your family and does the archangel have a realm to relate to? Do you know that you all represent the archangel? You have to indemnify and overcome this unresolved task, this pre-ordained task that must be completely brought to a conclusion. Do you understand? [Yes.] Sisters should respect Father's guidance about making love. This is not something I am saying; that is heavenly law. The law of indemnity is like that.

If you can move swiftly for the sake of the providence as if you were on the path of death spewing blood, yet with a passion greater than that of loving your wife, at that time a unified world can be created in an instant. Is this true or false? [It is true.] So this is not a problem. How many months, how many years will you do this? If you have four whole years left until the eighth year of Cheon Il Guk, you have to then finish this off during the ensuing four years of the ninth, tenth, eleventh and twelfth years of Cheon Il Guk...

Destiny is calling you all to take up the mission of going beyond boundary lines, beyond nations, beyond the six continents, all the way to heaven to become the representative king of kings, the pious son of sons, and the saint of saints. You need to be resolved that you will not fall away from this mission.

Know that this morning will be one where you will drive a knife into the ground to show your determination, tighten your belt and resolve that you can die for this cause. You have to have that kind of resolve. Will you or won't you? [We will.] I don't want to order you to make any resolution. If I did I would have to bear half the responsibility, so you must decide.

You have to act in accordance with the direction of the Principle. In accordance with the Principle! In accordance with Hoon Dok Hae! Those who dislike Hoon Dok Hae are out. Hoon Dok Hae has to be something you like twelve months in a year. You don't know how delicious Hoon Dok Hae is. If you can forget that you have eaten and slept, if you can forget that you have died -- if you were to die -- and yet love those words and feel those words as you die, then I tell you, you will become the first son or daughter of the prince and princess directly connected to heaven. Amen! [Amen!]...

The Meaning the Blue, Red and Black Colors

From the moment I declared "God's fatherland and the era of the peace kingdom" in the fourth year of Cheon Il Guk, all these instructions I gave you will not pass away but must be expanded onto the stage of your life...You must clearly understand the fact that God's fatherland is built only on the foundation of the unity of all things after a complete purification of the family.

Yesterday you all drew lots, didn't you? [Yes.] Did you announce the results? [We only drew lots.] Those who drew lots stand up. Japanese members raise your hands. Next, members from Europe! ...

There are three colors. Announce worldwide that this lottery should be held. This side, sit down, since you haven't done the lottery. Make sure to hand these out for the lottery after I leave. The colors they draw will be the same anywhere in the world. There are three colors for formation, growth and perfection.

From now on, pray that you can draw a lottery ticket in a position where heaven can help you with all that you desire from your ancestors. So, now you know that you will be drawing lots. Depending on the color that you draw, your responsibility and calling will be different. Do you understand? [Yes.] What? [Our responsibility and calling will be different!] Your responsibilities will change. There are internal, external and many other kinds of responsibilities; but according to the color you draw, whether it is internal or external, your responsibility will be divided top-bottom, front-back, and left-right; so you must never forget the subject-object relationship wherever you go, whoever you are.

Even if you go to America, even in America, the subject-object relationship will be decided centering on the color you drew. So, wherever blessed members go, when they are asked what color they are, they need to go to that nation -- to the place of that color -- and cooperate with that nation. The world is our stage. There are no national boundaries.

The colors here are black, blue and red... Black should represent night, blue should represent the daytime and red should represent the red morning and evening skies. These colors are neither good nor bad; all three colors have equal value within the twenty-four hours of a day, all of it. Please do not think that you're unlucky if you got black.

If black is your color, you need to be responsible for the night; if it is blue you need to take responsibility for the day; since red is the color of the morning and evening skies, which are bright for half the day, those who picked red should take responsibility for half the day. That kind of responsibility and conduct will follow you around, so you need to know that territory in which you can move about. Black should pray during the night or do activities at night. If you go fishing, go fishing at night; or give special lectures at night. Everybody will be mobilized at that time wherever you go.

If you haven't done the [ancestor] liberation and blessing ceremonies, no matter how much, after receiving your color, you call on your ancestors for help they cannot come. And since you haven't had the blessing ceremony for them, your ancestors cannot come to the earth to cooperate, although the blessed families within the realm of the angels are Cain-type ancestors in the position of elder brothers. So you have to quickly finish all these things.

How many generations of ancestors have you liberated? [Up to 84 generations.] Hurry up and do 120 generations. You must accomplish this as much as possible, investing all you have. All the property you have is the land you received from your ancestors going back over the generations. That land was divided and came under your ownership. Thus, the wish of your ancestors is to have all their land sold; if one of your ancestors had been a king, he would even want his nation to be sold for the sake of ancestral liberation. They all believe that investing in the blessing fund is the responsibility of each tribe and each people in order to unify the future generations and ancestors... So if you have the highest standard, the people in the spiritual world with the highest standard will come to your aid...

We have entered such a time, when we are compelled to move. [Amen!] You have to say it louder. A-men! [A-men!] [applause]

Mothers must love the nation

From now on mothers will take on an important responsibility. Say mother! [Mother!] Mothers with babies must fulfill their responsibility as mothers. Mothers must love the nation more than they love their children. Why? The mother in your family must love the children of the nation and world more than their own sons and daughters. If there are seven million people in a nation, and if there are seven million mothers, how great will the number of children in that country be! You have to love the children of your nation and world more than your own children, with a greater heart of love than the numerous women and mothers have for their children.

The mother of a nation must live for the sake of the greater world, which comprises hundreds of nations. Mothers of this world must love all the people in the spiritual world, which is the home of millions and billions of people. In the same way, since a greater mother's love is available for to you to possess, you must stand in the position of the mother of a nation and love its people more than your own children; you must stand in the position of a mother of the world and love the children of the world more than the children of your nation; you must stand in the position of a mother of heaven and earth and love those children with a love greater than God's.

Through a small investment you can give life to great things. What is even greater -- the biggest task -- is liberating God. Your common purpose is to raise sons and daughters who can complete the kingdom of heaven, in which God can freely reign, on earth and in heaven. Thus, we have moved into a time when we can love greater things rather than smaller ones.

This is not a two-way road but a one-way road. It emerges in this way: You love with a love greater than your love for your children and later on, when you arrive in front of God, what do you think He will do? To arrive here such a family will have devoted their parental and filial hearts for the greater good. God will embrace such a family with the heart of the nation in the position of our great God, and when He does, all traces of love from the satanic world will be completely cleaned away.

Therefore, the individual must live for the family, the family for the tribe, the tribe for the people, the people for the nation, the nation for the world, the world for the cosmos, the cosmos for God -- and God will live for our sake! The horizontal era of the completely unified domain, the vertical domain and the three dimensional world, where God can go beyond the nation to once again raise, with this highest cosmic love and through His heavenly law, all who have gone forth, will manifest in the established families of the unified love of heaven and earth! ...

Ministers, church leaders and regional leaders all should go back to their hometowns. They should go to their hometowns. [Rev. Hwang Sun-jo: All of them?] All of them must make that move. Only those who chose a blue ticket will carry on their mission in their position, say, of regional director, within the organizations...[Rev. Hwang: Those who drew blue remain church leaders and the rest return to their hometowns...] That's right! Those with blue tickets will continue in their current positions in the organization...

Just because we are having this organizational restructuring, major personnel transfers and changes in position, it does not mean you can fall away. The issue here is how you achieve the "settlement of noon,"1 how you initiate total mobilization to offer the nation to God. Until now we have had a lot of federations like the Women's Federation and so forth, but we have to go beyond these, and, centering on the colors you have, go forward according to the representative model family of the absolute owner, centering on the simultaneous settlement of noon and centering on the color blue...

Thus, you must connect to God's root, which achieved the settlement of noon, and from there this world will be completely cleared of Satan. This will create a liberated realm without any shadow in any direction, like the settlement of noon that brightens all things. Now your families have become those that can be mobilized day and night beyond all seasons. If this becomes a family of a pious son, everyone can become a pious son, if this becomes a patriotic family, everyone can become a patriot and a liberated owner. Therefore, the family of a prince and princess of the settlement of noon of the "blue zone" can inherit the eternal kingdom of heaven in God's stead. The world where neither liberation nor atonement are necessary is the fatherland that we will live in, the land of our hometown! Okcheon [one hundred billion] mansei! Mansei! Amen! [Amen!]

So everything that I proclaimed in the seven points that I explained on the first of January falls into your domain of responsibility, are things you must accomplish, whether it is night or day. If ever you are mobilized at night you must help. If you are mobilized in the daytime you must give aid; and even if you are mobilized in the middle of the morning you must cooperate. Everyone must help, from the highest level down. If a problem arises, everyone will be mobilized.

Just because you belong to the night doesn't mean you can sleep during the day. You must follow through to the middle of the morning, which in turn must follow through after the day ends, which achieves the settlement of noon. Only then can you welcome the bright light of the new morning, which can circulate for twenty-four hours and light up the kingdom of heaven, where we can attend the clear and bright [sun myung] mother and father. Everything will go well! Amen! [Amen!]...

All those instructions, which I gave up to now in detail, are not dead words; just because I spoke of those differences between night and day, morning and afternoon doesn't mean the color you chose is the end of everything... The people of the blue zone may directly manage the spiritual world, but they will now be disciplined when they make mistakes.

You may think, "It would have been better if I had gotten a black ticket." But don't worry. Think instead that you got the blue one because your ancestors are good. You should go out with the thought, "Wow, if I pray, my good ancestors will be waiting to help me." Isn't it the earnest desire of our ancestors to come down again to cooperate with us?

You should know these things and have your wife; yourself; your children and relatives all take part in the same activities twenty-four hours a day. You have become representatives of families that will not be removed by a nation's laws. Thus, you are the family that is to inherit and represent the heavenly nation and your home is to be without shame! Amen!

You have to have more than three generations registered, but in order to register them you need a nation, don't you? Father did this centering on a conditional nation, but you all must substantially bring together the 275 clans of the Republic of Korea and restore the nation for the solid completion of this task. You all can find the position of the owner who can begin to love only after you receive the blessing again as a family after Father opens the gates to enter the new kingdom of heaven. In this way heaven can be inherited without any difficulty. So I have announced these things!


1 Settlement of noon denotes absolute goodness, casting no shadow of evil, as when the sun is directly overhead at midday.

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